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Direct TV / scam charges

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I called to request 2 additional receivers before 3 weeks' of new service elapsed. 4 separate agents passed me around for 30 minutes to justify charging $340 extra for a $4.99 per month, advertised fee! When I complained they said that "was their policy". End result was they immediately shut off service and threatened collection if I refused to pay for early termination / deactivation fee of another $300. Following that, they had the audacity to insist I return their equipment promptly OR ELSE, PAY FOR IT TOO. NO customer service... NONE. NADA.

Past experience years ago, they denied proof of return of equipment, charged for it. If they could, they will ruin your credit for 7 years of false collection attempts. Cable alternatives for 1.5 years is now less than ONE MONTH of their EXTORTION.


THEY DESERVE TO BE SUED and their "Customer Agreement" imposing Arbitration and waived right to trial in dispute, challenged and penalized against them, restitution to all past and present subscribers.

Count me in on that.

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  • Va
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    My account was canceled in October of 2007 when I moved from Kentucky to Indiana. I specifically requested a they close my account (not suspend) since I was moving out of the state. I was not under any contract and my balance was paid in full. Recently (August 2008) I noticed an unauthorized charge drafted against my bank account on 8-1-08. I then checked my (closed) DirecTV account online to discover that billing resumed six months after I moved away for service to a residence that I no longer even lived at. I did not receive any service and the $137.93 charge drafted from my bank account was illegal an unauthorized. They even had the boldness to charge a $15 disconnect fee. I informed them that unless I receive a credit back to my account or a refund check immediately - I am going to contact the local media fraud hotlines to publicly settle this matter. I really do find it hard to believe that this is the way they do business and you can be assured I will NEVER be a DirecTV customer again as well as tell everyone I come in contact with they are a corrupt company.

  • Va
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    DirecTV submitted a $646.12 charge to my bank account without authorization to collect on my daughter's account because I had made a payment on her account to help her out several months prior. I did not sign a contract with DirecTV, nor was my banking information given to them to use on the account when it was started a year ago. I had used my debit card to make a payment for my daughter when she got behind and was not aware by doing this, they would keep my information on file and use it for this type of action.

    I called and talked with 9 different people and got 9 different answers from we will refund you your money to we can't do anything to help you because we had a new policy to be put in place 4 months prior that anyone who uses the debit card to make a payment on an account is giving permission for DirecTV to use thi card information for collecting past due bills.

    My last conversation talking with someone in the Office of the President, I was told they would refund $203.50 for the return of the cable box but that was all I would get and that would be processed immediately. One week later I am still waiting for my $203.50

    This action by DirecTV has caused me to not be able to pay my rent, therefore, eviction notice can be served on me at any time. My husband has been out of work for 4 months due to serious health condition and may never be able to go back to work so this action by DirecTV has put severe hardship on us financially.

    Our bank was contacted immediately regarding this fraudulent activity and tried to help by faxing over the bank information to DirecTV showing the debit transaction on our account not my daughter's. Now the bank is telling us their is nothing they can do because of the DirecTV policy. We are not finished with the bank yet either!

    DirecTV should not be allowed to just take money out of people's bank account, especially when there are not contracts signed and authorization was not given. This type of activity by big companies like DirecTV need to stop!!!

  • Be
      28th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    you think that is bad-We won a HD reciever from directv last year when we moved. We were supposed to get 1 year free programming. We immediately started seeing charges on our bill. After calling numerous times and getting the run around we told directv we were going to cancell service. A customer service manager informed us that they would remove the charges on the next bill and grant our 1 year free HD. I just called to cancel Directv due to hidden charges in our bill and was informed we would have to pay a 100.00 dollars in fees becaused we cancelled before the 2 years contract on HD service was up and would have to return the HD reciever. How did we win anything? The rep said we only got the programming for free not the reciever and by accepting the free gift we started a new 2 year contract!!! What a scam!!NEVER ACCEPT ANYTHING FOR FREE OR AS BEING ADVERTISED AS WON BY DIRTECTV!!! I WISH THEY HAD NEVER CALLED US TO TELL US WE WON THIS!!Never enter the moving sweepstakes!!

