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a worthless system. to many people, all unqualified.

I have been with out a passport for the last 4 month, applied for renewal on March 12, Today we have 6 day to our international departure flights for my two daughters and I. Today I finally found the issue why they have not issue a passport on my name. Their system show I was dead. I went to the interview to speak with two agent to prove I am Who I am and alive, Now they will send the paperwork back to Virginia for approval . In the mean time it looks like I will lose my flight, vacation, money and sanity that this goverment has taken. The real insult is that they waited 4 month to do a thing, even so I was calling daily for the pass month asking to help or be helped in resolving whatever issue it was. So much energy wasted, so much mental torture, and so much Tax payer money being rob.

PS. Do not expect a call when someone tell you they will call you. I had that said 3 times giving me a moral boost only to never happen. They don't care.

renewal of passport

I was not given the correct information about renewing my passport due to a name change. The Passport Office in Manhattan gave me different information than what I received when I called up the Passport Agency. For the past four months I received different information from representatives. I was promised a phone call from the Charleston office which never happened even though a rep. said I was put on the priority list. When I called the Passport Agency back after waiting six days, apparently there was no record of that I was to receive a phone call. I've spent close to $200 in the past year for a passport. The Passport Agency and offices needs to be consistent in providing information.

non receipt of us passport even after lapse of whole 6 months

When I am become citizen of US, they clearly told that children below 18 years are also become citizen and no...

new passport

On June 15, 2015 I was at the post office to give in everything I was requested to in order to get my...

disabled daughter denied passport

My daughter received a passport at 16. It was a childrens passport so only good for 5 years. She is a U.S. citizen and is now 25. I went to the office to apply for her "adult" passport. She has Down Syndrome and is in the lower functioning level. She could not understand and respond appropriately to the oath but the lady was kind and told us to come back to discuss it. She made a couple phone calls and was told to let my daughter sign but have me sign underneath.
3 weeks later we get notice her passport was denied. It was denied because I signed it and do not have conservatoire of my daughter. I am her legal parent. If I had not signed it there would not have been a problem. I was told to sign it. I called and the woman was very rude. I told her conservatoire is about $3, 000 and was not affordable. At this point there isn't much I can do so am trying to find a way to take this to court. To top it off, they still have her birth certificate and tell me my passport fee is not refundable. Really!

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no passport

Our family vacation came and went, and Alex could not attend because of the broken Passport Service. I appreciate all that you have done. I am however, very upset with the lack of customer service that our government provides that we as citizens are expected to pay for, and in the case did not receive. I have not. at this point received ANY type of notification requesting more documentation or that any of his documentation is in question since we submitted the requested documentation on that the Houston Office had received on, since June 5, 2014, the initial application was April 14 2014. The last thing I heard from you was that the Chicago office has “questionable” documentation regarding the 2nd submission of documents, which most are attached, other than his bank statement, birth certificate, and social security card. It’s been over a week and I have heard nothing. Good, bad or indifferent. At this point, I consider the Passport Agency, as a fraud. They have taken my 150.00 and I have nothing. The there is the 1100.00 for the trip for my son that I lost as a result of the Passport Agency’s incompetence. I will be raising this issue to others, such as media, other government officials, etc. to at least have it be known that Federal Government Agency will take full advantage of people and show nothing in return as well as possible legal action. I do not mean for this to sound like threats to you, you and Ron Kind’s office has helped out tremendously and for that I am grateful. Thank you. I am sure that because of all the fuss that was raised on this passport, that the “In-Processing” will take even longer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you.


Rory A. Deal

  • Ri
    Richard Ruben Nov 30, 2018

    If you want lies, indifference, who cares, do not bother us, your problem not ours, treatment then call the U. S. Passport Agency. Had to go thru our Congressman, just to get a paid expedited passport.

