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Direct TV / hd dvr still stinks!

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HD DVR still stinks, doesn't record, can't view. Need it picked up by DTV, $ I paid you returned to me, and expire date of contract restored to 2/2008 or I am suing DirecTV. And asking lawyer to try for a class action. I am not a tester for you second email: DCS: That's is why I feel a lawsuit may be needed. I did agree to the terms you mentioned, and have paid my additional monthly payment. I have not violated my agreement However, the agreement says you will give me a device that I can use to view broadcast material at a time of my choosing a device that can rewind live broadcasts, your DVR fails to consistently perform these functions and is unreliable. You have not kept your side of this agreement, and a judge will order you to waive the agreement, and make you pay me and potentially many other former viewers, punitive damages. Not to mention the bad press, that will overshadow the back to the future commercials I see. I want this box, but I need it to work properly or . as it stands now this agreement is "unenforceable" since you have sold me a dud. you failed to provide me with what I bought, and have violated the agreement you like to mention. You see an agreement cuts both ways, you get something ( a commitment, and more $ from me) I get a good or service from you, All I have is crap, that is not reliable and can not be counted on to function properly. You refuse to fix it, You lied to me and it appears many others, this agreement is practically void. And I want out. All the goodwill Mr Chase developed with me has evaporated due to this hardware mess. How many people have been fired because of this disaster ? Just yesterday it failed during football, and would not rewind at all. it froze and did not record 24 properly, even after a restart at 7:53pm when it showed some problems. Good thing I have an antenna for backup, it is needed with this product. I am not your tech, and this is not going to be me for the next 2 years. A copy of this email is being sent to and third email to them:I will call your tech support people again, but since the first and only thing they seem to do is ask me to reset the receiver. I have bypassed the long phone wait by just resetting the thing myself. This is not what I wanted, I don't remember seeing your promotion of this product mention that the user needs to reset it on a daily basis. Judging from the hundreds of complaints I see scattered across the internet.All recent posts, about similar problems with this device,your tech support department has to be familiar with the issue and must have seen a pattern by know. I see you don't have a problem contacting me, you would think someone from your support department could take a look at it. Any SW download can be done without me present.The delay in fixing this problem is either that you won't or can't. Both are unacceptable to me.I will be posting this, and all emails regrading this problem online, as I solicit someone to represent me in a class action against the company you represent.

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  • Va
      8th of Feb, 2007
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    I had been a customer of DirecTV for about 10 months when my primary receiver (HD) stopped working. After hours with the customer service department and numerous telephone calls, it was determined that the receiver was defective.

    I was given the option of having one of their service technicians come to my home for $75 to tell me it was defective or go to my local Best Buy to pick up a replacement receiver. I chose the latter due to the fact that we had already resolved all of the wiring and other equipment issues and discovered that the problem was within the receiver that was provided me by DirecTV. When I got home with the new receiver, I tried to put my existing smart card into the new receiver and found it would not authorize. So again I called customer service. I was told that was no problem that they could activate the card that came with the new receiver over the phone. Doing that, I was able to receive the programming for which I was paying for.

    After 16 months of service I decided to switch to my local cable company that recently started to provide High Speed internet, which DirecTV did not provide, so I cancelled my service. I had a 1 year commitment that would have expired 7/26/06, and this was 11/26/06. I was told by the customer service rep that I would owe an early termination fee of $225. I told this person that I had fulfilled my one year commitment and she advised me that when I replaced the defective receiver, that constituted starting a "New" service of which I was obligated for another year. I told her at that time that I did not start a new service, but had merely replaced a defective receiver that they had provided me. I was at that time told me by purchasing (not really) the unit, I had agreed to their terms of service. These terms were not conveyed to me at any point during any conversation, but were posted on their website.

    They claim that I am obligated to pay the charges, so I filed the necessary dispute as outlined in DirecTV TOS. According to this, all disputed charges are placed on hold until the dispute is resolved. I have not received any correspondence from DirecTV regarding my dispute, but had a collection agency contact me this morning 2/7/07 informing me that my account with DirecTV had been placed with them for collection.

