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Delta Airlines / no assistance getting to brother's funeral!

1 United States Review updated:

Early January 24th 2017 I received a very upsetting call from my mother stating my brother had passed away unexpectedly... first thing I had to do is GET A FLIGHT to get home as I live in NY and they live in TN. I immediately got on the internet and phone to get first available flight. Since Delta was the cheapest for such short notice I HAD to go with them... THEY WERE NO HELP IN BOOKING THIS FLIGHT NOR GETTING ME ON IT OR ANY FOR THAT MATTER!!. THANKS TO DELTA AIRLINES I ALMOST MISSED MY ONLY SIBLINGS FUNERAL~~~ If I wasn't so determined to get home there would have been NO WAY they would have gotten me there... Let me back up... I first called delta to see about something called a grievance flight... HAAAA they were like "a what?" I asked "do you help people that have special circumstances that need to get home for a family members funeral?" The reply was "No we don't do that" Ok so, I booked a flight ON MY OWN... online as it was cheaper and less complicated than talking to someone at Delta! My flight was for Sunday evening around 7pm... it was lightly snowing,nothing bad and MOST flights were on time or delayed an hour or so... ok so no big deal... right? WRONG... every hour there was an announcement flight delayed half an hour, flight delayed an hour etc... ok so I am getting worried as time is going by and frustrated at the fact #1. They were making us wait as they kept delaying and no info and #2 I couldn't get any answer's as to whether they could switch me to another airline that was leaving to Nashville or ANYTHING!!!My fear was...delaying would turn to canceled !! I WAS IN TEARS and being ignored by DELTA STAFF under very stressful circumstances !!! So after WAITING we FINALLY got on the plane only to sit and wait and roast in that HOT plane... as we are waiting we hear an announcement... "Passengers we apologize but we can not continue our destination to Nashville tonight" NOT because of weather!!! because the pilot had gone over his hours!!! THEY DIDN'T KNOW THAT BEFORE WE GOT ON BOARD??? My fear had become REALITY... So, they get us off the plane after we have sat in what felt like a sauna!

We go inside to get bags and by that time it's past MIDNIGHT!! I call for my ride in tears and asked her to please help me... THAT was the WORST experience EVER... nothing has ever come close to that nightmare... it's not over yet!! SO now I go to find my bags... THEY are LOST already... So I go to the ticket counter and tell the delta agent "my bags are missing and my flight was canceled to Tn could you please help me get on the next flight out tomorrow?" He told me there are no flights tomorrow... I told him my situation and filled him in on the kind of night it had been and he said "your flight was canceled due to bad weather" I said "No my flight was canceled because my pilot's hours were up" So all the sudden he say's I have a 2:30 flight going out tomorrow... hmmm how did THAT happen? It popped out of nowhere!

So OF COURSE I took IT!He said he would somehow see that my bags make it there also!!! I was at the airport the next day, made the flight... arrived in Nashville. BAGS are no where to be found!!! I had no funeral clothes no nothing!!! I called the whole night trying to locate my bag... NO ONE could tell me where my bag was!!! I asked is it in NY or TN??? One would say NY and another TN...then one person said ma'am we don't know where your luggage is!!! Instead of focusing on my brother and my family I have to worry about my luggage and why Delta can not do one thing to help someone!! I stayed on the phone for HOURS calling supervisors of luggage area's ... I called everywhere to get NO WHERE!! First I was supposed to be in TN the day after my brother passed away,which was Sunday to help with arrangements etc... Delta DID NOTHING to assist me in ANY WAY!! The Staff was useless!!! RUDE and acted as though they were there to socialize NOT assist people!!The staff at the gate even had their both area roped off!! Why is that when they are standing at the booth for the people who need help...not sit and cut up with the other workers... That frustrated me... seeing how I was lost (had only been to that airport once and that was with someone) and I needed HELP!!I would like to see someone else act as calmly as I did in that kind of situation! I was in Tears thanks to Delta! They did nothing but cause me MORE grief! My luggage didn't show up until the 3rd day... clothes and contents inside were SOAKING WET so my stuff was useless to me anyway.

