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bad service

I went to mariott in egypt cairo zamalik and i was asking for the prices of the rooms so the bell man and his maneger his name is hamdey tarek stoped me in the lobby to ask me about the egyptain president speach this happened on the 1 february 2011 11:30 pm so i refuse to anwser this question so they kept on asking me repeditly so i told him it was the same speech that he gave 2 days ago so the bell man shouted at me and the told me to get the *** out of the hotel puls he was waving at me as if he was going to hit me and all this situation happened infront of his manger mr hamdey tarah the bell man captin so i asked for the maneger 1000 times they told me there isn`t and when i told them i will send a complain on this situation the bell man and the captain bell man were lauthing to my face and they didn`t care, , , , , , this is not accepted at all to happen in the marriot the 5 stars hotel

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    Beatriz smith May 06, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I happened to be vacationing at jw Marriott in Orlando at a conference . My server senia from banquets was so rude and denied me a cup of coffee. And to top it all off she couldn't communicate with me. What kind of people works there someone check it out!

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Liza ban on tweeter (and myspace) and John G claims to be recuiting officers for marriott hotel in ottawa are fraudsters. Job applicants particularly Africans should be careful in parting with valuables. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

  • Zy
    Zybola Feb 08, 2011
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    Verified customer

    they even use the following email addresses: [email protected]; lizaban ([email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
    They also have the following names on thier list as cohorts: Dr John brown; Mr peter Gaicomini; Liza ban; John G

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  • Zy
    Zybola Feb 08, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Liza ban on tweeter (and myspace) and John G both claims to be recruiting officers for marriott hotel in ottawa are fraudsters. Job applicants particularly Africans should be very careful in parting with valuables. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

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treatment of employees

My spouse is a Marriott employee and currently works at their new regional sales office called the "ONE"...

job offer for money

Dear all,
I got this mail plz read it n proove that its no fake.

Marriott Hotel <career.[protected]> Fri, Dec 24, 2010 at 9:23 AM
Reply | Reply to all | Forward | Print | Delete | Show original
Dear Applicant,
Your CV/Updated Resume has been reviewed by our
Employment Relations board which Qualifications and your
Resume were found Interesting and suitable for working with our hotel.
Find attached online Interview and Job Application form
to printout, dully fill with pen and scan back to us with scan copies
of your Educational certificate, Identification card,
Job Experience Certificate[if any] and International passport via
Email as soon as Possible for screening.Kindly read carefully
the attached document before sending your answers for our Kind Perusal.

A very attractive net salary paid in Pounds Sterling.
Quality single or family housing accommodation in company community
and free feeding.
Free medical/dental care for employee and family
Excellent educational assistance benefits with family status employment.
Full access to some of the finest and social recreational facilities
Reimbursement of Visa processing fee on joining
Free to and fro Travel Ticket

*NOTE THAT: Shortlisted candidates will responsible for His/Her Visa
expenses and we shall apply Visa on your behalf by sending
all documents required for Two years Work permit visa application to
British High Commission in your Country for visa processing


Manager_ 4, 560pounds
Accountant__ 3, 200Pounds
Chefs__ 3, 000Pounds
CLEANER__ 2, 500Pounds
Computer Operators __ 3, 000Pounds
Deputy Manager __ 4, 000Pounds
Drivers __ 2, 500Pounds
Medical Attendant __3, 500Pounds
Receptionist __ 2, 500Pounds
Reservation Desk __ 3, 000Pounds
Sales in the Bar __ 3, 000pounds
Security __ 2, 500Pounds
Engineer __4, 000pounds
computer engineer __ 3, 500pounds
Waiter__2, 800Pounds
Steward_ 2, 800pounds
Administrative Manager__ 4, 560pounds
Sales Executive...3, 500POUNDS
Accounts Executive _ 3, 500pounds
Cook _ 2, 800Pounds
Front office _3, 000Pounds Etc.

