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British Airways Customer Service

British Airways Plc

Waterside, PO Box 365
United Kingdom - UB70GB

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1890 626 747(Ireland)
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0 0
+44 344 493 0787(United Kingdom)
2 4
+1 800 247 9297(United States)
1 1
0 0
+61 130 076 7177(Australia)
0 0
+64 99 669 777(New Zealand)
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0 0
0 0
0 0
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0 0
+49 421 557 5758(Germany & Rest Of Europe)
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0 0
+31 203 469 559(Netherlands)
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0 0
0 0
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0 0
+41 448 009 222(Switzerland)
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0 0
0 0
+852 30 715 083(Hong Kong)
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0 0
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0 0
+63 28 170 361(Philippines)
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+966 920 002 215(Saudi Arabia)
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+65 66 221 747(Singapore)
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+27 103 440 130(South Africa)
0 0
+82 234 833 337(South Korea)
0 0
0 0
+54 800 222 0075(Argentina)
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0 0
Herriotstrasse 1, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany

British Airways Complaints & Reviews

British Airways / british airways

AdrianC on Oct 14, 2018

Big disgrace this company: - flight was delayed - airplane is completely outdated, poor entertainment service, poor chairs, lack of space - food on the flight was horrible - ordered and paid extra meal was not on the flight - they lost my wallet - customer service is very arrogant and unhelpful By far the worst airline. Even a budget airline do better.

British Airways / baggage damage

Chris We. on Jul 9, 2018

I flew recently with british airways and my suitcase got damaged so I can't use it again. Ba says it's normaly wear & tear. So avoid them at all costs. They mishandle suitcases and that's normal for them. With 100+ flights a year I pretty much know what's normal wear and tear and a broken...

British Airways / luggage damage after landing in london

RoyaP on Jun 18, 2018

I bought a brand new suitcase for a trip using BA. The suitcase was damaged beyond repair. I was told that I will be provided a suitcase losing 30% depreciation and not necessarily like for like. I am really struggling with this as I plan to travel with BA during my retirement and if this i...

British Airways / air ticket I purchased

muusada on Apr 4, 2018

i purchased a ticket to go to nairobi, kenya, on 22nd june from Dublin by british airways and return on the 6th.the ticket was 602 per person, for three, i have not yet recieved any details of the flight in my email.i purchased it three to four days names are muusacda adjei .from...

British Airways / I was denied boarding

suny1354 on Mar 21, 2018

To whom, it may concern, I am writing to explain about my dissatisfaction with the British Airways /Air Canada and complain about their support and much worse customer service in Istanbul airport. My mom and I have round trip flight ticket from Shiraz-Iran to Calgary-Canada on March 6th...

British Airways / unethical behaviour and loss on my part

Cordelia.O on Mar 6, 2018

I sent an email about my dissatisfaction with the British Airways since January 2018 but i got no response till date. i am highly disappointed, below is the email i sent months ago. To: British Airways 2 Jan at 13:37 To whom it may concern My Name is Cordelia Obolo and i booked a flight...

British Airways / ba4143

Sandra plaskow on Feb 4, 2018

Booking ref 5YMEE5 we had no notification of our flight this week we did not know it was Cathay as it was ba flight number so 24 hours before we try to check in online and can't because we are referred to Cathay, as Cathay have 48hr check in there were no seats left and I spent a sleeple...

British Airways / baggage

Dusti Wofford on Jan 23, 2018

This is my 2nd trip to Amsterdam where luggage has been delayed. In late October 2017 and January 21. I fly with American Airlines and you are the partner airlines. First trip I flew business class and paid almost $10K and this time I flew business class and paid 8K. I am executive...

British Airways / canceled flight and no rebooking

LorenaAcevedo on Jan 15, 2018

I received a notice that my flights got was cxld O6YQBS récord locator so I called BA and they said I had to call AA but I told them it was a BA flight and customer service was not very friendly or tried to help with situation all he kept repeating was that he couldn't do anything. I alway...