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denied passport

I applied for my passport in the beginning of March 2014. I had an out of state license that expired and had to get a CA license. They issued me a paper temporary license. The lady at the agency took a copy of the front and back of both forms of ID as well as my original birth certificate. I paid my fees and awaited my booklet in the mail. I have called twice about the status of my passport because I never received a letter or any updated information regarding my passport. No one in customer service was able to give me an update. All they could say is that its in processing. Honestly I don't know why they have a customer service department because they can't tell you anything. Totally incompetent. Such a waste. June 26th I finally receive a letter stating I was denied because I never submitted additional information that was requested. I never received this so called letter in March. I never received any notification until I received my denial letter today. Now they are expecting me to reapply and pay money all over again. The government is a joke.

delay in passport processing

we planned a trip to leave on christmas day for a trip to USVI and British VI for 10 days (with 14 others) and needed 4 out of 5 of our passports renewed. We made an appt for 12/17 and went to the agency in phila to have it processed. Because my one daughter was under 16, she needed an affidavit from my husband (who wasn't with us). While I had one, the processor objected to the notary's date of signature and my husband's date of signature being different. So, he said we had to resubmit it via email. It would be no problem. We resubmitted on tues. 12/18 via email. I rec'd 3 of the 4 passports on thurs 12/20. Great. but missing the one with the affadavit. I called, and you can only access the National Passport Agcy. They only had limited info on their "screen" that said it was in process. I called again Friday, and was told the same thing. I also emailed but rec'd no response. Still not rec'd on Sat. I panicked but thought I'd just go to Phila on Monday, Christmas Eve, and find out in person. Guess what...they were closed on Christmas Eve!!! Are you kidding me??? And the phone calls to the Nat'l agency just became ridiculous. They had no info. We left on Christmas Day thinking that it may turn up on Wed. and my neighbor could fed ex it. We were due to go to Brit. VI on Sat. We NEVER got the passport. WE could NOT go to Brit VI as planned, wasting $4200. AND NO ONE could give us an answer. We rec'd the passport after we got home on 1/5. AND WE PAID $75 for EXPEDITED SERVICE!!! Totally unacceptable, And we are out $4200.

paid, passport never received, missed trip

Sent my passport MONTHS in advance before my travel for extra visa pages. Because I live overseas, they said...

poor expediting service

I have applied for my passport on feb. 16, 2011. After I finalized my travel date and still haven't...

birth certificate not enough proof of us citizenship

While the US passport agency and all of their information says that an original state birth certificate is enough to get a passport, it seems that the rules have changed. I am now having to prove that my son was born in the US, even though his birth certificate clearly states it, because he was born at our home. Our midwife went through the proper channels to get his Utah birth certificate, I have had it for almost 2 years (he is turning 2 in September), but after I sent off his passport application, I received a letter from the US Department of State requesting additional proof of citizenship: "You were not born in a medical facility, so you will need to submit a combination of additional documents of additional documents to further support your claim to United States citizenship."

Not only were my husband and I born in the US, have owned our current home for over three years (this is the address of birth on his birth certificate), and have a valid birth certificate proving my son's birth, I now have to prove it in other ways. This must be some brand new rule, as a friend of mine received her daughter's passport (also born at home about a year ago, and my friend even lived out of the country for the previous 8 years), ordered her passport and had to provide no extra proof of her daughter's citizenship.

  • Ze
    Zechariah Oct 31, 2017

    I don't think it's a new rule, they just do whatever they want. And they cowardly hide their identities and use fictional names like "Customer Service" so they won't be held accountable for their criminal activities. This is clearly a case of discrimination and harassment, or just downright hatred if you will. These people are criminals, and they satisfy their sinful lusts by playing games with Americans and their families. Local Sheriff's have all power in their counties, above ANYONE, but they don't have a backbone to do anything. Most condone the criminals. A birth certificate, even if it's delayed, is a citizenship document. That is its nature and purpose. Some [censor] PASSPORT agent has no right to judge a birth certificate. They can verify if it's authentic, but that's it. Your son is also automatically a U.S. Citizen because you and your husband are U.S. Citizens. This is basic stuff here. Have these terrorists demonstrate where your son was born and who his parents are, because apparently they must have some evidence to support their claims that he was born in some other country whose parents are not U.S. Citizens.

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  • Gw
    GwynS. Aug 01, 2018

    This happened to me just this spring (2018). I was told my state-issued correct and unamended birth certificate is not proof of citizenship "because your birth took place in a non-institutional setting". I even have had a passport before and was just renewing and they still rejected me. I had to get a Senator to call them 3 times and send in proof of my parents' citizenship and a birth affidavit. Pretty sure this is illegal but can't find anyone who will do anything about it.