Your age must be 20years and above* Generally your education must be
minimum secondary education.
Must be reliable and trustworthy* Must be law-abiding and adhere
strictly to the Rules and regulations
guiding the operations of the Hotel *Those seeking for higher position
such as Human Resource Manager, Manager/Assistant Manager. must have obtained qualification and work
experiences which should be relevant
to the position being Sort for.FRESHER can also apply.
Thanking you,
Mr.Joseph Weaver
Bath Road Harlington, Hayes, UB35AN,
London United Kingdom
+[protected] /+[protected]

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job offer for money

racial sterotyping

I had an incident when i was in the process of purchasing an Presidential suite for an New years eve party on the 31 st of december.I was approached by security and asked to leave because i fit an description;i aksed him what did he mean and told him i was a paying customer.He then stated he had to call the police a few times on someone that look like me;i let him know i knew he was lying because i had been going there the last few days to make sure i'm getting a good deal for $1200.00 plus tax of my hard earned money.When i ask to speak to a manager he started yelling trying to make a scene saying he was calling the atlanta police dept;i told him to go ahead because i wasn't leaving until he got me a manager;of course he didn't call the police or get me an manager.Then i was approached by the head of security named rick who stated he was the manager, boldly lying to my face because he had forgotten i had talk to him previously about the suite and the sales team.He promptly begged me not to make an complaint saying he would lose his job.I expressed how upset i was to be stereotyped as an trouble making thug that "Fit the description"...The political way of saying i don't belong there.I'm an Young actor who just shot an film in atlanta called "Dangerous Friends" for B.Curry productions.I'm filming again in january for a new movie also;I can afford a measley $1200.00 plus tax to have a good time with friends and family.I will be Filing a law suit A.S.A.P...I will also let the media and my celebrity friends know about the incident.I'm seeking full compensation for this embarrassing incident.My fone number is [protected]/[protected].I couldn't believe how security approached me in front of these guest.I'm a four year veteran of the U.S. Army and don't appreciate these freaking cowards who would not server there country treating my like a lower class criminal type.I will seek compensation;no matter what i have to do;I'm 5'9 and stand tall.

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poor customer service

I just want people to know that the Marriott in deerfield has such terrible customer service. The room rate...

horrible service

My brother stayed at this property October 10th 2010. I work for a Residence Inn By Marriott, therefore he...

i've paid for visa fees 750pounds

hello sir, im Arun Perto from india.i got an offer letter from marriott heathrow hotel, london and i was asked to pay for the visa fees 750 pounds and i paid the the person again asking 1600pounds for getting anti-terriost, vaccintion card etc.please let me soon whether the appointement letter is genuine or fake.if fake please hepl me to get back my money.i've attached all the proofs...please reply soon.
please mail me arun.[protected]

Dear Applicant,
This is an Affirmation that your experiences and qualifications were found suitably qualified for
the requirements of London Marriott Heathrow Hotel, United Kingdom.The attached document embodies the
approved Terms for the purpose of this contract. Now, you have to contact the Diplomatic personnel appointed
by The British High Commission India with the copy of appointment letter attach below for the procurement of
your Valid Visa and work residence permit papers as we are having a contract agreement with them for easiest
acquisition of our employees necessary valid traveling document.Now, you have to contact the Diplomat for
acquisition of your Visa, work/residence permit papers which will empower you to live and work in United Kingdom
also sign the Contract agreement and send a copy to him.Note that you must inform him that you got the below
attach appointment letter from us.

British High Commission, New Delhi, India.
Phone: [protected]
Email: stag.[protected]

He will process our expatriates valid travel papers from India UK Embassy New Delhi.We have send all
document required for your two years work permit visa processing to New Delhi British High Commission for Visa
Application. This diplomat was appointed by the British High Commission to process our selected candidate's
visa in India to avoid refusal or denial of Visa/ Permits by the Authority.We urge you to comply and cooperate with
him so as to enable you get your Valid UK Employment Visa.Note that you are to bear your travel documents
processing expenses upfront to prove your seriousness and commitment to work with our reputable organization.
We shall proceed with by securing your accommodation here in UK at the company's staff apartment, book your
flight ticket and transfer to you as soon as your visa is stamped.
Also remember that any Expenses you make on the process of registering your documents shall be refunded
back to you on joining as you submit your expenses report.Be informed that once the process is completed your
hard copies of appointment letter/contract agreement will be delivered to you via DHL Courier Service.
We look forward to receive your signed copy of the Contract agreement for our confirmation to your acceptance of‚our
Job Offer with the term and conditions therein.Contact the Diplomat immediately to start visa processing because you have to
resume in office on 1st of November 2010 [01/11/2010].Update us with the process between you and the Diplomat in case of advice
where necessary.
Looking Forward to see you soon,
Mr.Joseph Weaver
Bath Road Harlington, Hayes, UB35AN,
London United Kingdom
+[protected] /+[protected]

i've paid for visa fees 750pounds
i've paid for visa fees 750pounds
i've paid for visa fees 750pounds
i've paid for visa fees 750pounds

  • Jh
    jhondavid Apr 25, 2011

    h9i people, i have got a job proposal from the same hotel, just help me.. shall i go or not? i am out from a middle class cant take risk

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  • Sa
    samresh Jul 05, 2011

    ya its tru my brother too got a mail from this site ...its totally fake seems to be./...i have also contacted tyhe respective persons they asked him to contact as soon as possible...