British Airways / flight service

Michelle Anne Knupfer on Dec 4, 2017

Good day, I would like to complain about the following flights: BA0054 15 Nov 2017 21:50 Johannesburg Terminal A 16 Nov 2017 07:15 Heathrow (London) Terminal 5 and BA0057 30 Nov 2017 21:10 Heathrow (London) Terminal 5 1 Dec 2017 10:15 Johannesburg Terminal A On both of these flights your...

British Airways / wrong delivery of baggage & baggage missing for over a month

Ms chin on Oct 17, 2017

My flight was on 11 September 2017, flight number BA1370 from London Heathrow to Manchester Airport. My new Missing Baggage Report Number is LHRBA26284 as of 17 October 2017. My baggage receipt number is BA573087. Previously, the report number was MANBA 22863, but a wrong baggage wa...

British Airways / ba uses predatory practises! they cxl itineraries if you have a challenge with an existing flight.. at your cost!

Ted Vincent on Oct 12, 2017

BA uses Predatory Practices! they cxl itineraries if you have a challenge with an existing flight.. AT YOUR COST! Never book a leg with BA if it is not mandatory to your trip! You only have down side. We flew to UK, a week later we had a challenge with a flight in the middle of our...

British Airways / customer (dis) service

Jh99 on Sep 20, 2017

I just spoke to a guy at the BA "help desk" trying to reserve a seat for my Mother who is 86 & profoundly deaf. Traveling San Diego to London next week. The agent insisted on speaking to my Mother who couldn't understand his very strong Indian accent (I barely could myself...

British Airways / flight delayed

reenajogi on Sep 19, 2017

Booking reference: U9NGV5 Flight was delayed, got off the plane and back on. Someone took my seat on the flight The flight did not leave till 2am, missed my flight to Budapest and had to pay to reschedule which made me miss time with my family. I am very disappointed and wasted my time. DFW to...

British Airways / seat assignment

wojtek on Aug 23, 2017

I would love just a resolution to my claim below: (as stated in both complaint cases I have not received any feedback on): I have gone on the prior to our travel, as advised by your agent over the phone, to purchase and guarantee seats on the plane for my wife and I. I...

British Airways / old aircraft

Chris Giliberti on Aug 18, 2017

Flying by their planes is like traveling by an old bus. Almost the same. The seats are small, uncomfortable, old and in a horrible condition. The salon is dirty, some trash can be seen. Maybe it's ok during a flight, but what about the moment when passengers come into the plane? I really...

British Airways / air service

scudbuster on Aug 16, 2017

My wife and I had reservation on British Airways  from Prague, Czech Republic to Dallas-Fort Worth  (DFW) with transfer in London Heathrow (LHR).  Initially, tried to check in at Prague for leg  from LHR to DFW, but could only check in for  first leg of flight. Told by BA Prague agent to ...

British Airways / not honouring a written commitment

Noddy Noddy on Aug 7, 2017

As a Bronze Executive club member I received email a week before my flight on July 30th to reserve a seat on the flight to Helsinki from London on August 4th. My flight reservation no was KSV99X. Using my executive club membership 60504136 I changed my seat to an Aisle and duly received...

British Airways / delayed/ lost baggage

Klaudia2407 on Aug 5, 2017

Dear Customer Service, I was recently (2nd of August) traveling from London Heathrow to Miami for my holiday, and I must say that until now this is the worst experience ever and it is taking away all my joy from my holiday. Starting from the beginning, I arrived to the Heathrow airport at...

British Airways / wheelchair and other assistance on flights in the eu

kbscottripoll on May 16, 2017

Flight reservation: Q8YWF3. Passenger name: Mohammed Ismail Hassan Scott Date of travel: 29th May Disability assistance required - Down's Syndrome young adult I booked a return flight from London-Madrid after reading the information on the BA website about assisted travel. This is the section of...