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Dish Network / early cancellation fee!

1 GA, United States Review updated:

In December 2006, I moved into a new home. I had always been a loyal Comcast Cable subscriber. But, at my new home, cable was not available. We decided to go with Dish Network. Everything was fine for the first 6 months. In June 2007, my monthly bill had increased $30. I called to inquire why the increase in the bill. Dish Network said that I had added additional receivers to my account. I had not ordered any additional receivers and had not activated anything new to my account. They apologized and said that they couldn't credit my account money for the additional charges for the receivers, but that I could have free Showtime. I told them that I didn't want ShowTime, I wanted the over charges taken off of my bill! Finally, they agreed to credit my account. In July, I had credits but the bill was still showing the additional receivers. They had me as having 7 receivers. I have a 3 bedroom house, each with a tv and a receiver and 1 receiver in the living room. Each month my bill continued to be at the $95.00 it was in June, instead of the $67.00 it had been. Finally, I decided I would terminate my service at the end of my year contract in December 2007. I called twice to have service disconnected. On the second call I was told that I would be charged an early cancellation fee for not having service for 1 year. I was told that my service began in June of 2007, when the additional receivers were added to my account. I asked to speak to a supervisor. After being on hold 2o minutes, a was transferred to a supervisor. I explained my whole story again. He said that the notes in the computer confirmed my story and previous complaints. But, I still had to pay the fee. He asked me who Jeffery Holmes was. I said I don't know a J.H. and basically called me a liar. He said that I must have bought the additional receivers from J.H. and activated them to my account! I said I didn't activate anything to my account, Dish Network did!!! He told me that my account was linked to J.H.'s account and that his account was now in collections. I asked to speak to HIS supervisor. He said that I could but he would tell me the same thing-that I would have to pay the early cancellation fee. He also said that if I had a dispute, I should send it in in writing.This supervisor was named "Tyler" with an ID [protected]. After putting me on hold for 45 minutes, he said that he was transferring me to the supervisor and I was abruptly disconnected!!! I was furious. I call again, reaching yet another call center in different state. I immediately asked for a supervisor. I get "Bethany" ID [protected]. I went through my story again. She confirmed my story with notes in the computer and said that she would transfer my account to the "escalations department" and I would receive a call in 2-3 business days. She also promised that she would personally give a call back on the third day. The third day came and no call!!! I called back today, to yet another call center and state and was told that it would take 7-10 days for someone from the escalations dept. to get in touch with me!!! The early cancellation fee is $62.00. I have $62.00 and could easily pay the bill. But, it's MY $62.00 and I'm not paying for their mistake!!! I feel that I am constantly getting a run around. I have received poor customer service for over 6 months! BEWARE AND STAY AWAY FROM DISH NETWORK!!! As a side note, they have sent me boxes to return my receivers. It is funny that they only sent 4 boxes (for my original and only receivers) although they keep insisting that I have additional receivers belonging to Jeffrey Holems.

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  • Sa
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    Sounds like you got off pretty easy, $62.00 cancelation fee. I wish people would have warned me about this company. I paid for three months of service I wasn't getting. Finally when they cancelled my contract they told me they dropped the fee for ending it early after endless phone calls half ending in them hanging up after waiting on hold. Any way 6 months later I get a call from a collection agency saying if I paid my cancelation fee before friday they wouldn't charge me $150 for court costs. I just paid the 300. Ok so I think it's over right? Wrong, a year later I get a call from another collection agency... I still owe $750 for the instalation. Which I was told was free. Ha, I don't want this to affect my credit which is good right now but if I pay it I am an idiot. I got scammed too!!!

  • An
      28th of Aug, 2009
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    I know this is a pain to do and quite inconvienient, but before cancelling Dishnetwork you need to cancell the credit card they have on file.(Just tell your bank you lost it and want a new one with new account numbers ).Wait until you receive new card and then cancel account with Dish.They may still try and Bill you, but the ball in in your court now.They will have to play fair to get the rest of their money.leaving your Credit Card at their mercy is a big Mistake because once they take out your money you most likely wont get it back.I di this while under contract(3 months left)paid the remaining months and was thru with Dishnetwork.
    Claim to be low priced, not anymore.In my community cable is cheaper and you can build your own service with the channles you watch.

