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Tahlata h. Campbell is currently employed at delta bag room in atlanta ga.She is selling her buddy passes for 150-200$ and sold her companion pass to quintrina edwards for 2500.00$ then if she don't have a pass to sell, she would call around to fellow employees[friends] and sell their pass as well.She has been doing this for a long time and i think that delta should investigate and handle this matter promptly. This is so unfair to delta and the rest of delta's employees for her to benefit monetarily from a courtesy that delta offer.


  • Vi
    Vickie Groh Dec 01, 2007

    Used Delta Airlines recently for return flight to Sac., Ca. All 3 pieces of our lugguge was severely damaged, our (used on only 1 other trip) soft bag with wheels had 1 wheel completely ripped off and my son had to hand carry a 50 lb. bag. Told 'you can file, but it will be denied.' We went all over Europe and have had the 2 other hard case bags for 10 plus yrs., almost no wear on them, but Delta had them dented, big gashes, scratched up, etc. Most likely happened in Atlanta, Georgia, with plane changes. Will not ever use Delta again as there is no excuse for destroying property.

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  • Valerie Apr 28, 2008

    I have never had such a bad experience with an airline as with Delta. After my flight from Austin to Raleigh/Durham got cancelled at February 18th 2008 I had to wait for three hours to speak to a Delta attendant. The people standing in line were getting angry, but there was nothing to do but wait (Delta didn't arrange anything, not even a glass of water or a seat). During those three hours I knew the other flights going to Raleigh that day already left. Finally, Delta booked me into a hotel in Atlanta. I could get on the flight to Atlanta after finding my luggage myself and waiting half a day. The hotel turned out to be horrible and after less than four hours of sleep I could finally get back to Raleigh.

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  • Valerie May 08, 2008

    Delta has without question the worst customer service I have ever experienced from ANY COMPANY EVER. They left us stranded in St Louis because the plane arrived late. We therefore missed the last shuttle to our final destination. After spending over an hour on the phone with an Arabic-English speaking ###, I finally spoke to a supervisor who acted like he could care less about the situation they put us in. They wouldn't pay for a rent a car or a hotel to make up for the inconvenience. What ever you do, when travelling DON NOT FLY DELTA. FIND ANOTHER AIRLINE. You have been warned.

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  • Valerie May 09, 2008

    I am too upset over the treatment by Delta agents over a recent flight change due to a recent death in the family which changed a prepaid and prescheduled flight. The return leg of the originally scheduled flight ended up being paid for 3 times because of the uninformed agents who forgot to explain the procedure, gave us misinformation and the heartless agents/supervisors down the line who just couldn't help...even though it was their employee who had given out the wrong information. We have avoided Delta for years because every flight has some problem but this one takes the cake. I could have sent my son to Europe and back for less than what I spent from New York to Tampa and Nashville back to New York. Would you believe $1600? I would take a Greyhound bus before I ever flew Delta again...and they wonder why they have problems??? I pity the poor people who live in Atlanta and have very few choices. JLM - Tampa Bay Never Delta Again..EVER

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  • Valerie Jun 05, 2008

    I used Skymiles for a recent trip to Europe. Two Business class tickets at 250, 000 miles each. This is the maximum allocation of miles you can pay for an award ticket. Halfway through my trip a family member died and I was forced to change my return flight home. What I learned afterwards is that Delta's change process is to cancel the entire flight and then rebook you. When they did so they rebooked me in Coach class, a lower class. When I returned home I realized that they hadn't adjusted my Skymiles account to reflect the downgrade in cabin class. The difference between Business class and Coach class was 250, 000 vs. 100, 000 miles. Significant difference in number of miles!! I contacted customer service and they told me that once you book with your miles you will not be reimbursed/adjusted if you end up in a different class. I'm still in shock. Medallion Members Beware!