    In the process, DirecTV withdrew funds from my account for an additional month after my cancellation. In my response to them I requested not only that the charges for early termination be dropped, but the additional month of services which I did not receive be promptly refunded to me. If any one has any suggestions or comments, I would be happy to hear.

    I am forwarding this to every consumer protection agency I can, and would appreciate any others with similar complaints to do the same.

  • Ho
      8th of Mar, 2007
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    Today, 8 Mar 07, my HR20 quit responding to the remote. A minute or so earlier it had produced blank screens for all the programs already recorded on the hard drive. After I reset, it still behaved erratically, not responding to either the rewind or the pause buttons. I reset one more time. This time, the HR20 started responding normally.

    Another typical day with the HR20, which sux big time.

  • Ca
      14th of May, 2007
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    This letter is in regard to my Billing. In Jan. 2007 I rec’d an offer in the mail for service. I accepted the offer for $59.99 total choice plus which included free for I year Starz, Showtime and a choice of DVR service or HD package. I choose the HD package. (Copy of mail offer enclosed). On your website I confirmed the offer and also printed a copy (copy enclosed)

    To this date I have not received a correct bill. I call every month upon receit of my bill. I spend more than an hour on the phone each time. After being on hold 10-15 min I then speak with your first line person who in the end can’t help me after another 20min or so. . Again I am place on hold for 10-15min , the second line person has me on and off hold for at least another 20min. They correct the bill after much confusion and assure me my bills will be right in the future.

  • Sh
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    I believe that a class action lawsuit should be filed against directv every since i canceled their service two months ago they won't keep their fingers out of my checking account. They keep taking money out of my account w/o authorization which is stealing first they took the final bill then the following month after i sent the receivers back they said i rented 4 pay-per-view porn movies totaling $ 50.54. I know there is people out there that is out more than that, it's the principle of it they didn't mind sewing when they were being stolen from.

  • Ro
      26th of Dec, 2007
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    The Directv HD DVR sucks big time. I went from Tivo to this? Completely non-intuitive, ugly interface, undependable recording software skips programs, gives the viewer and "flash of garbage" screen EACH TIME a program is deleted from the playlist. Very inelegant design!!! The closed caption off/on tab is hidden away in the settings menu and takes a dozen keystrokes to access. What a disaster. It must have been a "low-bid" gets-the-job out-sourcing operation. The result is a cheesy, inferior product, not even in the same cosmos with Tivo's elegant software and features.

  • Bi
      21st of Jan, 2008
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    I was a recent DirecTV customer- went to Dish for a year and was very pleased with their receivers. I fell for a DirecTV promotion ad and went back to them, only to be HIGHLY disappointed with the inferior performance of their HD DVR's. Less than a week old, the HD DVR stopped recording, would freeze up constantly and often turned off and on by itself. In addition, DirecTV has to install TWO lines to do what DISH does with one line. The cutomer service reps are nice and try to help, but they are dealing with a very bad product.

  • Ra
      11th of Apr, 2008
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    Dop not get invouled with for dish tv. charges and lack of living up to contracts

  • Jo
      20th of Apr, 2008
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    Direct TV and their agents, at least the ones involved in my case are the most despicable people I have ever come accross. Not only have they violated various consumer protection laws, in my opinion they belong in jail.

    Direct Tv has agreed to cancel the service but won't return my money for three HD receivers. I paid them $340 and they insist I return the equipment, and the $340.00 goes towards the cost of leasing the equipment.

    I never signed any lease agreements of any kind nor was I told the $340 wasn't refundable. I only used the system for 6 hours, for one day. In my opinion the equipment may be refurbished.

    I was using the Dish service, and had a problem with the antennae working the third set. The pi cture quality was poor on this set. The 622 from Dish is excellent, as well as the 211 HD receiver. The antennae off the 622 does not produce an HD quality picture.

