Direct TV / recent menu update

I am completely dissatisfied with the updated menu for the following reasons:

1. To see the playlist of "recordings" you have to repeatedly scroll to the right in order get too the "view all playlist" button.

2. On entertainment recordings the dates of the recordings have been striped away. The only dates that I see are for news shows..

3. The new menu, (if you have multiple recordings of a particular show) at the end of viewing a recording, does not provide a prompt to watch the next recording of the same show. Instead a new show starts up and a box asking if you want to but that episode pops up. This is ridiculou! Why bother recording shows and when you want to watch them, you have to go through this crap.

4. "Customer Service" is terrible. The person I spoke with was more concerned with keeping themselves "corporately correct, " than anything else. His responses to my concerns came several seconds after I asked a question. This tells me our conversation was not spontaneous. rather this person was searching for the correct response provided by Direct TV No sense of customer care.

In short the "Updated Menu" is not an improvement, it is less user friendly than ever. This so-called update appears more of an effort by Direct TV to increase user fees for what was free before the update.

Lastly, if I decide to to cancel Direct TV, the above is my why.


Jun 09, 2018

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