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  • Valerie Jul 02, 2008

    In some fairness, I will say that all airlines seem to be shirking their responsibilities to their paying customers. At these exorbitant prices we pay we deserve the very best and very rarely get it. I don't really care how nice the attendants are...if I am not on the flight I was scheduled or excessively delayed...that airline has failed to provide decent service.

    My experience was this past weekend flying back from NYC, JFK to Indianapolis. I was forced to book a connection flight as there were no direct flights (like the one I took out to NY). The first plane was 1 and half hours late arriving to JFK due to "air traffic". My connection in Washington only allowed an hour differential so there was no way I would make it. The delta service rep and I discussed this at length and it was I who had to press the issue and force delta to find me a later connection. The rep called over his supervisor who after what seemed much to do about nothing determined the next flight was one on Northwest...a partner of Delta's mind you. Yet I was told I could not be ticketed by Delta for that flight and would have to wait until I arrived at Washington Reagan and would have to go to the US Airways counter (my original connecting flight) and they would have to change my itinerary and ticket me for Northwest. I found this to be very dubious but they insisted US Airways had control.

    To compound things my first, Delta flight did not board until 45 minutes after they said they would so overall the plane took off 2 and a half hours past the original schedule. Hmmmm... is that worth paying 400 dollars?

    Needless to say, I got to Reagan airport where I found that US Airways and Northwest were literally on opposite ends of the airport. I followed the Delta attendants instructions to the US counter only for them to deny they had any control over being able to ticket me for Northwest and that either Delta had to do it or Northwest but that in the system it did seem I was at least reserved for the Northwest flight...however, they said, if I didn't "happen" to be able to get a boarding pass for Northwest I would be sure to get a connecting flight with US airways for 2 hours later. This of course would bring my entire day to taking 10 hours to get home which should normally be a 1 and a half hour direct flight.

    After hiking across the entire airport ...I got to Northwest counter who also denied being able to ticket me and get "control" of my itinerary. By now my patience was very very bullhorns came out and suddenly, my pushiness resulted in the service rep making a phone call to someone a few strokes of the keyboard and poof...they were able to ticket me...amazing after all that fuss (which included them telling me maybe I should just buy a ticket from them directly to get around everything and get reimbursed from delta later...yeah right).

    Then of course, because I missed my original connection (um, due to Delta's tardiness remember)...I get the good fortune to have my Northwest boarding pass to be tagged so I can be frisked and searched at the gate.

    All in all a really wonderful experience. NOT.

    The thing that gets me the most is that it seems pretty straightforward to me that Delta could have just ticketed me onto Northwest (their partner) in the first place.

    Of course, the fact that the airlines constantly find ways to make customers suffer even further for their own shortcomings (like being late and I get searched)...really burns me. Why kind of racket is this? Any other business is obligated to provide the best customer service possible and the customer is always in the right (I happened to be told by the Delta rep they do not have to provide any compensation for any monetary inconvenience I suffer as a result of air traffic or weather...I find the first one especially obscene).

    My favourite part of this whole experience...the flight attendants telling the passengers...please sit back and relax and enjoy the flight. Can I get some fries with my plate of irony? Oh, wait...they don't serve food anymore either...well...unless you want to pay more that is.

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  • De
    Debbie Gates Oct 07, 2008

    The last two times I have flown Delta from Tampa, FL to Idaho Falls, ID they have damaged my luggage. Both times they have torn off or broken the bottoms where the stand or wheels are. They make it impossible to file a claim by disavowing responsibility for "protruding parts such as wheels or handles" yet their actions make the luggage basically useless.

    They also state that the claim must be made within 24 hours at the airport. I live over an hour away from the airport which makes returning very difficult. This last time I was out at the curb catching the shuttle to my car when I realized the problem. It was late and I had been traveling for nearly 12 hours. Going back inside to file a claim would have been a tremendous inconvenience for me.

    They make it impossible to get redress for their egregious behavior!

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  • De
    Delta employee Mar 08, 2009

    She need to be FIRED ASAP!!!

