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Complaints & Reviews

poor customer service and lost baggage

I flew first-class from JFK to Tegel on December 20. When I arrived at Tegel, my luggage was not at the airport. I waited 2.5 hours to speak with a representative from GlobeGround--the company to which Delta has outsourced baggage handling at Tegel. GlobeGround said they had no trace of my luggage and that it might take a week to recover it.

When I arrived at my hotel, I looked on Delta's lost-baggage web site under the file number provided at the airport by GlobeGround. According to the website, there was no trace of my luggage. I attempted to reach Delta's lost-baggage number. I was on hold for 30 minutes before giving up the first time. When I called back an hour later, I could not get through because of a constant busy signal. After trying for 30 minutes, I got in touch with one person who told me there was no trace of the baggage and that I should call back later. A few hours later, I called back. Again, I had difficulty getting past the busy signal. Once I did, I had to wait 40 minutes to speak to someone. According to that person, my bag had been "released" but the representative could not explain what that meant and suggested that I call again later. I called hours later. I had to call over 15 times before getting past the busy signal. Again, I had to wait almost 40 minutes to speak with someone. This time, I was told that the bags had been taken to Tegel at 2 PM on December 21 and that I should contact Globeground about this matter.

I contacted Globeground via email, but they didn't have a record of the bags being release. So I again called Delta (again, had to call more than 15 times to get a non-busy line and then had to wait 40 minutes to speak with someone). That person indicated that the bags had been delivered to Tegel and that the matter was closed from Delta's perspective. I was informed that I had to deal with Globeground from now on. I returned to Tegel airport (a 40-minute trip from my hotel) and waited 2.5 hours to speak with a representative from GlobeGround. They informed me that Delta had not informed them of any bags arriving in Tegel. They told me to go the baggage claim area. I did so, and waited 40 minutes to speak with someone. That person checked the baggage area (I was not permitted to look in the room for security reasons), and informed me that he could not locate my bags. He suggested that I contact Delta. When I told him that Delta had closed the matter, he shrugged his shoulders.

Unfortunately, certain prescription medication was located in my luggage. While I had enough in my carry-on to last me a few days, I did not anticipate being told that my luggage was likely completely lost for my entire two-week trip. As a result, I will need to cut my trip short after having spent most of the trip in the airport or on the phone with Delta. There is still no trace of my luggage, and Delta has ruined this vacation.

I have been a skymiles member for several years and have chosen Delta over other airlines. Never again. After this trip is over, I will be removing myself from the Skymiles program, de-activiating my American Express skymiles card, and will make my experience well-known to my friends and professional colleagues. I understand that I'm just one customer and that my business going elsewhere doesn't make a meaningful difference to Delta's bottom line. If I convince my friends and colleagues to stay from Delta, that impact won't be significant either. But maybe the disgraceful way that I've been treated will mean something to someone who takes pride in his or her work. Regardless, I'm taking my business to other airlines that take customer service seriously and that realize that when someone spends a significant sum of money on a ticket, the airline has a responsibility to ensure that the traveler and his luggage arrive safely at the destination.

delta airlines complaints - selling companion/buddy passes

An employee named Samuel Long is fraudulently selling boddy passes for International Travel knowingly to him that international body passes are banned. Sam Long gets part of the monies sent to him via western union and never issues the passes. He never refunds the monies and he gets very rude. THIS IS BAD, FRAUDULENT AND A BIG SCAM. HE NEEDS TO BE FIRED. Delta needs to monitor such employees and not get bad PR.

  • Na
    Nancy Njie Aug 23, 2012

    He is a complete low life, useless, aimless SOB. He scams people promising companion passes that he does not have, when it is time to deliver he gets very rude. He will rot on earth before rotting in hell. DO NOT GIVE HIM YOUR MONEY. HE IS A LOW LIFE, A PROFESSIONAL SCAMMER.

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I have request my full refund several time I spoke to Ms Susan Tolbert and Rebecca and several others in your...

main cabin electrical problems

Delta Flight from Atlanta to Dublin 176 Oct 4, 2010 and return flight 177 OCT 21, 2010 tail #N1200 a...

