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Complaints & Reviews

Coricraft Group — extremely unhelpful service regarding refund

Still awaiting a refund on my profile, [protected] The store at Kramerville is extremely slow and unhelpful. I have been there 3 times to have my refund processed, the first time...

Coricraft Group — coricraft atterbury sales person ofentse - poor poor service

I am horrified at the poor service we have received from the day of obtaining a quotation straight through to placing the order and lack of feedback, follow up calls and lack of...

Coricraft Groupcouch

Purchased and paid for an Ollie corner slouch couch in full (approximately R16000 with delivery and scotch guard) on 20 November 2019. I chose the couch from the warehouse stock as I needed it to be delivered on 30 November 2019 and could not wait the 4-6weeks for a couch to be made. Subsequently, I was unable to make contact with the Coricraft warehouse to confirm delivery on 30 November, even though they should have made first contact with me from 29 November which they did not. After numerous calls made by me between Coricraft Kollonade and the Coricraft warehouse I was eventually informed, around 2pm on 30 November the agreed upon date of delivery, that my couch would not be delivered as it did not pass the quality control inspection at the warehouse. Instead, this damaged couch would be repaired and delivered to me on 3 December. Since then I have not been able to get an answer from the warehouse or any branch about what exactly the damage was nor whether it will actually be delivered on 3 December. I have found the communication and service from Coricraft dismal and unapologetic inspite of their many shortcomings.

Coricraft Group — service

Good day Coricraft, after ordering one of your dining room tables two months ago it's just been a NIGHTMARE with your Bloemfontein branch. First the table was modified to fit...

Coricraft Group — poor sales and delivery service provided

Good day The aforementioned company has left me very dissatisfied at the service they have provided. On the 20th October I placed an order with the Sales Rep by the name of John...

Coricraft Group — couch

I am an interior designer and order from various stores per project. In December 2017, I was meant to receive three mattresses from Coricraft Kramerville and on the day of...

Coricraft Group — lack of service

I have ordered and paid for a couch 19july. Alway after delivery date. After I had to follow up. They said they ware waiting for fabric and they might only getting fabric end of...

Coricraft Groupcouches

I see that bad service is not something unusual for this brand, so many people are complaining about what I'm about to complain about. Stop promising what you know you cannot deliver to allow people to make a wise decision. I bought couches from the Mall of the South and I was sold the 4-6 weeks delivery date. I have phoned them twice already and have been given a completion date that is in 7 weeks time, when will the delivery take place? Even the guy who happens to be the manager does not have a solution to my problem. Coricraft needs to send all its staff members on customer service training, they work with customers and they must be able to fulfill their needs - if there are any possible delays customers must be informed and not only be surprised when they follow-up and already frustrated. I wish I had seen these complaints before placing and paying for my order.
Your service is pathetic and would never recommend anyone to buy from any of your stores.

Coricraft Group — service

I went to coricraft mall @ carnival and bought a bed. We were promised that delivery of the base and mattresses will be delivered on Thursday the 29th of August. We arranged to be...

Coricraft Groupawful service

I am writing to you in contempt and with utter dissatisfaction in Coricraft as a brand, and I find myself in a state of complete frustration with the level and quality of customer service with which I have been provided.
This email is in direct reference to the product transaction that has, up until now, remained incomplete.
I purchased a three-seater and a two-seater Terry couch on July 15th, 2018. Almost a whole year has passed, and I have yet to receive what I have paid for. Over 6 deliveries, we have had to return your products that were delivered in an unacceptable state. The service delivery in replacing these damaged products was so poor that we opted to keep one of the damaged couches at a discounted price.
The level of communication that I have received from Coricraft has been, in a word, Dismal. Even though there has been seasonal contact in the form of irregular phone calls, and correspondence through email, neither of which have done either of us any good, the crux of my irritation is that a YEAR has passed, and I still do not have MY couch. I believe that our communication from this point forward will have a far greater yield in productivity and I will be expecting a certain level of feedback and progress.
There has been absolutely no urgency in the demeanour Coricrafts treatment of me as a paying customer. This is most certainly not the way you present yourself as a corporate entity. If Coricraft wishes to keep me as a paying customer I suggest that someone within your ranks finds the energy to deliver the product for which I have paid. I suggest that that someone within your ranks finds the urgency to provide me with appropriate compensation for a, quite frankly, disgusting experience with your business. For the following reasons I will be expecting compensation, bearing in mind the fact that it has taken Coricraft more than 350 days to make and deliver two basic pieces of furniture.
I will either have my "property" delivered in acceptable condition, within a reasonable time frame from your reception of this email, or I will be in contact with the demand of a full refund and my money will be invested elsewhere.
Please ensure this email is sent through to your management team and their management team as I expect an answer within 24hrs from them
I hope that my sentiments have now been fully explained and ENTIRELY understood.

