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Direct TV / very poor service and unacceptable contract

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I have had direct TV now for about three months and have had one problem after another. I had initially switched from cable to DirectTV because I thought that their high definition service would be superior. Big mistake. Since the time of install I have been through 4 high definition receivers, each one failing for a different reason. When your service goes out with DirectTV your only option is to wait for a replacement box or for a service tech which in my case has taken close to a week each time. My service has been so spotty that I have had to retain my cable so that I have a backup. Talk about spending too much for T.V. service. Now that my experience with these buffoons has soured to the point it has i decided that i had had enough. Unfortunately their two year contract insulates them from having to provide any level of acceptable service at all. Even though my experience has been a nightmare and I have spent countless valuable hours trying to resolve issues they will not offer to terminate my contract no matter how many times I have requested this. I am currently without any service again and I have decided that I am going to bite the bullet and pay the termination fee. I am not litigious person but have considered taking these bullies to court. I can't imagine that I am the only person that has had these issues. I would avoid doing business with this company at all cost. I wish good luck to all those that are in the same boat as me.

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  • Ku
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    DIRECTV is still the best provider, with their awesome HD channels and friendly customer service, I cant say anything againts them. I've been a DIRECTV subscriber for 10 years and I want to keep their service as long as i live. I'm very particular when it comes to programming and I can't live without watching TV.

    please stop posting untrue and unjustified messages here.. i know some of you guys are employees of DISH network.


  • Ho
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    I have been trying to get a refund check for $213.00 for six months. I canceled my service because it was so bad . Apparently the accounting department is no different. I have been promised a refund by at least 10 of their customer service reps during the six months. Still no check. I am going to take out a full page ad in our city newspaper describing the terrible experience I have had with all facets of this band of theives. I am considering assembling a class action suit with several other people in my area against this so-called "company".
    I have Dish TV now and I can at least call someone when I have a problem. Direct TV average call time for me was 45 minutes.
    Radio is better than dealing with them!

  • Ni
      23rd of Jan, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Everything everyone says is true. We to have dealt with new recievers, poor customer service and everything else. They are the biggest rip off company ever and all they want is your money. I could type a big long story but everyone here has covered every problem I have had with them. If anyone gets a class action law suit going I will be the first to sign up!

  • El
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    My subcription with direct has expired. I have had alot of trouble with thier upgrading system. I have cancelled my account, I have a bill due and they told me that they were going to take it directly out of my bank account. I asked them not to, that I would pay it myself but they will not allow it. I do not reccomend direct tv to anyone.

  • Ri
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    Get a lawyer and sue there butts off. Remember to document everything, even copies off all these complaints.
    I'm starting a e-mail boycott.

    I have had Direct Tv service for over five years. I had my service moved and upgraded to my new home on Dec,7th.2007. The installation was very messy, they left wires hanging everywhere inside and outside the house, never connected the ground cable outside for electrical safety, and we lost signal every few minutes. I called and complained and Direct TV sent another tech out almost two weeks later. He stated the first tech was fired and he “fixed the service”. Within 15 minutes we began to lose signal again.

    I called and e-mail Direct TV about this, offering pictures to prove the service was installed sloppy and didn’t work.
    I e-mailed them several times, it’s easier because their call centers have people that can’t speak clear English and are very hard to deal with and understand. Finally I told them to cancel my service because they couldn’t meet there commitment to me and provide a working service. I also asked for a return autho# to send their receiver back to them.

    Around a week later Jan 11th.2008 I received a disconnect e-mail and bill for 93.00 .I e-mailed them saying I had no service for that month so how do I owe them.

    On Jan 18th.2008 a box with return instructions was delivered to my house for the receiver.

    On Jan 22nd. 2008 I saw Direct TV was pulling $562.83 from my checking account. I took of work and went to my bank to stop this from happening, I signed a stop pay but my bank had to investigate it first. I was told to contact Direct TV and ask them to stop the transaction.

    I called Direct TV several times, I was told the charges were for an early termination of service. I told them again I never had a working service to begin with. I got nowhere with the call center, the language problem was just to much, I asked for some one that could speak better English and I was repeated the same thing again. Direct TV used a check card I had used before to pay my bill on-line and charged my account without my authorization $562.38.

