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verbal agreement?

I had occasion to talk to directtv, after getting repeated automated messages which I wanted to squelch.In talking with the representative, it came out that they "have in their records" that my contract was extended two years this summer after I replaced a faulty receiver. They claim that by getting the receiver replaced, there was a verbal agreement to the two years contract. I would have never made such an agreement as I am moving and planning to cancel them within the next few months. How do they get away with this? What does a consumer do about this?

unfair business practices

My husband and I moved to this new area about 8 months ago. We had Direct T.V. for many years prior to moving to our new home. We decided to get service with Direct T.V. again. We have had service with them for the past 8 months and have received numerous mailings promising local channels and that we could bundle our internet (currently with Comcast) with Verizon since they have some sort of relationship with them. My husband called and requested local channels with Direct T.V. and after many weeks we finally received a letter in the mail stating that they were not available. We had to watch the olympics on the internet and since the economy has been so tight I need to get local channels to see the local grocery store sales. We also contacted Direct T.V. and requested that we get the internet bundled promotion to save $$ and have a combined bill in which they told us that the specific program was not available in our area. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this is FALSE ADVERTISMENT!!! So, my husband and I received a great offer in the mail from Comcast to bundle our cable and internet and save $50 a month so we decided to change our service. I called Direct T.V. to cancell our service and the representative informed me that I had a two year contract with them and was cutting the contract short by 18 months. She then informs me that there is a $366 cancellation fee. I expressed that no one ever told me that there was a two year contract. She told me that their contract was written on their website. She also stated that the installer should have told me there was a two-year contract and that if I had refused that he would have never installed the service to begin with. I expressed to the lady that the installer never told me about the two-year contract and I asked her what normal individual just goes to a companies website to look up their contract. I'm a college educated woman and I can honestly say that I don't run to the internet and read a companies contract everytime I do business. I rely and trust the companies representatives to explain things to me. Then the Direct T.V. woman starts reading me this cue card and in her statement she says that any cancellation fees will be billed to my credit card. I immediately told the lady to put a note on my account that I am NOT AUTHORIZING Direct T.V. to charge my credit card. She states that she made a not on my account. Well a few weeks go by and I receive two Direct T.V. bills stating that I owe $0 dollars, one bill even shows a $12 credit. The next thing I know I am looking at my online banking and see a Direct T.V. debit for $366 which throws my account into overdraft. I immediately called Direct T.V. and explained the situation and the lady Marsha that I spoke with even verified to me on the phone that I had NOT AUTHORIZED Direct T.V. to charge my credit card and the fact that I stated that I was not going to pay the $366 cancellation fee. The sad thing is, Marsha stated that there was nothing that she could do about the situation and that she was the last call stop for the consumer. How you dispute something with them is once you get to her department, they take the notes you tell them and type them on your account, they then pass this on to their billing department who I was told would give me a call. Well, after two weeks I get this generic email from Direct T.V. stating that I had signed a contract with the dish installer and was cancelling the contract 18 months early and that I was responsible for the $366 and that if I had any questions, I could call Direct T.V. (I am thinking in my head, all they did was send me an email about the same conversation that I had already had with Marsha and they were telling me the same thing that the first lady I spoke with when I called to cancell their service told me. I'm also thinking to myself that if I call them again it's not like I'm going to get to talk with the billing department directly, I'm gonna have to put in some sort of another request). So, I decided to go to my bank and file fraudulent charges concerning the debit. I explained to my bank that I specifically told Direct T.V. that they were NOT AUTHORIZED to debit my debit card. The $366 had since been refunded to my account. I have not heard anything from Direct T.V. as of yet, but am sure that they will send it to a creditor service agency and will make me pay the fee or else my 700+ credit score will suffer. I DO NOT think what they are doing is fair business practices and now come to think of it, they ask you for a debit card over the phone to get the installer to come out to your home and they call this $100 fee an installation fee. I believe they ask you for the card so that they can put it on file and if you decide to cancel your service they just come at you with some bologne that you knew there was a contract and that their contract can be found on their website (which I must say is EXTREMELY legally written to benefit their company, I have been in the insurance business since college and believe that insurance companies treat their clients better than Direct T.V.) My best advice to people out there is that if you are caught by surprise like I was about a cancellation fee when you call, ask the Direct T.V. Representative to put a mandated note on your account that you are NOT AUTHORIZING them to debit your account, then if the debit shows up, go to your local bank and tell them that the transaction was not authorized and have them refund your money...this is what I did. I know that I will have to face consequences with Direct T.V. billing me now for the $366 and probably turning it over to collections without billing me to try and ruin my GREAT CREDIT that takes a lifetime to build and one crappy company like Direct T.V. to ruin it. But, I have slept better this last week because I feel like I showed Direct T.V. who's in charge of MY CHECKING ACCOUNT. I don't know what else to do about Direct T.V., but are currently looking for ways to complain to our government and regulators about their unfair, unregulated, and untrustworthy business practices. If there is a two-year agreement, I feel Direct T.V.'s installers should be trained on how to sit down with you in your home and explain to you in lamens terms that you are signing a two-year contract (I have to do that when I sell insurance contracts), instead of sending some sweaty, over-worked and under-paid installer to you home who may or may not speak good English to install your satellite and he's rushing out the door so fast because he's got 2 or 3 more work orders after you and it's already after lunchtime!