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there treating me like a terrorist

I ordered my passport at the US Post office, expedited service in March of 2009. I provided my driver license and my birth certificate as required on the form along with a copy of my driver license. A month later I received a letter asking me to provide 5 other documents proving my identity along with all my addresses i have ever lived in, every job I ever held, all the schools I attended and friends and relatives information. I provided all of this priority mail. next month I received another letter stating that the information the received was not enough and they were requesting copies of school records. I mailed this information again. To date they have not responded. When I call the general phone number I am told that my application is pending...Since March and we are not in Sept... It reminds me of a sticker I saw on a car the other day. It said, "You can trust the Government. Just ask me. I'm a Native American. I am not a Native American but I am a Hispanic who was born in this country as a citizen and now feel my country is discriminating against me. I understand the need for strict guidelines since 9/11 but after all I have provided, this is ridiculous. Especially since my brother and brother in law both risked their lives for this country fighting in Iraq.

passport expedited, still not received!

I applied for my passport on June 25 and they told me I would receive it in 2 weeks since I expedited it and paid for overnight express mail. I am supposed to leave on Tuesday July 17th to Italy and they told me it is still processing and there is nothing they can do it is up to the agency to get it to me by then although they are aware that I have tickets to leave on the 17th.

On the phone they tell me it could take up to 4 weeks or more for expedited service when the website clearly states "2-3 weeks"! This is false advertisement and is totally unacceptable and along with that there is 45 minute wait times to speak to so-called customer service representatives who all seem to have an attitude problem and do little to help you! The best they could do is send and e-mail to the agency stating that I need to leave on a certain date. This e-mail is probably ignored anyways since I've emailed them also and never received a response. Also apparently their phone system is rigged because many times I have to call several times to even get the option to be placed on hold to speak to a CSR, most of the times it says your call cannot be completed because all CSR's are busy and then disconnects your call. For 2 days straight I called and was told after waiting 50 minutes on hold both times that their systems are down and they would not be able to do passport lookups.

The US Passport Agency is a perfect example of BAD BUSINESS. False claims, unacceptable practices.

  • Da
    Daniel Clark Jul 17, 2007

    Here is a follow-up to this story.

    Note: I've called and have had memos sent from the "customer service representatives" every day since this complaint was posted.

    So here it is the day I'm supposed to leave, I have my tickets laying here and still no passport. My flight leaves in 3 hours. I called them as soon as they opened this morning, probably the first caller of the day considering I had no wait time at all and told them and supposedly they sent a memo to the agency here in Chicago asking them if I can do a will-call and pick it up, still no call from the agency.

    The last 2 days the CSR's sent e-mails to them telling them my situation and requested that my passport be finished and sent out Fed-ex overnight delivery, didn't happen.

    I obviously did not receive expedited service. This is beyond unacceptable, apparently they just ignore these memos from the CSR's and that seems to be all they are able to do is send e-mails. I've sent the agency about 3 e-mails myself and never received a response from them so it is really no surprise.

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  • Ja
    Jaden K. Priebe Oct 27, 2008

    My name is Jaden Kimberly Priebe, I'm 10 years old. We've been planning a trip for Puerta Vallata for about 3 months. Long story short we went to the US Postal Service, in Park City Utah, we were told a passport card would be a great passport for a kid. The woman that was helping up told us we could save some money by getting the " New Passport Card". However she didn't explain it was only good for, Land and Sea Travel! Long story short we flew from SLC to Phenox, than my passport was denied for air travel. I sat in the Phenox airport with my dads friends and children, we watched as they all flew off to Mexico for one of my dad's best friends wedding. We never made it to Mexico! We lost a lot of money because of this untrained woman working for the Pass Port agency. If this has happened to you please contact me at: [email protected] Thanks Jaden

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  • Pe
    peppo May 29, 2009

    never received my new passport but they diod send me oldf one with one of my news pics. Hownice od them!! What a scam

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  • Ke
    KenaW Aug 03, 2009

