Direc TV & Costcoterrible experience!


For the past 5 months, Costco & Directv have been running a joint promotion. If you sign up for Directv at Costco AND you purchase a 30" or larger HDTV, they'll mail you a $200 Costco Gift Card. In late October, while I was in the Costco store, I signed up for Directv, with a HD Receiver, DVR, etc... In December, 2007, we purchased a 47" Vizio HDTV. I immediately mailed in all of the necessary documentation to Directv. 6 Weeks later, they sent me a denial letter stating that I didn't qualify because I failed to buy a 30" or larger HDTV or I didn't do it between October-2007 & March 2008(which I clearly did). I took the TV back to Costco to get my money back, but the local store manager took $200 off of the TV cost, so I kept the tv. Thank goodness at least 1 out of these 2 companies is honest. I would encourage Costco to sever all ties with Directv because I think Directv is making Costco look bad in this deal.

I know of 2 other people that have received the dreaded Directv denial letter. If this has happened to 3 people in this small of a town, I can only imagine how wide spread this Directv Scam really is. Please reply if you've received this letter.


  • Er
    Eric Landerholm Apr 30, 2008

    Thanks for the tip. I have spent about 10 hours on the phone with Directv over everything associated with theCostco/directv promotion you reference. It has been a nightmare. I just called the local Costco, was invited to talk to the area manager, who was very helpful. He was not at all pleased that Directv policies/customer service were reflecting badly on Costco. He suggested emailing Costco.com and registering my complaint so that Costco is aware of the problem, as I am not the only person who has complained. These emailed complaints go directly to the vendors also. He said that Costco and Directv will sort it out. He invited me to call back if it is not quickly resolved and said he would make sure that it was.

    A very refreshing attitude after a long day on the phone talking to folks who sent me in circles. It is my belief at this point that the process is designed to be so difficult that they do not have to make good on many of the rebates. Most people will just finally give up!

    Thanks again for the suggestion. I will take the TV back to them, and make a loud stink if this does not get resolved quickly.


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  • Sp
    spence platt Jun 07, 2008

    I have had the exact same problem. I purchased a TV that met the size requirement within the promotion date. After waiting for my $250 in Costco cards I finally called the number on the bottom of the rebate form and was told that someone would look into it. A day or so later I received a call from a woman who sounded very sympathetic and was told that she would straighten it right out. The language in the rebate form is 1. Purchase a hdtv from costco by 2/26 2. activate your directv by 3/26 and 3. have the rebate form and tv receipt mailed in by 4/26. When the lady from directv called a second time she said that I was not eligible because I had not ordered my Directv by 2/26...I informed her that the word ordered was never used in conjuction with directv, only the word activated; and that I had indeed activated my service by the specified date. I was basically told tough luck. What can I do spend several thousand on a lawyer and waste more of my time or eat the $250 in rebates I am entitled to? I am fighting mad.

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  • Lu
    luv2bhorsn2 May 13, 2009

    I purchased my TV and signed up for Direct TV in Oct 08...NO REBATE YET...I HAVE SPENT AT LEAST 5 HOURS...THIS IS A JOKE

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  • Co
    comphr Jun 06, 2010

    I have the same problem. Directv sent me a postcard saying I was being denied the $200 Costco cash card because : The Address on the competitors bill does not match the service or billing address for you directv account.
    That does not make any sense. I submitted all the required documents listed in the rebate form
    Fought with 4 Directv reps on the phone and found that their system is screwed up. Costco has this rebate offer# in the form : 361-89
    Directv reps told me they don't see such an offer # in their system at all. Finally, I went to Costco store where I bought the TV and signed up for Directv. I am sending an email now to [email protected] Let's see what they say. Sick and tired of this runaround.

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  • Ve
    Very aggressive Tech Jul 21, 2014

    We are having a similar problem. Costco direct TV came out to my place a sent a very aggressive Tech out to install. W were suppose to HD with the Genie. This Tech Chris came here with attitude. He saw that he had to dig about 100ft to bury the cable. He said we had to cut down some trees and would come back. Well we cut down three trees to clear a path for signal. We called back to set up. He came back speeding down the drive way and jumped out of the car and yelling "you people just don't get it. We asked him to just bury the darn cable and get us up and running. Well it cost 175.00 to bury the cable. The cable was not buried just about a 1/2 dirt covered it. The first rain all 100 ft was exposed. Been trying for 8 mos to get Costco directtv back. Well we had a tonando hit our Peninsula a month ago and we had some tree work done. Well my so called buried cable was damage. Now costco direct Tv has to send someone out after being with out TV service for a week. I ask them not to send this Chris Tech out. Well on Sunday night at 8pm He calls me. Yep Chris for costco direct TV very aggressive, Yelling at me. He said"I suggest you and your husband be out side at 9:30 AM Monday I will be there. And made threats to me. I told him not to come because my husband will not be here and I asked for some one else that I did not like his attitude and I told him I did not like his aggressive attitude towards me now and he was not going to talk to me like this.. He said I am coming like it or not and If I did not want to see him he suggested I stay in the house. I told him not to come again. He said I am coming at 9:30. I will have the sheriff here waiting on him! I love Costco's but they need to sever this tie with direct TV. I called the Direct TV personally and they were very nice sending me a actual direct TV tech on Thursday and reduce my bill for all the trouble we had. Now that was customer service.

