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Marriott Residence Innemployee complaint-guest relations

On march 11, 2009 I attempted to stay at your residence inn marriott in white plains, westchester county, and was treated extremely rude upon my check-in by your front desk clerk, eddie.

I have traveled to white plains new york seven times per year over the last three years. Each time I have visited white plains I had a pleasant experience. This trip I was extremely displeased by the front desk clerk's rudeness when I arrived. First, when I arrived there was a line of customers waiting. The clerk eddie, was chatting with one of the other employees. He was chatting loudly enough that we could hear the conversation was personal regarding his new motorcycle and vehicle. This conversation extended at least ten minutes, even though there were several customers waiting to be assisted. When it was my turn to be assisted, eddie did not welcome me to the hotel, nor did he use any courtesies such as please and thank you. He scowled, appeared irritated that he had to assist me.

I do intend to contact the better business bureau to file a complaint. As a former chicago downtown marriott employee from 1991-1994 I truly understand the "marriott way," of professionalism, courteousness, and ultimate guest satisfaction. Eddie (front desk) should be seriously reprimanded for his rude demeanor, attitude, and unprofessionalism.

Now that you understand my experience, I am sure you understand why I am upset about my recent attempted stay at your hotel. I will not stay at your hotel when I travel, and I will book my reservations with an alternate location, since I am a priority rewards (hotel) member since 2006.


Vashon mcintyre

Cc: jim vahajii-food & beverage director chicago downtown marriott
Stephen g. Marriott-vice president


  • Va
    VASHON MCINTYRE May 18, 2009


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  • Bo
    BobLandess May 18, 2009

    Cool it with the all caps. It makes it hard to read and is considered to be the online equivalent to shouting and why would you want to yell at any of us.

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  • Jo
    JOSHROBERT Jun 24, 2009

    This person is an idiot. Eddie is nothing but professional at the White Plains Marriott.

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  • No
    novasteve77 Aug 28, 2010

    Marriott Tharaldson Hotel Inc WORST COMPANY EVER!!!...The company is being SUED because Gary Tharaldson STOLE $500 million out of the ESOP Employee stock plan!!! GM at the BEDFORD TX Town place suites is an idiot, starts a Hostile work environment and LIES to employees and guest!!!

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  • Sa
    sailor moon Feb 20, 2011

    Well since this I see Ressidence Inn Mariott is not only rude with the guess is rude to the employes too because the just trust people they don't know how to do their job but is really good to make problems bewteen the employes for example : leads should learn how to treat the housekeepers if they have something missing on the room or something she will dress it with the housekeeper not with the other ones why they have to do this if they don't know how to do their job

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  • Here it is in a nut shell, We planned to have a local vacation at yonkers raceway with me and my fiance. So quite natural when given a choice to choose a hotel we choose the Marriott first. we decided on getting a suite at the residence inn. we had planned on just bringing up some food and wanted to go to yonkers casino. The only way we could afford to stay at the marriott is to make a reservation, because of high pricing and reservations discounted. I know that I'm not alone and this happens to many people who miss calling to cancel an appointment the reason why it's unfair to keep money for a room that has not been used is because the only way for lower income people to afford there rates in this time of economics is through reservations, so why should Marriot rob a low income customers that patronize there business, that's an oxymoron today because of the economy people are planning more local vacations. So there policy has to be more friendly towards people who really can't afford there rates is it that there bellies are getting to big to fit behind desk and it prohibits them from seeing the real needs of the people in the community.


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