tranded, lost baggage

I posted this comment to Delta's customer service email on 10.27.10: On October 17th my flight to White Plains was delayed several times and then I received an automatic notification and phone that the flight was canceled. I held, at that time, a first class seat. I called an agent from the agent phones by the gate, she rebooked me on another flight that evening to Newark so I could get near my final destination that day. After rebooking me, she told me that my flight was NOT canceled and that I had to go to the gate to get back on the flight. At the gate I was told by the agent that she could not get me back on the flight and could only put me on standby TO THE FLIGHT I HAD A FIRST CLASS TICKET ON. After several hours, several delays later, another agent was able to get me a confirmed seat on the flight. By then, it was 7:30 pm (a 3 1/2 hour delay later) and then Delta canceled the flight. At that point, I could not get on any other flights that would even get me into the northeast that evening and had to get rebooked on the first flight to Newark the next morning. I had to spend the night in an Atlanta hotel and Delta would not give me my bag so I had no clothes or toiletries. I got to the airport at 5:30 am Monday morning, in the same clothes, 2 hours before my rescheduled flight to ensure that there was ample time to pull my bag and get it on my flight. Upon landing in Newark at 9:30 am, my bag was not there and I was told my luggage would be there by 11 am. I was driving 2 1/2 hours north of Newark Airport and was assured they could get me my bag at my hotel by early that evening. My bag was not at the hotel at 6pm, 10pm, midnight, 2:30 am and after multiple pleading, urgent, tear and anger filled calls with Delta baggage, my bag arrived at 4:30 am on 10.19.10. I had worn the same clothes since 10 am Sunday morning 10.17.10. When asked by Delta why I had not bought additional clothes, it was because everytime I called Delta, they would tell me that "my baggage would be there momentarily". Every Delta Agent and Customer Service Representative I dealt with during this series of harrassing events, except for the Medallion Customer Service Line, was rude, short, unhelpful, indignant an some were outright ugly. I had one of them hang up on me. After all my inconveniences, aggervation, and mistreatment by your staff, on top of missing a half of day of my very important business meetings and sleeping in the same clothes for two nights, the only consolation given by Delta was a $100 voucher for my troubles. It would take much, much more than that to compensate me for the anguish I experienced at your hands. I have been a very loyal Delta business traveler and have always looked favorly upon Delta and my experiences with your airline. However, after this extremely negative and distressing experience I am no longer going to travel your airline, will switch my Delta American Express to another carrier and have no desire to have any future dealings with Delta. I'm not surprised that I saw a recent survey that ranked Delta #1 in customer complaints. You are definately not the airline you used to be. I received the following reply back from Delta on 10.17.10: Dear Ms. Schmidt, RE: Case Number 1800387 Thank you for your email describing your unpleasant flight experience while traveling with us recently. On behalf of every one at Delta Air Lines, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the cancellation of our flight, baggage delay and poor customer service. We realize that our passengers expect their flights to operate as scheduled, and your dissatisfaction with Delta is undoubtedly understandable. I comprehend the frustration you experienced when our Delta Flight 5481 operated by Atlantic Southeast out of Atlanta was cancelled due to the mechanical reason and realize your travel plans were disrupted. Further, I distinguish that interruption of this flight caused to stay overnight, resulting in missing your important business meeting. Feedback like you have provided will help us to improve our overall customer experience. Furthermore, I understand the inconvenience you were caused with your baggage. It is disheartening to learn that you had to stay two days with the same cloths. Like you, we certainly wish that instances of mishandled bags never occurred. Further, I understand, there is no excuse for rude or uncaring service. We know that we have an opportunity to make a good impression each time we serve a customer. We regret that your experience were not up to our high standards when at different time you contacted our baggage service center and our agents were totally rude, unprofessional and unfriendly with difference of reply. Please know, it is our policy to take special care to provide the services requested by our customers, and I was embarrassed to read your report of how you were treated by our agents. I certainly realize your discomfort when you did not receive the service you expected and should have received, as we expect our team members to be helpful and professional at all times. Please know I will be sharing your comments with our appropriate Customer Service leadership team for internal follow up. While we cannot alleviate the circumstance you detailed, we would like to extend a tangible gesture of apology for the hassle caused due to the irregularity of our flight lack of customer service and baggage delay, we would like to extend a tangible gesture of apology for the hassle caused due to the, I have added 20, 000 bonus miles to your SkyMiles account. Please allow three business days for the miles to appear. Ms. Schmidt, we want to recognize you as a valued Silver Medallion member and again appreciate your taking the time to document your concerns. Your patronage is very important to us and we trust that your future travel experiences will be entirely positive and without incident. Sincerely, Selastin P. Xavier Coordinator, Customer Care Delta Air Lines/KLM Royal Dutch Airlines _____________________________________ I want to point out Delta did post 20, 000 skymiles to my account, but the minimum skymiles necessary to get a free flight is 25, 000 miles. I still do not feel compensated for my grievences and do not plan on traveling with Delta again.
Damage Resulting
I missed a half day of business meetings with a very important client, when I did get to my meetings on Monday 10.18.10 I was wearing jeans and a knit top that I had worn to travel in on Sunday. I had to stay up almost all night on 10.18.10 pleading to get my bags delivered to my hotel as I laid in the same clothes I had been wearing for for almost 48 hours. I was raged and an emotionally disturbed. As a normally even-tempered, composed and nice business professional who always asks nicely first, I have never cried and screamed at a customer service representative in my life. Overall, it was the worst business traveling experience I have ever had, and I am a frequent business traveler.