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  • De
    Delta employee Mar 08, 2009


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  • Fr
    Frustrated Apr 01, 2009

    First of all, no one has the right to publicly broadcast another person's business affairs online or via any other public medium in such a way as to defoul, discredit or defame their name. Such an act is slander, giving the accused the right to seek legal recourse and or file a lawsuit against the accuser. Furthermore, without proof, the entire claim need be treated as nothing more than heresay, baseless accusations made with the intent on demoralizing the accused. The originator of such a claim is obviously motivated beyond the obvious reason of insanity to go out of his/her way to invent such a foul and malicious claim against Ms. Campbell.

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  • Qe
    QEdwards Apr 01, 2009

    This "blog" is UNTRUE, rediculious, ludacris and immature. She has been working for this company consistantly for 15 years.
    The person who set out this complaint is a stalking, lying, unhappy, bitter man who can not find anything else with his time to do than to write this falsified blog about Tahlata Campbell who is a loving, beautiful, young, dedicated and loyal woman. If you are not the caniving liar then you are a friend, family member or someone he paid to do so.
    I am Quintrina Edwards, her sister and YES i withhold her companion pass. I did not exchange or give anything besides my friendship, loyality, and trust. Believe me that is worth more than money. SORRY THAT IS PRICELESS.
    I can not beleive that I even found this blog/riduculious complaint. I went go google my name to look up a photo from when I commissioned as a 2nd LT in US Army and I come across this. This is not right and it needs to be stopped. Grow up.

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  • De
    delta Apr 01, 2009

    My name is Loretha Brown, i am Tahlata Campbell mother. I do not mind leaving my name because what i am about to say is true. As you noticed the person who left that lying complaint did not leave their name but i know who left it and he followed up with two complaints as if someone agreed with him. The person that left this untrue message name is Mark bAY Jones . He is a bitter dangerous person whom my daughter was married to breifly before she found out what a horrible caniving abusive person he was. She got an annulment from him and ended that marriage. The annulment was issued due to fraud. Mark Jones has made my daughters life a living nightmare which he stated he would do for not being with him. He has theatened her life, broke into her house, put suger in her gas tank, fatten her tires, stalked her, went into her bank account and more. If any one knows where he is please call the police.WARRANTS are out for his arrest. (HE IS DANGERIOUS)

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  • Ha
    ha.miller00 Jun 17, 2009

    Get a life. There are more serious issues in the world today than your ex wife giving her buddy passes to her family. There are obviously valid reasons for the annulment and maybe you need to go deal with those issues, but not on this site. Grow up.

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  • Ma
    Masonic Brother Aug 19, 2009

    I personally know Mr.Jones and he told me Tahlata was goin in to forclosure and BROKE when he met her and didnt know whether she was coming or goin-and if you read her book it will tell you what type of money hungry woman she was.She owed her mom 15k$ and her mom stated that she wasnt helping her anymore.Tahlata told Mr. Jones that her mom was doin taxes and fixing the paperwork with False documents to create a larger return.Tahlata will be intimate with a DEAD MAN if he could wake up long enough to buy her some gucci shoes.LORETHA BROWN maybe Mr.Jones need to call the IRS to audit your illegal TAX RETURNS?? Then what? Loretha, the best thing for you to do is stay out of this because the info Tahlata shared with Mr.Jones could ruin your credit as a Woman and with the IRS.Trina, according to Tahlata, Mr.Jones said that she stated that you couldnt keep a man because you had a very bad odor, and dont give oral.SOOOOO we dont want Mr. Jones to share all of the things that the Lying, Sneaky, Caniving person that TAHLATA CAMPBELL is ---so leave Mr.Jones alone, Because he have people in high, very high places on his team as well.

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  • Ya
    Yaw Aug 25, 2009

    Tahlata.. Please email me asap... this man is crazy. I'll tell you what he did. [email protected]

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  • Ta
    Tahlata's X Aug 27, 2009

    Yaw - STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!You dont know my mason brother, so leave it alone.How can you call him crazy?Tahlata is the crazy one---

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  • Pr
    princess1 Sep 13, 2009

    Tooooooooooo much information, leave this young lady alone, please.

