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Direct TV / breach of contract & deceptive trade practices

1 Houston, AK, United States

I have been a Directv customer for over 10 years. I recently decided to bundle my AT&T service with my Directv service. Let me say first that my service was not in my name but I am an authorized user to make changes to the account. Now. I called AT&T to inquire about the bundle service and was told that I would have to open a new account in my name, not a problem. I was also told that I would have to get new equipment, the Genie, which would put me under contract for 2 years. Again, not a problem. The technician came out, installed the Genie and 4 minis. After he installed the equipment I was informed that the number of shows I recorded would effect the corresponding Genies and those televisions would not be available for use. At no point during my conversation with AT&T was this explained to me. While the technician was in my home I contacted Directv to close the previous account. I spoke with a customer service rep in retention and was told that the account would be closed.
Saturday I contacted Directv's technical support department because the Genie minis had an error message informing me that I had to disconnect one to utilize the other. The technician helped to get that mini working, little did I know it shut down a different mini in another room. When I realized this had occurred I asked to speak to customer service to inquire if I could use my old equipment and still keep the bundle. I was informed that all I had to do was request new access cards to use the old equipment. I phoned Directv today to request new access cards and was told that this was not possible since the account was not in my name and that the previous account was still active because it was under contract. I was flabbergasted. I could not believe what I was hearing. I asked how the account was still under contract and was informed that since I hooked a new receiver, not sent by Directv but one my brother had, that the account had entered into a new contract. This was not told to me when I called to have this receiver connected. I also find that this is a huge double standard since Directv will not allow me to use the equipment from my previous account, since it wasn't in my name, for my new account. With that being said Dirctv has since informed me that nothing can be done. I now have an account in my name with equipment, the Genie and minis, that I do not want and the previous account, which I thought was disconnected Tuesday, May 26th, showing as active in my home. Which means I am now "obligated" to pay 2 bills. I plan on seeking legal action due to the breach of contract on Directv's behalf by not disclosing all of the "features" of the Genie. I feel as though I was lied to, deceived and manipulated into a contract that I cannot get out of for the next 2 years. Directv does not care about the loyalty shown by long time customers and are only concerned with new accounts.

Jun 1, 2015

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