bogus contract

Hi All,
So I have been fighting Direct TV for months now. In a nutshell, I never knew about this bogus contract and early termination fee. I called and fought with them and finally I got throw to this guy named Brett. I asked him for proof that I actually signed a contract. He couldn't produce anything and now all the letters and calls from them have ended. Gee, I am hoping this is all over. Take a look at the letter they sent me. If it helps, call the number and demand physical proof that you actually have a contract.

Dear Ms.---
Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding DIRECTV account # 35308xxx. We attempted to contact you at phone #xxx-xxx-xxxx in response to your e-mail but were unable to speak to you directly regarding your concerns.
Our records support Brett requested a copy of the signed agreement, per your request, and we are waiting for the paperwork to arrive from our Home Services department. As we are aware of this situation and the request for the agreement, we will ensure you are contacted after we receive a response from Home Services.
At DIRECTV we strive to provide the finest in satellite television entertainment and outstanding customer service. For further assistance, please contact us at [protected] between the hours of 7:30 AM to 8:30 PM MT.
DIRECTV Customer Advocate Team

  • Kr
    kristin Feb 17, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I cancelled my direct tv today after having comcast install. I have written complaints and called and complained for two years about problems ordering pay-per-view. I have paid nearly 180.00 a month for over 4 years. When I called to cancell my service, the rep told me that the HD box I paid 120.00 for at Best Buy wasn't mine and I had to return it, I said no I paid forit. She said I had leased it, and that was stated on the bottom of my BEST BUY RECEIPT. Also there would be a 75.00 early termination fee on my contract, I said I had no contract, she replied it was automatically done when I purchased... oops LEASED my HD BOX and that also was printed on the receipt. When I ordered service for the additional HD TV and another active television, no rep mentioned the contract, no Best Buy salesman mentioned a contract and my receipt, which I have is unlegiable at the bottom due to low ink in the printer at BEST BUY. I have not verbally agreed to a contract, nor was I notified, or even asked if I wanted to renew a contract, which I would have said okay then. But to slide it in at a retail store on a receipt and try to charge a loyal customer a fee and did I mention take back the box I paid 120.00 for. Is criminal. I left Direct because of two years of bad customer service, I feel you had ample time to correct the problem. Now you are basically trying to steal money from me? My neighbors on both sides of me called Comcast today to cancel Direct tv service and they also thought they had purchased not leased your HD TV box. I am calling the news tomorrow and getting other consumers names that have fallen for this deceptive business scam. I never signed a thing and I paid cash for my box, no signature there either. Let's see what class action lawsuit Direct tv can tollerate, sadly if cable is a nightmare, I will go back to Dish Network whom I used for 11 years or go without before I will EVER use a company that tries to decieve and bully money out of consumers. I would have gone back to Direct TV possibly. YOUR LOSS> Kristin Eaker Jacksonville, [email protected] Let the war begin, you will NEVER get 75.00 out of me. And we are getting more names of others daily.

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dispute bill

I was charged a 400.00 disconnect fee when I cancelled my tv service with Direct tv. No one ever informed me...


When I signed up for satillite svc I was given 4 receivers. I was not told at any time that there would be a $5.00 monthly fee for each receiver. I spoke to several representatives and they al assured me the receivers were free. At now time was I told of the monthly fee. Is this bait & Switch?

  • Wo
    WolfmasterPrime Apr 20, 2009

    Every directv mailer (in very small print) shows the additional charge for the recievers on it. Your install tech had you sign a contract that has that information on it, and you acknowleged that you have a copy of that contract by paying your bill. I think you heard what you wanted to hear, and didn't pay a bit of attention to what you were told.

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contracts @ hidden gotchas

You'll enjoy this one!!! A brilliant business plan!!!

I've been a DirectTV customer for several years...never really had a problem with their service. Although a little more expensive than their competitors, I get the basic package that I pay for.

Almost a year ago (Oct 2007), DirectTV notifies me that I have to swap out my equipment becuase of upgrades they've made to their system. The upgrades in equipment would be handled for free and not doing so...would affect my service. In other words, if I didn't have them come out and change out the old equipment for the new upgraded equipment...DirectTV wouldn't work anymore.

