Direct TVbilling issues/not issuing refund

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I canceled my directtv on May 8th after the technican came out and determined that I did not have line of site for my satelite. He said he would return my receivers for me, and callled his supervisor to confirm he was taking them. I spoke with the supervisor at the time and he said that my account would be noted that he took the boxes.

I called back two hours after he left to let direct tv know that he took my receivers and the acoount should be closed. The rep said I would be issued a $90 refund for the bill I had just paid in 6 to 8 week since I paid with my Mastercard. Two days later I got an email from direct tv stating they were sending the fedex boxes for my receivers to my house. I called direct tv and told them, once again, I had already returned the boxes and to cancel my account. She again stated my refund was in process.

Six weeks later, June 12th, I got a $186 charge to my Mastercard. When I called Direct tv they stated it was because I did not return the receivers. Are you kidding me?? I went through the entire story about and the agent said he reversed the charges and I was see the refund in 72 hours. Well, June 16th comes around and no refund. I called again and spoke to an agent that said this would have to be escalated to finance, and this would take another 30 days. So, who pays my finance charges on my credit card as I wait? I demanded a supervisor and went through everything again. He said that he had taken care of everything and I should see my refund in 72 hours, and then my $90 credit will come in 6-8 weeks.

Well here we are 72 hours later again, and nothing has been credited. Stupid rep. said this has been escalated to finance, but will take 6-8 week to resolve. Are you ###ing kidding me? Do you think I am an idiot? I need my money back and this is totally unfair that I am sitting waiting due to the mistakes of their own idiot reps.

If there is a direct tv manager out there that can resolve this email me at [protected]

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  • Lo
      Aug 22, 2009

    I feel your pain!! These ###s owe me more than $400.00 dollars. I get the same freaking story that you're getting. Im trying to get help from my credit card company.

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  • Ml
      Aug 31, 2009

    I have the same issue right now...6-8 weeks and they took my money by mistake...This is so wrong on so many levels...not sure what to do???? I sent my boxes back but they keyed in wrong serial number so it looked like I did not return them...not my problem...until they took 220 out of my checking account.

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