  • Un
      30th of Dec, 2010
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    Dish nework is the worst thief there is on this country with the complicity of the FCC and regulators.
    i had service with them and at the tume of contract I was told "you have three days to decide, if before three days u decide to cancel you can do it without any charge to you".
    Well guess what on the third day I decided to cancel, reazon, The dvr works only on the program u r watching, I mean you have to watch the same program you are recording, so it did not meke any sense.
    So I call then they say there is no three days cusshion and if I wanted to cancell it was 450 dlrs for early cancelation fee, for only 2 days of service plus I had to pay for the returning of their equipment.
    So Im stuck with their service for 2 yrs.
    If they give wrong info and false ads U is there to help u?
    The FCC the DA or who?
    Dish network is a crook company and they lie to you.

  • Je
      23rd of Jan, 2011
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    The same thing JUST happened to me. They told me that my account got "Linked" to someone elses and I was essentially paying their bills. But than whenever I say that because of their error that they have caused me overdraft fees. Than they say that my card number was stolen and used and than THAT is why they aren't liable to pay them. Had it been another method than they would have taken care of it. I brought it to the executive guys attention that I had already been told by another executive guy that my account was linked to someone elses and he said that they weren't liable. THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS!
    They had fraudulently taken money out of my account around 12 times! NOT KIDDING!
    I am trying to get something done because I know they are going to say that I have to pay an early cancellation fee. But how?? They have been stealing from me and so if I want to get out of it than I am going to have to pay these early cancellation fees? Are you freaking kidding me??

  • Ch
      23rd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    Dish network is the worst!!! After one hr I could tell they sucked! Then within a month had to have them here 3 times with that lovely 4-5 hr waiting window! 5 phone calls as they try to walk me through to fix their crapy equipment. Then you get "disconnected" they HANG UP on you!!! Had it happen 3 times. I cxled after one month. Switched for Directv to save a little $$$ I had Directv for 3 yrs. Not many problems at all just $98 a month bill. Dish network is soooooo far behind the times. Their equipment, no company vehicles, no uniforms, customer service, EVERYTHING. I work on my credit for yrs and can't have this mess it up!!! But from what I can tell if I don't pay early cxl fee it will mess up my credit. I cxl the card they had on file. Then you pay a full month before you have even watched a min of TV! I got hooked up 1/6/2011 and paid a full month 1/6/2011-2/5/2011 and cxl card on 2/7/2011 and called again cuz receiver bills. They have me billed up to APRIL?!? Cuz they bill one month in advance??????!!! not sure if the BBB can help.

  • Ji
      25th of Feb, 2011
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    Very dissapointed in dshnetwork. They did a wonderful install and it was down hill after that. I had them for not quite 2 years and it was miserable.They have this deal where if you do not change a channel, the reciever cycles off with a message it was inactive..always happens as program ends so you miss the end of what you watch. After a certain time, all you get is infomercials. What about folks that work odd hours and want to watch TV early AM?? It finally got to me and i asked 3 seperate times if they could stop turning off my reciever. The last time i told them Direct Tv was offering a buyout and hoped they would let me control what time and how long i watch a service I am paying for... They took it as a cancellation and arranged to shut it off on the weekend, we have an 89.00 credit on the account i am sure we will never see..Poor customer service, The people are rude and do not even care to hear your problem, they say the same thing over and over again. They need a class action law suit with the regulators of the industry. DONT USE DISHNETWORK>> they do not care about customer complaints.

  • Ma
      9th of Mar, 2011
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    I signed up for Dish Network because they sent me a flyer saying that they had local channels. Then one by one they dropped the local channels. Tried cancelling and they told me that I "signed" a contract that said that they could change programming at will and I was still liable for the contract. This is called "bait and switch." I finally called my credit card company and changed the card # so they can't charge me anymore, and can't charge their $280.00 cancellation fee. I'm thinking of taking them to small claims court.