Of course I said, "ok...change it." What did I care... They made an appointment and the service guy came out and changed the dish ( I remember him saying something about chagning to a 3 wire...instead of a 2 wire...or something like that) and he changed the box for the same reason. Still...no big to me. It didn't seem out of the norm for a company to upgrade their equipment.

In the last week, I called them with the idea of cancelling service. I was told that I was "within contract" because I had upgraded my equipment last year and if I canceled...I would be charged a cancellation fee!!! I discovered that when they upgraded the equipment...they hid a 2-year extension or contract on me.

I recapped the situation and how they "DirectTV" had requested and told me I had to upgrade the equipment and that I had never requested it be done. NO MATTER...they denied any chance of removing this contract period from my account saying...you had the option of not upgrading the equipment...I loved that one!!!

The fool proof way of retaining customers...tell them they have to upgrade existing equipment (whether they need to or not) and hide or play down a contract extension when making the swap.

I told DirectTV this scenario...but really...did I have too? They did it to me...and how many others have enjoyed this same treatment.

DirectTV...NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER...sign up for their service.

I'm looking for any advice on who, what, when, where, and how to get this situation resolved. I want to part ways from these bandits...

Thanks for reading and I hope you have an answer to my problem.

Email me: [protected]@sbcglobal.net

  • Do
    doris labeau Feb 16, 2009

    I wonder how many others have a problem with directtv underhanded approach to a contract that was not mentioned at any time before hookup or at cancellation. Today I've called 4 times and have spent a total of 46 minutes on hold and then disconnected. I was never told about a contract when I "bundled ." I received a bill for 340.00 for a supposed early disconnect. These people are ripoff artists.You can never speak to anyone about the problem because they disconnect you. If anyone has heard about a class action lawsuit please let me know.

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  • Nm
    NM Consumer Feb 22, 2010

    I had the same thing happen to me through signing up for DirecTV through Qwest. I was never told anything about the 340 Cancellation charges. They said they would bill my card on file. When I asked which one, they wouldn't tell me!

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  • Mo
    Moe in Fort Washington Mar 25, 2010

    "If anyone has heard about a class action lawsuit please let me know."

    No doubt that there are others similarly situated with less-than-full-disclosure contracts. I'm on the same hook.

    I don't think this contract is binding because ... there was not a "meeting of the minds reduced to writing." Basic contract law.

    I'm not a lawyer, but if there are others, I'm interested in such a suit. I too had returned their "upgrade unit" but was told that I'm on the hook anyway.

    Moe in Fort Washington.

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  • Ch
    chastitymm3 Aug 31, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are liars who steal and cheat hard working citizens and tax payers out of their money. I will never recommend them to anyone I know. In fact I will discourage everyone I make contact with not to use them. I am in Sales and I would never have treated anyone the way I was treated. They are a disgrace to the entertainment industry.

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  • Ap
    aprettyfishy Sep 09, 2011

    DirecTV is a bunch of thieves! I'm so displeased with their service that I canceled. Their contract was cheaper to pay to get out of ($300!) than to transfer my services twice (had to sublease while waiting to close on new house). I've called them FIVE times to send boxes to return their equipment.. and still haven't received them. I've tried 3 different addresses too, and still NO BOXES. Now they're they're charging me $575 for unreturned equipment - even though it's on them for not sending me the boxes to do so! Buttholes. And I'm not impatient.. this has been going on for 3 months!

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  • Ma
    marcus32 Sep 19, 2011

    yes basically...if they 'upgrade' your equipment or you get a new 'box' they 'automatically' put you back in a 2 year contract--its amazing...without telling you b/c its written somewhere in the 'fine print' tho i doubt it and once u activate your 'new equipment' youre put back in the contract---its awful...they could care less...its just another way they scam and cheat their customers...

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box replacement

They replaced one box that hadn't been working out of 3 boxes we had and they sent it and I hooked it up then our main box still wasn't working and they said they would replace it for $40 and a new 2 year commitment . I told them we didn't want to commit so after 3 more months of trying to get the box to work we canceled the service and after 5 years they want to charge a $375.00 fee for early cancelation.. I asked 3 different reps why and finally found out it was for the new box they gave me in July. We had had many discussions to show them we didn't want to commit and I recieved no paper work or anything to say the first little box they replaced, which hadn't worked in months was like signing up new. Whew.