    I TOTALLY AGREE with you. I'm 30 Years old. and Recently sent off for my Son's passport to be renewed. Well, for Children under 16 it not a renewal it's a WHOLE NEW APPLICATION. I sent this application back in MAY (actually date may 13, 2009) Here it is August 3, 2009 and Guess what...STILL NO APPLICATION, NO NEW PASSPORT, NO ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE, OR MY MONEY BACK. (yet they cashed my check). Since June 3, which is the last time i spoke to a LIVE person regarding his passport they asked for new photos stating the old ones were damaged (who damaged them because they were sent in the folder the photo place took them originally) well they have no idea. So i spent money to OVERNIGHT these photos for them to Return them to me the next week with a letter stating they no longer needed them. So i wait again here it is June 15th. Still no call nor a passport. Well if you didnt need them then what the hold up now...Like you I called the Customer Service line (because that's the only means of contact to them to the outside world) and they did the same to me sent an Email which they call it a "NOTIFICATION" might i add said it was sent "EMERGENCY" by a supervisor and again sent again on June 24, and June 31, and and july 15 and july 31 and August 3. Well Guess what, "STILL NO CALL" what an emergency huh. Well as you know I"m so frustrated that i started to break down and cry. I was tried of people telling me there's nothing they can do, but send email all day. What happen before we had computers, to send emails too. Needless to say, I finally got on with a supervisor and informed me to tell me where i can write a complaint letter to because this was absolutely ridiculous. She informed me of two address, the Agencies Address, and the National Passport Services for Managers (where you can send all you're complaint). I sent them letter, and then i got smart. I went online. TYPED in the addresses to these places and whatever numbers, fax numbers or emails came up with those address. I didn't care who they were, If it said PASSPORT they were going to get my nasty Letter. long story short. It's still AUGUST 3rd after this back and forth since 9 am this morning. I finally get a call at 2pm same day (I'm guess either someone got a fax or email from me) The lady states she's from passport Services and she needs to Verify my address because they're going send out his passport overnight tonight and it will be here tomorrow. WOW...I took me to go through all of this emailing, faxing, ...sending NOTIFICATIONS...and mailing out letters for you to do something you should've did 4-5 months ago.
    Just to make you laugh I happened to asked the lady on the other end...Why did it take you guys so long to send out my passport when you're website states 4-6 WEEKS. She replied, "We have thousand of applications that need to be process and that's how long its taking to get them sent out!" All i could do was laugh inside and tell myself she's only doing what her boss told her to do which was give me a call and make sure my application leaves their office TODAY! and I'm sure she just didn't know what i just went through to get someone to respond to me.
    In Conclusion...Yea it's REALLY Frustrating to deal with these people who DO NOT WANT TO DO THEIR JOBS, but you have to keep pushing and whatever LEADS you come across act on it you never know who just might send out that little help to push you through.

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  • Co
    courtney i Dec 09, 2012

    I drove 8 hours last week to get my passport card from the regional agency. The guy said he would have it printed in 3 hours if I wanted to wait for it otherwise if i would like to get back on the road to drive home before rush hour he could have it overnighted to me guarentted in my hands by friday, i would just have to pay a little more. I asked him several times...are you sure it will be in my hands friday since i have surgery in mexico monday. He kept saying yes yes. So i trusted him and paid more so i could avoid and extra 2 to 3 hours of dead stops in their rush hour. Friday came and gone and never saw a passport. I called UPS friday and Sat just to find out that the agency hasnt even given them my package that was "guarentted" in my hands friday. I have left a couple mean messages for the agency and lets see if they call me monday after i will be loading a plane for texas and crossing the border to mexico without a passport now. I am threw the roof pissed off!!! If i get stuck in mexico because of their actions I am going to find some way to sue the hell out of them. Considering I have this all in writing with the agencys name and signiture stating I would have it this past friday. Anyone know of any attorneys in the minnesota area that would like to sue them for me?

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us passport agency has the worse service!!!

I applied for two passports for my kids in March/07. It is now July 07 and I am flying in 7 days to Ecuador. Why does the Government makes this rules and policies that it will arrive in 10-12 weeks if its taking them so long to processed. They need to stop funding the War and start paying people to work to get this job done. I am really frustrated that I paid $ 3,000 on a trip with my family. This will be the only vacation we will be taking for years to come as a family. Why do they have ruin my trip!!! If I don't get my passport in time, i will take any necessary legal actions to sue the US Government. This is not fair!

  • Ke
    Kerryal Jul 30, 2015

    My 16 year old son went on a mission trip with our church on July 4th. We applied for his passport on May 12th. Meaning we would have the passport by June 23rd. When we did not have it by then we started checking online. The online passport update did not work any of the times for the 2 weeks we tried. We called the 1st time in the beginning of June when they told us that we had nothing to worry about and that our passport will be on time (4-6 weeks). When it didn't come we called again and they just told us they didn't know what the hold up was and that we should call back tomorrow. Which turned into us calling everyday and being on hold for 30-40 minutes and getting no information. At this point my son had fund raiser for this $1500 trip (we don't have $1, 500) and we already had the tickets so we were going to have to pay back each person who contributed to his trip. When I called again on June 30th, 3 mailing days before his trip the passport still wasn't sent. They said that I would have to pay another $74 to be sure we get it so they can expedite it and send it over night. we did everything we should have in order to have it sent on time and it feels like it was being held with no explanation and we were forced to pay what we should have had to in order not to be out $1500. This is extortion. How can they get away with this??!!

