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There is something wrong with the bookkeeping system of this satellite tv provider. I know at least 3 other people that cancelled their service due to continuous overbilling. When I had that provider, I had to call them every single month because the bill would have charges for things that I was not even subscribed to. I was supposed to pay them $53.00 a month and they kept saying it was over $80.00. Then, they would not credit payments made and just keep adding on charges. I finally cancelled their contract because of this perpetual stress and incapable bookkeeping.


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      Jan 02, 2014

    My name is Tammy Diehl at 6582 e. buckeye, fresno, ca .I paid my bill Dec.2, 2013 for 84.45, my checkwith throught the bank on Dec 9, 2013. I am mailing you a copy of the check front and back showing my check with through. I been with your company for 10 years. As soon as I have a problem with you, you cash my check, then send me a bill again. I called directv 1-2-2014 4 times today. To ask 1 question who do I send a copy of this bill, well on the 4th call. Kristina answered my question. Its funny I wrote a 2 page letter with this check, the only thing I did wrong was not to write my acct. # on it bute I did write rebate, So that's my other question if you didn't know what acct. to deposit my ck. to why cash it. I will not send my acct # with this email . please call or send email back.

    tammy diehl

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