DirecTVno phone upgrade as promised during directv sales pitch

A month or so ago I inquired into subscribing with Direct TV. One of their biggest sales pitches was the "Watch TV on your telephone while on the go". I pointed out that one of my phones was a flip phone. They did acknowledge that the TV will not work on the flip phone. They went on to say they would "Give Me" an upgrade for that phone to one that will work with Direct TV. I went to AT&T this past Sunday to get my upgrade and was given the news...See Top 10 Worst Companies in Leicester, NCI was the third person who had come into the AT&T Store with that story, but unfortunately I had to buy any "upgrade" to the turn of $500.00 plus dollars. They urge me to get back in touch with Direct TV concerning this promise. Today, I spoke with six (6) different people from both Direct TV where I started and AT&T where I was transferred only to be transferred back to two (2) other Direct TV employees. Ultimately if I need a upgrade they will only "Give Me" the store address where I go and purchase the promised upgrade. I see my old provider SPECTRUM on the horizon!

May 10, 2017

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