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bad service

Delta Airlines will not honor me my $1300 credit because they say it has already expired. I was not aware of the expiration of my credit nor did I receive any information regarding the stipulations of credit for a canceled flight.

I purchased a ticket last August for the end of October 2009, I canceled the flight due to medical issues. They wouldn't refund my money and said I have credit for one year. I was under the impression that credit started from when the flight was suppose to fly out, which again was in October 2009.

Now ready to travel again, I call up Delta to check in on this credit. They tell me it was already canceled! They said the year credit actually started when the ticket was purchased, which was August 17, 2009. So, when I called them it had been 1 week expired. I tried explaining my situation and they wouldn't even budge. Also come to find out that I would have had to have flown within that year. I was also under the impression that if I had purchased a ticket within that time frame I could fly when ever. So, they tell me no and there is nothing else they can do. The credit expired!

I say bogus! Credit is credit and I should be able to use that credit when ever I want! It's not like I'm inquiring about it years later, honestly it was a week and I thought I still had two months.

Thanks for nothing Delta Airlines! You Suck!

  • Te
    TedI67 Dec 30, 2009

    A family of 5 from Australia had arrived at LAX via Delta, and was then told that they did not have onward tickets from Delta, despite the fact that they were holding first class full fare boarding cards. And that when this family insisted that they did have tickets, the Delta gate agent called LAX PD and accused the travelers of being aggressive and dangers to air security.

    Since I have had a very similar situation occur to me where Delta insisted I did not have tickets that I very clearly did have, and then threatened to call the police rather than clear the matter up, I wonder if this is a frequent call for your department?

    It was clear to me that the Delta agent was expecting the travelers (who were behaving very well, calm, and polite) to be intimidated by the police and thus shut up and go away. The body language of the Delta agent was hostile to officers and passengers, and I was sure that the agent was in the wrong and knew it.

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  • Up
    Upanddown Aug 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a "Platinum Medallion" member at Delta. I purchased some SkyMiles by mistake and Delta now says there is no way possible for me to cancel the transaction under any circumstances whatsoever.

    Trying to resolve the issue with Customer "Service" was a complete waste of time. According to a post by one of their customer service reps on the Delta blog about reversing initial decisions made by their reps, "Unless we made a mistake on the initial review of your complaint the decision in most cases stands." (http://blog.delta.com/2008/05/19/ten-tips-for-resolving-a-travel-complaint/)

    Perfect description of how to stick to your principles, never give in...and lose customers.

    So, I'll start traveling on other carriers now. Funny that they would give up $50k-$60k/year for my lousy $300 bucks but hey, if they want to lose $200 for every $1 of mine that they keep, I can see why they filed for bankruptcy.

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  • Dj
    djc_819 Sep 21, 2010

    How is this bad services? You screwed up and assumed wrong on your credit expiry date. Everyone knows airline travel credits expire within a year of its purchase date (duh, you bought it on August 17, it will EXPIRE on August 17)

    Not their fault your too irresponsible to ask the right questions and get your information straightened out. Airlines have strict policies, for very good reasons too. It's not bad service that Delta stuck to theirs.

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disgusting service

I have been posting this on several different sites and trying my best to get the word out for people to choose an alternate airline...

Incident = Upon making plans to fly to North Carolina in October, I made my initial reservation for only me through Priceline.com with no problems. A couple days later, we decided to add a ticket for our youngest to travel with me. Upon finding out that I could not purchase her ticket through Priceline, I called Delta, and was told I could purchase it through their website.

I proceeded to attempt to make her reservation. Delta's website would not accept my Visa check card number. I was given a message stating that this card number could not be accepted, and to try another card. I do not have any other cards, so I called Delta. I was advised to try a different browser, as the one I was using may not support their website. I tried that, and got the same result, so I called back. This time, I spoke with Heather, who thought it was odd, so she offered to try entering the information for me. She did that, and also received the same message. She informed that I could use a friend's credit card, and she would waive the normal $20 fee for making a reservation by phone...which by the way, I feel is a little ridiculous. I agreed, and called a friend. I called back about 30 minutes later to confirm the reservation for my daughter, and spoke to a different representative who was unable to transfer me to Heather. I went through the process with her once ag

ain, and when she gave me my total, it was $20 higher than I was previously quoted. She explained the $20 fee, and I explained that the fee was to be waived due the problems with the website not accepting my Visa number. She refused to waive the fee, so I asked for a supervisor. I was then connected to Junaid. Again...I explain the whole story, and again was refused, and was told by Junaid that if I didn't want to pay the $20, I would have to go back online and make the reservation myself with the friend's cc number. although frustrated, I proceeded to do so. Of course, Heather had kindly offered to hold that reservation for me, so when I tried to book seats next to mine for my daughter, they were taken on the reservation being held. So, I had to call back again, and ask for the seats to be released. When that was done, I continued on to purchasing her ticket. After entering the credit card information, I was directed to a screen to verify the credit card, which asks for t

he last 4 numbers of the SSN of the card holder. Obviously, I'm not going to ask anyone to give me that information, as I don't find it acceptable or appropriate. So, I call that friend, and she has to make the reservation for me, which she agrees to do.