    When I got home that evening I received a bill from them stating what the charges were and it was due immediately.
    No one that speaks good English will talk to me from Direct TV, THEY broke the law pulling money from my account without authorization, caused my account to bounce checks, left me unable to buy groceries this week for my family, I’ve lost two hours work as of today trying to clear this up. Tommorrow I have to go to my bank again and to an attorney.

    What a nightmare, please pass this on to everyone to warn them about direct tv’s practices
    Richard C. Morrison
    [email protected]

  • Ij
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    With DirecTV you have a $199.00 up front fee for HD DVR (with nothing to show for the money) plus 2 year contract with threat of charging up to an additional $480.00 if you break the contract early. You still won't own the DVR after paying that $679.00. And then at the end of the 2 year contract you still don't own anything. I discussed these things at length with 2 DirecTV customer service reps. This, in my opinion, has got to be the stupidest business model, from the customers point of view, that I have ever seen. Even with a 2 year cell phone contract, you own the phone after the contract period. But not with DirecTV. You own nothing. You're still leasing! Because of this I went with cable. They charged me nothing up front for their HD DVR , except a small installation charge, and did not lock me into any kind of contract. Of course I still don't own the DVR, but this is a much more sensible deal than the DirecTV deal.

  • Sc
      2nd of Feb, 2008
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    Direct TV - Incredibly poor service!
    Direct TV
    United States

    I have had Direct TV for approximately eight years and have been somewhat satisfied with them. I figured all companies have some quirks. There are more quacks than quirks at Direct TV. We began having serious reception issues about three weeks ago. We called Direct TV to send out a technician. They sent someone out and he spent about two hours here. He fixed the reception issue, but he couldn't tell me why he was changing all of the cables on my audio visual components, which had nothing to do with the television reception. When he left the only thing working was the television. I lost the dvd/vhs player and my surround sound system. I thought these technicians needed to be qualified on the systems they were working on? I called back for a second service call. The technician that came out only fixed part of my problem. I managed to get the surround sound working again, but I couldn't get the rest of it fixed. I called a third time. Now I have been given a case manager who is as incompetent as the rest of these people. I spoke with him and we decided that it would be best if the technician came out on Saturday, Feb. 2nd so I could be home. I get a call at work on Friday, the day before, that they were here to conduct their service and no one is home. I then called the sub contractor, Ironwood Communications. They told me they couldn't possibly get anyone out on Saturday because they were booked solid for the Super Bowl. I told them that it sounds like you don't want to give service when it doesn't have to be paid for. They only want their money. Therefore, I have to wait another week before I can get this problem rectified. This is unacceptable behavior for these two companies. They need to fix the service end of their business. They do a great job of taking your money, but when it comes to the follow up, they are horrible. When Verizon finishes putting in the Fios TV lines in my area, which will be in a few weeks, I will be dropping Direct TV like a hot rock. What a terrible company with even worse service.

  • Ri
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    Direct TV - Illegal charges!
    Direct TV
    United States

    This company Illegally took $113.16 out of my checking account 1 year after I had my service transferred to another person’s name. I called Direct TV customer service and after 1hour and 36 minutes on the phone with them nothing had been resolved. They acknowledged they had "forgotten" to take my credit card information off the account and asked me to fax them even more personal information about myself, and wait 8 day’s to receive a refund. CSR Violet (100249195) was not one bit of help. She had a very hard time getting supervisor to speak with me and could not understand that I did not have an account with Direct TV; I also spoke to Kai (100144863) and Ann (100170010) both who could not provide me with a corporate address, a finical department phone number, or Direct TV fraud department number.

  • Ki
      5th of Feb, 2008
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    I can personally tell you they lie, steal and cheat. Treat their cusomers poorly. The absolute worst cutomer service I have ever had. To those of you who think they are so great.....wait until you have a problem. Do not try to tell those of us, which are many how wonderful they are, you are very wrong.I had the local number to the Presidents office in Greenwood Village Co. They have since closed that line down. Jill, at Corporate if you are reading this my problem is still not resolved. You made some promises that still need to be made. You know the situation, I am sure your offices monitor these sites. My next step is to the PUC, not that that would bother you as so many before me have filed complaints. Then to the AG of Colorado and the Governors office. Losers!