  • Ca
      7th of Apr, 2011
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    On March 4, we cancelled our DISH network, agent Matt said we were going to have to pay a $135.oo cancellation fee on our credit card and that it was already done as he spoke, it was a lie. On fixed-income this was going to be tough eating. We had opended our account on our credit card, but on April 1, before we received disability funds on our debit card, they stole $98.00. We never gave them our debit card number and never paid the bill that way. Per B of A, we are in dispute with DISH N. along with many other people. The CSR told us DISH's computer "lay in wait" for our social security monies for a week and that the bank had tracked it for us. This is a criminal offense on DISH's part. Folks, if one dispute doesn't work, do it again and if that doesn't work threaten first to file a chargeback and then do that. DISH is demonically evil, there's no natural reason for them to do what they do...think about it.

  • Ca
      7th of May, 2011
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    Dish Network reps have a different story everytime you call. I am moving and the new location is surrounded by trees. The landlords do not want a dish mounted on the house. I called Dish and told them and they said to call when I move and they will send boxes for the receivers. As I got closer to moving, called Dish and now they have to verify line of sight. OK. Scheduled a tech for the 8-12 window and never showed up. At 1:15 called to find out they rescheduled for two days later but never notified. Rescheduled for another day 12-5, tech gets there are 5:45. Determines no line of sight except roof which landlords won't allow. I call Dish to get my boxes and I am told they need to send a manager to verify tech's findings. I am now HOT. Ask to speak to manager. I then get a ### of all reps on the phone now saying that contract was for original structure and that there is line of sight on roof and that by cancelling I pay the $245 termination fee. She was throwing out contract this and contract that. They are a horrible company with too many loopholes to screw their customers. I will fight this at the BBB and State's Attorney Office level.

  • Al
      13th of May, 2011
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    I have had Dish for over 2 years. Since our 6th month, our bill has increased $15 or more each month. We call each month and are told we had credits and "package deals" which have expired. When we started with Dish, we were paying $43.00 per month and ended with $97 per month. We have not changed ANYTHING. We called and each time, it is a different story. So I decided to go back to our local cable company where we do not need to pay for additional boxes, and we could bundle internet and phone. I was told by Dish I have to pay a early teermination fee of $175. They say I am ending my "contract" early. Funny thing is, I NEVER signed a contract, because when we joined Dish we were put on a PRE-PAY basis. In other words, I could never get a payment arrangement on our bill because we paid each month UP FRONT. They are rude and their ethnics are way off. Avoid avoid avoid!!!

  • Mi
      2nd of Aug, 2011
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    Unhapy cust,

    I've reviewed your post and wanted to inquire about whether you've had a chance to speak to any of our representatives since you posted it. That's a normal fact of all our receivers to require you to view the channel currently being recorded. In the event that you haven't gotten this taken care of, let me know and I'll look forward to assisting you further!

    Jeffrey Moorman,

    We definitely want to get that situation taken care for you since we know that can be very frustrating. If this remains unresolved, let me know so that I can give you my information to get the credit card or bank statements sent to my attention in order to research where the payments have gone toward. At that point, I'll discuss with you where we'll move forward.


    I do apologize about the ongoing issues you've had with our service and equipment. I understand how aggravating it must have been to go through hoops like that to get problems with the equipment fixed. We can certainly help you in getting any billing and cancellation fee concerns cleared up! Just keep me posted as to whether or not we've taken care of this yet.

    Jim maybus willis,

    I'm sorry to hear that your experience with us has been rather unpleasant and I'd like to get your concerns worked out! The shutting off of our receivers after several hours of idle time is a normal feature. Regarding the misunderstanding of having your service actually deactivated, I can definitely look into that for you. Have you spoken to any of our agents since you posted about this? If not, I'll look forward to hearing from you so I can pull up your information!

    Mark Steele,

    Your frustration about more and more local channels going away is understandable. Those are something, as you said you were advised, that are subject to change at any time. All areas are located within certain boundaries that receive their set of locals from a certain city. These boundaries are subject to change from time to time, which makes the availability of channels prone, as well. Since the time you posted, have we taken a look at this situation and your account information? In the event that we haven't, I encourage you to let me know so I can confirm what's offered in your area that you should be receiving.

