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I have a very important comment! The whole reason and purpose that I created an account on you tube is because Courtyard Marriott on Remount Rd. in Gastonia NC ***! Suck! ***! I was there on a trip with my fiancé and I was there for about 6 days. We traveled there on business. The day before I checked out of the hotel my fiancé hid my 3 very expensive rings in the room inside a black coffee cup on the sink. The most IMPORTANT of the 3 was a 5 thousand dollar diamond solitaire round cut with 6 prongs, a 1.11 carrot certified diamond, along with2 others. One of them was a blue topaz with diamonds all the way around the band and the other a blue sapphire heart shaped stone, both worth 1 thousand a piece. A grand total of estimated about $7, 000.00. My fiancé told me the rings were put away in the cup on the sink that night but when he told me I thought for some reason he put them away in my bag. Boy was I wrong. The next day we were driving back to our home town 13 hours away in Florida. I was sleeping in the car because of car sickness and woke up 10 hours into the trip back home. When I woke up I noticed my rings were not on my fingers, and that’s when we discovered that they were left behind. I was devastated!!! Right then, I knew I would never see them again. A diamond I had waited my whole life for gone. I of course immediately called the hotel and the women at the front desk "Jessica" a heavy set girl with extremely long dirty blonde hair told me to call back tomorrow. I begged her please please you have to help me and she said "mam, there’s nothing that can be done, if the rings were that precious you should not have left them." I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. So when I hung up with her I immediately called the police department and made a police report. I called the hotel back the next day and spoke with the manger whose name was "Del". Unfortunately I don’t have a description of him. He told me that it isn’t his department to call the head of house keeping. so I called her, (her name is Dana Grimes)and told her I was offering a 2, 000 dollar cash reward and also I would sign a legal document stating that no charges would be filed if she would just give them back. She told me to call back AGAIN at 430 to give her time to reveal who cleaned the room that day. I called back at 430 and she told me that the rings were not discovered and after she offered her 2 grand she still didn’t admit it. They absolutely would not give me any part of her name which was unlawful in my opinion because they leave a card with their name on it for all of the public to view on the freshly made bed in every room after she cleans it. And also told me that she is not authorized to tell me any information about her. The police, all they did was transfer me to different departments until I got through to Char gent West. When I spoke to him to he said they don’t take cases like this but I told him I am getting married in just a short period and I’m going to have to get married without a ring he told me he was going to call me back. Well he ACTUALLY did. He assigns the case to an investigator who is still currently working on the case today Aug. 29th 7 days later. Today she has still not gotten to speak with this maid. When she contacted Courtyard Marriott they were on the defense and very secretive and would only give her bits and pieces, such as the maids first name which is, "Joesphena". She informed me that they transferred her to Dana Grimes (the head of house keeping) and she told the detective that Joesphena suddenly WTHOUT GIVEING ANY NOTICE called her (Dana Grimes) and told her that she was taking vacation. She also found out that Joesphena had a 2nd job and is still today trying to get the info. For that job as well. They gave her a number to call of someone who could give her the missing pieces of the information such as, her last name, address and other, and that person still hasn’t returned her calls either. She told me yesterday Aug. 28th that if she has to she will arrest someone with a warrant to get the info she needs to proceed. The maid being on vacation all of a sudden tells me that she has already sold my rings. Which causes an overwhelming stressful upset in my gut feeling. I can’t believe that this woman whom I have never done anything to can steal 7 thousand dollars from me and get away with it. There have been cases for murder solved on circumstantial evidence alone so why isn’t there enough circumstantial evidence. I’m so angry with this hotel and especially with Joesphena. But besides all that I also very upset at the police enforcement officers for allowing this women permission to go back into to someone else's room to do the same thing. And when she does it again she will probably get caught and there will be justice done for that individual whom she stole from but will I ever see my rings again? NO! I have to get married without rings or cancel my wedding. Why does the law let this happen??


