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British Airways is by far the worst in customer service and is doing nothing to help those customers impacted by the Corona Virus. They refuse to offer flight changes to anybody without charging $300 in service fees to change the flight. I am traveling with elderly parents not in the best of health and a small child and the rest of my trip has been cancelled due to this outbreak. They do not care about their clients. Only their bottom line. They are offering $0 change fees currently to keep sales up because of drops caused by the outbreak but do not care about those who already paid who are traveling within that same time period. Their company is a joke and do not care and I encourage everyone to seek flights on any other airline than British airways.

cancellation of reservation and refund

My name is Jean Marc Grosfort
I was booked on a return flight from Doha on the 10th of december 2019- flight was changed for the 11th and confirmed by BA
but on the 11th Qatar airways refused to check me in as they said my reservation had been cancelled- in oder to fly back for a large meeting following day in London, Qatar airways asked me to buy a ticket ( same price than the return i already bought).
British airways confirmed that they cancelled (theyhad sent me a confirmation of my booking) and that i should be refunded.
HOWEVER till now i have received nothing. It is absolute shame and if i do not receive full compensation for the second ticket i had to purchase before the end of march i will have no alternative than to ask my lawyer to claim for the full ticket plus compensation for stress and unfair treatment.

BA alrerady all the file
booking refrence was RJ9BDJO
flight were LDN to Doha on the 7th of december 2019
return was on the 11th december 2019
return ticket bought from qatar airways was ETKT [protected]
Cost of ticket was Qar 19915.00

my ba ex membef is [protected]
my email address is jm.[protected]@yahoo.co.uk
Yours sincerely

gave us zero customer service

A friend purchased 4 tickets for us to travel to Germany in the summer of 2019 (JE3TJ5).  My husband and I were unable to travel due to medical reasons.  I submitted a medical form and was told that it was approved and a note was added to my booking to confirm that the money we spent could be used to rebook tickets.  The last email I received said that we needed to call by January 10, 2020 to rebook.

I started calling on January 8, 2020, and after staying on the line for over an hour, I was told they couldn't help me and to call customer support, which is only open from 9-1 Monday thru Friday.  Since it was already past that time, I had to wait to call customer support on the 9th.  Having to call during work hours, that call ended in not being able to help me because I didn't have all of the personal information of the friend who originally booked the flight.  I was told when we cancelled the original flight that the new booking (QC2XY4) would be specifically for us and everything prior would no longer be needed. By the time I got to a computer, pulled up the original information and was able to call back, the customer service office was closed even though it was only 12:50.
I called once again during work on January 10th, and after again waiting was transferred from the complaint department to customer service, where I was hung up on before I could speak.  I called back and was told I needed to be transferred to the complaint department.  When I told him that I had earlier been transferred to him from the complaint dept (I called the same number every time, not targeting a specific department besides customer service), he got extremely nasty and started shouting over anything I could say, and then hung up on me.
My husband then called on the same day (January 10th), also while at work and on hold for an hour, and was told that the booking was approved, got a confirmation number (MGQVPV), and said they would contact us within 3-5 days on the difference in flight costs.  When my husband called customer service back on January 17th, he was told that we didn't call by January 10th and we have lost all of the money we paid for our tickets, over $1300.
He called back the following day and was told to stop calling and they would send an email.
February 15th we received an email saying we needed to contact British Airways. My husband called the following day and was told we owed over $300 each to reserve our seats. My husband gave the person the credit card, which they were unable to process. He then gave them another card which they said went through. My husband called on February 24 and was told that since our case was so convoluted, we have been assigned to a special counsel that would get in touch with us. They have not gotten in touch with us, the money has not been deducted from our account, and I checked ticket prices and our exact flight is only $541, less than what we paid originally.
This entire experience has been a frustrating mess of wasted work time, being lied to, and dealing with people who seemingly have no idea what they're doing. We are 2 weeks out from our supposed flight date with no idea on whether we actually are booked or not. I am not paying any more for tickets that cost less than we already paid, and we have to make plans if we are actually flying or not. At this point, I do not even want to fly with British Airways and want the money we have paid refunded.

luggage extra charge.

Flight number: TXWY6P
My name: Souad Bejoud

I am writing to you to complain about the booking that I made with you.
I bought a flight ticket from Istanbul to London with checked luggage included. However when I arrived to Istanbul airport. British airways adviser told me that I have no checked luggage in the system. They made me pay for 2 luggages.
I Am not happy with what happened in the airport. So I would ask you to get me the full refund for the 2 luggages that British airways made me pay for them. And in my booking ticket it's said. Checked luggage included for both passengers.
The cost of the luggages was. $200.
Thank you.

luggage extra charge.

British Airways

british airways flights. rude, unprofessional ba staff.

So on 31/12/18, I booked a holiday to the Dominican Republic for 27/06/19 - 11/07/19. We were travelling from...