    C & J,

    I see that we have any issue of unauthorized funds taken from your debit card toward the cancellation fee on your account with us. The $98 charge may have been an automatic withdrawal from the card that you used to give us to qualify for the plan upon initial sign-up of service. However, in order to be sure about this, I would need to look a little further into it for you. Let me know if you've been able to have this resolved and I'll look forward to providing additional assistance!


    I do understand how you became frustrated through that situation and I would greatly enjoy the opportunity of helping you with it! Is your account still active? If your landlord has clarified that a dish isn't appropriate on the roof, then due to the runaround of getting a technician out there, I check to see what I can do about the cancellation fee. If this matter hasn't been taken care of yet, let me know!


    The increase in your monthly bills may very well have been due to some ongoing expiration of promotional credits. It may have also been due to annual price increases that we sometimes have to take on just because the TV industry is so dynamic. Being a network provider, we pay the networks to provide you with them, which makes our control over the price for them limited. As far as the cancellation fee in concerned, I would have to review that for you. If you could let me know whether or not you've already spoken with one of our agents about that since your post, I would be happy to do some research for you to find out the validity of the contract.

  • Je
      2nd of Aug, 2011
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    We have since signed up with Directv and would like to tell you.. you need to go to them to figure out how to run a business!
    We were taken advantage of left and right. In fact all of it started while my wife was pregnant. The problems you caused nearly caused the end of my marriage, and even the end of my life since with all the drama that you induced pushed me to the brink of suicide. NO I am NOT kidding! Imagine for a second that people kept stealing money out of your account and you are left to tell your wife that you can't explain it. Then imagine traveling further down the rabbit hole whenever you are told by the WORST customer service on the planet that even though it's not your fault.. they are still going to have to charge you. OH and don't forget that if you try to save yourself and escape your ransom.. excuse me.. I meant to say CONTRACT.. that you can't because they are going to charge you an arm and a leg just to escape. It much reminds me of the movie "Saw". The killer chained the mans leg and told him that if he wanted to save his family he would have to saw off his leg to help them. And you see.. that's what you did! You bound us to a contract, told us that it was Dish Networks fault that we were getting fraud charges because my account was some how "Linked" to anothers, and then whenever I try to fix it.. Oh no! "You will have to pay X amount of dollars to escape this! I will say this.. and hear me well!


    Do you know that Directv just got done a MASSIVE lawsuit where it ended with the judge telling them that they needed to fix certain problems that they were at fault for? Well I challenge you to Google it.. I certainly have. The very things that they had to do to make them a good company is the EXACT SAME THINGS THAT YOU NEED TO DO!
    Your company is a scam! And please.. save the polite "Oh we know how you feel and we are very sorry" crap. Where was this politeness whenever I called ALL those times? Where was all of this whenever we had been told not once, or twice, but three times that this had been fixed? How many times of it being "Fixed" does it take to fix the damn thing?! You almost ended my marriage. You brought me to the brink of suicide and nearly left my little boy an orphan. Hell any married couple can tell you that if you want to get to them.. get to the money! You stole hundreds if not thousands from us through shoddy business and other fraud. Not to mention all of the 35.00 a piece overdraft charges that the caused.
    To escape our contract I had to contact the state attorney general and the BBB! Now you tell me again that you are "so sorry".. cause we are calling an attorney.

  • Ed
      4th of Feb, 2015
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    I have sold my home and have to move. I am being charged an early termination fee even though I will no longer own or be residing in the home.

  • Qu
      4th of Feb, 2015
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    The same thing happened to me, but it was Direct TV. We were moving across the country and the HOA at the new house does not allow satellites on the community's houses. We told that to Direct TV. They said "We can dig a hole in your yard, pour in concrete and put the satellite dish in that". We said, "We can't do that. That will be ugly and is probably against the HOA code, too". They sent us to collections. Our "early termination fee" was for $250. We had been loyal customers who had paid our bills on time for over 10 years. That's how they treat longtime faithful customers. It's all about the money.

  • Mi
      5th of Feb, 2015
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    I know how frustrating this situation must be. Please understand that since we were able to establish a line of sight at your original residence, the terms of agreement in the contract you signed during the opening installation would need to uphold. -Mike L.

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