Coricraft Groupdamaged couch

We bought a leather couch at the end of October 2017 and was told that it would be delivered in 4 -8 weeks. It was delivered on the 28th of November 2017. The problem was that is was damaged, cuts all over the head rest. We contact coricraft Centurion and took photos of the couch. We had to call them back several times to get answers. they eventually gave us the number for the warehouse in Johannesburg. We contact them and spoke to a Melodie. We were told that leather is a natural product and that there will be marks on it. Yes I know it's a natural product, I'm not an [censor]! But cut marks that are so straight and deep, that's not natural. This Melodie was extremely rude, and told me to select a different couch and leather. Well, I said that I wanted that couch and that color leather. Eventually they collected the damaged couch, informing that they will replace it, leaving us to sit on camping chairs over Christmas...still sitting on camping chairs, it
is now the 10th of January 2018. I made a call just this morning to require about our couch, because we knew that the businesses close over December. Melodie asked me if we want to select a new couch!!! I said no..I want to know when our new couch will be delivered! She can't give me a date when we can expect the couch. Really??? We already paid almost half of the couch...but we don't have a couch. We are really unhappy with Coricraft, their showrooms are fantastic, they have the most beautiful
furniture, but their service are the worst I have ever experienced.

All we want is our couch, nothing more. How do they do bussiness?

My name is Melanie Waldeck

Jan 10, 2018

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