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job offer

Dear Sir, i got this mail from this sender when i send resume against the previous mail. please help me to...


It's our 10th anniversary, so we decided to treat us a nice gateaway to J.W. Marriott at Desert Springs. I got on the phone with their 1800 reservation line and experienced a complete un-Marriott like experience. Both my husband and I are Marriot Rewards Program members and we've been with Marriott for years. So this really came to a surprise to us. The lady on the phone was rude from the beginning. She suggested that I could go online and find all the informaiton I was asking from her. When she was done making the reservations, I realized she was booking for the completely wrong dates and corrected her. She insisted that those were the dates that I told her about (well, I think I would know when MY anniversary was, not her!) and started arguing with me. When she finally corrected the reservation, I asked her to repeat the info back to me (just to make sure she wasn't messing around with my anniversary gateaway7) -- she told me to check my email and refused to repeat the info. I know that this may seem nothing to a lot of people, however I had much higher expectations from Marriott. At least over the years we always had great experiences with them. Is this just a fluke that's caused by this individual, or is Marriott going downhill? I"d like to hear from other people.

  • Ke
    Kenneth E Martin Oct 19, 2010

    I also am a Gold Elite member who has complaints about Marriot and their staffing of Hotels under Marriot name. I work for a Federal Government Agency and always chose to stay in Marriot when possible. This trip our business takes us to Sierra Vista, Arizona TownePlace Suites where one they refused us Government rate but gave rate to others staying in hotel. Two we asked them to extend our reservation several days before our check-out and never received a reply either by email or by message to our rooms. Tonight after a long days work we arrive back at the TownPlace Suites in Sierra Vista, Arizona walk in past the front desk without a hello or messgae left in room. My partner thought it wise to check our extension to find they have none. Why would they not tell us till now? I have never been so frustrated with Marriot Hotels in my Career as tonight! Then they tell us to check in the morning... Well that makes for a good night sleep doesn't it? Marriot TownsPlace in Sierra Vista will never see me or the 12 other government employees that work our Team ever again! Hell I may just cut the Gold Card in peices tonight while the mood is right...

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  • Bo
    Bobby Perdue Jul 17, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have received two emails with hotel confirmation numbers that were not mine..both to Houston Westchase Marriott. Trying to respond to the 800 numbers took much time and then was told there was nothing they could do as the confirmation numbers were not correct. I tried contacting the Houston hotel and kept getting busy signals on both their
    regular number and fax number. The numbers were correct so I can only assume this is a nationwide scam via the internet.

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confirm appointment letter true or false

I got a mail from hotel marriott residence on 5 auguest, 10 for the job opening in there various department...

unreasonable termination

I am writing this to complaint about my recent association with the company I was employed with and that I...


My daughter stayed her in July 2010 on a school trip. When she was on the bus to come home she realized she...

pool mouse and horrible customer service

Courtyard by Marriot 1782 Tribute Rd Sacramento, Ca July 14 and 15th Stay I stayed there for 3 nights, One...

ants in hotel bed

Back in march, our family traveled to Florida on business. We arrived at the Marriott Courtyard, Aventura...

personal injury

My name is Orlando Irizarry, SFC with the US Army for the last 19 years. On May 2010 I and my family decided...

horrible service

Worst stay ever-Courtyard Marriott Marina del Rey, CA. I am still in the midst of the worst hotel stay of my life. I have left msgs. for both the front desk mgr. and the general manager Victor Randall about my complaints/concerns, and NO ONE has contacted me back. My room is ice cold even with the heat cranked up high-I had asked for a king and got a double so I'm lucky to have extra blankets taken from the other bed! The tub doesn't drain, the faucet leaks, and worst of all, the showerhead isn't tightened and sprayed out and got the entire bathroom and towels wet. Ive spent as little time here as possible, but due to the issues, have slept very poorly!! My room wasn't cleaned-i guess because I had to sleep in the other morning as I was freezing! The front desk has not been either friendly or responsive in the least. I just stayed at a Marriott Courtyard in Seattle in Oct/Nov, and it was nowhere near as bad as this place. I'm writing several bad reviews on multiple travel and review websites, and I will also be pursuing a full refund for this stay and with my bank! I guess since I booked it through Priceline it will be more of a challenge, but this place has made my trip horrible!!! I am so upset and unhappy! No one, even if they book with a discount, as I'm sure that most of the guests have given the state and disrepair of this property, should be treated so poorly. I will be writing letters to the corporate office, Priceline, my bank, and the BBB, as well as potentially taking further action if warranted. I'm sure this email will also be ignored, but I will be taking all of the actions as described above. I have one more night in this hellhole and then I promise you I will make sure every possible consumer watch site, hotel review, travel site, yelp, citysearch, etc... hears about my stay. It would be nice if someone here gave a crap about their job and one of the managers would call me back or the front desk people actually responded to my complaints and offered solutions. I am so angry and disgusted, as well as exhausted from insomnia being uncomfortable and miserable.