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web site is a joke! terrible service!

I became victim like so many people due to underestimation of government regarding passport applications. They new what is going to happened ones when they decide to ask for passport for travel to Canada or Mexico via airplane which they dropped last week due to mess they created. Now here I am with bunch of American Citizens with loss of about $2000.00 due to cancellation and trip I made to Passport Agency in Los Angeles with no help at all. My story is alike many others: calling passport agency every day for about month and after waiting for long, long time to talk to live person I got costumer representative that gives me no information’s at all. That is very sad that they hired people with no knowledge of their job descriptions. Since I did not know what to do I asked them for advice. Every one of them gave me different one so I figure very quickly that there are no rules, they don't know either. Their web site is a joke I followed every single step from that web site and still no passport. Just bunch of lies. I hope someone can help us to get our money and emotional loss back, or at least stop this mess so no more people get trough this.

  • Ke
    Kerryal Jul 30, 2015

    My 16 year old son went on a mission trip with our church on July 4th. We applied for his passport on May 12th. Meaning we would have the passport by June 23rd. When we did not have it by then we started checking online. The online passport update did not work any of the times for the 2 weeks we tried. We called the 1st time in the beginning of June when they told us that we had nothing to worry about and that our passport will be on time (4-6 weeks). When it didn't come we called again and they just told us they didn't know what the hold up was and that we should call back tomorrow. Which turned into us calling everyday and being on hold for 30-40 minutes and getting no information. At this point my son had fund raiser for this $1500 trip (we don't have $1, 500) and we already had the tickets so we were going to have to pay back each person who contributed to his trip. When I called again on June 30th, 3 mailing days before his trip the passport still wasn't sent. They said that I would have to pay another $74 to be sure we get it so they can expedite it and send it over night. we did everything we should have in order to have it sent on time and it feels like it was being held with no explanation and we were forced to pay what we should have had to in order not to be out $1500. this is extortion. How can they get away with this!

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passport not here in time!

Like many others, I think the passport agency is doing a horrible job. Me and my fiance applied Feb. 23rd for our passports at our local post office. At that time, we were told it would take 6-8 weeks to get our passports. We had scheduled and paid for a week vacation in Mexico at the end of May. 15 days before the day of departure I wasted 3 hours trying to get through to the 1-877 number, and finally when I got through, they told me to call back the next day because they can only help people leaving in 14 days. When I finally got ahold of them 3 days later,(having called with no luck that whole time) they told me not to worry they will be there in a few days. Days passed and now it is less that 3 days until we leave. I finally get ahold of an "agent" as they call themselves, and she told me it was almost done, and it would be overnighted this night, and I should have it in 1 day, 2 at the most. So I believed her, but the days went by and Friday came with no passports... then Saturday passed. Our flight was leaving at 5:30 am on Monday morning. Sunday I finally got through again and they told me that they sent them to us on Friday. The woman explained to me that they will be here Wednesday at the earliest, 2 days after we were supposed to leave. I got very irritated and asked to speak to a supervisor and she hung up on me. Needless to say, we didn't get to go on our trip. I was so mad. They had WAY more than the time stated to get these done. Any company doing such bad business would be OUT of business. The fact is they simply DO NOT care if you miss your trip or not. They are the only ones to get a passport from and they know it. They are in absolutely no hurry. This is bull and I can't believe they are doing it to so many people. My advice, apply VERY early... like 6-8 months at least. Then when you get screwed out of your trip and money, write your congressman/representative and let them know about it.

  • Do
    Dominic Homan Jun 10, 2008



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missed trip due to length of passport processing

I applied for a us passport on feb.15,2007 for a trip where i was to become engaged to my finance in cancun on may 15,2007 .at the time of applying i was told it would arrive in 6 to 8 weeks. Needless to say it has been almost 4 months i have not received it yet.