    So I went with Direct. What a mistake. Luckily I had an email from direct to cancel within 3 days. Their guide stinks, their HD Quality isn't as good as DISH, and DISH absolutely has more HD channels than Direct. With Dish you go to HD and you have access to all the HD channels. With Direct you have to hunt down all the HD channels. They also installed a seperate line claiming it was for five satelite coverage.

    Then Direct took my DISH antennae away, so I am now without TV. I received a bill from Direct today charging me for additional boxes, HD service, and DVR service on top of the plan I was supposed to have. I have an email from Direct clarifying these additional charges would be include in the higher priced plan. The installer, who now claims to be an independent, and is the one who took the Dish away, claimed he would give me an $18.00 per month off the bill for one year to match the discount from Best Buy s. None of which appears on the bill.

    These people will tell you anything to hook you into Direct TV.

    If you're an HD person, I think DISH is the better service. Because Dircet TV took my Dish away, I'm missing out on John Adams. tonight. DISH is coming this week to install a real third receiver and a new Dish. I will renew with DISH for 24 months. So in my opinion, stay away from Direct TV.

  • Jo
      27th of May, 2008
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    I recently had the same experience with Directv. i want to switch an access card from a bad receiver to a working receiver. Spent over 2 hours on the phone with 4 different agents. I was very clear about what i want to do with my service and the very first two agents told me that they could do it. Got to the third agent, he informed me that what i want to do is not possible, this was 1 hrs and 30 minutes later. I then asked for a supervisor, he states that he was the supervisor and whatever he say is final. I told me that the power button on my old RCA Receiver is not working. He states that shouldn't matter, the receiver should work. I told him i dont want to have the unit on all the time, the reason is i go on long business trip. I asked him will you be responsible if the receiver cause a fire and he replies was "that would be your fault not ours". I then asked to speak to a manager, he put me on hold for about 15 minutes and come back and asked me for the last four of the receiver i want to activate and he told me that that receiver is link to a deliquent account. this is outrageous, i was paying for the service for that last 6months. Basically he give me a bunch of BS and treating to file a fraudelent complaint against me if he activate the working receiver. I asked to speak to a Manager again, and again was put on hold for another 15 minutes. A resolution specialist came and and i explained the situation and she give me so discount and offere to send me to a new card. I agreed. when put on hold again for 15 minutes and a access card specialist came on and he told me what was wrong with my receiver, i told him whats going on and he told me that he can fix it in 5 minutes. and to my surprise, he did. Why did i wasted over 2hrs to get a resolution.

  • Cl
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    Over the past six months ago, I have experienced many issues with mostly local HD -- “771 searching for satellite”; pixellation; loosing picture; black screen; loosing sound; loosing guide; needing to reset the box at least one a day (this month).

    I have had MANY service calls; they have redone the entire installation, and we now have a “homerun” (one single wire) from the dish to the receiver. We are still having the same issues. They sent a Tech Supervisor who confirmed the installation is correct and all our signal strengths are good and that it must be the receiver (they have software issues). We have been told about the software issues before and promised a box without these issues (“magic box”) but unfortunately, they cannot locate one.

    Now I get a response from “The Office of the President” and their solution is that they will give us a HDDVR at no additional charge (provided we don’t use the DVR portion) and we must commit to another 2 years or I can have a Tech Supervisor come for another service call. Those are the only two options I am given –if I am not willing to “work towards a solution” (accept their offer) I can get out of my contract. They are not willing to send another receiver. I am concerned about the DVR because I see the same problems reported on this forum.

    I have written to Suffolk County Consumer Affairs and the NY State Attorney General’s Office – both of whom are sending complaint forms. I think that this is a wide-spread issue, and after viewing the DIRECTV Technical Help Forum this morning, I can see that it is occurring all over the country! I would like to include issues from this board in my complaint – are you willing to share your information? If so, please email directly at

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