coutryard marriott village rolando

I feel the responsiblilty to describe the terrible situation about a girl who had a real nightmare instead of what supposed to be a great holiday.I saw a girl in a wheelchair who almost fainted in a restaurant close to the marriott village. I asked her why she was in so much pain. I suggested her to bring her back to the hotel because the two girls didn't had a car anymore. They had a hummer but the friend of girl left already and she had to stay because she was not able to fly. When I asked her how this could happen she told me everything. NEVER HEARD SOMETING LIKE THIS BEFORE> WHAT a NIGHTMARE.She started to cry and told me that she had an accident in the courtyard marriott village. She was allready in wheelchair because of a complication in surgery (spinal cord injury). So this was already quite something. She stayed in this hotel for many times before. Had a room 1123 with roll in shower. March 11 while she was taking her shower, she heard a very hard crack and a part of the wall including part of the seat came down. I copied her pictures because I was interesting in this story. She felt and hurt her head, hip, her toenail felt of after a few days and last but not least her fingers and whole arm were in very much pain and some kind of numbness. After this fall she was not able to ride her own wheelchair anymore. From this point her whole holiday was over (including her friends because they had to bring her everything sice she was not able to ride her own wheelchair anymore. She planned her holiday from the 1st till march 25th. She went to see a doctor in a walk inn clinic in Lake Buena Vista. He advised her a Mri and see a specialist. She wanted to go home but her tickets were not flexible so had to stay. Her pain started to get worse and worse every day. The day i saw her, her pain was unbearable you could tell. She went to see a doctor again and he advised her a Mri and gave her a drug called dilauded (hydromorphine) because the pain was so severe. She even didn't sleep since that fall. So she was also very very exhausted. She had the Mri and the outcome was not very well. Some severy injuries. I can't be specific because I don't know if this will end up in a lawsuit or that marriott international will take care of this in very decent way. This is not all. I almost couldn't believe what see told me next: at march 25th the day she was to fly home but had to stay because she was so severe injured and in so much pain she first needed further treatment in the jewett clinic, she was going to the toilet in that same bathroom 1123, she felt again because the bar came down from the wall.. They blamed it in her because she grapped the towelbar. I went with her to this room. There was nothing to blame on her. The construction was totally rotten ( got pictures from this) and it was on the wrong place. The towelbar was hanging above the normal grapbar and since the towels were hanging over the other bar nobody was able to grap himself to the other bar (was hidden under the towels. You would always grap the bar above also when you would slip or something. Blame it on you Marriott.Very good clinic the jewett btw. She needed treatment and was not allowed to fly untill she had the treatment. She had to stay till at least april 9th. When she came back from the clinic she talked to the general manager again and til him that she had to stay at least untill that date and that she and the marriott had quite a situation here. He told her that she could only stay untill that sunday the 2th, after that he was fully booked. Since iám a elite reward member of marriott I really couldn't believe my ears. I just looked on the internet at hotelscombined and marriottsite itself but there was still availiblity after that sunday. So he was not telling the truth. How could he, she was allready exhausted and anxious about the whole situation. the pain was unbearable and due to this hotel and they treath her like this??? The only offer he had btw was that they could have a free breakfast and 3 nights for free. After she told him that this was not fair because she doesn't want to stay but because of her injuries was not able and even not allowed because she didn't get a fit to fly from the doctors. After this conversation he told her that she could stay for free till that sunday. How is this all possible?? The manager even told her that he was told by marriott international to do nothing for her because of possible claim or lawsuit. THIS IS NOT HUMAN MARRIOTT!! She even had to pay for the the ibuprofen, one of her friends had to stay with her because she even couldn't go to toilet at her own. The manager promised her that they would bring her friend to the supermarket if she needed groceries. Later on he told that could not do that, this was only of she was staying there alone without company. The car was back to alamo, because the friend had to leave, only one could stay. So they had to take a taxi. Her creditcard was declined of all the medical cost so I suggested to pay for the rest of her stay since I felt so involved and felt so sorry for those girls. She didn't want it...The clinic also told her that marriott had to take care for her medical bills and told her even ""don't let the hotel get away with this.She also asked if it was possible that the hotel would provide her diner. But they told her that she could get a reduction and that's all. Wow, how rude they were responsible for everything. I advised her strongly to leave this hotel after all this lies and not humane behaviour to go to another hotel right away. So I arranged that for her. They should pamper her after all this. Iám traveling for bussines all over the world. Iám a MD myself so I also saw the films which looked not so good. Also a marriott elite reward member. I consider not staying again in any Marriot again. My partners were also shocked about al this. I contacted fox television miss Woolbright will you please contect me again? about this horrific story, I got all the information and pictures you need. Iám very convinced that we must do everything to help this girl and let marriott not get away with this.The girl tried to settle with the hotel. In my opininion she is to soft agains marriott and the general manager. She must sew them. The general manager told her after she visited the jewett clinic he would contact the claim adjuster that same day and that he would contact her again. She didn't hear a thing. She was so concerned and anxious that they would kick her out after that sunday that was making the the situation much more serious. She even had to pay for the ibuprofen they provided her. She also had a prescription from the jewett clinic. Her friend was not able to get (no car)it so asked the hotel. She needed them asap but never happened because the costs were 180 usd. She was not able to pay for it anymore. I want to make 1 point very clear: this is my first review ever. But this is the most terrible situation I ever saw in my whole life! Sue and Michael Anderson from grand rapids michigan please contact me and reactions from ather people who wanna show sympathy are more than welcome to contact me. At the moment Iám back in Finnland but will be back in Florida next week. Marriott: don't you feel anything? no humane feelings? You could at least offer her and her friends a whole new holiday including car, tickets and everything for 25 days. I can't blame that she never ever want to stay in this hellhotel again, but you could offer her at least a stay in the JW where I stay most of the times or the biggest marriott. You really have to do something and pamper her after she is a little bit better. Off course there will be a claim or lawsuit because of the injuries and all the expenses and don't forget about your horrible treatment! But you can offer her a new holiday, this got nothing to do with a claim or lawsuit...NOTHING JUST SHOWING SYMPATHY AND THAT YOY ARE FEELING EMBARRASSED ABOUT THIS WHOLE SITUATION. This is the least you can do. I was not staying is this hotel but in the JW. BTW: this young woman is a light weight (