  • Li
    Limbo Latoya Jun 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been a direct tv customer for the second time for now a little over one year. I somehow obtained a DVR receiver that became defective after only having it for about 11 months. I was told that if I return the receiver to Direct TV using their Fed Ex box and shipping account I would not be charged. I later found out I was charged 175.00 plus tax of 187.50. Well, after calling in several times to insure they received the returned device, they confirmed they did, but did not issue the corrected adjustment to the third party company, Multi-band, that I pay through since I am considered an apartment resident. I now have received horrible customer service with the technician, James, and a couple of the representatives over the past 45 days trying to get this issue resolved with Multi-band and Direct Tv. I pay my bill every single month, and I believe some type of fraud is going on between the two companies. All I wish is for good service, patient staff to deal with, and a correct billing total each month. Instead I receive the exact opposite and total confusion between the two companies because they cannot call each other to get my bill corrected. I have my Wachovia statement to prove that I pay them on a consistent basis monthly. I would like a resolution, and an apology from both companies because they do not know how to resolve a simple issue and make the customer happy. Atlanta GA, Latoya

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unauthorized credit charges

In August 2008, my directv service was disconnected for non payment. I only owed the one month, which I do not dispute. Two weeks later, I received an email stating that they had discontinued my service. On 09/29/2008, I attempted to pay my electricity bill with my credit card. To my surprise, the charge was declined. When I checked my balance, DirecTV had charged my card, $179.17. When I called them, I first spoke with a girl who barely spoke english, becoming increasingly frustrated, after spending 10+ minutes on hold, I asked for a supervisor. I was then transferred to a Gentleman named Dax, Dax refused to give me his last name, but informed me his ID # was [protected]. I explained to him what had happened, and that my car had been charged for more than what was owed. I had service for more than 4 years, so there was no early cancellation fee. After he reviewed my file, he agreed that On 09/22/2008, DirecTV had cut my new Bill, now note that I had NO service for the month of August. On the same day, 09/22/2008, they [Directv] charged my card for the same amount that they billed me for. This bill was not mailed to me, emailed to me, nor was the charge authorized. I did not, nor have I ever, elected for automatic bill pay. THE CHARGE WAS MADE WITHOUT MY CONSENT!! After getting a long speech from "Dax", I hung up the phone. I am sure I will not hear from them again, but he assured me that I would hear from his supervisor, whose name is "Marlon" his voice mail number, NOT A REAL VOICE number, is [protected]. So on 09/22/2008 DirecTV cuts a new bill with inflated charges, On 09/22/2008, they also pre-authorize my credit card for the amount of the inflated bill, On 09/27/2008 they post the charges, aparently this 5 day period was to see if I would notice the charge. On 09/29/2008 I spoke with "Dax", and reluctantly I will see if they will keep their word. I will update this post when they do. Until then, Beware of DIRECTV!!! I would entertain hearing from any attorney who would like to file suit against DirecTV. Please note the following information listed below my name and account number is information that was cut and pasted directly from their website. If you notice there is NO automatic bill pay selected!

Jennifer Daniels
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  • Da
    Dana Nov 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the same problem with them charging my debit card which I did not authorize. When I canceled the service, they said I would be charged a fee for early cancalation even though I signed up for a one year contract and all of a sudden they said I was in a two year contract because I had the dvr.

    Also, I have sometimes paid with my boyfriend's and parent's credit cards, when I canceled the service, they said they would bill the card on file the amount they felt I owed. I called and said there should not be a card on file because I just paid online and some of the credit cards were not even mine.

    Unfortunately somehow they charged my debit card (even though I didn't have funds available and my bank did not reject the charge) and now I have to pay an additional $27.00 nsf fee to bank. Good thing I didn't have anything else coming out of the account on that day or it would have been $27.00 per item.

    I really wish I could take Direct Tv to court for unauthorized charges.

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  • Ja
    Jacki Nov 15, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Directv just charged my credit card account for the amount due the day after I cancelled service with them for horrible customer service that they provided us earlier this month. I found out about it when I called to find out what my new balance was so that I could pay it off. They said that they charged my credit card for the amount due, so they showed my balance as $0. I asked them who gave them permission to charge my account and they said that they didn't need permission. They already had my credit card. I immediately contacted my credit card company and reported fraudulant activity on my card. They closed out my account and are issuing me another card. I am in the middle of disputing this charge as an unauthorized charge and have asked that my credit card company reject the charge as such. Directv can then send me an itemized bill for the charges (the previous bill was for the entire month) and we will be done with them! I would LOVE to see a class action lawsuit against this company.

