DirecTV / customer service and billing

We absolutely loved (past tense) Direct TV. Soon as AT&T bought out Direct TV, the Customer Service went in the trash. The same reason we left AT&T in the past has become cancerous at Direct TV and its sad. You have call centers set up in Non-American countries which english is a struggle at best. Then, when you can actually get past the struggles of the language they are very scriptive to the point of being robot like and pushing the AT&T life as if they are pushing illegal drugs on the side of the road.

So we cancel our account from being completely done with the Direct TV/AT&T drama. Now, we have fought for over a month for Direct TV to find the equiptment that we sent them, the way they asked us to send it mind you. Each and every time we can because we get nasty grams(email/actual mail) stating we owe money for the equiptment, that has been verified as delivered multple times with the company representatives over the phone.

Id assume you're having issues controlling all the returned equitment because of one root cause, AT&T killing Direct TVs previously great customer service. Now everyone is jumping ship. Soon Direct TV will be a name of the past just like VCR tapes and it all vomes down to a bigger company out sourcing cheap laber. At what cost, RIP Direct tv!!

Aug 21, 2018

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