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  15th of Sep, 2008
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I would also like to add that I too do not recommend staying at a Courtyard by Marriott...I stayed at the down town San Diego California hotel last month with my sisters, and found a 125.00 charge on my credit card just a few days ago. I called the hotel to find out what this charge was since I had already paid my bill when I left, and they said it was for a smoking charge. I DO NOT SMOKE, nor do my sisters. I tried to dispute this with them, but they refused. I am so appalled that they can just make a erroneous charge to someone's credit card when they feel like it. I am currently fighting this charge with my credit card company.
  31st of May, 2010
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I would not recommend staying at the Courtyard Marriott in New Orleans On Julia Street. My room was across the street from a club. I could never get any sleep. When I went down to speak to the manager he all but told me to go to another hotel. I will never send anyone to that hotel. The parking garage was awful. They make you pay for parking but when you come in at night they have valet parking to others who do not have a reservation with their hotel. Every day I was mad with myself for staying there. I have never been to a hotel where the manager did not try to help you. New Orleans Courtyard by Marriott "SUCK"
  21st of Apr, 2011
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I and a friend stayed at your Marriott hotel in Meridian, Idaho for three days this week. We had two rooms on separate floors even though they were reserved at the same time months ago. At check-in we were told there would be a $20.00 charge for incidentals to a personal credit card and returned at check-out. The charges turned out to be $20.00 per room per night totaling $120.00. At check-out on Wednesday I was told the funds would be returned to my account that same day. They were not returned as promised. as of today (Thursday) the funds are still missing. The Courtyard by Marriott manager
(Brad) told me the charges were for training new staff and that they were returned on Wednesday. According to my bank on Thursday the charges were not deleted as I was told. This Marriott Inn deceived and lied to me. I can assure you I will never again stay in any Marriott Hotel or Inn and will do everything I can to make this deceptive practice known to everybody I can.
  21st of Apr, 2011
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Yes I do understand pamela complaint about the one in new Orleans. I had the same problem and I promise myself that I would never go back there. They should close it down because if it would not be for the customers they wouldn't be doing business at all. The manager don't care so why go there. As a big corporation they should try to help their customers so that they would want to come back.
  7th of Jul, 2011
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Wow, Missypissed that is by far the worst and definitely one of the few reasonable complaints I've heard against the hotel. I mean, yes you or at least your fiance, made a very regrettable mistake and obviously paid the price. Still, the hotel sounds as though they did not handle the situation with any class and it's terrible that they would obstruct your ability to investgate that way. I can't believe that someone would get away with something like that.

MadandAngry: The Courtyard on Julia Street is an extremely popular location because it is in the French Quarter, near all the bars and clubs. It's one block down from Bourbon St., which is world famous for it's wild partying. What did you think the manager was going to be able to do? Shut down the club? Why would you stay at a location so close to party central if you wanted something more peaceful? And finally, New Orleans really isn't the prime peaceful spot. You have to make allowances for location. And of course the Courtyard charges for parking in downtown NO. EVERY hotel does. And those that were not staying at the hotel had to pay EVEN MORE than you did for you valet parking. The manager can't help you with your own dumb decisions.
  16th of Aug, 2011
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Courtyard by Marriott - Viand Restaurant
Courtyard by Marriott
165 East Ontario
United States

If you visit the Viand Restaurant in this hotel, be advised of the cost of coffee before you order your meal. A very small cup will cost you $4.00 and the price is not on the menu..
  17th of Jun, 2014
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counrtyard in shanghai china is ### sucks too.strang and mean people. they do steal money,
  17th of Jun, 2014
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courtyard., all marriot hotels sucks
  17th of Jun, 2014
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it is impossible that the courtycard hotel doesnt have that maid's full information, how did they hired her at the first step? the police is agaisting the law by not taking care of your case seriously. they can definately find out the maid's family easily just from the hotel's information.i heard about north carolina's ppl are empty heads, but wow...
  21st of Mar, 2015
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I dont recommend the Marriot to anyone. They hit you with hidden fees that they don't tell you about and feed you with so many lies. If it wasn't for me checking my account I wouldn't have ever known they charged me $250 for a smoking fee that they never told us about nor had it in written authorization. I disputed but yet my bank let them get over on me when I told them the issue. When I called them about it they told us it was on the walls in the hallway and on the little card you keep to hold your room keys in. For one there was no policy all on no wall nor was it on the little card. Those were lies they told me just to get me off the phone. I hope every Marriot goes down cause they do some downright dirty things just to make their money. I think its only right if they let you know ahead of time that it is a fee but yet they don't do that
  23rd of Oct, 2017
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You do realize that Patriotic football fans are now beginning to boycott all NFL sponsors, including you, over this kneeling down during the National Anthem thing that is going on? These un-patriotic players are costing you money.

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