  • Da
      20th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I got DirecTV and it was a nightmare. I had to call every month to get my bill. I never got my bill and my service was cut off one time and they would send a past due notice with the bill after I had to call and ask for it. I ended my service and paid in full but after sending in my receiver I started getting bills that continued to increase every statement until it reached $392.00. I was told this was for movies I had watched the year before. If you read the manual it say's you must have a land line phone hooked to the TV to get PPV movies. I never did but was told these were stored in the receiver after it was returned and that was how the company knew they were watched. This is crazy, if I had never ended my service could I have watched free movies forever? Where is this receiver and how can a consumer prove they lied? I have heard this same problem from other people who just paid the bill because they felt they could not prove that the company was a ripping them off. They even charged my credit card for this $392.00 which I had removed and they have threatened to turn me over to several collection agencies. This company needs to be shut down. STAY AWAY FROM DIRECTV>

  • Da
      7th of Jan, 2009
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    I called up DirectTV to cancel the service. I explained that somebody broke in to my place and stole my TV. I have not watched TV for a month and I had no intention to buy another TV set.

    She said I had EIGHTEEN month commitment that I do not remember if they told me about and I would be with them for 4 month at the end of January. I agreed on them charging me $280 which is 14 months X $20 early termination fee.

    Now, I remember, even during the installation, the contractor came in and charged $70 for the tripod which you can buy at $14 from online stores.

    So, it seems that DirectTV strives on ripping people off. I would stick to bigger name companies from now on. Not really related to DirectTV but one of the reasons, I believe, that my unit was attacked out of hundreds is I had the outstanding satellite dish on my deck.

  • Mu
      7th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    In March of 2008, my wife informed Directv that we had sold our house in Arkansas and were moving to Montana. Directv told us to leave the dish, a dish that I had paid for and installed myself years ago. Directv told us they would put our account on hold for 6 months. After 6 months they started billing us and I wrote on the bills that we had not moved into our new house and had no satellite dish so stop the bills. The bills continued, and we never paid them because we were not receiving their service.

    When I was threatened/blackmailed by Directv's collection agency, AlliedInterstate, I paid $58.73 to keep my credit rating from being ruined by their threats. I called a lady in Directv's retention department and she proudly announced that only she could remove all charges if we would now start up service. She hung up on me when I told her that I was a long time customer, I did not like being treated this way, and no way was I going to remain with them as a customer.

    I filled a complaint with the Better Business Bureau asking for the return of $58.73, the cost of a new dish, and a letter of apology from the president. Directv refused and eventually sent me a check for $15.90 which I voided and returned. After looking at the bills I discovered that they were billing us for service at the Arkansas address knowing we had moved to Montana where they sent the bill.

    Bottom line, Directv thinks customers should pay for service not received. Just because somebody activated an account, they feel I must pay. Obviously, Directv must have some in house rule that makes employees pay the customer out of their own pocket if they make mistakes. These guys will never admit making a mistake. Solid business ethics...?

  • He
      20th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I tried to cancel my directv service after 14 years of service and at first the person tried to overtalk me and try for me to stay. I told them I just called and want to cancel and to please tell me how to send the equip back. after a yelling match back and forth because they wouldn't allow me to cancel, they switched me to another dept. was put on hold for 20 min because they said I needed to talk to a supervisor to another cust serv rep. he told me he was a supervisor and could help me then he tried to charge me an enormous amt for cancellation fees $400. I told him I was not going to pay then he says he has to transfer me to a supervisor because he really wasnt a supervisor (so he lied) another person tells me oh no now I also have to pay for a 2 yr contract early cancellation fee I told them hey I had your svce for 14 yrs so that doesn't make sense then he tried to tell me that I also had to pay additional fees because when their service was down I had to call and complain and that is now going to be charged for their cust serv person to tell me to plug and unplug an will charge me additional chg for 14 yrs total chgs. Then they wanted to chg me for a receiver their cust svce dept sent because their equipment didn't work and couldn't upgrade their update system so to make a long story short. I would NOT recommend DirecTV to anyone. They must be hurting because it seems they try to rip off their customers. Sad to say because I thought that when economic times got better I might go back to them down the road but NO WAY after the way I was treated I would not have this SLIMY company back!

  • Ad
      26th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    write their disputes department and demand a refund of your early termination fee. If they don't agree, go to arbitration. It will cost them around $800 for arbitration so they will probably return your fee.

  • Ma
      27th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    write to the better business bereau..directv needs to be stopped...they are scamming all customers

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