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Direct TV / fraudulent practices

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I do not dispute that I did owe a past due balance, but because of financial issues, was unable to pay account on time. Just by chance I checked my bank balance and found that Direct TV had billed my account for $303 by using my debit card number which I had used in paying previous bill. However at no time did I authorize Direct TV to use my debit card at their discretion, and the debit was only used to pay a specific monthly Charge.

I had to go to my bank and file a formal affidavit which the bank then used to retrieve the charges, and deposited the money back into my account, the bank also refunded to my account $105 in overdraft charges caused by this money having been removed without my authorization.

In discussion with bank officials, I found that this is a common problem they have had with Direct TV, and I was not the only person who had experienced this. I suggest you do not EVER give Direct TV your debit or credit card number because once it is on file, they apparently will charge against your account even though you have not specifically given them authority to do so.

Just Beware and watch your statement, even better if you have online banking check your balances frequently, because the sooner you catch something like this, the faster you can move to correct it.

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  • Da
      26th of Nov, 2008
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    I have a similar situation. We moved and a transfer of service was set up. The installer, who was supposed to be there at 9am, didn't show up until 10pm. When he got to our new home he stated there was no way we could get direct tv due to the large trees in the way. we called direct tv and let them know what the problem was and the complaints we had. The direct tv rep understood that they were unable to continue our service therefore the service was cancelled. a month later our credit card was charged $350.00!!! We called Directtv and they said it was an early cancellation fee. I explained to them that direct tv was not able to provide service therefore it was not our fault. why should we get billed? We also did not give authorization for the charge. the rep agreed and waived the fee. a few weeks passed and still no refund. our credit card added up finance charges etc... Finally i called again to find out what the hold-up was. The rep stated that the fee waiver was sent to another dept and was declined at that point. They proceeded to say we were not going to recieve the refund due to the new decision the finance dept had made. Does that make sense to anyone???!!! I then was directed to send a typed letter of appeal to the company. First off why should I be going through all of this trouble when obviously direct tv was the one who broke their contract. I recieved a response finally after numerous calls. They were refunding my money. Well to this day I still do not have my refund. It's been over 4 months and still nothing. Someone has to do something about this company stealing money from the everyday working american. 350.00 may not be alot to a company but for me during these economic times it's quite substantial. I have tried to request all documents and taped calls regarding my account under the freedom of info act however they say they are not a federal agency therefore the FOI act does not apply. does anyone know what federal statute i may request these documents under? Would it be the personal data act? Or can anyone offer some advice as to how to retrieve my refund.

  • Ma
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    Yes I have just experiences the same thing and catch this one. I had service for 18 months which was my commitment term-I cancelled one week after the 18 month-they charged me $125.00 for early termination and just yesterday I got socked with a a$52.82 cent charge. I called their customer service and you are transferred to the Philippines. I asked to speak with a manager and they told me this was for pay per view events that showed up on my access cards from 2007!!! Well I tried to tell this idiot that my phone line was never connected to any receiver so therefore I never got the event and yet you can try and steal my money from me 18 months later? There needs to be something done about this company legally. I am furious. Not only did I fill my commitment but also I had the most expensive HD package they carried for 5 rooms.

  • Ha
      5th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Not only do they give horrible customer service but they outsource their work and I was robbed by one technician and my property damaged by another. When I tried to contact DirecTV, I got a sarcastic, nasty so called manager. I finally tracked down their corporate headquarters in Californication and they never called me back. There is no place you can reach them. Everytime I try their 800 number I get a snotty person who will not give me any information. Their repair man robbed me and the other one broke my TV screen with his gigantic ghetto necklace.

    Stay away from DirecTV as they don't give a damn about you.

  • Ja
      10th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Direct TV took 200 out of my account WITHOUT authorization on 8-07-09 and I filled a "customer dispute affidavit" as well to retrieve my money. I am attempting to obtain the names of the Director of finance Dept and request a bill credit for more than the 200 due to the head aches . Patric Doyle is supposedly the executive Direcote of the finance dept, fax 877 580 2148. I have not been able to get an email or any other names thus far. Do NOT give them or companies like them, your card numbers. James Bell in KS

  • Co
      21st of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I called Direct TV in January to get internet services, I'm new to the area and when I called what I thought was the only internet provider, they informed me that they did not go that far(1 mile) off the main road. Someone suggested that I go satellite, and that's when I called Direct TV. I plainly explained to the phone sales rep. that I wanted internet services, he quickly says, "Yes Sir.. we have that in our bundle, let me get you signed up for TV first and then I'll transfer you over to "OUR" internet department" Everything happened so fast, within the hour Direct TV was here to install my Dish to get the ball rolling. The "Free Installation" went right out the window. Even though there was a pole already in the yard, cable already ran, the service guy says, " That's a substandard pole, I'll have install an upgraded one, and there will be a service charge of $75.00 paid in cash for that" I'm still thinking that my internet service will be up and running within a week. After the week passes and "No Internet" I make the call to complain, I'm informed at this time that my internet services were being provided by AT&T. I hang up and call AT&T, it took a minute before I realized that my internet service was coming through my phone line and "Not" being provided by Direct TV. It was at that time I realized that I had been "SCAMMED" by the Direct TV sales rep. My first call to cancel my service(which in first our conversation I was told I could cancel within the first thirty days, just another lie ) right away the guy takes the defensive and starts telling me that Direct TV will charge my card anywhere from $540.00 to $600.00. The he proceeds to tell that it would be in my best interest to keep it for the first year and that way Direct TV wouldn't take as much, he informed that everyone does it like that. I'm still trying to make him understand that I don't watch TV, I've not watched in 6 years...Needless to say the circle talking telemarketers that Direct TV employs, got me off the phone looking for alternative actions. I tried, watching TV and the only thing that I could get was "771 searching for signal" Now I'm furious, I call Direct TV, I'm screaming, cursing, and telling them to come get this piece of crap off my property, A week goes by, I call again, more aggravated now than I've ever been, more screaming, more cursing, they tell me that they're going to send someone out to look at it. I inform them that they can pick everything up since their guy will be here, I'm done. Well he gets here and the first words out of his mouth are, "How long have you been with Direct TV?" I say, "a few months, " he says why would they(Direct TV) install an outdated system for new customers". He also couldn't pick up my equipment without loosing his job, so he said.
    Well I know why I got an outdated system it was all that was on the guys truck when they dispatched him to get this installed as quickly as possible before I realized that they were not providing me Internet Service.

    My suggestion to anyone is stay away from these con artist, do business with reputable companies. For all those, scammed into their contracts, close your checking account, cancel your credit card and prepare for battle with these crooks

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