Coricraft Group — complaint coricraft brooklyn

We bought a patio set on 22 April at Coricraft Brooklyn (BN 04545). We contacted the salesperson Mpali (4931) several times. She was never available nor did she return our call...

Coricraft / Warehouse — service rendered - order for shane weldon

648609 We purchased a corner unit at coricraft earlier this month. Everything went well up until they deliverred the unit to our house where they broke one of the little legs at the...

Coricraft Group — after sales service

i bought Cori craft's couches in 2017 December and they were delivered in march 2018 at home, i was never given any option to choose the staffing and no advise given that the...

Coricraft Groupabsolutely pathetic service and communication.

I have purchased a recliner from Coricraft in January 2019 and it was delivered within 3 weeks.
This was perfect as the time frame was between 6 to 8 weeks. Once I have received the item, I noticed that the rear leg was broken. The very next day 30 January 2019 I had informed Coricraft of the defect and was told that they will place another order for me and that it would be delivered in 6 to 8 weeks time and that I can keep the one I have during this period. This means that I have paid for and using a defective item.
I then received an email on 18 February 2019 from Sholene Rampeare who advised that she anticipates delivery of the recliner around 28 March 2019. This is exactly 8 weeks since Coricraft has place the replacement order. I did advise her that I would only take delivery in the week of 01 April 2019.
I still have not received delivery of the recliner.
I received a call around the 04 April 2019 from Shaida of Coricraft who after listening to my frustration of non delivery said that Coricraft would compensate me for the non delivery and she had promised to keep me informed of the delivery status every few days until I received the recliner. Shaida also promised to send me an apology via email to which I have yet to receive.
I then contacted the sales person Vusumuzi Nodada on 12 April 2019 to voice my frustration of non delivery and lack of communication from Coricraft who informs me that he will get back to me on Monday 15 April 2019. I further email Vusumuzi on 14 April 2019 insisting that he gets his Regional Manager, Shaida or someone higher up in the chain of command that can assist me. I do not get any calls from Coricraft.

It is now 19 DAYS past due of the 8 weeks waiting period from Coricraft for delivery and I have not yet received any calls from Coricraft's Regional Manager or customer service.

Please assist.

Frustrated Customer.

Coricraft GroupNon delivery of item and no response to my request for refund

After paying over R8000 for an order of a double bed and contuous follow up delivery fo over 8 weeks, I was eventually contacted on delivery date to be informed that they had manufactured the wrong item and would have to redo the order. At this point I requested a refund and cancellation. I specifically ordered the item in Fenruary for use for a guest in March which has since come and gone.

Mutiple messages and emails have been sent to Mokgadi on [protected] and calls to [protected] and I am not receiving any feedback. I have rights to a refund urgently for non delivery. This is unacceptable CORICRAFT.

Geraldine Mitchley

Coricraft Groupcover for chaise

On 11 January 2019 I ordered and paid R4 149.00 for a cover to be made for my chaise. I had already provided Coricraft with an image of my chaise that they had originally manufactured. I was very excited to be asked to collect the cover a number of weeks later. When I returned home I realised that the cover had been sown the wrong way around and would only fit my chaise if the cover were turned inside out. I returned the Chaise cover to Coricraft and was told that they will make up a new one for me as soon as possible. I have been to the store and called in the interim to find out how it's going with the new cover and was told that the cover was being made as we speak. I mailed the store consultant on the 18th of March (weeks after returning the incorrect chaise cover) to once again track the progress. I then recieved a mail from the consultant Moenadia of the Somerset West Mall store saying that they could not give me the cover in the fabric I selected as they don't have sufficient fabric. I want to know what happened in the weeks from the chaise being reported to have been sown incorrectly? Why did it take so long and why did I have to keep asking about the cover only to discover that weeks had passed when nothing had been done. I was told my Moenadia that Coricraft Customer Care would contact me which they have not. I feel that I have paid a lot of money for a cover. One can buy a couch for R4000. I am buying a cover. I feel that I have not been treated well by Coricraft and wish to ask the Head office contact me about this as it's unacceptable.

Coricraft Group — product defective

We ordered two couches. Firstly they took 8 weeks to deliver and after two weeks the couches have sunk in places and the bottom cushions are not even properly covered inside...

Coricraft Group — furniture not delivered as agreed

I purchased a Parker plasma unit at the Coricraft Brooklyn store on the 2nd of December 2018, paid for delivery of the unit and was advised that the warehouse would call to...

Coricraft Group — service I received from coricraft clearance centre wynberg

Yesterday( 29/11/2018) I went to the Coricraft Clearance Center Wynberg outlet looking for a couch to buy cash, I was assisted by a lady called Diane I found a couch I like and...