I did not use my return ticket from Delta because I did not want to have a horrible experience like that again!

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  • To
      8th of Aug, 2007
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    Delta Airlines - Another love story :(
    United States

    As I was looking up contact information for Delta's Corporate Office telephone number and address as I did not get it from Customer Care (what a joke!). I noticed the number of complaints and your web site. Here is my story.

    On 7/10/07 we arrived at the gate 1 hour prior to our flight time (10:30 p.m). We noticed that our flight number at our gate had a different destination (JFK). Upon inquiring about this discrepancy, we were informed that our flight had been cancelled due to crew illness. We were then asked along with other passengers to form two lines. One line for 6 travelers whose names were called and the other for all other passengers booked on the flight for Boston, MA. By the time our turn came to speaker to one of the Delta Reps. we were given two choices, one - take a flight to Atlanta GA to Boston MA (1:00 a.m. depart. LV arrive Boston) it would have meant a total of 13-14 hours travel time or be booked with US Airways at 7:00 p.m. the following day to arrive at 1:00 a.m. on 7/12. We asked if they could find any earlier flights that would be direct for the next day (7/11) and the response was "NO" nothing else was available. We felt the agents were unsympathic to our travel plans we decided to request a refund and that our bags be returned to us A.S.A.P so that we may secure a flight ourselves. We noticed that when we asked for our luggage to be returned the agent paused with some doubt. We were told that our bags would be sent down to baggage claim. However, when we attempted to collect our bags from Delta's Baggage claim area we were informed that it would be approx. 1 hour before we could obtain our bags. My husband requested that the bags be held so that we could pick them up. We waited in the Airport for the hour as instructed and the bags never showed up. We decided that we needed to return home (VIA taxi) in order to try and secure a flight for the morning of 7/11. Upon returning home we were able to secure a flight with seat assignments on US Airways for a 11:30 a.m. direct flight to Boston MA. In the meantime, my husband and myself were on the phone trying to locate our luggage that Delta assured us would still be in Baggage Claim. To our surprise the luggage was no where to be found. We spent at least 3 to 4 hours on the phone with agents who were in India and Mexico and North Carolina with no success. Since we had a flight booked on 7/11 we requested repeatedly to have our bags tracked and sent on to Boston MA. upon the bags being located. My husband was issued a tracking number and was assured that all of our bags (4 bags total) would be in Boston sometime the evening of 7/11.

    Upon arrival in Boston MA. we went directly to Delta baggage claim area. We discovered 3 out of 4 bags in the baggage room that were going on a flight back to Las Vegas NV. We quickly retrieved the 3 bags and then approached the baggage counter where we were informed that the final bag would be arriving on the next flight from Cincinnati OH in apporx. 1 hour. After we waited another hour as per directed we discovered that our missing bag was not on that Delta Flight. We went back into the Baggage Claim Office and were then informed by the same agent we spoke to about the incoming flight our luggage was supposed to be on that "Delta is not responsible for your missing bag any longer since you did not fly with Delta. According to the agent, we must file a delayed baggage claim with US Air". After we argued with the agent as to what carrier was responsible she(the agent with Delta) said that she would contact US Air for a delayed baggage claim number for us. We still had 1.5 hours of driving time to our final destination. We decided that nothing else was going to change in getting our missing baggage so we decided to leave our address information of where we would be staying for the next 8 days and left. Finally, on the afternoon of 7/14 our missing bag that contained all my husband clothes showed up at our vacation location.

