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Direct TV / deceptive company, real bad experience

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This company is the bottom of the barrel. From the first phone call to disconnection they have been a nightmare. I only wished I had looked at this site before I switched from cable. Direct TV is deceptive in their selling techniques, their web site is deceptive and the customer service is really lacking as well. I say to anyone who is thinking of Direct TV, STAY AWAY,RUN, Do NOT go with them.

I only have had them 6 days and we have canceled. We had a HD DVR and a HD Receiver and both stick. They bragged about how much better their pictures were compared to my cable. That was an all out lie. Plus we have been through 3 HD DVR receivers in the week we have had Direct TV.

I have spent countless hours on the phone with these jokers and would have my calls dropped while I was on hold, then have to call them back and tell the same story all over again. I was to the point of recording my grievance on a recorder just so I did not have to repeat myself each time I was dropped.

To top it off they tried to re-nig on the agreement that if they did not resolve my problem they would void my contract with out penalty. I am waiting on them to send me the boxes to return this sub-par equipment and then I am contacting my credit card company to make sure they refund the $430 bucks I spent for the up-grades they do not mention in their commercials. If they do not I will dispute the charge.

I was never a great fan of my cable company and their deplorable customer service, but they were never like this company. For the last week I feel I have been kidnapped for all the time and effort I put into this, for something that is supposed to be stress free.. I hope if one person reads these comments and does not go with Direct TV, then these complaints will have paid off.

In closing I can say beware of what you are getting into with Direct TV, It is like getting in bed with the mob, you almost have to get whacked to be rid of these people.


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  • Ri
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    I have had Direct Tv service for over five years. I had my service moved and upgraded to my new home on Dec,7th.2007. The installation was very messy, they left wires hanging everywhere inside and outside the house, never connected the ground cable outside for electrical safety, and we lost signal every few minutes. I called and complained and Direct TV sent another tech out almost two weeks later. He stated the first tech was fired and he “fixed the service”. Within 15 minutes we began to lose signal again.
    I called and e-mail Direct TV about this, offering pictures to prove the service was installed sloppy and didn’t work.
    I e-mailed them several times, it’s easier because their call centers have people that can’t speak clear English and are very hard to deal with and understand. Finally I told them to cancel my service because they couldn’t meet there commitment to me and provide a working service. I also asked for a return autho# to send their receiver back to them.
    Around a week later Jan 11th.2008 I received a disconnect e-mail and bill for 93.00 .I e-mailed them saying I had no service for that month so how do I owe them.
    On Jan 18th.2008 a box with return instructions was delivered to my house for the receiver.
    On Jan 22nd. 2008 I saw Direct TV was pulling $562.83 from my checking account.I took of work and went to my bank to stop this from happening, I signed a stop pay but my bank had to investigate it first. I was told to contact Direct TV and ask them to stop the transaction.
    I called Direct TV several times, I was told the charges were for an early termination of service.I told them again I never had a working service to begin with.I got nowhere with the call center, the language problem was just to much, I asked for some one that could speak better English and I was repeated the same thing again. Direct TV used a check card I had used before to pay my bill on-line and charged my account without my authorization $562.38.
    When I got home that evening I received a bill from them stating what the charges were and it was due immediately.
    No one that speaks good English will talk to me from Direct TV, THEY broke the law pulling money from my account without authorization, caused my account to bounce checks, left me unable to buy groceries this week for my family, I’ve lost two hours work as of today trying to clear this up.Tommorrow I have to go to my bank again and to an attorney .
    What a nightmare, please pass this on to everyone to warn them about direct tv’s practices
    Richard C. Morrison

  • Sk
      30th of Apr, 2013
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    Where do I begin.. Countless hours OTP with them.
    Replaced cable connectors. Did not fix..
    Told me I need to trim my trees. they were in no proximity to dish. Did not fix issue.
    Replaced cabling drilling more hole in our house. Did not fix.
    Replaced components on my satellite dish. Did not fix.
    Replaced box, fixed initial problems but now fast forwards and rewinds have a 10-15 sec lag time.
    Spent Sat 20th of April OTP with a tech, 45 minutes later asked to speak to manager, placed on hold for 12 minutes to hear the tech say I can't speak to manager. Place on hold again for 7 minutes to hear tech say we will call you back within 4 hours.

    Guess what, they never called back. 10 days alter, no return call of any kind.

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