Finally...5 hours after starting this process, I had confirmation of a ticket purchased for my daughter.

The following, I was balancing out my checking account, and discovered that Delta Airlines was holding almost $900 against my checking account...4 separate transactions from each time the attempt was made to purchase a ticket.

I immediately called Delta Airlines and got the number for their corporate office. I called that number, and after remaining on hold for over 15 minutes, I explained my situation to them. I was told they would not release any funds until I retrieved all the necessary information from my bank. I called the bank and got that information, and called Delta back yet again. It was explained to me by Delta, that the necessary fax would be sent in 2-3 business days for the funds to be released. I explained that this was not an option, as this was not due to my error, it was an error with their website, and I would have several checks trying to clear my account...for rent and for bills...that would be bouncing before that time. After an hour on the phone, I was told the fax would be sent to my bank.

The bank had not received that fax by the end of that business day. So, on the phone to Delta yet again... and I'm told the fax was not sent, but was put in queue to be sent within a couple days. Again, I stress the importance of clearing this matter up immediately, and I'm basically told "too bad so sad". Meanwhile, my rent check bounces.

I try several more times to contact customer care at Delta Airlines, and get a recording stating that they are experiencing a high call volume, and are not taking calls.

I've sent more than one email to them explaining my problem, and have stated the only way to satisfy me, as a consumer, at this point, is for me and my daughter to fly for free in October. I have gotten no response.

I will continue to try contacting them. In the meantime, I am telling everyone that I possibly can to never fly Delta Airlines. And I, myself, will certainly not have them on my top list of airlines to use ever again. Their complete lack of customer service is beyond disappointing.

I will continue to spread the word wherever I can to not fly Delta.

And I will also plan on shipping my belongings to where I will be staying as 1) I don't trust Delta to get my luggage to my destination and 2) I've discover that their charge per bag is $60...outrageous!!!

Also...on another sidenote...my bank tells me this is a frequent problem they have Delta Airlines, but have not had this problem with other airlines. That tells me that Delta Airlines has a faulty system that they choose not to change.

Nice way to lose customers...

Damage Resulting = I have to try to explain to my landlord, and anyone else whose checks have bounced from my account, what happened, and how it is not my fault. Neither Delta Airlines nor my bank will agree to composing and official letter from their companies on their company letterhead to prove this was not my doing...

lost baggage

One of our two checked bags of a flight from BZN to BTR on Tuesday September 14, 2010 did not arrive at our final destination. It is now Friday the 17th and I have received no word about the bag. It was scanned at BZN, but has not been heard of since. There were two RJs arriving at BTR at the same time with fewer than 100 total passengers combined. There were only two baggage handlers to unload and load both planes. It took over 30 minutes for the bags to arrive at baggage claim. One of our bags was not among them. After waiting to file a lost baggage claim we took a taxi home in rush hour traffic for a $50.00 taxi fare that usually is under $30.00. I check frequently on the Delta website for the bag with the same "Sorry" message. I even called and was on hold for 18 minutes and the person answering said that she would email MSP to see if they could locate the bag. I asked her to call, but she said that they do not answer the phone. If I have no news about the bag on the 19th I will file a claim for over $750.00 and it will take 6 to 8 weeks to be processed. As a Medallion level flyer I think I deserve better service than that.

unaccompanied minor fee

Delta charges an "Unaccompanied Minor Fee" of $100 when traveling and under the age of 18. Other airlines do not do this. They claim they incur additional liability and provide special services to the minors. They don't provide any special service at all. The worst of it is they charge you this fee when you arrive at the airport. They don't tell you upfront and transparently when you actually purchase the ticket. Another hidden fee scam.

Finally, if you don't put down the correct person who is picking them up at the end of the destination they will hold them in the airport. The mother of the two girls traveling came to pick them up and Delta would not release them to her. All they could respond with is, "its our policy." They offered no solutions.

BTW, the girls traveling were 17 and 14 and travel often. It wasn't as if they were 5 and vulnerable. I understand if you asked for the service or if they told you when you purchased the ticket, but to claim it is for additional liability reasons when other airlines don't have the fee is ridiculous.

  • Mo
    mountsulodge Dec 13, 2010

    Delta is awful! For 2 months I tried to get seats together for me and my 6 year old daughter and they still put her away from me on a 5 hour flight! I tried to get seated with her at every airport on the way to my destination and on the way home for this one flight we were separated and KNOW ONE would help us! Delta has now lost all our business. Small children sitting on a plane next to strangers without a parent is absolutely unacceptable!!!