  • Dw
      9th of Feb, 2008
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    Direct TV - Thieves!
    Direct TV
    United States

    We have a similar problem and I agree that this company has the worst customer service I have ever seen. After getting completely fed up with their lousy service and junk equipment, I canceled our service, agreed to buy out the balance of our contract so we could switch to Dish (who we are very happy with by the way), then our bank account was also charged without authorization! They claimed we did not return two of the four receivers. Luckily, we saved the tracking #'s which they used to confirm that we had returned the receivers. The problem now is getting a refund credit issued for the $126 they STOLE from our bank account. After being assured that the money would be refunded, I've had to make a second call today because we still haven't received it. Considering all the problems we've had out of this company, I would love to see a class action against them as no company would deserve it more! I once told one of their service reps (when they were trying to convince me that because one of our receiver was defective and replaced under warranty that constituted renewing the contract for another two years!) that the mafia had better business ethics than their company, and that's the God's honest truth!!! This company does not deserve to have charter for a corporation and it should be revoked!!!

  • Dw
      9th of Feb, 2008
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    We have a similar problem and I agree that this company has the worst customer service I have ever seen. After getting completely fed up with their lousy service and junk equipment, I canceled our service, agreed to buy out the balance of our contract so we could switch to Dish (who we are very happy with by the way), then our bank account was also charged without authorization! They claimed we did not return two of the four receivers. Luckily, we saved the tracking #'s which they used to confirm that we had returned the receivers. The problem now is getting a refund credit issued for the $126 they STOLE from our bank account. After being assured that the money would be refunded, I've had to make a second call today because we still haven't received it. Considering all the problems we've had out of this company, I would love to see a class action against them as no company would deserve it more! I once told one of their service reps (when they were trying to convince me that because one of our receiver was defective and replaced under warranty that constituted renewing the contract for another two years!) that the mafia had better business ethics than their company, and that's the God's honest truth!!! This company does not deserve to have charter for a corporation and it should be revoked!!!

  • Ca
      10th of Feb, 2008
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    I will send a copy of the attached letter to Direct TV, their board of directors, the better business bureau, and Qwest which sold me their services.February 10, 2008

    Account Services
    Direct TV inc.
    Billing Disputes Department
    P.O. Box 6550
    Greenwood Village Co. 80155-6550

    Dear Sirs or Madams:

    January 21, 2008 I called Qwest to inquire about combining my telephone, and Internet services to save money. I spoke with a nice customer service representative named Jeff. Jeff spent a good deal of time with me comparing different packages and told me I would realize the best savings and most streamlined service if I dropped the Dish service I have been using for the last four years and went with the bundled billing package they offer which includes Direct TV. He said Direct TV offers the same programming options as Dish, and works the same way. He told me that I would have 30 days to evaluate the service and could cancel if I was not satisfied.

    I agreed to let Jeff sign me up for the two-year package, which was the least expensive option, because I expected reasonable service and I am the type of customer that doesn’t make changes often. I kept one line of telephone service at the 801-484-9609 number, long distance service, and DLS service, which I purchased a $99.00 modem for instead of renting it at $9.00 per month, and a custom ring for my fax machine. I had the custom ring removed on 1/25/08 when I called quest to have additional filters sent to me for other phones in my home. My order # for these services is C04185295

    On January 24, 2008, the Quest service representative came to my home and made the necessary changes to my telephone and fax line to install the DSL Service. The modem Qwest promised to send arrived on the exact date they told me it would. The telephone and DSL services have worked flawlessly after my son spent approximately 20 minutes with Quest’s courteous and knowledgeable technical services support line the evening it was installed.

    My experience with Direct TV has been extremely disappointing:

    On January 28th I cancelled my Dish service and made arrangements for them to send me boxes to return their equipment.

    On January 28th Direct TV sent a service technician to install their service. He connected a DVR downstairs in the family room and put three black receiver boxes in the kitchen, bedroom, and upstairs family room televisions. I had arranged to work from home that day in order to meet him. When he left he asked me sign a work order that confirmed he had been there and I did so. He did not give me a copy so I presumed it was something for internal company record keeping. I askrd him about the remote controls and he said they worked just like my old Dish remotes. At that time we were standing in the upstairs family room and the TV volume was turned down, but the picture was clear. He left, and I went back to work. When my son came home 10 minutes later, he turned up the volume on the television and said the sound was full of static. The downstairs DVR TV worked fine, but the bedroom and kitchen TVs didn’t work at all.