    When all of the above mentioned events you can see that we went through a great deal of aggravation and stress for no apparent reason during our scheduled trip. We missed several functions, 1 1/2 days of vacation, extra taxi($80) to and from the airport, replacement clothing ($80) for my husband not knowing if his luggage would be found, and additional cost incurred by booking last minute flights with US Airways ($220), not to mention phone costs, and wasted income from my side as I and self employed. I don't know what else to say other than I am irritated and if this is how you treat any number of your customers I can see that it reflects how well the company listens to it's patrons. I am familiar with how important customer service is as I practice in my business every day. If you value your customers I will expect a timely response and remedy for all the inconvenience your company and staff have caused.

    I urge others to heed the above information and also to file a complaint with the FAA about Delta's handling of their travels and baggage. This is why according to reports published by the FAA that Delta remains in the top 10-20 worst Airlines consistently month after month!


  • St
      3rd of Sep, 2007
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    Delta Airlines - They are going bankrupt
    United States

    To whom it may concern: I have been dealing with Delta Airlines billing issues for the last week and a half. I purchased a ticket for about $180 but am showing a charge of $410.40.

    I was originally quoted a military rate of approximately $400 for a flight from Omaha to Houston (connecting in Atlanta). At that time, I told the representative helping me that I also had a voucher from past/canceled flight of approximately $220 which would bring my ticket price down to approximately $180. She told me that I should go to the ticket counter at OMA and pay for it there to show my ID. However, when I got to the airport, I had to wait for over an hour while the representative sat on hold and tried to clear things up. She finally was able to get things cleared up...only to tell me that she had charged my card for $410. When I told her the military rate was right around $400, and I had the voucher/credit to apply towards the military rate, she said I should call the call center and have them correct the billing issues.

    I called the call center and spoke to a representative only to be put on hold for over 10 minutes. I called back and demanded to talk to a manager, and was assured by a manager there that the issues were taken care of. She said that American Airlines would credit me for the voucher and bring my price back down to the $180 range as was quoted to me from the first time I made the reservation. Five days later I'm still showing that $410 charge but no credit.

    I simply request that the $410.40 be refunded, and that my card be billed the military rate minus the value of the credit (applied toward the cost of the ticket. The total charge to my American Express should be in the vicinity of $180.

    All this reminds me why I never fly Delta... and why they are going bankrupt...


  • Al
      21st of Sep, 2007
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    Delta Airlines - Poor service
    United States

    On Christmas Day I decided to go visit some family in Boston along with my mother and two sisters. I had some urgent business that came up so instead of a morning flight I decided to take an evening flight. I called up Delta and the change fee was so high that I decided to take another flight with United instead. I canceled my Delta ticket even though the fare was non-refundable.

    I went to drop off my family to the airport and as I'm a planner I had my luggage in the car as well for my flight later that evening. The Delta Rep checking in our luggage told me that my flight was still valid and I could travel on it if I wanted to. By now the urgent matter had been resolved and I decided to fly with my family. I put my car in parking, checked in my luggage and was off to Boston! I called up United and canceled my refundable ticket for that evening.

    When it was boarding time my name got announced. When I went up to the desk I was told that I could not travel on that flight as I had canceled my ticket. I told the lady at the desk that I had confirmed that I could travel with the lady who checked us in. She adamantly refused to let me board even though I had a boarding pass.

    By now I was fuming. I told her to get my luggage off the plane if I was not allowed to travel. The hassle of getting my luggage off made her change her mind. Even so she said some things under her breath and during our conversation I had briefly lost my temper with her- I did not use profanity but was certainly a bit loud with her.

    I boarded the plane and right behind me were two security officers claiming that as I had been difficult during boarding it was up to the captain of the plane to decide if they were comfortable carrying me as a passenger. The pilot was nice and understood my frustration and agreed to fly with me.

    I have traveled on literally hundreds of flights to date. I will never fly Delta again!


  • Pa
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    Delta Airlines - Dealing with handicapped passenger
    United States

    My Husband, Larry E. Jolley had a flight with Delta from Monday the 12th to go to Portland ME to the 14th going to Hartford, Conn and he will be returning home tomorrow in Watertown, NY tomorrow the 16th.

