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Santa Rosa, CA, United States

we recently moved and wanted to transfer our service, we have had Direct TV many years and have moved several times. we had an apt set up for the same day as our move, my wife brought a TV and all the boxes we wanted hooked up 5 In total. when the service tech arrived he said he needed all the TV's or he could not hook up the cable, we know that's bull crap as I said we have moved several times with our work and never needed more than one TV on site, the TV we had was a small flat screen that weighs about 10 pounds and could be easily moved from site to site. and since the cable needed to be installed he could have done that with no TV's on site. the tech hooked up the one TV we had and left. we set up another apt for Friday, when the tech arrived he said he was not there to do the work we needed and left. I don't know what he thought he was there for. after several hours on the phone and two wasted days waiting on them we were told that it was entered into the computer as incomplete and that they had to return within 24 hours. well that did not happen either. when I called costumer service the lady was rude and said they could not come out until the following week. my wife and I work 12 hour days we are not going to take off a days work to accommodate them we are the ones paying $3000 a year for cable and internet. especially after we already waited two different days for them. we are switching our provider and will never go back to Direct TV again. I would recommend anyone looking for a provider to look somewhere else. this happened 4.26.17 and 4.28.17 a lady named shelly [ from customer relations dept. I believe ph. # [protected] pin 1662 ] told us it would be resolved within 24 hours, when I called back the second time 24 hours later I did not get the second lady's name.

Apr 29, 2017

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