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customer rip off

I purchased two airline tickets for my son and I we were at the airport 45 minutes before departure we had carry on bags. I confirmed my flight and printed out the flight information and walk to security and showed him papers I printed, I was told by security you need to print your ticket, I said, "isn't this the ticket" he said, "no, you have time to print your ticket".

I proceeded to the ticket machine where half the machines were broken, Delta was the only airline that had a crowd of people the other airlines were 3-4 people at most, I reached the machine 28 minutes before the flight and it denied me the tickets I walked to the delta counter where there were a crowd of angry customers that had the same problem as I, there was no way we would have missed the flight if the ticket was issued 28 minutes before take off.

My son needed to be on that flight because he was attending his first day of college, so I had to purchase another ticket for him to take another airline to get him to his destination at cost me $497.00 to get him on another flight.

I had to pay Delta $150.00 for a change fee and return to the airport the next day for the next available flight I felt that I should not have to pay the change fee because of their misinformation and horrible customer service skills, parents of other students were on the same flight they arrived 30 minutes before the flight and waited 20 minutes in the waiting area of Delta before departure it took them 7 minutes to go through security, the parents said, "the flight was over booked, Delta was offering people to sell there seats for $400.00 for future flights. I was out raged by what I was told by other parents. I do not feel that I should have been charge a change fee and had to pay for my son to take another flight. I would like a refund for the ALL the money I spent with Delta my sons ticket and the change fee.

  • Sa
    Savvy719 Oct 18, 2010

    ^then why are most flights still boarding 10-15 minutes before takeoff?

    The cutoff is actually to increase revenue, simple as that. I've had the same thing happen to me. I was there 1 hour early (recommended time, small airport), got to the counter 45 mins early...and magically the flight was already "closed at the gate".

    Funny how the alternate flight I took was still boarding until 10 minutes before departure.

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poor customer service and stoic attitude

I flew to USA on 08 Augt '09 + Delta (JNB - Atlanta - Dallas) - a total of 19 hours! I was located a window seat despite requesting an isle seat (I am diabetic and need the bathroom regularly). A very large (obese) lady was in the middle seat & spilled over onto my seat and numbed my leg as well. I could not access the isle frequently. The flight was uncomfortable &I was told by my American family to claim compensation from Delta as they should have booked 2 seats for such a large person. Ms. Colaco offered me a $50 credit on future flight booking to be used within the next year. I advised her that mileage would be more practical because I couldn't travel to USA again.. She was most inflexible and astounded about me asking for compensation! My ticket cost $2000 and I could not use the expensive seat I paid for! When I complained on their website about their poor customer service, Ms. Colaco replied to me again - even more surprised at my complaint and told me that I could not expect 'any further compensation'. They were slack in checking this passenger in in the first place. I was discomforted and expected Delta to assist me with my future flights. NEVER DELTA again!

vegetarian meals are fake!

If you’re vegetarian don't book a flight using delta airlines! I recently flew back from nice to jfk and I was served chicken in a vegetarian meal! The meal was labeled vegetarian that excluded any sort of animal products.in my first bite I thought I was just eating rice and vegetables but to my great dismay there was chicken and I immediately spit it out! I called the hostess and asked her how they could let this happen as I vowed to be vegetarian for the rest of my life for humanitarian religious reasons and this went against everything I believed in. Anyways, even after I showed the hostess the chicken she argued with me saying it was tofu. I told her to touch it and she realized it was meat and apologized. The salad even had chicken in it. The airline hostess said they never check the meals because it comes from a catering business and they just serve them.

This is a huge problem! If the people serving your meals don't even know what they are giving you then who knows what you will be eating! The airline hostess then asked if there was anything they could do to make the rest of my trip more enjoyable but what could they do? It was too late there was nothing they could do but to make sure this doesn’t happen in the future for other vegetarians. This was lesson for me and other vegetarians to be more careful and look through the food even if it is labeled vegetarian before eating on an airplane or at a restaurant.

This was also an important lesson for delta airlines to have their staff more aware of what they are serving and buy food from catering companies that are reliable in their services. Delta needs to improve their customer service for the welfare of humankind. I’m never flying delta again! I’m sorry if this has happened to any other vegetarians on airplane flights but know that it is only a mistake if one has not learned their lesson. I hold no anger towards the hostess, delta or any other companies but I cannot promote injustice, violence, and intolerance. Therefore this compliant is to spread awareness about the lack of regulations in the food and goods being served in large corporations that are more concerned about profits rather than customer service.