    When I took my husband to the airport here in Watertown, I explained he needed assistance, HE IS LEGALLY DEAF, He also has problem with standing for long periods of time, and has a Tramatic Brain Injury. I told the girl he would need assistance with going to and from gates, be allerted to his flight leaving and arriving. He was taken from place to place BUT he was not assisted with HEARING THE BOARDING for his flight. He almost ended up in OHIO!!!! My sister called the airline and wanted to get an escort for him for his trip from Portland to Conn. and Home. She was told you only have escort service for children. Can you explain why you do not have more services for the handicapped????? Handicapped people can not use your airline with out someone going with them? I am sure that my husband is not the only deaf person to use your airline, correct??? This needs to be addressed STAT!! I know now I can no longer send him on a plane and feel his safety and special needs will be addressed. Also I tried to call the airline and explain the situation, I spoke with a person called Victor, because I could not find my husbands confirmation number, YOUR EMPLOYEE HUNG UP ON ME! I had to call the people we made reservation with and after speaking with three different people I was able to voice my ovious concern... I expect a reply to this e-mail. MRS. PAULA JOLLEY

  • Ca
      2nd of Apr, 2008
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    Delta Airlines - My belongins were missing and I was told there was nothing they can do.
    Delta Airlines
    United States

    I was coming from an international flight with my three year old and my brother, the flight was suppose to leave at 11:00 pm and left at 6:00 am, we were sitting at the airport for 9 hours, when I requested accomodations I was told they did not have any, my son got sick for been at the airpot for so many hours, then I got sick. Some of my belongins were missing from my luggage and I email costumer service, they told me to call the 1800 number, I was taking care of my sick child and myself. I called and I was told after seven days there is nothing they can do to help me and they suggested I email costumer service to see if they can help me, which I did AGAIN...and they told me "Unfortunately, there is nothing we can add to what has already been stated in our previous correspondence"...All I am asking is for my belongings I think I deserve a better response.

  • Va
      6th of Apr, 2008
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    Delta Airlines - delta airline fare changes
    Delta Airline
    United States

    When a consumer checks for an airfare they are always warned, "Prices may be
    higher" however, consumers are never warned prices may be less and if you
    book now, you will not get an adjustment. Today I learned my flight to
    Spain in Sept has gone from $785 RT to $706. I have two tickets so the two
    tickets are $158 less. I called Delta airline and they said the fare would
    have to go down $200 to make the change worthwhile because the penalty is
    $200 per ticket to reticket at the lower amount. If the fare dropped $220
    per ticket I'd only reap the benefit of $20 with a change fee. Something
    seems seriously wrong. The plane is currently less than 20% full. What
    incentive is there for consumers to purchase a ticket 6 months in advance
    if rates are likely to come down. I mentioned that at booking there website
    says there is a rate guarantee. I was told that doesn't apply to this type
    situation. I don't expect airlines to alert ticket holders that a fare
    has come down, however, I do think an airline should adjust fares for
    consumers who find out that a fare is currently less. Other then
    broadcasting on to the internet that consumers should think twice about
    ticketing early, what recourse do I have?

  • Pu
      28th of May, 2008
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    Delta Airlines - credit ticket
    United States

    My husband and I are in the process of relocating to London, but have a personal matter that requires us to travel back to New York in September. These flights are being booked for that reason.

    I called the Delta Skymiles Reservation line and asked about a credit I had with Delta from a previous flight. I asked if I were able to use this credit to pay the taxes and fees I bought with my skymiles and her answer was simply, yes. I thanked her and we concluded the call.