After literal hours of trying to get through to this agency within the 2 week travel guideline they have before they will honor your call i talked with them every day up until the day i was to leave, lot of empty promises and lies that my passport would be expedited. No passport 2500 dollars in lost trip money as well as wasted vacation time and still no passport today 06/04/07. There has to be a way to help the citizens that as i have been charged for this service and have lost money and as well have been so frustrated to the point of risking health issues. We need our passports! Someone please help!!!

  • Ei
    eileen Jun 05, 2007

    I paid EXPEDITE fee when I applied on March 24th and still do not have my passport. When call the toll free number, the operator just said that she would email the request to the processing center. My biggest question is if they are not able to deliver the product, why will they even have the expedite service? and advertise it? And for some company that have special relation with state department, or some agency, are making lots of money off travelers like me. This is wrong.

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  • Mi
    Mike E Boy Apr 09, 2013

    My application for passport has recently been denied, the reason listed is “the full name of your parent(s) are not listed on my birth certificate” without detailing what the exact reason was. I have made six phone calls inquiring as to the exact reason why my application has been denied, each time calling the number listed in the letter to find someone who knew nothing more than what was listed in my letter, they promised someone would call me back but no one ever did at any time. I need clarification on exactly what is wrong with the new long form birth certificate with raised seal that I submitted with my application.
    As I have submitted the new format birth certificate that has the raised seal that contains all of the information available at the time of my birth, there is no reason why my application should not have been approved. It lists the full maiden name of my mother at time of birth with father unknown at time of birth (I believe that is why you ask “the full name of your parent(s) with the (s) added to show one or both parents with me falling into the single parent category at time of birth. The denial letter asks for a new birth certificate showing additional information that the person reviewing my application has requested. I have submitted the most recent birth certificate with a raised seal that I have used for clearance by homeland security with the same exact information that I used to obtain my last passport; aside from that said, what additional information are they you looking for and how am I supposed to make Jersey City add in to the certificate?
    Additionally, I find it extremely disturbing that my application was rejected by a creative thinker who has decided to change the birth certificate review process, a person who is choosing to ignore the legitimacy of the new long form certificate with the raised seal while not providing any information on exactly what is needed to approve with no one able to respond to my calls as well as not returning my calls as promised; can somebody please tell me how to rectify this problem? The new sealed long form birth certificate that I sent with this application was provided to homeland security to apply for my transportation worker identification credential (TWIC); they approved and issued the card so the question begs to be asked, what the hell is the National Passport Center doing differently than the security agency tasked with safety and security for this country?
    Lastly, the National Passport Center has rejected my application, provided a help deck number where they provide no information other than what is shown on the letter, combined with the promise of a call back that no one ever made; I believe this is a criminally negligent breach in procedure, a change that has delayed my ability to work abroad causing me to suffer financially as well as inhibiting my right to pursue happiness. They have falsely placed a restriction on my ability to obtain a passport and have infringed on my civil right freedom. How do I get these jokers to either provide the passport or provide me with what exactly they require from me to approve my application.

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thousands of dollars wasted because passport arrived late!

I submitted my application for a passport on March 2nd through my local passport agency. After being told it would take approximately 6 weeks to get back, I sit here devastated more than 12 weeks later. The passport 'might' arrive the day of my departure which does me absolutely no good. There is no complaint department I could be forwarded to (surprise, surprise) so apparently I am just screwed. The government has cost me more than $2000 because they are understaffed and incompetent. If anyone knows if there are any other venues for complaints, please let me know. This is entirely unacceptable.

  • Ja
    James Osborne Jun 04, 2007

    I leave on June 10th and they are saying my girlfriend and I might have them on June 9th. MIGHT.

    We ordered ours at the beginning of March as well. They told us we'd have them by May 23rd... so we made our travel plan for June 10th - June 21. This is entirely uncalled for. I feel like I was lied to.

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  • Ad
    adriana salazar Jun 05, 2007

    I applied in march 19th. As of today i still do not have my son's passport. The people answering the phones are more than incompetent. DON'T WAIT FOR YOUR PASSPORT!!! CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN OR GO TO A PASSPORT OFFICE ASAP. Don't believe them when they say it will be there tomorrow... it never will. In less than two minutes i had my congressman's aide expedite my passport.