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  • Sc
    screwdirecTV Jul 10, 2009

    Something similar happpened to me. I had directv for 5 years paying at least $100/mo. on time. about 6 months ago my receiver stopped working so they sent a replacement. They now tell me that I agreed to an 18month contract extension in order for them to send the receiver. I would never agree to such a contract but they say I did. Now, I am forced to move and the place I am moving to doesnt allow satellite. when I called to cancel they told me I would have to pay $260 cancellation fee for breaking the contract. I even sent a letter to the corporate office pleading my case and they told me the fee would stand and they would use any credit card i have on file to get the money. My final bill was paid on time and a few days later, $260 was withdrawn from my account without my authorization. That is Bull----. I used to be a big fan of DirecTV but now I tell everyone i know to go with their competitors. F--- DirecTV.

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  • Di
    directvsucksballs Oct 27, 2009

    Yep this just happend to us too, customers for over 6 years, we cancelled because we got fiber in the area and could get more channels for less and were told we were under a 2 year contract. We never agreed to a new contract but I guess when they replaced one of our recievers they renewed our contract without us knowing, now I just find a charge to our bank account for the amount of the fee. I only found out because I went in to balance my checkbook and saw I had a lot less money than I should have. These guys are jerks, I have disputed it with my bank, emailed Directv a "nice" letter and complained to the BBB. Would love to know of other things I can do to get this money back.

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  • Kk
    kkcountry Mar 19, 2013

    Directv charged my card today for three movies that were ordered over a year ago. I cancelled my service back in January and returned my equipment. I even received a refund a couple of weeks ago from Directv for OVERPAYING. Today, they charged my card (almost two months after I cancelled my service) for $17.99 without my knowledge or permission. I was set on autopay throughout my active term with them so they used the card on file. These movies were already paid for on a previous bill might I add.

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movie purchase

The week of Sept. 15th 2008 I rented a movie called Nhims Island on Directv with
my Tivo box as I have many other times for the last 10 or so years. My family
has 5 children and they are like all children watch one over and over and over if
they like it. This time was different when we sat down to watch the movie the next
afternoon, the screen said this movie will be deleted at 8:00 pm exactly 24 hours after it was rented. This in not right, even if I went to block buster or some movie
rental place I have it for 5 days. This is wrong and I do not like it. It is wrong to change the menu in the middle with no warning no notice it is wrong...


unauthorized charges on my account for nfl sunday ticket

The unauthorized placing of a service referred to as NFL Sunday Ticket charges by DirecTV on my bill reflect...

commitment contract & cancellation of service

I have a problem with direct tv. I was a customer for 8 years and then my dvr wasn't working right. I wanted new equipment. Direct tv told me that I would have to sign a 2 year commitment contract to get new equipment. I told them no thanks. The very next day a dvr arrived on my door step via fed ex. I called them to make sure that I would not be agreeing to a 2 year commitment if I used the dvr. They said no problem, no commitment!
I continued to have problems with the new equipment and called several time. I was never informed that I was under a new commitment agreement and they did not offer to do anything to fix my problems, so I went with another company. After installation of new equipment from a new company. I called direct tv to cancel. Now they tell me that I am under a commitment agreement and will have to pay extra to cancel. What should I do next? I never agreed to the commitment.

  • Sc
    SCOTT SLUTZKY Sep 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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installer theft complaint

Installer stole laptop, and left without completing the installation, no paperwork signed. directv refuses to accept responsibility for the installers actions but sent another technician out to finish his work. Police cant do anything because i did not physically see him take it. it was there when he came and gone with him when he left. buyers beware!!!

deducted charge before due date on my credit card

Directv mailed a cancellation bill for $26.75 after I disconnected service. I had no problem with that. Due date was Sept. 3rd. Started receiving past due notices before it was due. Even received what appeared to be a collection letter from a third party and it still wasn't due. Paid the bill on the due date as I have always done with my bank automated bill pay. Got my credit card bill two weeks afte I had paid. Directv had already deducted the payment from my credit card on Sept. 1, BEFORE the due date. I did not authorize and when I called to complain, I was told it would be 6 to 8 weeks when I would receive my refund for overpayment. Unethical, deceitful practice. They have no right to take my money before it is due, and to hold the funds for so long before reimbursing me. My point is not the amount of money but what they are doing to me and many others.

Resolved unauthorized billing

This company took my money for an auto extended warranty and basically sold me a $1500 piece of paper and no warranty! I called the name on the paperwork they sent me and guess what??? The other company on the paper said I should talk to the company that sold it. Well, after a lot of research on the net I found out that these are the same scam companies with different websites! They take your money and then run! I spoke to some guy kyle? That said he was the manager and nothing got resolved. I tried to dispute with the credit card company since the charge on my credit card is from another company entirely!

  • Jo
    Joe Montes Sep 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am the CEO of DirectVSC, Inc and challenge this claim. Our Credit Card charges show up as DirectVSC, Inc. on all credit card statements. I am asking the person who posting this to provide us with the Contract Number of the policy written, the date of purchase of this VSC sale contract and the name of the salesperson whom sold this policy. We have no one employed by us that is named Kyle. Please respond to this request.