  • 58
    583586 Oct 26, 2010

    you veggies are so stupid...now that chicken died for nothing...if you dont eat the meat then the animals died and have nothing to show, even if the something is filling your belly...i hope you die

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customer service! negligence

Dear Delta Customer Service,   I write to you with a number of concerns with our Delta flights on a...

misleading/false confirmation

I had a confirmed reservation for Delta Flight #DL1299 on 7/20/10, from Salt Lake City to Kona Hawaii. Both my Delta confirmation and boarding pass denoted this was non-stop SLC to Kona. However DL1299 stopped at Los Angeles and the Kona passenger put aboard another Delta flight, which was 4 hours leaving LA due to mechanical problems. Consequently, I missed a connecting flight in Kona, and a very important business meeting in Honolulu. Had I know Delta's confirmation and boarding pass were deceptive, I would have taken a direct flight aboard either United or Hawaiian airlines

companion ticket

My wife and I collected Northwest miles in one account. Delta rolled the miles into my wifes name and now will not allow us to combine our miles even though it's the same Amex Account. We decided to go with Sky Miles since you get a free companion ticket just for signing up. First i booked a Frequent Flyer trip and entered the wrong date. I called Delta got no satisfaction, but was charged $100 for a typo. Then my wife tried booking a 'free' companion ticket just to find out that the fare jumps over $100 when you enter the code. I'm dumping my Amex and hope that someone breaks the monopoly Delta has in Minneapolis. What a joke of a company.

verified by visa problems

I tried booking a flight for my mom to go see her grandkids. We got the information filled out, entered my credit card information, and the transaction was blocked by something called "verified by Visa", an "extra level of security" as they call it.

Ok, so I am given a customer service number to call for Visa. I call them, they try to help, but it keeps blocking it. They tell me they will be calling me back some time today and they can get it unblocked. They call me at 8:30 this morning, a very nice lady, and we try to rebook the flight. THE TICKET PRICE HAS GONE UP OVER 180 DOLLARS IN A FEW HOURS FOR THE SAME FLIGHT!!!

So me and the Visa rep call Delta and they say nothing can be done. We explain that their system, verified by visa, blocked the transaction at the old price and I have the Visa rep on the phone to verify that I tried to book these flights at the old price. Delta stays steadfast on them not being able to give it to us at the old price because we didn't call them yesterday. The ****ING INSTRUCTIONS ON THE SCREEN SAID TO CALL A 1 888 NUMBER THAT WAS THE CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER FOR VISA, NOT DELTA!! We followed the instructions to the letter and delta says we messed up because we didn't call them last night. **** them! That's not what the instructions said to do!! We put in a call to corporate headquarters and do not get a call back. I get transferred to someone with Chase bank, who is with my Visa card company, and he is VERY concerned that I still don't have a flight booked. He said, "Let's get that done first." So, we call Delta and book the flight that way. The total is $441, the original flight total was $261.60 last night at 9pm when we originally tried to book it. The visa guy said, "Look buddy, you've been great about this and you're a fantastic customer. We will reimburse you for the difference." Now keep in mind, "verified by Visa" is connected with Delta, not visa. Visa is NOT at fault for the transaction not going through, Delta is, yet Visa sucked up the 180 dollar cost.

How about that for fantastic customer service? The lady I spoke with this morning, the guy I got transferred to (both wonderful AMERICANS) got the job done. My mom was trying to book a flight to go visit her grandkids and isn't comfy putting her CC info up on the internet so I used my card for her. Throughout the ordeal she was almost in tears, if not in tears, behind me listening to me get told nothing could be done, and working with these people for 2 hours. When I finally got the guy to tell us he'd reimburse us, my mom told him, "God bless you!"

Visa came through for us. I am VERY IMPRESSED with how I was treated! Thanks Brett!

I would AVOID delta airlines at all costs. They set up a card verification system that doesn't work and if you follow the on screen instructions you get ****ed in the ***.

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    waterinthefuel1 Jun 21, 2011
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    It was the airline, not Visa, that increased the cost 180 dollars overnight for the same ticket. That is a ripoff in and of itself.

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rude, out of line service

My complaint is against the attendant at the RSW (Fort Myers, Fl) gate C4, FL#2587 5B&C, 3:40PM Departure, on June 30, 2010. My husband and I were sitting in the gate area, waiting to board on our flight home. The attendant, a medium-light haired, stocky woman, (who, I might add, was very much ungroomed, messy hair, clothes not crisp looking) was very rude to myself and husband. My husband, is handicapped, needed wheelchair assistance, which was noted on our ticket, and had to request several times for assistance. My husband had tremors very bad that day, and could not even hold his boarding pass. This attendant, approached us several times, (basically, harrassed us!), kept looking at our carry-on luggage, came up to us and rudely stated that our bags and one piece of luggage was not acceptable. I had told her, that we travel many times with this same luggage and bags, and have no problems with it. She then, came back over to us, picked up my carry on luggage, took it to the area, to check to see if it would fit. After all of that, it did fit! Then, she proceded to advise us, that our other carry on totes "had better fit"! Not only, did she embarrass us in front of a full flight of people waiting to board also, she then, in front of EVERYONE, advised me, "that she had better not catch me carrying on more than two bags!" I had advised her, that I always have to carry my husbands carry-ons, as well as, mine. She then replied again, " I had better not catch you carrying on more than two bags!" I had advised her that I again, needed the wheelchair assistance, and needed the help. Finally, she did get the wheelchair and assist us down the ramp to the plane! When approached by the flight attendants, was greeted and assisted by them in a very pleasurable manner. (Our flight was THEN, very enjoyable)! We fly delta very often, and prefer this airlines, over any other, and we do not appreciate this type of behavior. After all, this was not a free flight!!) This young lady, should be retrained, and shown how to treat disabled customers! A little lesson in grooming, would very much help with YOUR name! I look forward to a response to this complaint.

