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Direct TV / scammed a loyal customer

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I loved directv. To think that I will never, ever use them again, still doesn't feel good. I had them for 5 years, before the event.

So what is the story? Simply put, I moved and took advantage of the movers' program. Remember, I liked directv. I didn't want to get rid of them for nothing!

Move forward another year, and I move again as I sold my home before my new one being built is finished. I suspend my service, while I live in temporary residence. My new home completed, I have directv. Come out to install. The guys show up, and the only place to put the dish is on my garage in a very conspicuous place. Then they inform me that all the hd boxes I had purchased in the last 18 months ($1200.00 worth) were no longer good and that I had to buy new ones. I have 4 hd t. V.'s in my home. That is a lot of money. I decide, with regret, that it is too much to take on. I decide to go with cable, no big dish on my garage roof, no additional cost of hd boxes etc.

Move forward a month. A get a bill for 380 dollars. Mind you I have not had a service in 7 months. They inform me that I have an early termination fee. Remember, I have been with directv for 5 years. Early termination??? I call twice to dispute, the answer each time is, "we don't understand why you have an early termination fee." you have been with us for a long time. We will escalate and get back with you. I get one more bill and then nothing.

Move forward to today, I get a collections call. Of course I go crazy. I like my credit. I call billing, and again no answers. No one can tell me why I have a cancellation fee or why I owe all this money. I am told to write a letter to disputes and they will get back with me in 10 days. Whatever. So I call the svp's office ellen filipiak. I get a gatekeeper who tells me she can help me. After telling her the story she informs me the reason I had an early termination was because when I moved the first time and took adavantage of the mover's program I committed to a two-year commitment. That is right folks, the program they have to mitigate the churn when people move, the most vulnerable time to a cable or satellite providers customer base, they slap you with a two year commitment. Interesting "mover's program". And no I didn't see or read the "service" agreement, that is my fault. But I can tell you, they didn't tell me about it.

At least now I know why, my bill was so high. But here is the best part. I am in collections now, because no one at directv could tell me why I owed the money and I was told that they agreed, I shouldn't owe an early termination. I am not in collections because I wouldn't pay. I say fine, I think you policy is deceptive and cheap, but i'll pay. However, you need to let the collections company and the credit bureau's aware that the reporting was a mistake and that I am not delinquent, but that I was given poor information. There answer: "we are not going to call equifax (The credit bureaus)."

I am now looking at a ding to my credit due to the fact that they slip in a contract mimimum at the most inconspicuious time and with little to no disclosure and the fact they gave me misleading information and the lack of information about what I actually owed an why. Their unwillingness to take action or accountability for their inability to communicate and manage their business appropriately amazes me.

I have paid the bill, early term and all and will never, ever, ever use them again. Directv's integrity is in question, their commitment to customer is in question and their overall business practices are deceptive at the very least. Finally, this says nothing for the inept dolts they employ to engage with the customers.

My recommendation: don't go near directv, they will smile while they are picking your pocket.

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      4th of Mar, 2013
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    Customer for 12+ years. In April 2012 received a letter offering updated boxes. Went ahead and received tw of them "absolutely free" we were told. Free is good. Should have realized nothing is free. In January 2013 switched to Verizon to get their triple play (internet, phone, cable). Cancelled with Directv. Received a bill for a $100.00 termination fee. Called Directv to inquire why we would be billed an early termination fee when we have been a Directiv customer for !2+ years. Apparently, when we activated our new boxes in April 2012, a new one year term was generated. We cancelled before April 22, 2013, hence the early termination fee. I have emailed them repeatedly and always get a prompt response . . . according to your Customer Agreement . . . .you terminated early. Personally, not that thrilled with Verizon, but will never be a Directv customer again.

  • Th
      25th of Mar, 2013
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    It's great that as a loyal customer, you were able to receive an upgrade of at least $200 in free equipment. However, the offer you received would have noted that accepting requires a 12 month service agreement. Yes, I know, it's in the "fine print", but it was there whether you chose to read it or not. When you called to accept the offer, the CSR would have read to you a disclosure stating that upgrading your Standard Definition receivers requires a new 12 month agreement beginning on the date you activate (connect) them. Then, you would have been transferred to our third party verification service, where another person would have verified that you understood this new service agreement and that you accepted it. That is three times that you would have been informed about the new 12 month service agreement BEFORE you received and activated the equipment.
    Did you contact DirecTV before cancelling your service? If so, you would again have been informed of your remaining obligation and the early termination fee. Verizon is one of our bundling partners for phone and internet services. In most of the country, our bundling discounts combined with their new customer pricing results in a lower cost than Verizon's "Triple Play".

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