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obsolete equipment, unauthorized credit card withdrawal

Direct TV customers Beware

Having had our Direct TV discontinued we decided to switch to Cable for several reasons the first being every time we had a storm or snow we lost our connection, when we called about the service we were told wed have to pay a 80 Dollar’s for a service call to repair or readjust their satellite, the service man said it was OK, thus we had to continue to experience the continual disruption, when we signed up for this service some 14 years ago we had to purchase the receivers which we understood would be refunded when service was discontinued, we asked how to return this equipment we where told it was obsolete and they didn’t want the receivers back or their satellite dish, I wonder how many other consumers out there are using obsolete equipment and are receiving poor service. When we received our last Bill we didn’t pay on time and without authorization used a credit card number they had on file to pay the amount due, the card used wasn’t even the debtors, so they withdrew money from someone who wasn’t even a customer. The point to this is that Direct TV will withdraw their fees without notice or permission to satisfy their Bill, but they will not honor their customers with updated equipment and continuous service. So Please contact Direct TV and insist they update your equipment and don’t pay with a Credit or Debit card, or personal check because they will transfer the needed funds without notice from these financial instruments.

  • Ke
    kent phh Jun 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please stand up together we can make a right thing
    We will open a campaign to force Direct TV to provide their services to consumers rightful and Direct T V should obey the fed or/and state regulation that should protect consumers. Direct TV, They are running a big scam right now by giving out misleading information and flyers all over Medias. By many and many scams from Direct TV’ false advertisement, wrong billing, poor and incompetent customer service, Unauthorized over charge, cancelation fee and 24 hours only policy for cancelation, Harassing calls, scam selling, property and roof damage and more to notice. It is ridiculous for consumers that are allowed only 24 hours to cancel the services from the first day installation if consumers are not satisfied.
    We need stand up together to ask our Congress representatives, our senators, our local force law force, our State General Attorney to sent a clear and strong message to Direct TV. We want State and Federal open investigation on all over Direct TV misleading services to our consumers for many years. We should not allow this happen in our society today.
    We will collect all the problems you have, are facing with Direct TV and we will sent letters to all official agencies and Congress. Please have your name and address if applicable.
    Best Regards
    Kent Phh
    [email protected]

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Resolved don't use

This is in complaint to Verizon and DirecTV service. Which Suck!!! They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. I ordered a triple bundle package through Verizon I finally received it 2 months later and the TV and the satellite never worked never had a *** signal. Direct TV wants me to pay a $500 early term fee for something that never worked. Even to fix it they told me 4-5 weeks that was insane. We had already waited to long to begin with. I recommend any other phone or TV service but them they are the worst and don't know how to take responsibility.

  • Dr
    drwhovian Sep 09, 2008

    I had been thinking about using them, glad I noticed your complaint. You should file a formal complaint with one or all of the following agencies, depending on which state you live in:

    Your state public service commission (which in my state oversees TV, phone, cable services, electric and gas companies--many states have online complaint forms.

    Your state's attorney general--most states now have online complaint forms.

    If you have one in your region, the Better Business Bureau.

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  • St
    Steven Fleenor Sep 24, 2009

    I signed up with Verizon and DirecTV for the "Triple Bundle, " and was told that I could receive high speed internet. After I switched from DISHTV to DirecTV, then I was told by Verizon that I could not receive internet in my area. Basically, I was lied to about the high speed internet and then my bill for long distance and and DirecTV increased by about $27.00. I am very unhappy with Verizon because of being lied to about what they could offer me with the "Triple Bundle."

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poor service and false advertising

Signed up for service in November of 2007. Signed up on the internet for a one year agreement for service plus local HD channels. Now it is September of 2008. Still no HD local channels and I was told by customer service that I am now locked into a 2 year contract. They also told me that I would have to purchase an external antenna for local HD channels. I contacted an installer for a HD antanna and he laugh when I mentioned DirecTV. He said it would cost $250.00 for an antenna with installation. I was also told that DirecTV uses this as a scam to sign up new customer's. Customer service at Directv has an excuse for everything when you call them. I can't even get reception whenever it rains. DirecTV informed me that the dish was installed wrong ! They are the ones who subcontracted the installation when I signed up ! This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. I will not keep this service and I have an attorney looking into my complaint.

fraudulent sales reps

We canceled the service within 3 days of setup. I was told by two different phone representatives from Direct TV that there would be no charge for cancellation for the first 30 days. I have called Direct TV two more times since that and was assured both times that the cancellation fee would be waived. The most recent call occurred on Sept 4, 2008 at 5:25 pm. Once again I was assured by a representative from Direct TV that the cancellation fee would be waived. I called the sales line on Sept 4, and was again told that I could cancel the service with no fee for up to 30 days. Direct TV and their representatives are telling me that I owe no money, and then submitting a claim to a collection agency who is threatening to take this matter further.