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  • Be
    Beth Bynum Jun 05, 2007

    My now husband and I applied for our passports March 4 and March 7, respectively. We were married May 26th in Kentucky and were planning on leaving for our honeymoon May 29th for Mexico. At the time we applied, we were told that we would receive our passports within 10 weeks. When we had not received our passports May 11th we emailed explaining our situation and the urgency in which we needed our passports. We were emailed back May 14th with a message that said our passports were being expedited and would be expressed mailed when complete. When we still had not received our passports on May 22nd we again called. We were told that a message would be sent to the office in which our passports were located explaining the urgency and were told that they would be sent over night to arrive either Friday May 25th or Saturday May 26th. All of this leads to the fact that we did NOT receive our passports. We were very lucky that we were able to reschedule our honeymoon and were not out the complete $2800 we paid for our honeymoon trip, but rescheduling cost us over $500.

    Thankfully, my passport was expressed mail Wednesday May 30 (yes, a day too late), but my husband has still not received his. We are very frustrated! My husband called today to determine were his passport was in the system and when he could expect it to be delivered. The person whom he talked with told him that it had not been processed any further than when he had called May 22nd. After being told 3 weeks ago his passport would be expedited, we have still not received it.

    The whole passport application and processing system is crap!

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tips when calling!

Theses suggestions by no means will get your passport faster, but it does help you to connect to an operator a bit easier. I've been calling 2-3 times a week for the last month in order to try an expedite my passport. It still does not have a batch number.

Anyway, when calling the 1-877 number that everyone in the country has to call you will be told to press "1" to get the instructions in English. After that will be about 2 minutes worth of information that is largely unnecessary if you've called before.

To skip all of this information and go directly to the main menu, press "8". You can choose something in the menu, "3" being the choice for checking the status of your passport. Or you can wait until the menu selections are complete. After they complete simply staying on the line is basically the same thing as choosing "3", you get forwarded to an operator.

However, after being told by a disembodied voice how important you are and to please stay on the line, you will most likely get a message that sounds something like "Due to high call volumes all representatives are busy assisting other customers . . ." At this point, before the Voice is done talking, hit "9". This will take you back to the main menu and cycle through again.

Now, I have sat on the phone choosing "9" for up to 20 minutes, but eventually I'm connected to an agency and then put on hold. This procedure by no means makes the whole process better, but it does save you a lot of time while trying to connect.

So, to review, 1-for English, 8-to go directly to the menu, 9-saves you from being cut off and having to go through the whole thing again.

I hope this helps a bit.

  • Ch
    Chad Tripp May 29, 2007

    Great tip, thank you!

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  • Ro
    Rose Myers May 31, 2007

    I too have called the passport office several times. I applied in early March and still have not received my passport. My husband applied at the same time and has already received his. The processing place makes a difference. I wanted to pass along a tip. If you call your Congressman/woman they have people that can tell you where your passport is. They can also request an expedite for you if you are traveling. They can re-check their request in 3-4 days. I also found out that you do not have to have an appointment at the local passport office if you have an itinerary. You can simply show up at the local passport office 3 days prior to departure and stay until they issue your passport. I asked the Congressman why they do no change their message on the phone/web-site, they are pushing to have this done because the messages are misleading, un-helpful, and false. Ask your Congressman to fix this too, for other weary travelers!

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  • Os
    OS Jun 07, 2007

    Michael Hauser !!! Thanks for this tricke ! :) Finally I got them! But they didn't tell me nothing about my application status !!! :(

    I applied March 15 for a passport and still waiting !!! My DEPARTURE DATE : 06/10/2007

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  • Je
    Jess Jun 20, 2007

    Are you sure. I don't mean to doubt your advice I am just really scared of missing my trip. Wish me luck. Thanks!!!

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what passport!

I want to know if we, as in the American People can form a class action lawsuit against the government passport agency for reimbursement for passports promised, but no gotten on time. I know there are a lot of us out there--personally I should have been on a plane by now on route to Jamaica for my first vacation in two years. Instead I am searching for an attorney an people like me. I personally am out $1000 dollars in cancellation fees and not to mention the expedited cost of trying to get it here in time.

I am figuring that even if we don't see a dime, perhaps that will get the Governments attention that we are not powerless and they can be held accountable for their incompetence. Email me at [protected]@hotmail.com. I am currently collecting names and emails and I want your stories so I can pass them around and petition.

I am prepared to use any avenue possible and any help or advise is appreciated.