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    flight 2587, June 30, 2010 Jul 15, 2010

    We are not happy with Delta service in Fort Myers, Fl, by this particular attendant, and will expect to hear from this airlines, resulting with this type of service.

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bad customer service

If you can use other airlines, do it. Complaint 1: I was flying to a foreign country with Delta and it...

missed flight

I am writing to you because of a very bad experience my son and I just endured because of negligence on your company's inability to help us out.

We flew out of Elmira NY on Flight 3867 on June 3rd. The flight was supposed to leave Elmira NY at 5:18 p.m.est. When we arrived to the airport we noticed on the board that the flight was going to be late and not departing until 5:55 p.m. We asked the people at YOUR DELTA desk if we would make the connecting flight. Originally the flight was to leave at 5:18 which gave us 45 min or so at Detroit to catch our main flight to LAX which was due to leave at 7:20.

Here is where it all went wrong, the clerk at the desk told us that he guaranteed us that we would make the main flight. We asked 3 times and everytime we were told we would have no trouble.The flight 3867 was due to leave they told us at 5:40 instead of 5:55 plenty of time to make the next flight they told us.

Well our flught 3867 did not leave the ground until 6:02 p.m. est.from Elmira, N.Y. We missed our main flight by 5 minutes. Several people on this flight missed their flights also because of this. We ran to the gate from the connecting flight to our main flight I am over 50 years old and just had a major operation, and my son is just 10. We ran as fast as we could and still missedthe flight. We had to wait in a very long line to try to get help.

We finally were able to get to the help desk and to our dismay the only other flight to lAX was just leaving. Again we just missed another flight. By the time we got everything figured out we were at the airport for over 3 hours. We were put up in a Hotel which was not that great and gave food vouchers for 24 dollars which was to cover dinner and breakfast. I am sure that two people can eat at a hotel two times for 24 dollars!!! try it sometime maybe you could get toast and a glass of water!!! Also we did not have any hygene things as we were going to get that kind of thing when we arrived at LAX. No toothbrushes or toothpaste and hotel shampoo and soap...

By the time we got to the hotel we were both exhausted and very hungry it was by this time almost 11:30 great time for dinner for a 10 year old!!!

We were booked on a flight the next day which wwe had to get up at 4 am to get ready to be there on time. That flight took us to Miniapolis which we then had to change planes for our flight to lAX.

I had very little time to spend with my kids and Dad in California as it was and thanks to your great airline I was robbed almost a day and a half. Not only did it cause us grief but the people who took time off work to pick us up at the original time. Not to mention my son was a total crank all day Friday because he was so tired...thanks

When we did come back when we landed in Detroit we were waiting at the gate that we were supposed to be at. I noticed that our flight was not on the tv screen anywhere. I asked a person at the desk where is our flight and they told us that the gate had changed it was 1/4 MILE AWAY and there was not one announcement made. Thanks for the extra walk like I didnt have enough confusion on this whole trip. At that time we only had 20 minutes to get to the new gate. Not much time almost missed that flight as well. Thanks again.

This could have all been avoided if when we asked at Elmira if we were going to make that flight they could have booked us on the later flight at Detroit to LAX and with little inconvience we would have still made LAX just a couple hours later than originally planned.

We spoke with the supervisor at Elmira when we returned and she said she would address the people at fault. She agreed that we should have been booked on the later flight.

My husband spoke that evening that this all happened June 3 to the desk at Elmira. The gentleman he spoke with was the person who was responsible to prep the plane for takeoff. He said that it was documented that the plane was indeed rready at 5:35 or so. He said the pilot was the one to blame as he took his time in entering the plane to ***. My husband sat at the end of the runway and documented that the plane indeed took off at 6:03 p.m.

Someone owes us something, I know that you get thousands of these kind of letters but something must be done. Noone else would do anything at the time and we were told to write this letter to you at this site.

My son was terrified and I was visibly upset. We are from a small town and do not travel much. We saved a long time to take this trip and 20 minutes into it everything went wrong. I hold the Elmira NY office responsible and the Supewrvisor agreed with us but she said she could do nothing but have me write here. I cannot express enough how much this trip meant to me visiting my children who I have not seen in a few years along with my DAD who is over 80.