  • Jo
    joe conner Aug 05, 2009

    they have no idea what the others are doing. right hand has no idea what left hand doing. contact the collection agency notify it is not a valid bill and if you get more notices send info to your attorney general and the federal communication commission.

    dish just got hit with a multi thousands fine.. let these goofs of frauds be heard.

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directv took money from my account w/o permission

When we first got direct tv, they said we would be charged $53./month, up to one year, so my mom ordered it over the phone and they said they would need her credit card number for the charge... That was the only authorization she made. We only had direct tv for 3 weeks and they charged us $97., instead of the $53. That was discussed over the phone. So right when my mom received the bill in the mail, she got on the phone with them and explained everything. 4 times the customer service reps. Said they were transferring her to their supervisor and 4 times she was hung up on.

For them being so horrible to deal with and for them obviously ripping us off she decided to cancel the service right away and they said they would bill her $440. For an early cancellation fee. On the phone she even stated not to take any more money from the account number that they have and to please send a bill to her in the mail and she would gladly pay it to get rid of this horrible service.

Well, today we received a receipt in the mail for $518. Direct tv took out money from my mom's atm account without any authorization what so ever.

Now she is currently still on hold with them on the phone...

This is illegal! It has to be! Taking money from someone's account without their knowledge or agreement/permission is illegal! And the way they deal with people is by hanging up on them. What do you do? Who do you call because of this?.. This is not right and it needs to be stopped. Direct tv cannot get away with this!

-if direct tv has done this or anything similar to you please contact me if you have any information that you think may be helpful in this kind of situation. I want to start a class action against them. Thanks all.

Email: [protected]@yahoo.com

  • To
    tom and barb Nov 19, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    we have had similar problems with direct tv. they are a total rip off. had same problem with unauthorized charges to credit card. would like to investigate/initiate class action. i'm sure there are others out there as well. maybe we can create a blog. please email us.

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  • I would like to file a class action suit against them as well. For over a year, they reported a fraudulent amount on my credit report which they later admitted was fraudulent. I did not even know about the amount until they disconnected my service becasue I did not pay the amount that was fraudulent. They continue to harrass me about the amount due and approximately six months have passeed before they allegedly took off the fraudulent amount off my bill. I am now with the local cable company, who has great customer service.

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  • Cu
    cube Nov 04, 2009

    well direct tv took money out of my banking account for a third pary ..my girl friend had an account thru them in her name only mines was not ever on it but the way they got my number was when i bought a nfl remote control i did not give them permission to take out anything other than what the remote cost ..i called to rell them and talked to 5 differnt people and they just hung up on me and when i finally talked to someone they told me that her credit card has expired and they seen mine and just took the 307.66 from my account ..and i just talked to some lady at visa fraud department and she said she knows that direct tv wont take money out of someones account unless they have permission . hello i dont have a account with direct tv and i sure did not tell them to take my money and i will be willing to take up a class action suit aginst them if i could find one

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unauthorized debit

Well I can see from this list that I am among many who have had questionable dealings with Direct Tv.
Mine is for unauthorized charges today on my bank account for services that were supposed to be turned off on June, 1, 2008.
I paid my last bill online on May 19, 2008. On June 1, 2008 I called Directtv and told them I was closing my account and I also got the runaround but was assured that the service would be terminated. Keep in mine I was calling 1400 miles from where I live. Now today I find a debit on my account for the months of June, July and I am assuming August. I have called my bank and because the hold on my account is slated to be deducted tonight they cannot do anything to stop this. I have to let the funds actually clear from my account. So tomorrow I am taking this to the Fraud Division of my bank. I assume responsibility for the balance owed on my account from May to June but I will not sit idleily by and let them do this to me.
My bank also mentioned that they have a lot of Fraud complaints against Direct Tv. So Truely Buyer beware.

