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Direct TV / incorrectly billing me I want a refund

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All I have to say is buyer beware.
Directv is a multi-million dollar company who feels that ripping the customer off is something that should happen on a monthly basis!!!

Wouldn't you think that as a consumer, you should be able to trust your service provider to bill you the correct amount without you as the consumer having to scrutinize your bill every month? And, if by chance as a consumer, you should find a major discrepancy in your bill, the said vendor in question would be happy to assist in any way that they could to make it right; especially if they are taking money from you that they should not be taking. I don’t know about any of you, but $221. 00 is a lot of money. I can go on and on about the lack of customer service that we experience from our vendors, but that is a whole other article.

If you are a directv subscriber & hellip;check your monthly bills!!!

Here is my story
Ok, so I have had directv for about 13 maybe 14 years. I am a great customer. I even pay over most of the time. Who would have thought that I would have to take time to scrutinize my monthly bill because they were over charging me for an extra receiver for 34 months!

Every month I receive an electronic notification from directv notifying me that my bill is ready to pay.
So I either log on to mycheckfree to pay the bill or I go directly to the directv site to pay my bill.
Simple, right? Not so simple….

This month like clockwork, directv e-mailed me my payment notification. I signed up for paperless billing to save directv money and of course be green. I have been saving dirctv money with paperless billing for about 13 years. They don’t have to spend the postage to actually mail me a paper bill anymore. It’s all automated. They just send it electronically. I like to pay my bills on time, so I logged into the directv site to pay may’s bill. Boy, did I get a big surprise!

Directv decided that it would be a good idea to let you see your home hardware configuration along with the current plan that you have as soon as you login. To my chagrin, directv has me owning 3 receivers!!! I only have two. Well, this is odd, I thought to myself. How long have they been charging me for 3 receivers when I only have two? Well, I immediately paid my bill, after all that is what I logged in for. Then I started a chat session with a friendly directv agent. I explained my dilemma. Well, they and asked how long this had been going on. The agent said that I have been getting billed for 3 receivers since july of 2012! As if I don’t pay enough, they have been charging me an extra 6.50 plus tax for 34 months. That comes out to approximately $221.00. That is actually a lot of money to me.

I proceeded to ask the agent when I will be getting a refund or credit back for this amount plus tax. The agent informed me that & ldquo;as a courtesy, they will only refund me for 6 months” I don’t think so. Of course, I asked to be escalated to a supervisor. To their credit, sherry, employee number: [protected] called me back within the hour. I explained that I wanted my money back in the form of cash or credit to my account. She then reiterated what the agent said. That as a & ldquo;courtesy”, she would only be able to refund me for 6 months. Courtesy my behind!!! They have a lot of nerve! As a courtesy, they have been robbing me every month for 34 months!

With that being said, I asked once again to be escalated to someone with authority. Sherry informed me that she was the highest that I can go, she was the be all end all. She was the final say; she was the last and holy word on refunds. I then informed sherry that I worked in a call center for 5 years and I know that she was not the last and final word and I gave her an opportunity to come clean and once again I asked her if I could speak to someone else of authority. I pointed out that usually there is at least another manager or a director that I should be able to speak to. To no avail. Sherry continued to lie to me. Sherry was adamant about her being the last and final word and she thought that she put the brakes on me. Guess what sherry, that is not the case. I will spout until spouting hurts. Hurts directv that is.

So, I figure that have probably saved directv well over 221.00 in paper statements and postage over the last 13 or 14 years, you think they would refund money that they have stolen out of my pocket for the past 34 months? We will see how far this little letter will go. I will post it on the highest mountain and all over the internet. There will be no stopping me. Everyone will be checking their directv bill for discrepancies. It is a matter of plain, common, everyday courtesy and of course pride…

If they would have just given me my money back because it does not belong to them, I might still want to be a directv customer. But I will tell you, this is ridiculous! You would think that they would want to keep good customers like me.

I guess not...

May 8, 2015

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