  • Pa
    pamela allen May 29, 2007

    My husband won a trip to Cabo. As soon as we found out the dates, I sent in for my passport. I mailed in my renewal the first of March. We are scheduled to leave on June 1, which is 12 weeks after I sent in my application. No one answers at the lines given, no one answers at the state dept, we contacted our senator, no help there either. I cant believe the lack of concern, which is typical of our wonderful government. There is no one to turn to because no one cares or can help. We have just lost the trip of a life time because I couldn't get my passport in a timely manner. And it isn't even a new passport, its a RENEWAL!!!

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  • Cs
    CSM May 31, 2007

    It's been 12 weeks and I am still waiting... my daughter and I applied within 2 days of each other... and she received hers over 4 weeks ago. I did get someone on the phone after 2 days of trying to be told that my passport was in New Orleans... just waiting to be "mailed", but that I could apply in person and that I could only get an appointment with in 3 days of by travel date. I'm in Georgia... I would need to travel to LA. ??? Within 3 days of leaving the country? And you are NOT guaranteed that you will get your passport due to long lines.

    I am not out of money YET, but there is no rhyme or reason to why my daughter would get her's within 8 weeks and I am still waiting...

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  • Sk
    sk Jun 09, 2007

    I'm thinking there has to be a way to get some help! Why is this mess not all over the media... I'm sick of hearing about Parris Hilton. I am just absolutely disgusted with our Passport Agency. My 3y.o. nieces pp application was submitted Mar 20, 2007. Back then the wait time was 8-10 weeks. She is scheduled to travel June 12 to Jamaica with my two teenage sons to spend the summer with family. Today is June 9... still no passport after many phone calls and promises. The new leniency allowance does not help us because #1, application status search shows 'application not found' after nearly 3 mos, and #2, she is not traveling with a parent/legal guardian. The customer service reps. That I've spoke to are of no help whatsoever... I'm not even sure why they even exist. Just last night (Friday) we were told the only option is to get to Louisiana today (Sat.) (we are in GA, that's a 7 hr drive each way). After expressing my complete dissatisfaction and disgust, I actually agreed to take the appt. in LA. The phone rep asked for all my info to schedule the appt., then she stopped in her tracks and said she could no longer authorize the appt. since the travel date is for Tues June 12 and not Mon June 11... people, the flight leaves Atlanta @ 8:30 am on Tuesday morning... Have you ever heard such rubbish. Does that not make you sick to your stomach?? This situation is just crazy. Note: Not once has a representative even apologized for the inconvenience. The Govt. has imposed these new travel laws without the resources to ensure free movement of its law abiding citizens. So much for freedom!!!

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  • Kr
    Kristen Felix Jun 13, 2007

    My daughter is supposed to leave on a hiking trip to Nepal on June 15. It's now June 13 (pm), and we still don't have a passport. THOUSANDS of dollars down the drain. Can't get a human being anywhere, and the automated system (after 3 days of trying), can now only give us an appointment in Houston, 5 hours away, on Monday, June18! Am hoping to see my House Rep. in the morning, June 14. I've heard they can sometimes help. If Pete Sessions can help us, I'll vote Republican in the next election!

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  • Vi
    violet May 22, 2009

    I sent in my 7 year old sons paper work to obtain his passport, over a month later I have not received it! I got a letter from the houston passport agency stating that the date of registration was not on the long birth certificate that I sent???? Do I make the birth certificate??? NO!!! I have called every week to get ahold of someone and explain that the registration date is not my issue and if so they need to send me my $ back!!! I would love to sue these thiefs! My son is an american born citizen and its his RIGHT to get a passport!!!

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  • Ve
    Very Upset one Sep 30, 2010

    I agree with each end every one of you and I am soooooo very mad at this point! Why can't ppl help ppl? why can't they do their jobs right? They have ruined my trip with my husband to reunite with his parents whom he hasn;t seen in 9 years. Now I can't live that part of his life with him. I'm so upset. They haven't met me nor our daughter who is now 3 yrs old. I am a citizen and have a right to get my passport!! I don't know what to do?!>!? This is seriously depressing me.

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  • Ne
    Newbellraj Jeyaharan Sep 30, 2015

    I agreed terrible government office I never saw in my life. Web site, customer service, Agent, email and letters are saying different statement. But nothing is true. I am really wondering how this office are functioning in America.

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  • Jo
    JOYCE ESHUN Oct 07, 2015

    Incompetent. Washington DC office. That is all I want to say to them.

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  • Ne
    Newbellraj Jeyaharan Oct 17, 2015

    After visit with passport office with my son and got the passport. thanks JESUS

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