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  • As
    Astute One Jun 24, 2015

    It's now 2015 and the same sort of thing is going on. I am in Wisconsin. A woman approached me in the Costco store last week asking if we had cable tv. When I answered "yes" she went into the Directv sales pitch. Long story short is that she told me things that were untrue in order to get to the next step, which was talking to my husband (tv watcher in our family). Fortunately for us we never got to the point of signing anything because yesterday she was super nasty with my husband during a phone conversation. We did phone Costco corporate to register our dissatisfaction with the heavy handed approach taken by the salesperson for Directv in their store.

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  • As
    Astute One Jun 24, 2015

    It is now 2015 and the same thing is going on. Last week I was approached in our local Costo store in Middleton WI by a salesperson for Directv. She told some untruths which caused her to be advanced to the next level, which was discussing this with my husband. Long story short is that she overstepped and my husband decided not to proceed. We have called Costco corporate to complain about the heavy handedness of the Directv person we dealt with. After reading the above comments, I think it would serve Costco well to kick these salespeople out of their store. Here is one of the lies I was told: "Directv has redesigned their dishes so that snow and ice don't stick to them." I verified with Directv that this is not true.

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  • Kb
    K Baqai Jul 24, 2015

    Dear Costco, As a loyal member of Costco for over 10 years, this is the first time that I had been this disappointed with Costco with its offerings. Your relationship with DirectTV is not just bad for your consumers but for your brand. As a business owners with operations overseas, your brand has a reputation which I was reminded traveling recently in Sydney, Australia. I ordered Direct TV Service at your Costco south Florida location to replace our existing ATT U-Verse with same services. When the technician finish installing, I was told that my Direct TV receiver didn't include the DVR feature. If I wanted to add that feature, it would be additional costs. When I called the customer service, I was given another price. All said, I had three different prices as a Costco member from Direct TV for the same service. Off course, I canceled the service prior to the technician leaving my premises and kindly request to remove all items and put back my existing U-Verse box. To add to the insult, I was charged to my credit card by Direct TV which took 3 different departments and 1+ hour to get my service formally canceled and my credit card refunded. I am hoping that is the end of this episode. Costco Members, run from these Direct TV sales people. You can better off doing your own research and vendor for Cable or Satellite TV. -Costco Member # 000076139130

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  • Di
    Diboah Aug 24, 2015

    It's been almost a year since I signed up for Direct TV using the Costco/Direct TV promotion site that was supposed to give a $200 dollars cash card and I never received this cash card. Already called Direct TV and they redirected me to Costco saying they can't help me. I called Costco so many times and no help at all. Many agents on the phone putting me on hold and then the call is lost. I am not sure what to do and I am very disappointed with Costco. I never had a problem with them and this has been a nightmare!!! Don't buy into this like I did!

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  • Fd
    FD0001 Dec 20, 2015

    These satellite companies, Time Warner and Uverse too, all run the same scams regarding this gift cards. I have yet to get an gift card from any of them. And all require hours and hours of phone time trying to resolve issues and in the end gain nothing.

    The County of LA CEO for Cable and Telecommunications 213 974-2323 or cable [email protected] need to shut all of them down for this organized fraud.

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  • Ru
    RuLJ Jan 10, 2016

    It is 2016, Starting to find out what a scam the Costco Direct TV deal is. They claim they cannot check my credit report, my credit bureau claims it it cleared. Spend over 10 hours on the phone so far. Smart Circle is the 3rd party vendor. George Gaffy is the president of Smart Circle International out of Dallas TX.

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  • Jh
    J Harris Adams Mar 03, 2016

    The Directv representative I talked on telephone told me that had no supervisor or anyone that he had above him to report to. I assumed he must have been the CFO if he had absolute discretion and no one above him. His name was George at the verification department. number #32037.

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  • Dd
    ddusp Jun 30, 2016

    Today I went to Costco Alhambra. In the store, a lady in directTV Uniform who works for DirectTV names Kerina R. talked to me. They had a good promotion now. She said that they can offer me 'choice package of TV(175 channels) plus 45M internet package, which only cost USD65 per month, no any extra fees. And the price will not change within 2 years. And one of their staffs asked me over phone for social security number and credit information. And I think that it is a good deal. gave it to her. They also said that they will send me USD300 gift cards of COSTCO after installation. They ask me to sign a customer letter and order worksheet. I signed it without seeing it carefully. After I went out COSTCO. I watched the documents carefully and found that the clauses showed USD65 per month only for the 1 to 12 months, then the price will return to USD116 per month. And the document does not show any internet service. It is obviously not the same as what they said. I returned to COSTCO and ask them why. Kerina R and her colleague said that I should be assured for it. USD65 per month is'choice package of TV(175 channels) plus 45M internet package. Do not mind the clauses, everything will be fine after 4 days' installation. And after installation, they said that I just call ATT that I change to directTV, ATT will keep my internet service for free. Because I trust COSTCO, I believed them and went home. After I went home, I google the directTV sale of COSTCO, I found that there so many complaints for it. I realized that it is a fraud. Fortunately, they have not done the installation. I will cancel it tomorrow. But I am sure if they will deduct my money in the future because they got my bank card's information.

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