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U.S Passports & International Travel Customer Service

United States

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U.S Passports & International Travel Complaints & Reviews

U.S Passports & International Travel / a worthless system. to many people, all unqualified.

Carlos Martinez Lopez on Jun 11, 2018

I have been with out a passport for the last 4 month, applied for renewal on March 12, Today we have 6 day to our international departure flights for my two daughters and I. Today I finally found the issue why they have not issue a passport on my name. Their system show I was dead. I went...

U.S Passports & International Travel / renewal of passport

Eriberry on Jul 27, 2017

I was not given the correct information about renewing my passport due to a name change. The Passport Office in Manhattan gave me different information than what I received when I called up the Passport Agency. For the past four months I received different information from representative...

US Passport Agency / non receipt of us passport even after lapse of whole 6 months

nbellraj on Sep 30, 2015

When I am become citizen of US, they clearly told that children below 18 years are also become citizen and no need to undergo naturalization and also advice us to apply for US passport. Accordingly I applied for my son’s passport when he was studying at High school. After the three month they...

US Passport Agency / new passport

Reviewer92181 on Sep 14, 2015

On June 15, 2015 I was at the post office to give in everything I was requested to in order to get my passport within 4 to 6 weeks. Today is now 9/14/2015 and I still have not received my passport to date. I was notified that they needed more information from me back in august. Which I...

US Passport Agency / disabled daughter denied passport

Reviewer67661 on Sep 11, 2015

My daughter received a passport at 16. It was a childrens passport so only good for 5 years. She is a U.S. citizen and is now 25. I went to the office to apply for her "adult" passport. She has Down Syndrome and is in the lower functioning level. She could not understand and respond...

US Passport Agency / no passport

Rory Deal on Jul 24, 2014

Our family vacation came and went, and Alex could not attend because of the broken Passport Service. I appreciate all that you have done. I am however, very upset with the lack of customer service that our government provides that we as citizens are expected to pay for, and in the case did...

US Passport Agency / denied passport

ruspectmi on Jun 27, 2014

I applied for my passport in the beginning of March 2014. I had an out of state license that expired and had to get a CA license. They issued me a paper temporary license. The lady at the agency took a copy of the front and back of both forms of ID as well as my original birth certificate...

US Passport Agency / delay in passport processing

Kbwendel on Jan 14, 2013

we planned a trip to leave on christmas day for a trip to USVI and British VI for 10 days (with 14 others) and needed 4 out of 5 of our passports renewed. We made an appt for 12/17 and went to the agency in phila to have it processed. Because my one daughter was under 16, she needed an...

US Passport Agency / paid, passport never received, missed trip

Vixi1111 on Apr 3, 2012

Sent my passport MONTHS in advance before my travel for extra visa pages. Because I live overseas, they said they would send the processed passport to my mother's address 8my emergency contact). But, the passport NEVER arrived. I called many times over the course of a month up until...

US Passport Agency / poor expediting service

jeremy brown1991 on Mar 7, 2011

I have applied for my passport on feb. 16, 2011. After I finalized my travel date and still haven't received my passport I decided to expedite it (which takes "2-3" weeks) only because the CSR at the passport agency assured me I would have it by Friday, March 4, 2011. Now it is march...

US Passport Agency / birth certificate not enough proof of us citizenship


While the US passport agency and all of their information says that an original state birth certificate is enough to get a passport, it seems that the rules have changed. I am now having to prove that my son was born in the US, even though his birth certificate clearly states it, because...

US Passport Agency / there treating me like a terrorist

I ordered my passport at the US Post office, expedited service in March of 2009. I provided my driver license and my birth certificate as required on the form along with a copy of my driver license. A month later I received a letter asking me to provide 5 other documents proving my...

US Passport Agency / passport expedited, still not received!

I applied for my passport on June 25 and they told me I would receive it in 2 weeks since I expedited it and paid for overnight express mail. I am supposed to leave on Tuesday July 17th to Italy and they told me it is still processing and there is nothing they can do it is up to the agency...

US Passport Agency / us passport agency has the worse service!!!

I applied for two passports for my kids in March/07. It is now July 07 and I am flying in 7 days to Ecuador. Why does the Government makes this rules and policies that it will arrive in 10-12 weeks if its taking them so long to processed. They need to stop funding the War and start paying...

US Passport Agency / web site is a joke! terrible service!

I became victim like so many people due to underestimation of government regarding passport applications. They new what is going to happened ones when they decide to ask for passport for travel to Canada or Mexico via airplane which they dropped last week due to mess they created. Now here...

US Passport Agency / passport not here in time!

Like many others, I think the passport agency is doing a horrible job. Me and my fiance applied Feb. 23rd for our passports at our local post office. At that time, we were told it would take 6-8 weeks to get our passports. We had scheduled and paid for a week vacation in Mexico at the...

US Passport Agency / missed trip due to length of passport processing

I applied for a us passport on feb.15,2007 for a trip where i was to become engaged to my finance in cancun on may 15,2007 .at the time of applying i was told it would arrive in 6 to 8 weeks. Needless to say it has been almost 4 months i have not received it yet. After literal hours of...

US Passport Agency / thousands of dollars wasted because passport arrived late!

I submitted my application for a passport on March 2nd through my local passport agency. After being told it would take approximately 6 weeks to get back, I sit here devastated more than 12 weeks later. The passport 'might' arrive the day of my departure which does me...

US Passport Agency / tips when calling!

Theses suggestions by no means will get your passport faster, but it does help you to connect to an operator a bit easier. I've been calling 2-3 times a week for the last month in order to try an expedite my passport. It still does not have a batch number. Anyway, when calling the...

US Passport Agency / what passport!

I want to know if we, as in the American People can form a class action lawsuit against the government passport agency for reimbursement for passports promised, but no gotten on time. I know there are a lot of us out there--personally I should have been on a plane by now on route to...