no cancellation policy

I'd like to help folks understand that booking online for this hotel through can lead to a reservation that cannot be cancelled. While I expect that through travel consolidation sites such as Expedia or Travelocity, I did not expect that to happen when I booked directly through When I called and asked for a reconsideration of this policy, both the hotel and a national supervisor refused. I will not book again with Marriott if I can help it. I should be grateful if Bethesda Marriott Suites were to refund the money they've already charged me.

  • Ri
    Rick Aug 10, 2009

    I'd like to help folks understand that booking online for this hotel through can lead to a reservation that cannot be cancelled. While I expect that through travel consolidation sites such as Expedia or Travelocity, I did not expect that to happen when I booked directly through When I called and asked for a reconsideration of this policy, both the hotel and a national supervisor refused. I will not book again with Marriott if I can help it. I should be grateful if Bethesda Marriott Suites were to refund the money they've already charged me.

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  • I guess you booked a non-refundable room which is usually less than the "regular" rate... There is a reason it costs less money - because it comes with restrictions. I can't really blame them for non refunding the money as you agreed to it when you booked the room on their website. Sorry.

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We booked a stay at the courtyard marriott under On christmas day my daughter cut her finger, since the hotel had no notions store on any vending machines I set he to the reception desk for a band aid. The maintenan man or engineering told her that "the hotel had no responsibility to give her a bandaid". When my daughter said she would buy one he said they didn't have to sell her one. Under ths circumstance my daughter suggested that it might be wise to have first aid kits for sell. Then the reception desk person said they had some but they were sold out. Finally as she stood there with a bloody finger the gave her a band aid. Since it was christmas and the nearest convenience store two blocks away was closed I found the whole thing a little stupid. It was one band aid for god's sake not brain surgery.

Also, the hotel had a virtually nonexistent restaurant that was only open for breakfast - no room service - and the minimum was limited as well as expensive. All in all I would give the courtyard marriott on julia street a d +.

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