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    Eli31. Jun 29, 2010

    Shut up myway, shut up blackirish That is not the kind of reply I was hoping for. I don't know what planet you idiots live on but $24 would not buy a decent meal, if they really cared about making us feel good they would have us $100 vouchers. You two obviously work for Delta. I have not seen my older children in ten years because I got divorced and told them to lie to their teachers and tell them that their father was molesting them. I told them to lie to CPS and the police. I don't know how they found out that I was coaxing them to lie but I was. Anyways I have not seen my children or parents for eight years. Instead of returning my children to me they after my ex died they put them in care of my parents. All because of one mistake. That mistake was marrying a loser. Then some idiot at wal-mart reported me to the police because i was getting my nine year old at that time who is 11 now to shoplift. That is why they were taken from me blackirish. They thought and still think I am a bad influence on girls.

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absurd customer service

My wife has been stranded for most of the day on 6/17/10 in Atlanta as a result of horrible customer service, screaming incompetence and absolute indifference from Delta's personnel, that start at the very top, the CEO level and goes all the way down the company.

Her day started at LAX, she was supposed to fly to Moscow, Russia, via Atlanta, reservation #OVLFRO, although her flight from LAX to Atlanta (#16) was delayed for over an hour, however, the customer service representative at the gate told her that, according to Delta's standard procedure, if there are more than 10 people on a delayed flight connecting to another flight (in this case flight 46 Atlanta to Moscow), connecting plane would be held at the gate to wait for such large group. THERE WERE 28 (TWENTY EIGHT) PASSENGERS on flight 16 connecting to flight 46 to Moscow! And nobody from LAX told Atlanta anything about them!!!

The flight came one hour late to Atlanta, and waited another hour for a gate availability, however, by the time the passengers got off the plane, they were told that their flight to Moscow already left, and didn't even wait for them for even an extra minute. And yes, NOBODY FROM LAX RELAYED THE INFORMATION ABOUT A GROUP OF 28 PEOPLE TO THE GATE IN ATLANTA!!! When TWENTY EIGHT Delta Customers ran to the gate, this was the FIRST TIME Delta representatives in Atlanta even knew that a group of 28 delayed passengers were supposed to be on that plane!! Who is the ### at LAX who failed to follow Delta's OWN STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES about notification to the next flight about a large delayed group? I'm sure it's some Union member who screwed up the day for 28 HUMAN BEINGS, cost the company between $40K to 80K in rebooking charges, and can't be even fired!

My wife was then re-booked on Delta flight #68 through Copenhagen, she was even given a boarding pass and her seat was confirmed. Right before going to the gate, she volunteered to help Delta representative with a passenger who spoke only Russian and didn't speak English and needed re-booking for the same flight. When she finally got to the gate (45 minutes prior to departure, they just announced boarding business class), turns out that Delta agent booked the same seat to my wife and then to the person she just helped translating for, all within 10 minutes! HOW RIDICULOUS IS THIS????

So, my wife was kicked off the plane again! Back to rebooking "customer care center", the blond idiot witch who booked the same seat twice in the span of 10 minutes pretty much told her "oops" but with this challenging arrogant attitude, and said nothing she could (or would) do; a supervisor Eric, badge # [protected], told her pretty much that he's not even going to help with anything and than just ignored her, even though my wife kept calling him directly and asking him to help. He just pretended demonstratively that she didn't exist, and then just left. A supervisor by name of Russ in Seattle at Delta's Reservation system, told me on the phone that he "thinks that she was just late for boarding", which he assumed from the conversation after I told him that my wife helped Delta's international customer with re-booking, after which he in very RUDE manner told me that there was nothing he could do and that she had to resolve it at the gate.

Over an hour into the flight, while my wife was sitting in front of Delta's counter on a wait list for 9:35 p.m. flight Delta's computer system still showed my wife already travelling to Denmark on Delta flight, on which she was not allowed to board, so Delta's computer system does not even conform with basic safety requirements of the US because you don't even have a correct list of passengers on the plane! I've emailed Delta corporate office at least 10 times, no response! I called every single phone number on Delta's website, no response whatsoever!

I've flown over 250, 000 miles on Delta and I don't want to fly another mile on this "airline of horror"! I've lived in the Soviet Union for 26 years before immigrating to the US, I can't remember the same horrible indifference to customers from Aeroflot or any other Soviet airlines, I could always find somebody who actually cared! Not at "Soviet Delta". Even my travel agent gave up after staying on the phone with Delta for THREE HOURS, trying to help the situation. What a twisted surreal idea of "customer care"!!

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    Mimriki Jan 27, 2011

    Your situation sounds a lot like mine. I think the Delta workers in Atlanta are unbelievable and they use the fact that they are the major airline there as an excuse to bully people. I always thought that they board everyone available with tickets first and wait until after the flight is scheduled to leave to pick up anyone trying to jump or re-book on the flight. No Delta as far as I know in Atlanta will allow someone to jump on a flight and kick someone else off reguardless of how early the ticket holder gets there.

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