DirecTV / customer service

Hacienda Heights, CA, United States

On 6/8/2017, I called to cancel my service due to very poor customer service provided 2 days prior. I called and spoke with 2 reps during the total 55 minute phone call. At the end of my call, the rep offered me an upgrade to my current equipment as a "courtesy" because I've been with direct Tv since 2011 " this so called free offer then would require me to speak with another person to confirm the order. At this point the call is about locking me in a contract for another year. He began to speak rapidly and I heard contract so I said no stop never mind! I don't authorize receiving this equipment and he said sorry I can't cancel this order. I said I am not authorizing this at all. He said well sorry you can refuse the shipment. I became very angry and said sternly no how can you send me something I'm telling you I am not authorizing I don't want it! He would not offer any type of help or resolution. It was unbelievable I said I am canceling my service this is unacceptable. I have never experienced such poor customer service. I told him I'm going to report this to better business bureaus, consumer reports, the blogs, Facebook etc. the next day I received boxes n boxes of equipment that I didn't authorize I called and then spoke with a rep who was apologetic after hearing my story. We got up to a point she started to give me a confirmation number but we got disconnected. So I called back got a rep named Kimberly who has a horrible attitude she was rude and would not help when I asked her for the confirmation number. She completely ignored me as I said why are you being so rude to your customers!? You're not answering my questions and you're telling me that there is No confirmation number when the previous rep just had given me a number but we got cut off! At this point the level of disrespect she is showing to me is unreal she starts to crumble what sounds like paper in the phone and completely not answer me when I said hello hello are you there? I can hear you and she is breathing in the phone heavily as if she's angry
I could not believe what I was hearing that a customer service rep would exhibit this behavior and actually engage in a verbal fight with a customer. I said you really need to quit your job you're not qualified to work as a rep you're rude and unprofessional. She yelled you need to quit your job! I am laughing at this point and said give me your customer service ID and she wouldn't
I said make sure my account is cancelled and the return authorizations are sent to me for the equipment I'm going to report you. That was it for me. We switched to SPECTRUM

Jun 10, 2017

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