    After receiving this answer from the representative, I proceeded with the various steps to purchase the two tickets for the September trip back home from London. Those steps took place on both Tuesday, May 27 and Wednesday, May 28 and included:
    1. Hold my itinerary on while I gathered points from other sources.
    2. Transfer 36, 000 miles from my American Express Card, which has an $18 fee associated with the transaction.
    3. Purchase 10, 000 skymiles on, which cost $295.63.
    4. Purchase my husband’s ticket on, which cost $790.18.
    5. Called the Delta Skymiles Reservation line to reserve my skymiles reward ticket and utilize my credit for the taxes and fees.

    Step five above is, obviously, where I ran into a problem. I was told by a supervisor, Sam Elkhoury, that my credit (ticket number listed above) could NOT be used to pay for the taxes and fees. This directly contradicts the instructions given by the first person I spoke to the day prior. Mr. Elkhoury then explained that, although I was explicitly told I could use the credit, there was nothing he could to do to help me.

    I would never have transferred the large amount of miles from American Express, purchased 10, 000 additional skymiles and purchase a flight that cost almost $800 if I had been told I could not use the credit.

    At this point, my loss in this situation is nearly $300. I believe the appropriate and professional next step would be to honor the $298 credit that I was told I could use. This can be applied to my taxes and fees or to my husband’s full price ticket. Both were purchased with my American Express Delta Skymiles American Express.

  • Lu
      13th of Sep, 2008
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    Delta Airlines - untimely release of pet bird
    United States

    Today on Sept 13, 2017. My 27 year old pet bird arrived to San Juan Puerto Rico and is currently held by Delta. When I did the booking with Delta, the booking agent told me there would be ample time from the time the bird arrived to clear customs, as customs office closed at 5:00PM on Saturday. To our dismay, we found that upon our Bird's arrival that the Customs office doesn't open on weekends; therefore, Delta would not release my bird., Delta said nothing they could do, and did not even make any effort to contact Customs or help us. I frantically contacted the Customs inspectors, explained the situation, who understood and agreed to help us. When the inspectors showed up at the terminal at 6:00 PM, Delta was closed until Sunday. Our of desperation, I then called Delta's main number in the US and explained my urgent situation hoping that someone would contact the San Juan terminal and allow the inspectors into the terminal; however, Delta basically told me that there isn't anything they can do nor can they provide me an emergency number in San Juan. Just to give you some perspective, my bird has been traveling since 5:00am, in the cage. She, the bird, is a living being. I am amazed how Delta could be so cruel as to flying the animal, and not coordinate for her release. This is absolutely outrageous and cruelty to animal, not to mention absolutely lousy customer service. The bird is a large Macaw confined to a dog crate since 5:00am, and likely to remain confined more than 24 hours by the time she is released. Not only is this a mistreatment of animals, my wife and I and my receiving family members in San Juan are under extreme distress and broken hearted because Delta's negligence. What an outrage!! This is absolutely unacceptable. My wife has been crying all afternoon, and nothing I can do to console her at this point.
    This is a total unjust and heartless on Delta's part.

  • Dr
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    Delta Airlines - cancelled flight without telling me
    Dr. Esther Gottstein
    Jabotinsky 17, Jerusalem 92141, Israel
    United States
    Phone: 9722- 5611 513

    On Nov. 30, 2017 I was booked to take the Delta flight, plane CR, from Boston to JFK at 6 pm. At the airport I was sent to the gate from which planes fly to Atlanta. I had not been informed that the plane to NY had been cancelled. I had to be at JFK to catch Delta flight 86 to Tel Aviv at 10 pm. So I refused to fly to Atlanta. I was therefore rescheduled to fly on the shuttle to La Guardia which was late. From there I had to take a cab to JFK, arriving just in time to reach the 86 plane. I am no longer young but had to run from gate to gate in Boston and then run for a cab. Needless to say, my luggage did not arrive on the plane on which I flew to Tel Aviv but arrived only two days later.
    The seat on which I sat for 12 hours on the way to Tel Aviv was broken i.e. could not be tilted as was required for sleeping through a night flight. Moreover, the entertainment provided no classical music, nor were there any newspapers or magazines.
    I was most aggravated by all the above shortcomings of Delta and want to be compensated financially both f or the cab fare and for the aggravation caused me by all the shortcomings enumerated above. I have no intention of ever flying Delta again and will warn my friends from doing so.