  • Je
    Jen Nov 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agreed with you totally. DIrect tv is scamming as much as they can.
    just the past sunday I installed directtv for my parents house and they didn't even mention that it will take at 2 to 3 hrs for installation. It turned out it took 6 hrs and the technican is inexperience. She drilled an extra hole into my wall and didn't even patch it back before leaving. With Comcast they will screw in a cable wall plate at the point where the cable enters your house, so it will look professionally done. My mom is now worry about her house roof. It is a new roof that was done summer of 2007. She is afraid that they put holes into her roof since they did it to her wall needlessly.
    They also scam me on the prefer choice package. This package you can get if you sign up with any international package that is counted as a stand alone package (expensive 36.99 for only 5 chinese channels). They told me it will be $9.99 for 12 months, but they did post anywhere on there website 3 weeks ago that it can take up to 60 days to see the rebate. This mean that I am going to have to pay for $32.99 for the prefer choice package that is for 120 channels (many channels are just radio channels and not tv channels - - - another scam of directtv) for two months before I get the $9.99 deal. So they are holding me for a total of at least 14 months committment. The next scam was I saw on their internet advertisement over 3 weeks ago that they can install up to 4 receivers free of charge. I found out that this is not true today cuz my bank to find out that they charged me for 2 of my 3 receivers. These are the basic receivers. They are not the fancy ones that you can upgrade with directtv. When I call directtv up today, they told me the first one is free and the additonal ones are $4.99 each per month. They told me it is called the receiver fee, so then why did I saw an ad that up to 4 receivers free... Today I also went onto their website and saw this ad gone. This is really dishonest for direttv to operate this way. Even trying to get them on the phone is a long, long wait. Sometimes, it is over 60 minutes... If it wasn't for the chinese cantonese dialet channel I would just cancel them off today.
    I am wonder why Directtv is getting away with so much lies and frauds.

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  • Kr
    Kris Cottrell Aug 01, 2009

    In this horrible recesion our family had the choice to eat or have our service cancelled. Of course we chose the latter. Only to find that Direct TV charded the card that I had on file with them back from the begining when they charge you the small fee to begin service. BEWARE they hide this information in the first bill that you receive. You agree by default to allow them to charge any money owed to them to this card. They charged my account 650.00. I am not sure what these charges were for. I assumed it was for the 325.00 I owed for the bill and the early canncelation fee, but I just received another bill for an additional 975.00 which includes a 320.00 early cancellation fee. Of course I am now in the negative in my account because the bank takes the highest amount against your account. I called to see if they at least would spread this amount over a few months and they said "sorry". I feel angry and cheated and most of all duped! I realize that I have to pay my bill but I never would of agreed to this automatic payment. In addition I have no idea as to how much more they are going to bill me. I had to change my debit card # to be assured they would/could not charge it again. I have never had any company ever do this before. Just BEWARE and always read every contract very carefuly and dont forget to read the backs of your bills either!

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  • Ci
    cinerose Dec 30, 2009

    Direct TV charged me $280 in cancellation fees, taking 3 unauthorized debits on my checking account while I was out of town and incurring overdraft fees from my bank.

    Details of complaint:

    I have volunteered the past 9 months to put my account with DTV in suspension because I have been unable to afford the $76 per month payment. Currently I am on unemployment insurance and my suspension has expired. Since I still cannot afford this expensive service, I decided to terminate the service. I was charged in 3 debits the balance of my account totaling up to around $240. A $280 charge was on this bill for an early termination fee. These debits were made unauthorized to my checking account while I was out of town causing over draft fees. When I first signed up with DTV, I was never informed that there was a 24 month contract or that any termination fees would be accessed if I were quit my service. I was also not informed when I decided to suspend my service that this would lengthen my contract time by the amount of time I suspended my account and that would affect the amount of my 'early termination fees'. All that was said when I decided to suspend my account was that it would not cost me anything. I was shocked that they just automatically withdrew money from my account with out my permission. I had no warning from them that this would happen or for what amount(s) they would do it for. Why three separate transactions, as well? This seems extremely punitive to me. Surely they must know that each time an account had insufficient funds an overdraft fee is charged to to the account. I heard that there is a class action lawsuit with a law firm. Can anyone provide me with some assistance to this matter? Direct TV claims that I can appeal these charges, however in the way they have already handled my situation and the situations of countless other customers I am reading about on the Internet, I can't see how they would be very sympathetic to my situation. Already I pleaded with them not to charge me because I can't even afford to continue their service and they heartlessly did it anyway. Please help. Unemployed and overcharged!

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  • Ci
    cinerose Dec 30, 2009

    Submit your details to the attorneys of the pending class action suit on DirecTV: email to [email protected]

    If you try to cancel DirecTV charges you a cancellation fee up to $480 depending on how much time they determine you still have left on your 'contract'. They will make 3 or more unauthorized withdrawls on your checking account without your consent or knowledge and think this is all legal. I got charged a $280 termination fee in 3 unauthorized debits and overdraft fees as an added bonus. Really, really GREAT company! Please post to this forum before more 'valued customers' get swindled out of more money!

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  • Bo
    Bob60 Mar 05, 2010

    I don't like their service either and it is so damn expensive. The rate goes up yearly. They must think that everyone is getting salary increase yearly.

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