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  • Qu
    queenb Sep 13, 2009

    all u people need jesus

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  • Ms
    Ms. Cherry Oct 15, 2009

    Who cares who he knows. That has nothing to do with the fact that alot of people will testify that he is crazy, broke and a liar. I myself and his own children will say the same thing. Even if that was true about his wife so what who cares. Even if she was broke she's not now and thanks to him she still has her house and money in the bank. She can't help that he told her all the lies to be with her and she made him do them. Also he can''t be mad that she likes nice things. By the way Mark this is MS. Cherry so talk that mess about me. Yeah you remember me the women you slept with while you claim you weren't with your wife. I am also one of your customers you took advantage of by taking my money and not finishing the work. I know several other people suing you and got taken for the ride. So leave this girl, family and friends alone. Oh and did you ever find a place to live while you were begging me and my brother to be our roommate.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Cherry Oct 15, 2009

    OMG!! What is wrong with with this Mark person. Why want he get a life and leave his x alone. Get over the fact that she didn't want you for what seems like very strong reasons. How old our you? What is wrong with you to have started this mess? Why would you try to belittle your X like you have? If you are the good person you and your Mason friend say you are why would you even care what she does? Don't worry about her!! Because she is not worried about you.

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  • Ja
    JAckSilva Oct 19, 2009

    Does anyone have a companion pass to sale me??? e-mail [email protected]
    In my opinion if the airlines didn't want this practice to happen they would simply pay better their employees. I always buy my passes and travel a lot to me it is a benefit for exchange of money! I will pay well, cash only, in person after agreement and talks.

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  • Pe
    peresephone Oct 22, 2009

    Jamal A. McKinnie has sold a total of six buddy passes since he has been employed with Delta Air Lines. It is my personal opinion that he should be investigated and terminated. I say this because of the integrity that he lacks as an employee with Delta Air Lines. Not only has he sold buddy passes but he also told me that he was called into his supervisor’s office for sexual harassment and he and the supervisor had a good laugh at the expense of the young woman who was reporting it. Delta has been notified of the selling of these buddy passes and obviously aware of the sexual harassment. The question now is “Do Delta Airlines have any integrity as a company?”
    Your Responsibilities
    “The Buddy Pass program was developed as a way to allow employees and retirees to share their travel privileges with people outside their immediate, pass-eligible family. You are expected to know those to whom you give these privileges, and you are responsible for their behavior when they travel. Unfortunately, Buddy Pass misuse is a reality. On any given day, eBay® and craigslist show Buddy Passes and travel companion authorizations for sale. In some cases, employees have turned their Buddy Passes over to Buddy Pass “brokers” who sell them to unsuspecting travelers or to individuals associated with illegal or suspicious activities. Whether directly or through a broker, profiting from the sale, barter or trading of travel privileges, including Buddy Passes, is a direct violation of our policy and has a significant impact on Delta’s revenue. Those who engage in this activity subject themselves to disciplinary action, including loss of all travel privileges or even termination of employment.”

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  • Mr
    Mr.Calhoun Oct 30, 2009