  • Gl
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    Delta Airlines - Fuel surcharge rip-off
    Delta Airlines
    United States

    -few days later, received marketing email from Delta claiming they no longer charged a fuel surcharge; called Delta and was told that because no portion of the ticket was used yet, the fuel surcharge would be refunded to credit card, and that a plan was in place to do this within 2 weeks time

    -2 weeks later, no refund appeared through credit card, so called and was told that no such refund plan was ever in place and no refund would be made

    -next day, wrote letter to Delta explaining extreme contradiction in info and asking for refund

    -2 weeks later, received call from Delta very early in morning explaining that the $39 fuel surcharge could have been refunded before the ticket was used (too late, at that point), and then the ticket would've been re-issued...for a $100 re-issue fee!! (net loss to me, the customer = $61)

    Delta really put the LIE in UNBELIEVABLE!!

  • Po
      7th of Apr, 2009
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    Delta Airlines - Horrible experience
    Delta Airlines
    United States

    We traveled out of JFK at the beginning of March and not realizing there are complete ### losers that would work for Delta my boyfriend put an engagement ring in his bag because he didn't want it to go through security and ruin the surprise of proposing to me. We arrived at JFK at a very slow time of day giving these pieces of crap all the time they wanted to rummage through our bags. He hid it very well and they found it either through TSA scanning it or by it being so slow they had time to look. Yes we know he should have carried it on him-hind site is 20/20 so no need to comment on that-we get it.

    Now no one at Delta wants to even talk about it, so basically its ok for their employees to steal out of your bags and they say oh well we have a policy BLAH BLAH. Bottom line is YOUR employee committed a FELONY yet tough [censored] for the passengers. I wouldn't fly with Delta again if I received free airfare to anywhere I wanted to go. BEWARE!

  • Ch
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    Delta Airlines - abusive & customer service
    Delta Airlines
    United States

    At the Orlando Airport, 2/23/09, Enid Blanco from Delta told me in fornt of my 10 and 4 yesr old daughters that she "feels sorry for my children. They should be ashamed to have a mother like you". The CEO, Richard Anderson, stands behind this abusive behavior.

  • Co
      16th of Apr, 2009
    -1 Votes

    She was right (I was there). I feel sorry for them too (and I don't like kids).

  • Co
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    Delta Airlines - damage product
    United States

    i had a candel that i had baught of my grandfather that has just passed on and the front was sourrounded by glass, i put the candel in my carry on bag, that for some reason they insisted on putting under the plane and i saw the people handling luggage taking it and throwing it up in the air and well just say that if a computer would of been in there it would of broke just like the glass on the candel, and to refrence the candel was wrapped in proper insullation ( Bubble Wrap and tissue paper) and i am upset because now that the glass is broke i will either have to replace the glass or replace the product for approx 30.00 i have attached photos below.


  • Ol
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    Delta Airlines - horrendous travel experience
    United States

    On apr 3 had booked tickets from atlanta to Cairo egypt via a connection at JFK> Flight left late I missed two possible connections that night at JFK After standing in line for 5 hours with 500 people I was booked on Egyptair the following evening The flight was clearly overbooked I was bumped I was missing my tour connection in Cairo which cost me 1600 dollars Back to delta lines I booked a flight home to Atlanta that night That flight was 4 hours late leaving My luggage was sent to Cairo I got it back a week later If anybody know s of a lawyer that would help me sue Delta Help I spent 30 hours at JFK Delta only gave me back 900 dollars of a 1400 dollar ticket and I lost my tour money. Help Contact me email Olgaroos A bellsouth .net I am afraid to travel again Delta sucks

