DirecTV / deceptive practices

United States

On June 19, I called Directv to inquire about internet options. I told the customer service rep we had a provider that had limited options and that we currently had a 7 Gbps plan. The customer service rep said Directv was recently purchased by AT&T and that they had high speed internet service available. They could provide upload speeds of 100 Mbps and download speeds of 150 Mbps. She then went on to tell me that the modem and router were free, the installation was free, the additional cost per month would be $20 added to our Directv bill for a 24 month period at which time the cost would increase to $40. She also said there was a 30 day trial period so if we weren’t happy we could cancel with no penalties. I went over all these details and agreed to the installation. She scheduled the service call for Thursday, June 22, and said the installer would be AT&T. She then asked for a credit card and assured me there would be no charges and that it is kept on file for equipment purposes only. She then told me there was also a special for the Directv receivers so we could upgrade our old receivers to new Genies with DVR capability. The receiver upgrade was also free. She gave me Confirmation # [protected] for the Directv receiver upgrade and Confirmation # [protected] for the internet install. She then transferred me to a department that went over the terms and conditions and the only thing he mentioned was a 24 month contract. We’ve been with Directv for a long time so a 24 month contract wasn’t a deal breaker at the time.

I subsequently received two confirming emails, one for the receiver upgrade and one for the internet install. There were no cost or term details on the internet install confirmation. There were cost details on the receiver upgrade that were totally different than what was spoken about on the phone.

I called Directv on Tuesday, June 20, to discuss the cost details on the receiver upgrade. We currently pay $7 for our two receivers. I was told there would be a $23 charge per month for the receivers. I cancelled the receiver upgrade. The customer service rep said she couldn’t assist with the internet install and that I should call AT&T.

I then spent 90 minutes calling AT&T to get cost confirmation details about the internet install scheduled on Thursday. I kept getting folks in call centers outside the US who couldn’t find the account by phone number or address or the install order. They disconnected me several times, told me to call other numbers, told me to go the store. I finally was able to get thru to a rep in Texas (Gladys) who confirmed that if the install was completed, I would get a bill from HughesNet for $65, I would get a bill from AT&T for their service, that there was no free trial period, and that the modem, router and install were not free. In addition my credit card was charged for the first month of service. ($65) I cancelled the internet install and was assured I would get a full refund (Case # [protected]).

This wasn’t an oversight of a small piece of information. This was the worst case of deceptive practices I’ve ever been subjected to. The Directv representative blatantly lied about the costs for equipment and install and she failed to inform me of the HughesNet bill. Had I not been persistent in trying to get all of the costs and terms in writing, I would have been locked into a 24 month term with financial ramifications I would not have been able to recover.

We have been with Directv for a long time and I have never been this upset. This is the worst treatment I have ever been subjected to.


Mary StefaniK
Greenfield, NH

Jun 20, 2017

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