    wow you peoplw against the sales of buddy passes are ###s, are any of you even employees of Delta Airlines if your not then please, stop talking like you know Delta's Policis and Procedures, as fair as the matter goes. I AM a CURRENT employee with them, and their is no rule stating that we are not allowed to sale the passes, and no rule saying that if we do we will be terminated, or even that Delta will seek action in the matter. For the person that posted above me don't you think that if the Buddy passes were really taking a hit on Delta's revenue that they would either stop the issuance of them, limit how many we can have or other things? Think before you speak bud. I sell buddy passes just about every Delta employee, and for that matter, every other airline employee does, so if you want people to be investigated, why dont you sit down write your little letters to CEO's, and CFO's, and the Internal Affairs of those companies, and get them to start investigating, so they can waste money, on finding out stuff they do themselves, so they can fire the backbone of the company the ramp workers, gate agents, pilots (yes they do it to) flight attendants(you better believe they do it) cargo, tech ops, reservations, and all the other departments, so the airlines can shut down for a lack of workforce. But hey since you think it is such a wonderful idea that is going to help delta revenue grow, lets do it. As a matter of fact i will go to my PL (supervisor) and tell him im selling my buddy pass, and hes gonna say how much and can i buy one. bottom line grow up people, dont you think that some people out there in this economy cant afford to pay a full roundtrip ticket to go see a family member, instead we help them out by selling them a buddy pass, and after everything it is still cheaper that the full price of a ticket. Sorry my job benefits are better than yours !!!

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  • Je
    JE Burdick Nov 24, 2009

    Delta Airlines sold me 2 seats on a flight from Nairobi to Atlanta that does not now and never did exist. They sold many passangers tickets to fill the plane in advance and then did not receive TSA clearance to operate the flight. The worst part is that they failed to inform ticketetd passangers, reaccomodate on available seats on other airlines or pay for cost delays. I am outraged by the poor treatment & service from Delta and thier unwillingness to correct thier own mistake. I have followed every instruction given by thier "customer service" department and written to the CEO and Vice President and still no effort to take any resp0nsibility and compensate for the additional costs I incured. I am now filing suit in small claims court.

    Delta has not concept of customer service or character. they only want your money and will take it by any means necessary. They will tell you anything necessary to get you off the phone and wear yu down with lies and letters tellig how sorry they are but won't do anything to fix the problem. Don't fly Delta if you have a choice. If all goes well you will be fine but if there is a problem you will regret it

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  • 1g
    1Golden1 Dec 28, 2009

    You have too much time on your hands to worry about what someone else is doing and how they are either making money or providing service. If your job is Private Investigator, then so be it. If not, get over it and move on. Some of us do not work directly for airlines and have friends and loved ones who are generous enough to sell or donate their passes to friends and family. And in cases where they are "sold" if that is against airline policy, then allow airline security to do their own due diligence on the matter. Jealousey is a hell of a thing and being jealous of someone else for whatever reason is why there is so much hatred in our country. If you get caught running a red light, take your ticket and pay your fine! Don't sit around and say, the red Honda with tag x45 G55 was speeding too! If you have enough time to complain about soneone else trying to make money while providing what some of us call as a public service, can be considered enterprising. You're probably pissed because the person you have chosen to TELL ALL about probably drives a better car andlives in a nicer neighborhood than you do. Have some ambition and get some business that would keep you from complaining about things that don't really concern you!

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  • Mi
    missparrow Jan 26, 2010

    Better check your pass rules. It is definitely against company policy, which is common knowledge, and people have been terminated for this. With internet fares it is hardly worth going through the hassle of using these passes on someone you don't know well or taking the risk of losing your pass privileges or your job by having the '###s' using them get written up for the horrible way they behave on the flights. I don't know anyone I work with who sells them or is foolish enough to advertise that they sell them since it is a major no-no.

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  • Be
    Betsy McCool Mar 05, 2010

    falsely charged my card through orbitz

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  • Tz
    TZ May 26, 2010

    Ended up we couldn't go on our Bahama's trip as my horse broke his jaw and needed 24/7 care for the next 6-8 weeks.

    We spent $629.20 for 2 airline tickets and I thought we would at least get two hundred refund as it was still two weeks before our planned trip...NOT!

    I was told "No refund, no transfer".

    Okay, I know in a court of law it is a felony to steal $500.00, right? That is exactly what they did, true? They are always crying that they don't make enough money...Bull****!

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  • Hu
    HUBATL Jun 22, 2010

    Delta has fired 83 people so far and has another 346 to go for this type of benefit abuse!!!

