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Dish Network / as a former employee let me tell you

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As a former employee of this godforsaken company, let me tell you for certain that they don't give a damn about either their customers or their employees. Permit me to elaborate:

1) Employees were told during the interviews that the company would work with their schedule. Soon as we're hired on, we're told "You work around Dish Network, not the other way around." Several employees turned in their gear because of that...we didn't want to spend the rest of our lives working for some miserable piece of ### company who thought that they were the center of the universe!

2) Agents are basically told that we have no power. That if we give more than a $5 adjustment, we're going to get lit up like a Christmas tree. We basically have to do a giant circle jerk just to get the right adjustments in!

3) We're not even allowed to set up for a technician to come out! That ability was removed from us...we now have to go through other channels- so much for cutting out the middleman.

4) They expect us to rearrange our lives for the company. For instance, anytime there's a fight/UFC event, they expect us to give up our Saturday nights. I know I for one jumped up my supervisor's ### about it, then I had to hear about it in stereo. Guess what? My days off are worth their weight in gold. I'm not going to give it up for these crack piping, asswiping, motherless lowlifes.

5) Who in their right mind expects their employees to work a regular schedule on Christmas ###ing Day?!! I've been in the workforce since 2003, and never once until this past Christmas Day did I have to work that particular day. Not only was my Christmas ruined, but I didn't get to spend some much deserved time with my family. If we called in, we would be automatically fired...even if our records and our numbers were flawless. We lost 15 people in my shift alone...and they have the nerve to say they're a family company?!

6) They also force their employees into nasty shifts without any sort of option...let me be clear. I worked the day shift for them, and then without any warning, I got thrown to nights. Not evenings...graveyard, as in 1:00am to 12:00pm. No chance to acclimate myself, no chance to try for another shift, just thrown onto graveyards. I get 5 times the workload and only 1 dollar upped in pay. Now correct me if I'm wrong, if I'm doing the work of several departments then the pay should be adjusted accordingly. Never mind that my supervisor said I had the pick of the litter for what shift I got thrown to...never mind that I was told "Graveyard is optional, never mandatory."

7) Their response to 99.99% of employee complaints? "Call centers aren't for everyone. If you don't like it, there's the door." No chance to rectify, no chance to elaborate or explain.

Let me make something perfectly clear folks: Before I worked for this band of thieves and liars, I was at an acceptable weight (220, a little pudgy but not to where I'd be considered a super heavyweight), I seldom drank, I never smoked and I wasn't on any prescriptions for depression...nor did I have suicidal thoughts.

After 1 year...
My weight ballooned to 300...
I nearly killed myself three times...
I ended up being put on two antidepressants (Paxil and Trazadone)...
I smoked 2 packs a day...
Every Friday I would drink myself into a, wine, liquor, whatever it took to dull the pain...

Basically, I became a wreck. And rather than Dish trying to offer compassion and support? All I get is told "You need to see a doctor if you want to keep your job." When I took a second round of leave due to depression issues, despite the fact that I had a note from my doctor, I was told the leave was never I racked up absences, they claimed a ### issue and kicked me to the curb.

Where am I going with this? Simple...

Dish Network doesn't give a damn about anybody but themselves. Trying to get them to understand this is a living, breathing nightmare.

Dish Network will ### their old customers...not giving them any incentive to stay and trying to charge them out the nose if they leave.

Dish Network will ### their new customers...they have no problem lying to them.

Dish Network will ### their employees...period. Because all we are is numbers on a grid to them. They get their 30 pieces of silver, their blood money, and we in turn get crucified.

Guess what Dish? This time, we fight back.

"If you do nothing to dissuade the wicked from their path, they will die for their guilt...but the blood will be on your hands. If you attempt to dissuade the wicked from their path, and they refuse to change, they will die for their guilt but you will be saved." Paraphrasing from Ezekiel 3:18-19.

The Iron Maverick

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  • Bp
      13th of Apr, 2018
    +1 Votes

    I worked at dish for 3.5 years and was let go due to and I quote "reducing the head count... not enough call volume and poor stats..." One the calls were back to back so that was a lie...two..the reducing the head count was an excuse because corporate office gave raises to 20 people and had to cover some where...and three I just was trained in a new department and didn't have enough call volume but I asked HR and they said it was due to my PA which I passed. Hr then told me that I was not conducive to the work environment of the call center anymore. Then they refused to give me my last check due to negative PTO hours being deducted from it or refused to let me speak to HR. No paperwork was given at the time of me being let go other than a little booklet on what being let go means...and a walk to the front desk...very poor place as all of the upper management was fired...for theft and etc etc...they care all about money and number not people... schedules were horrible... working morning one day and night the next...I was supposed to be put in an equivalent department when tech was closed down (I was a T4) which would have been OOP and a year later nothing...I was lowered to a base line dpt and them had pay cut when transferred to loyalty and then right after training was fired. Crappy way to treat employees...

  • St
      22nd of Jun, 2018
    -1 Votes

    so you are saying the long hours and the mass amounts of mental stress forced you to gain weight? I'm a big guy but even i know no one put the fork in my hand. And ive had jobs as you describe and being that busy i lost weight. Unless you're eating the whole time at your desk i dont see it. Stop trying to blame this company for every thing. Ive done sales and it sucks. And i can agree that sales managers bosses are [censored]s usually. Nothing is ever good enough. But you kinda know that going into it. And you had to work on christmas?! oh no how are you alive to even type this? Didn't your world end?? Welcome to the work force. Where you'll be told whatever you want to hear and promises are only good till hired. Im actually in the middle of the hiring process for installer with dish which is why i read this post, but honestly just sounds like a review from a spoiled teen cause he got fat and had to wait 12 hours more to open his presents on christmas. The companies records show for its self its a horrible company. topping 20 worst companies to work for 3 times that ive seen with 2.3 out of 5 on glassdoor. But no one made you eat, which you have to do to gain weight. Find a better drug of choice for stress.

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