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Wanted the nfl ticket because cable didn't offer it. Paid 70.00 a month for it the first season. Suspended service after football season until the following year. When we asked to have our svc. Reinstated, we asked for the same package as the previous year. Direct tv failed to inform us that the service was now 182.00 per month. Direct tv had my credit card # on file and automatically charged me for 6 months!!! When i complained, they refused to give me a credit for the extra charges. I asked to cancel, they charged me 160.00. They also said they will charge me for any equipment that is not returned. I am returning all equipment, but this company is not to be trusted!!! I am afraid they will charge my credit card whatever they want, just as they have been doing. Please dont do business with them, they are crooks!!!

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  • Hi
      3rd of Jan, 2011

    I agree, they are absolutely crooks! The equipment they are sending out now (& has been using it for several years now) is a receiver that runs hot, so hot as to actually burn the access card. Then when you finally make them understand it has died because of that, not something you have or have not done, they send a reconditioned piece of [censor] that either does not work at all or picks up half the channels you are receiving/paying for. These receivers are so bad & they are getting so many complaints that now they don't want to take them back without a service call. Well many of us are not home enough for constant service calls to be set up. A lot of us are having a horrible time just sitting on the phone with them for hours trying to explain that the [censor] is just not working, take it back, and send another "reconditioned piece of [censor] that might/might now work", at least it would be something. Crooks, crooks, crooks!!! PS: On the receivers that they do take back they usually say they failed to recieve the other one even though you mailed it back the day the "new - reconditioned piece of [censor]" arrived. You lose either way, no matter what you do with Direct TV.

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  • Nm
      21st of Jan, 2011

    WOW, they sure heck are big time crooks. I gave them my credit card number so I could pay my bill with it. Well the next month I had a charge of almost $400.00. I called and they said it was a mistake and would correct it on the next bill. I got my bill and not only was it not corrected another charge of almost $400.00 was charged. Again I called and they said that the correction had not caught up to it yet. Well the next month the same thing, so I called my credit card company and had them intervene and they finally got it resolved. They called a few months ago and offered a discounted package for 5 monthes. I accepted it and the salesperson told me I could call and cancel anytime. Well I called today to cancel and they now tell me there is a concelation fee.
    As I said they are crooks and I advise everyone to stay to heck away from them. Come August when my 2 year contract is up I will be canceling and happiness will be Direct TV in my rear view mirror.

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  • An
      10th of Oct, 2012

    I was a loyal customer to Direct TV since 1999. Their cost as too expensive so I accepted an offer with Dish. Upon trying to cancel my service with Direct TV they tried to charge me for a receiver that I bought. They made numerous attempts to debit my credit card without authorization! The credit card was replaced and they STILL SOMEHOW DEBITED MY CARD!! The bottom line is that their service is over priced and they're a bunch of CROOKS!!

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