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british airways flight 289 may 14th, 2019

We purchased premium economy which was expensive. The flight home on British Air was worse than standard. We...

terrible service, no phone contact numbers ba lounge, terrible security, wallet stolen as a result

Dear sir, I checked in at business check in for my BA flight to Luxembourg around 1pm Feb 27 terminal 3, I...

cabin crew and seat assignment

I was travelling on flight BA1487 Glasgow to London Healthrow. Feb 24. Muslim women occupied three quarters of this flight. It was an extremely large group traveling. They refused to listen to stewards when taxiing to sit down or when asked numerous times how many bags they had with yellow tags they refused to answer - all delaying take off. When landed some said to me that the were just going to climb over my hand luggage (which contained a china Belleek vase) to get to where their cases were. I told them to sit down that the plane was not going anywhere and that the needed to wait. It was causing a major disruption on the plane. They then passed cases over the heads of the other passengers demanding to get to their luggage. The situation in my eyes was dangerous and Terry the Steward did nothing to help. Next there was mechanical issues with the door so we had to wait 20/25 mins on stairs to disembark. I left the plane at 2:45 and my next flight was leaving at 3;30. I was told to run as the gate closed at 3.10 and needed to take a train. Finally as the next flight was slightly late I made it. This was BA269 London to Phoenix. Eleven hours and 20 min flight. My seat did not recline. It had to be done manually by removing the cusion each time by stewardess. If I needed it upright to eat/land etc the had to remove the cusion again. My seat number was 29D. Such an inconvenience to a long flight. My family travel regularly from Phoenix to UK and always British Airways. This was a dreadful experience and I was traveling alone. I was so shaken after the first flight and having no support from steward that Im looking for some sort of refund/compensation.

airline tickets

I made reservations in business for two for travel from Chicago to Nairobi for July 25 2019 with British...

registering for seats 24 hours before flight

This evening at 9.05 pm January 5 th I attempted to register seAts on line Our reference with BA is UR4G1X...

various complaints

ON Nov 29th, myself and 2 companions went on a trip to South Africa starting at JFK. The first issues arose at JFK when my AA number and one world status was not in the system even though I had added it the website information and confirmed it before leaving. That was thankfully resolved well however the issues with your website cont. on the connecting flight through Heathrow BA 178. One of my traveling companions is allergic to gluten and had requested (also confirmed before the flight) that her meal option was selected. When on the plane she was notified that they did not have anything requested for her. So she was left with eating a fruit cup and water on a 7 hour flight that took off at 8am. When we reached Heathrow and complained so that she could get her gluten free meal for the next flight which was to be 11 and half hours to Cape Town the only thing they did was make sure that on the return flights she had her meals. It wasn't until I intervened that they even thought to give her vouchers to get something at the airport (selections were minimal but at least she would not go 24hrs without eating). BA should have offered this instead of me having to keep asking if their was anything else they could do and on the 3rd try actually come up with something.
The third issue occurred on flight BA59. The 747 was an older version and my companion sitting next to me did not have her entertainment system working after it was rebooted. There were other seats available that they could have changed her to but all they said was sorry, its an old plane and there is nothing we can do about it. She spent 11 and half hours with a blank screen while everyone around her was watching movies and TV shows.

The fourth issue was when taking a domestic BA flight on Dec. 2 from Cape Town to South Africa. First my companions were not able to check in with me on the priority lane even though they had everywhere else. Then when one of my companions did check in they were asked if they had any medical issues. Having not travelled internationally very often she divulged that information which is private and should never be asked. Even the agent next to her look at her oddly. Once the medical information was divulged the agent acted like she had leprosy or something and would avoid getting close to her at all costs even though what she mentioned was not contagious at all. It made her feel discriminated in so many ways.
I am a world traveler and have never been asked this or treated with such disrespect. As a One World Emerald member I expected more from BA than the treatment we received. I have flown other partners including AA which is where my status originates from and i have never seen this.

Honestly i expected more from BA and it makes me thing twice about taking a flight operated by you. I hope that this helps mitigate some of the issues we encountered for future passengers.

  • Aryan Russ Sep 28, 2019

    The complaint regarding the flight along with request on reimbursemnet of the defined sum shall be submitted to the air carrier as follows in minimum:
    - air carrier name, address
    - passenger name address contacts
    - PNR / eticect
    - defined reason of reimbursment
    - the sum of the reimbursement

    The air carrier shall reimburse within 10 days, which usually air carriers do not do.
    The rest dispute shall be continue in the court.

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british airways

Big disgrace this company:

- flight was delayed
- airplane is completely outdated, poor entertainment service, poor chairs, lack of space
- food on the flight was horrible
- ordered and paid extra meal was not on the flight
- they lost my wallet
- customer service is very arrogant and unhelpful

By far the worst airline. Even a budget airline do better.

baggage damage

I flew recently with british airways and my suitcase got damaged so I can't use it again. Ba says it's normaly wear & tear. So avoid them at all costs. They mishandle suitcases and that's normal for them.

With 100+ flights a year I pretty much know what's normal wear and tear and a broken suticase is not. They hide behind their advisor "k2" which probably get a fee for any closed case where nothing is done.

