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Rob dunlavey jammmmmmmmmmmm
August 31 at 12:07am · comment · like

Jessica lam that my nick name? i'm stopping by work tom night to stab stephen
August 31 at 12:31am · like

Rob dunlavey why
August 31 at 12:31am · like

Jessica lam to get some practice on stabbing people for flu shots
August 31 at 12:33am · like

Rob dunlavey oh I thought you meant with a knife
August 31 at 12:34am · like

Jessica lam lol no, I would never stab stephen he's too nice to stab
August 31 at 12:36am · like

Rob dunlavey our tripple s score is an 86.
August 31 at 12:38am · like

Jessica lam yeah eh. what's the plan? lol
August 31 at 12:39am · like

Rob dunlavey the 2 areas we want to improve are address people by name and wait time. the way we will do that is say peoples name 3 times at the register in the beginning middle and end. thank you mr/mrs _. wait time score will be increased by paging waiters when they are done multiple times and letting the rph know if there is a waiter.
August 31 at 12:40am · like

Jessica lam wow dude... that was pretty amazing.
August 31 at 12:41am · like

Rob dunlavey jam i'm pretty amazing. i'm like a diamond in the rough.
August 31 at 12:42am · like

Jessica lam haha. your a trooper especially after dealing with that lady...
August 31 at 12:47am · like

Rob dunlavey cohen? haha yeah ask lauren about her. there is some history. I told you. I have the patience of a god. hhaah
August 31 at 12:48am · like

Jessica lam haha seriously... I will but I won't see her for awhile. she's not working with us thursday anymore, sandra and her switched shifts.
August 31 at 12:50am · like

Rob dunlavey yeah she has to have the anesteeja tested on her? wait does that mean sandra is working at night?
August 31 at 12:52am · like

Jessica lam yeah you me john sandra and front store... I think... maybe we will have a decent night for once?
August 31 at 12:54am · like

Bang ly ryan cohen's mom?
August 31 at 12:55am · like

Rob dunlavey wow a terrible night turned into a decent sounding one,,,
August 31 at 12:55am · like

Rob dunlavey hahahah yes bang remember her?
August 31 at 12:56am · like

Jessica lam I don't even remember anymore... I just threw it to rob and was done with it because she wasn't even listening to me
August 31 at 12:56am · like

Rob dunlavey hahaha it was a pain in the # figuring out what the hell she wanted
August 31 at 12:58am · like

Jessica lam right?!?! because she wouldn't get off her damn cellphone...
August 31 at 12:59am · like

Rob dunlavey we should ban customers from using them while we are helping them :)
August 31 at 1:01am · like

Jessica lam i'm going to stop talking to patients if they're on the phone now... I did that at my old store. may have to start again
August 31 at 1:03am · like

Rob dunlavey I just interupt them while they are on the phone I don't wait. and if they ignore me I walk away. :d
August 31 at 1:05am · like

Jessica lam haha I did that too, and I keep repeating until they stop their conversation... its great.
August 31 at 1:07am · like

Rob dunlavey where did bang go. he like adds his 2 cents then walks away. he's probably talking on the phone.
August 31 at 1:08am · like

Jessica lam lol. he was creeping in on the conversation... bang we know your still reading this lol
August 31 at 1:09am · like

Rob dunlavey bang! show yourself!
August 31 at 1:13am · like

Jessica lam lol I totally lied about thursday... its not going to be us 4. that was for friday schedule... that's how tired I am!!!
August 31 at 9:31am · like

Bang ly haha u guys r facebooking tirelessly! just give cohen her albuterol vials and all her inhalers, she'll love u

Rob, how's sydney doing? (-:
August 31 at 11:28am · like

Rob dunlavey bang it wasnt even those. it was for her damn cefprozil. and sydney is at school! I havnt seen her for a while. you should go surprise her with a visit!
August 31 at 3:22pm · like

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