    My son called your technical support and after 15 minutes of phone menus and wait time he spoke to a tech who had him unplug the set, reset the receiver and other problem solving techniques which he had already tried. Your tech support said he could not help us further and that we would need to set up an appointment to have a technician come to our home. Keep in mind that this is the very evening of the day the system was supposedly installed.

    On January 29, 2008, the next morning I called Direct TV, spoke to LaVar ,and he set up an appointment for service on 2/4/08. I asked him if I would be able to record on the upstairs TV when it was working (just like I could do with Dish) He said no, it doesn’t work like that and that I would need an additional DVR, which would cost me $99.00. I told him to connect me with the department that could cancel my service and he connected me to Faith.

    When I spoke to Faith I asked her to cancel my service. Faith said La Var was incorrect that she could have one of the receivers removed and an additional DVR added for a one-time $19.95 fee. This would supposedly get my service working like my Dish service had worked in the past. I agreed to let them install the new DVR and get my service working correctly. This was order # 474-79015. She said she would be mailing a box for me to return the receiver that would be replaced by the new DVR. I have not yet received that box.

    On February 1, 2008, the one TV in four that had been working quit working. I called your customer service and spoke to Illene; she said I needed to speak with Ironwood at 1-800-805-8570. She transferred me to Cindy. Cindy asked me to please hold while she looked into my account and then promptly dropped my call. At this time I had spent over an hour trying to reach your customer service, while listening to disgusting phone menus designed to sell me more services. I was also late for work.

    On February, 2, 2008 I tried resetting the DVR and it worked for about three hours. The other three TV’s didn’t work, so I decided to be patient and wait for the appointment on Monday to get the service working properly.

    On February 3, 2008 Super Bowl Sunday I tried resetting (unplugging DVR waiting 15 seconds and plugging in again) to see if I could get at least one of the TVs working, but this time it didn’t work, so I called Tech support to see if they had any suggestions. They could not help. The second Tech I spoke with, Andra suggested I wait for the appointment I had scheduled for the next day so the on-site technician would get every- thing up and running. My husband and son were disappointed that they could not watch the Super Bowl on our Direct TV at all. We had to set up an old rabbit ear antenna.

    On February 4th, 2008 I came home from work at noon in order to be available for my appointment which was scheduled between noon until 5:00. My answering machine had a computer-generated message saying my appointment was not going to be on February 4th after all, but had been changed to February 7th, between noon and 5:00. I was not pleased. I called direct TV again and spoke to Linda. After that discussion I asked again to have my service cancelled. Linda transferred me to Angie. Angie checked the account, noted the problems and said if I would give them one more chance to get this service installed correctly she would credit me $10.00 per month for 12 months and credit my account from January 28th until it was fixed and working satisfactorily. I agreed to this one last chance.

    On February 7th, 2008 I came home from work at noon for the tech appointment. The technician arrived at my home at 4:55. His name is Marlon Calero. He had the new DVR, but no orders to do any other installation work. He checked the DVR downstairs and said it had one component that was broken. He called his supervisor to see if there was some work order that had been lost. He did not have the equipment, work order, or time to take care of the install. He wanted to know if I was paying for the install directly and I told him no.

    I called Direct TV again, waited, through those annoying phone menus, and cancelled my service. I cancelled my non-existent service and told him to send me the boxes to return your junk equipment. The representative informed that I would be charged an early cancellation charge. I asked to speak with his supervisor or your disputes department and he told me he didn’t have a telephone contact for anyone that could resolve this problem. I told him to note my account, and I would call my lawyer.

    I then called Dish network and reactivated my services. They charged me a re-install fee of $99.00, and will re-install my original equipment February 11th between 8:00 and noon.

    I keep detailed notes, but this letter will provide you with a brief summary of the events.

    I will copy Qwest with this correspondence. I will continue to use their telephone, long distance and DSL service.

    From Direct TV I expect to receive no later than March 30th, a letter of apology, stating that I owe you nothing, and a check for $99.00 to cover my re-installation fee for my Dish services.

    If the letter and refund is not received my March 30th I will ask my husband, wh is a trial lawyer to take this matter to the next level.