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  • Do
    DO NOT REPLY Jul 09, 2010

    Beware of Samuel Floyd Denham, 26, who has a criminal record in Fulton County, Fairburn, Georgia and has defrauded several individuals. He poses as an employee of Delta, but is not. His preferred method of deceit is obtaining money via wire fraud, particularly through Western Union, for promised Delta benefits. Local authorities have been notified and electronic transfer companies have taken the appropriate actions to flag any transactions directed to or requested by this individual. An ongoing investigation is in process; however, if you come across this individual, report him to the local authorities. Also, if you have transferred any money to this individual, immediately call to report him.

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  • Ab
    aboynamedsue Jul 14, 2010

    So my question is how many buddy passes does a Delta employee get a year? And also are the free or not. Please answer my question. I have a friend that works for Delta and she sells her passes for $200.00. (TO HER OWN FAMILY)

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  • Ja
    Jamjam123 Jul 26, 2010

    She must didn't give you a pass??? I think you should write to Delta "PRIVATELY" if you had a concern. You suck as an individual because you are petty to disclose info like this on the WORLD WIDE WEB. I wish we as people, would come up in the world.

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  • Re
    relentlessaaron Aug 20, 2010

    This is HILARIOUS, to see this real life drama play out, and the multiple false names/to see this from a totally neutral view gives me the patience to see the agenda behind certain statements, to the degree that the lies show themselves. I'm having a BALL reading this! Thank you! I'm sending this stuff to some readers of mine. Class/classic/classic, hot ghetto mess! I LOVE IT. Thanks again.

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  • Tr
    Tred Sep 05, 2010

    After delayed flight from SFO caused rebooking to a later flight to Duluth, my checked bag did not arrive in Duluth despite a nearly 2 hour lay over.

    I was told the bag was still in Minneapolis and would arrive on the first flight at 11 am the next morning, it did not, nor did it arrive on the next 3 successive opportunities and I was then told it would not arrive until 9 pm that night because "that's how Minneapolis operates"

    Customer Service was non responsive and unable to contact a manager directly to look into the problem.

    When asked why it kept missing the flights I was told they may have 'weight restrictions', really??, at some point isn't the airline responsible to be able to have a plane that can meet it's capacity needs? Moreover, apparently I was being told my bag was a second class citizen to others in the "raffle" as to what bags were put on the regional carrier.

    Customer service was inept and impotent to solve the problem and no more valuable than the web site that never changed the status.

    To say Delta Minneapolis operations management and those "hardworking" baghandlers were incompetent in performing this basic service is beyond an understatement

    I fly over 100K miles a year with American and United and while they have their issues from time to time I have never seen an airline with employees less interested and empowered to solve a problem than delta.

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  • Don'tBeAMoron Sep 05, 2010

    Couldn't have said it better myself.

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  • My
    My Three Cents Sep 28, 2010

    This is slander, and even if it is true "Who Cares" and why is this person making so much effort to tell.. Get a life. My assumption is that this is a case of jealousy. Don't ever challenge someones lively hood or be so quick to judge. This doesn't harm delta in any way. In fact it helps their organization by ensuring the the longevity of commitment by their employees. And for the person that is doing it, they may really need the money. Who knows what their salary is or their family situation. This is simply silly. Also if you are going to tell on someone, don't be a coward. Reveal who you are because you may actually end this persons employment and ruin their life for a while.

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  • Ne
    NewHire Oct 09, 2010

    Thank you to all the folks that got caught selling buddy passes!!! You got me a new job at Delta Lmao!!! Thank you once again!!!

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  • Te
    teeawdayz Nov 20, 2010

    I can't believe how difficult it is to get in with the airlines. Looks like they hire idiots. The person who posted this is obviously bitter, but the responses are ridiculous as well. You all need to mature a little and perhaps take some spelling and grammar courses.

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  • Te
    teeawdayz Nov 20, 2010

    You all need to be fired. Idiots.

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  • Sa
    sathiyamoorthy renganathan Jan 03, 2011

    [email protected]

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