I'm going to take this further and will take legal steps.
For now: avoid british airways!!!

luggage damage after landing in london

I bought a brand new suitcase for a trip using BA. The suitcase was damaged beyond repair.
I was told that I will be provided a suitcase losing 30% depreciation and not necessarily like for like.
I am really struggling with this as I plan to travel with BA during my retirement and if this is the case I will actually be out of pocket.
I would be most grateful if you confirm this as a fair and justifiable policy when I had genuinely bought a brand new case chosen after months of search to find a case that will serve the purpose. Thank you, Roya Parker

  • Complainant20091 Jun 19, 2018

    the British Airways carrier does not attend this board .
    No connection between unspecified sutecase and any carrier is seen fro such story (bag tag, e-ticket, PIR) .

    manager for ICAO/IATA irregulations mattes,
    e-mail: aryan(at)vivaldi.net, air.irregulations(at)asia.com - for requests for private claims

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air ticket I purchased

i purchased a ticket to go to nairobi, kenya, on 22nd june from Dublin by british airways and return on the 6th.the ticket was 602 per person, for three, i have not yet recieved any details of the flight in my email.i purchased it three to four days ago.my names are muusacda adjei .from ireland my email adress [protected]@gmail.com.my date of birth 20 april 1976.my flight is leaving dublin on 22nd at 7.30 to heathrow, and it arrives nairobi 9.00.leaves nairobi 6 july 11.35 and arrives 9.00.

hope to get a reply soon because i am very worried.

I was denied boarding

To whom, it may concern, I am writing to explain about my dissatisfaction with the British Airways /Air...

British Airways

unethical behaviour and loss on my part

I sent an email about my dissatisfaction with the British Airways since January 2018 but i got no response till date. i am highly disappointed, below is the email i sent months ago.

British Airways

2 Jan at 13:37

To whom it may concern
My Name is Cordelia Obolo and i booked a flight to Nigeria to see my family and attend my son's graduating ceremony, booking reference(TE32FB). My Flight (30 November 2017 @19:25) was meant to be from Manchester to London and then from London to Abuja. On getting to London, my flight from London to Abuja was cancelled and scheduled for the next day.

This cancelled flight made it impossible for me to attend my Son's ceremony on 1 December 2017, as if that was not enough, all of my four baggage (ABVBA31604) were not checked in with me. i waited at the Airport for several hours but all four baggages were missing. I could not attend my son's ceremony, my grandson also could not get his stuffs in my baggage which he ought to go to school with.

I had a very distasteful experience with British Airways, my cancelled flight caused me a lot, not only was my flight cancelled, i missed the important occasion i was suppose to attend.

After two days, i got a call to come collect my baggage, i found my bags in bad condition, one of my bags were opened and i could not find the souvenirs for the wedding i attended in the UK, lost 3 pairs of shoes, and right leg sandals, umbrellas and make up Kits, just six days ago, i realised i have lost more valuables than i thought.

This is the worst travelling experience i have ever had, even the few gifts i was given to give to a few people abroad were missing from my luggage.

I would hope that you take these complaints into consideration and that you would compensate me for inconvenience and my too many losses.

I believe that I am entitled to some form of compensation from the airline due to inconvenience this has caused me, missing the occasion I was meant to attend, tampered baggage, missing baggage, wasted hours and losing lots of valuables.

Date of Travel: November 30, 2017

Flight: BA1405 Manchester to London

London to Abuja (Cancelled FLIGHT)

I can be reached on my mobile ([protected] or [protected]@yahoo.com);
I would appreciate an update as soon as possible.

  • Updated by Cordelia.O · Mar 06, 2018

    Cancelled Flight, Delayed Baggage, missing items in luggage and baggage badly torn and ripped open, very unprofessional

  • Md
    MD Rashadul Islam Mar 06, 2018

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Booking ref 5YMEE5 we had no notification of our flight this week we did not know it was Cathay as it was ba flight number so 24 hours before we try to check in online and can't because we are referred to Cathay, as Cathay have 48hr check in there were no seats left and I spent a sleepless night worrying that we wouldn't get on the flight, In the end we sat by the toilets! We did not know it was Cathay and when I get home I will show you my copy which has at the bottom in the tinyest print cx0133S, I will be looking for compensation for this as neither Cathay nor ba reminded us of the impending flight online check in

  • Aryan Russ Sep 28, 2019

    If the author wants the compensation, the complaint regarding the delay of the flight or regarding the lack of the services on the international contract of the air carriage along with request on reimbursement, preferably of the defined sum, shall be submitted to the air carrier as follows:
    - air carrier name, address
    - passenger name address contacts
    - PNR of 6 signs or e-ticket number of 13 digits
    - events in the chronological order; I assume that the text of the public complaint match this condition partially
    - reason of reimbursment; I assume that the text of the public complint match this condition partially
    - the sum of the reimbursemnt or the other form of the reimbursemnt

    The air carrier shall reimburse within 10-15 days, which usually air carriers do not do.
    Each air carrier employ the lawyers.

    The subsmission of the complaint to the same addressee more than 2 times is useless.

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This is my 2nd trip to Amsterdam where luggage has been delayed. In late October 2017 and January 21. I fly...

1 comment Amsterdam Airlines

canceled flight and no rebooking

I received a notice that my flights got was cxld O6YQBS récord locator so I called BA and they said I had to...

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