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Direct TV / direct tv installers need to go back to disney with there mickey mouse suggestion

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I have had a similar nightmare with direct tv installation crew but i didn't find out that the direct tv and the "direct tv installation crew" were in a sense two separate entity's until i was transferred several times through every department to clear up a cancellation order because there service was terrible. First i order direct tv with premium channels. Second they schedule there install with the standard 4 hour window o. k. Next they arrive install the dish on the wall come to find out my community HOA says it must be installed on a pole in the ground mind you i'm not the first customer in my neighborhood shouldn't they have known this and been prepared properly "YES" but that wasn't the case they wanted to charge me additional $$$. Then they cut my original cable coax on the exterior instead of simply unscrewing the connection. After that they proceed inside to remove a splitter that looped my 1st floor with the 2nd floor cable outlets and say they need to run new coax up the exterior into the front bedroom through my hall and into the second bedroom in order to install my two receivers for those bedrooms. Oh and this wasn't gonna be free there was going to be a $$$ charge for this decorator cable running on my floor through my house. Fortunately my wife said no to all there ridiculous suggestions and they leave having installed 1 of the 3 receivers ordered,And no evidence of a workorder and the discrepancies discussed with there potential customer. So I turn on my direct tv to find out i have basic cable channels and no premium channels as ordered at this point i'm ready to cancel which takes me five days including sat, sunday because of the absurd operators that transferred and disconnected my calls finally when i speak with an operator and cancel everything for poor service they tell me there going to charge me for the days i used my direct tv with basic cable channels- Mind you before directtv my basic cable was on and working because of the HOA arrangements with the local cable company. And in order to dispute the charges which would be around "$8. 33" i would have write a letter to another direct tv enity what are you SERIOUS. It doesn't end there then i have to start on getting there equipment returned so i don't get charged a ridiculous fee for the garbage it is. Which takes another set of phone calls only to be transferred and disconnected several times before reaching the notorious installation department to find out why no one except myself knows i have only one receiver not three. finally i hope finally they have cleared up this cancellation nightmare nope they send three boxes for there equipment only i can't figure out how to fit the satellite in the other two boxes come to find out after more calls the other boxes are for 2 receivers never installed and the satellite is mine like i want your satellite "NO" i guess it really is that crappy there own company doesn't want it back. And so i thought it was over after they cancelled the 2 fed ex labels that were prepaid by them thanks for something right "no" not quite i get a bill for 137. 00 for cancellation fees. Cancellation of what i was never your customer because you never gave me customer service. i did'nt have contract with directtv for one receiver it was three my suggestion to them is stop hiring unqualified installers and trying to charge customers for unnecessary work and by the way i have been doing electrical work for 15 years plus and if i ever told a customer an outlet can't be wired properly and come up with a solution like running an extension cord through there house for everyone to see and for them to live with for a undisclosed amount of time i 'd be out of business. it's not the holidays year round- cords and cables should never be exposed year round either. Direct tv installers need to go back to disney with there mickey mouse suggestion. That. Knuckleheads

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  • Yo
      6th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    you sound like a ###. i am an installer and come from hundreds of installers. and you think we all send out messages like you have do do a pole mount in ###ville. we have to put up with more of direct tv's ### than you can even imagine so why don't you shove you stereotype of an installer up your own dumb ###.

  • Yu
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    not all installers are ### but the jerk was that did my house.he cut all the cable runs to every room in my house.stole my multiswitch and left a mess.customer svc wanted to charge me to repair it!!from now on i will do the work myself.

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