  • Ro
      12th of Jun, 2009
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    Delta Airlines - delayed flight - no overnight lodging
    Ronald Bell
    575 Second Avenue
    United States
    Phone: 7066463950

    Delta Flight out of JFK was delayed going to Ft. Lauderdale.Flight DL209 was to leave at 340p. Once boarded the flight was held up due to weather. After a while the plane was turned off to save fuel. Eventually the flight was allowed to take off. Was schedule to land at 711p but of course was late now. Once arrived in Ft. Lauderdale at 815p. I was supposed to take a connecting flight DL2052 to Atlanta leaving at 747p. Once off Dl209 I asked where the next flight was and I was told that the flight have already left. So I asked when is the next flight. The agent stated 0645A the next day no more flight was scheduled for ATL. So I asked if the airline was going to put me up ina room til morning. The agent stated that we do no do that. All he could do was send me to baggage service to get a vougher for a discount and a shuttle to Hotel. I said I could stay in the airport but he stated I had to get my baggage and go outside the security area. I go to baggage and then go to service area to get the BLUE SLIP. I had to call the 1800# and may a reservation and then call the hotel for a shuttle. Luckily I had the money to pay for room. $98 at Courtyard Marriot.
    The agent stated that the delay was not Delta's fault so no room allowed. I feel the Airline should pay for the room and any other additional expenses I had due to the delay and the missing the connecting flight. If the orginal flight was not going to connect the JFK flight should not have taken off.

  • Am
      23rd of Jun, 2009
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    Delta Airlines - put daughter & friend in danger
    Delta Airlines
    United States

    Incidentafter nearly a year of saving, my daughter & best friend get to go on vacation on June 6th whereby my daughter saw black smoke on the plane, then smelled smoke and the plane sat with all the passengers, then after an hour they ordered everone off and had no other flight. they lost 2 days of their vacation and put on a dangerous bus ride from Kingston Jamaica to Montego Bay for frickin 5 five hours!! it was torture and they were sick from the 2 day ordeal and stress and offered NOTHING

    Damage Resulting2 days lost of vacation, RUINED VACATION 2 days hotel and 2 days dog kennel Have Lawyer Contact Me

  • Ji
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    Delta Airlines - Awful experience
    Delta Airlines
    United States

    I was booked and ticketed on a 6 pm delta flight between PHL and CVG. at 5:30pm delta boarded the flight and we all got seated. At 6 pm Delta told us we were going to load on some additional passengers, as the 4:30 pm schedule flight between PHL and CVG was cancelled due to mechanical failure. At 6:15 pm they asked us all to get off the plane. At 6:30 pm Delta loaded the passengers from the 4:30 flight onto our plane and left. they next cancelled my flight leaving me in PHL.I have to book my flight on US Airways and pay for it, Delta has yet to re-pay me or refund. I am a platinum customer on Delta.

    If they will do this to me, they will do it to anyone. I am now flying American and united.

  • Sa
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    Delta Airlines - bad customer services
    Delta Airlines
    Baltimore MD
    United States

    Got to BWI 30 minutes before flight. Our flight was at 6:15 am and we got there at around 5:40 or so. We missed our flight because it took 1 hour to self-check. Ok, arguably that's on us, although there was no organization with respect to the self-check line. Also, the line kept moving to different locations and people were cutting line left and right.

    However, we waited about 4 HOURS in the special services line to TRY and get our tickets changed. We finally got to the front of the line and they kept putting people ahead of us because those people were about to miss their flights. The counter had 4 people working first class, 4 people checking bags and ONE PERSON WORKING THE SPECIAL SERVICES LINE. There were two empty computers with no one manning them. We had a two year old and we just finally gave up after waiting four hours. We bought a ticket on Southwest. Worst airline experience ever.

    Also, some of the customer service people could only process "northwest" customers.

  • Co
      6th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    With secuity etc. you need a minimum of 1Hour arrival before departure. Do not blame the airline on this.

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