    Catherine E. Bullock
    Cc; Qwest, Better Business Bureau, Direct TV Board of Directors Neil R. Austrian, Ralph F Boyd Jr., Chase Carey Peter Chernim, James M. Cornelius, David F. DeVoe, Charles R. Lee Peter A. Lund, Rupert Murdoch

  • Ke
      11th of Feb, 2008
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    Direct TV charged my father, who does not have Direct TV, a charge for $110.00. He disputed the charged so Direct TV turned it into a credit card payment reversal on my account and told me that I'm not allowed to make a credit card payment for 6 months. But one early Sunday morning I received a phone call from an outside Collections Agency telling me that I CAN make a credit card payment, so I used my debit card and I paid $354.00. After they took the payment, and after they removed the money from my checking account they said they couldn't turn my Direct TV on again because I had already been told that I wasn't allowed to make a credit card payment. So (1) they refused to turn my services back on, and (2) they also refused to give me my money back so I could make what they call a "valid" payment. So they said "it's not a valid payment", but yet they're keeping my money. They told me that the only way I could get my services back on now is I can do one of two things. I can either go to the bank and send them an additional $354.00 OR I can wait two months for the original payment to post.

    Now, when I call Direct TV I get transferred to a call center in the Phillipines and all they do is apologize to me for this but they tell me that they can't help me and that no one can. I'm told that I can't contact the Corporate Office to file a complaint and my bank tells me that I can fill out a form and have them investigate but it would take up to 10 days for them to do this, so they stole my money!!

  • Lu
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    Direct TV - Misleading Sales and Poor Service
    Direct TV
    United States

    I called Direct TV after having a negative experience with a few other companies. The sales guy rushed me through the call, didn't tell me about any packages. He automatically signed me up for the most expensive package. He talked me into a DVR I didn't want, and didn't tell me there would later be a monthly fee of 5.99. He didn't tell me there would be a charge for each receiver, which was also 5.99 each. What was supposed to be a package deal for $47 a month turned into an $85+ a month bill. Then they kept screwing up when they were coming out to install. Have I mentioned that both the sales place and the installers do not work for Direct TV? They are separate companies. I learned that when the guy came to install everything. I've only had the service for a week and I wanted to turn it off. I spent hours on the phone with people trying to disconnect the service when they told me I signed a 2 year contract with them and that if I wanted out I had to pay $480! I was never told this was a long term deal. And if I want to dispute it I have to submit a letter to this unknown billing place that has no phone. As of now this has not been resolved. How is this fair to any consumer? If anyone knows of any class action lawsuits I can join, please comment back.

  • Je
      27th of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is absolutely the WORST company in the United States. They are a bunch of liars and there customer service is grade AA dog @#*%.
    I called direct tv to recieve service since i kept hearing how they are #1 provider with the lowest price (no wonder they have the lowest price...they are a bunch of thieves). My first service call was "rained out" and had to be rescheduled (allthough it never rained here). At that time the tech CONFIRMED MY ADDRESS and rescheduled. The day came of the next appointment and after taking off work to wait for direct tv ..they never showed. I called direct tv and after an 11/2 hours they finally found me in the system and offered me a $15.00 credit for my loss (allthough i make 15.00 an hour X 8) and "promised me" that I would get service 2 days later on a Saturday. Saturday morning came and i was so excited to hear from a tech. However this is how the conversation went.
    Tech: Hey this is so&so from direct tv. I was calling to find out how to get to your house.
    Me: Ok. You go here and here and so on.
    Tech: Well I am in Roanoak and it is sixty miles from your house.
    Me: Ok well what time do you think you will be here?
    Tech: Let me call dispatch and i will call you back.
    That is the last time I heard from the "professional installer" as they say.
    The tech had called a couple hours before my actual appointment so when i called direct tv they said I had to wait til after the missed appointment to call.
    So...I call direct tv after the missed appointment to explain my problem with the faith of SURELY they would come out right away to fix it. But once again here comes the runaround. But this time i have to say was a pretty good BIG FAT LIE. She sais oh the tech went to the wrong city. "YOU" gave us the wrong zip code. Ok...I have two words..BULL ###. I have lived here for 2 1/2 years and payed my 12-15 bills a month , gived my address countless times. Never have I given the wrong "zip code" before.

    So at this point I want to cancel. I dont want anything else from this JOKE of a co. and I am pissed. She informes me i can't cancel because i will be charged a cancelation fee. I HAVE NEVER FELT SO HELPLESS BEFORE. Usually you can get high enough in the company that someone can satisfy "the customer". That is what customer satisfaction is all about right????? WRONG.
    So I have to swallow my pride and reschedule.

    Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!! They are supposed to be there between 8-12am. Once again they never showed. I don't think i have to tell you my feelings around this event.

    This letter can only begin to tell you of the NIGHTMARE I encountered with this company. Not including the hours of time i spent on the phone with them, the promises they made, the money they really owe me for all the credits they gave me before the service ever had a chance of being installed, the I'm sorry's , the I understand your frustration, Bull ### if you understood you would make it right. No wonder there is a lack of communication, you can't ever understand these people.

  • Ja
      2nd of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    Not only did direct tv access my account unauthorized, they did it twice ! Instead of my account currently being at $554.00, It is now at $111.00 because of direct tv's neglegence. They are a fraudulent company with horrible reviews. What's even sadder, I never even had service from them. Very sad, but true.

  • Na
      6th of Mar, 2008
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    I have very bad experience with Direct TV. Their customer service is so terrible. Direct TV is cheating to customers. When I opened the account, the agent told me that there will be $10 credit in my account in the 2nd month of bill after sent the form back. I have sent the form back and I have never gotten the credit from my account. I called and the customer said they didn't get the form. So I sent it 2nd time, but the credit has never came to my account. Finally, the term for one year contract arrived, I canceled it at once. I have sent the receiver back to Direct TV in January 2008. Now I receive the letter from his collection company asking me to pay them $119 for two receiver. I called the customer service today, the lady is very bad. The customer service she provides is terribe. I said I am going to file a complain against your Direct TV. She said go ahead. My friend told me I should go to small court to file a small claim against Direct TV because it sent my acct to collection company for no reason. Does anybody have any good idea to file a lawsuit agaist Direct TV together? There are so many people like me feeling so upset and angry with Direct TV. Please provide good suggestion if anyone has. Thanks.

  • Ch
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    We are being billed for two adult pay per views for two days when we were both at work all day. They claim that they are not mistakes... mmm kinda funny the 6 month [censored]zu gets out of her kennel during the day and orders movies. In November we were billed for a auto renew sports package that we received the first year free... never watched it, never knew we really had it the first year, and definately didn't authorize it to be billed to us.


  • Lo
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    Direct TV - Charge for cancellation
    Direct TV
    United States
    Phone: 717-871-1835

    Direct TV offers no service. With out most HD channels for months. Now no tv at all. Keeps searching for a non existent signal. Have Verizon for home phone, internet and the tv. you can't even file a complaint against them as they lead you down one rabbit trail after another. They don't want to hear it or fix it. The worst service of any company I have ever dealt with. Will give them the boot as soon as I can get another service. No one else can be this bad. Some government agency needs to get involved and go after this company.

  • Su
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    I too fell victim to Direct TV. When I ordered this service, I was told my installation was free. I had to pay a UPS shipping charge and could get a reduced price on a service agreement if I gave them a credit card number. When the installer got here, He said it would be a $200.00 charge. I immediately got on the phone for an hour and a half, being transferred around until I was finally told my UPS charge would be refunded to my acct to help offset the cost. I never was refunded my money.

    I have spent countless hours on the phone trying to get resolution and voicing my opinion of how unhappy I am with their service. I finally got fed up with the whole thing and called to cancel my service. I was told they would send boxes for me to send my equipment in and I told her to send me a final bill and I would pay it. Not once did she mention hey don't worry, we are going to steal the money out of your account, but guess what...they took $501 out of my acct 4 days later. Imagine my surprise, when I was overdrawn the day after payday!!!!

    I talked to my bank who said this was the third time in two days, they had this problem. I have spent countless hours on the phone over the past three days (on hold, being transferred, listening to robots talk in circles) finally being told that the contract I signed gave them permission to do this: however they cannot produce a contract I signed!!!
    I can write a bill dispute dept in CO, but they don't have a phone. How ridiculous is that?

    The last witch I talked to told me boxes had not even been sent yet for me to return my equipment and that they took the banking info from my payments to deduct this money.

    Since I was never given the chance to pay this bill, and they took it upon themselves to take whatever they wanted out of my acct, I am furious. This is robbery and it is no different than me using my card somewhere and them turning around and stealing money out of my acct.

    This is wrong and it has left me feeling lied to, cheated, stole from raped, and hung out to dry!!! Is there any justice left in this world???

    I want to do something to expose them as the crooks they are but I don't know where to go from here...Can someone please help? I'm thinking class-action lawsuit.

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