Coricraft Group — service

I am sending this email to notify you of how disgusting and appalling your service is. I honestly believe you have beautiful products of good quality if only this can be backed up...

Coricraft Group — service

I made arrangements for my couches to be delivered 17/11/2018. I got the sms to advise that it will be delivered between 13:15 and 15:15. They came around 13:30 and they brought...

Coricraft Grouporder and account opening

To whom it may comcern
I'm reaching the end of my tither trying desperately to place an order, open account and start payment process. I've been juggling with this for 3 weeks now and I've had no luck. I have now dealt with three ladies from your Hillcrest branch as I am moving from Zambia to kloof on the 10th of December and would like to take the lovely then. I've been sent a quote changed my order and then nothing. I then resubmit my query my order and get a reply from another individual asking when I'm moving. I reply once again with my query my order and my request to open account and start paying and get nothing back. please all I want to do is place my order have it delivered on the 10th December and start paying. It is becoming increasingly difficult and frustrating at the same. Please could you reply to my email today and find the way forward in order for this to happen. Your urgent response will be greatly appreciated.

Jayne Minne
00260 [protected] Zambia

Coricraft Groupworst shopping experience and service!!!

Coricraft has the most beautiful furniture, but the worst service and I would most definitely not recommend them!!! We purchased couches and a glass coffee table from them last year. As i wanted to move the coffee table literally 1cm the entire table burst into pieces (this by the way is our second glass table as they one they initially delivered was damaged). Not only cutting my hands (Coricraft did not offer to pay for any medical bills and they were aware of the injury), but bedazzled our couches with small glass pieces that we could not remove. After hours of cleaning the house and numerous back and fort emails and telephone conversations, they finally agreed to replace the table. They initially did not want to replace the couches and mentioned they could get the glass out. After their vacuum process the fabric was damaged and then only after we picked it up, they agreed to new couches. Every time the couches or table had to be replaced my husband had to take from his personal leave at work to be at home. This is a total of 5 days leave so far!!! Coricraft does not give you an estimated time they will deliver, they only call and say they are in front of your gate.

In the meantime we purchased barstools. This had to be delivered with the new couches in order for my husband not to put in more leave days. The chairs were paid for on 6 Aug 2018 and when it was delivered with the new couches on 29 Sept, it was incorrectly manufactured of course!! We were told to be at home between 9am and 11am ending up cancelling our plans as they truck only arrived at 12:30 after I had to follow up as they do not inform you. I stressed the fact numerous times that I urgently needed the chairs and waited long enough for them, I can only give them a week and would need it by 6 Oct latest. They made promises on the phone and in writing that it will be delivered first thing Saturday morning. Friday afternoon 5 Oct, we receive a call that delivery was moved to Tuesday 9 Oct. We have now waited more than 2 months for the chairs!!! My husband had to take lave AGAIN from work and the only compensation after all the back and forth and drama and leave days and everything that goes along with it... is a R500 in store voucher??? This is absolutely ridiculous!!! If this was Mr price, I would have been satisfied, but Coricraft is expensive and the only thing I can almost buy in the store for R500 is a pillow. The only response we are getting from their management is apologies for the inconvenience.


Coricraft Group — products and aftercare service

I have many issues with Coricraft: - After testing a leather dinning room chain in the shop (it was the perfect height and sponge firmness), we ordered 10 to be manufactured...

Coricraft Group — shop card

I was approved for a shop card, but unfortunately it came while I am abroad. I sent a copy of my ID, passport as well as the email and a letter of authorization to collect the...

Coricraft Group3 seat couch with removable cover colour blue

We bought 2 couches. The one still looks perfect but the pillows of the and the cover looks as if is 5 years old (within 4 months of purchasing). I took the pillows to Rustenburg shop twice - with no response!!! The lady there send it to your offices twice!!! We always buy our couches at Coricraft but will think twice in future!!!
The lady at the shop took photos and the couch is really not your usual quality.

Coricraft Groupservice

Good day,
I made an order for two Holly Bar stools 50*75*36 . On the 28th of July 2018 along with a Lamercy glass coffee table .

I received the coffee table, however when I was at the warehouse to pick up the order there was only one holly bar stool and they said they couldn't find the other one . I left the warehouse with just the table and was promised it would be sorted out which was on Friday 3rd August . On the very day I took initiative and called the store to notify them of the incident at the warehouse and they said they would get back to me . Of which they did not .
So on Monday the 6th of August I went to the store to complain that no one had bothered to call me or let me know what the problem with the stools was .
I was then told that they would sort it out and that I would be called by Friday the 10th of August 2018.

It's the 17th of August, no one has bothered to call me, to atleast explain what the hold up is, I find this sort of service unacceptable and iv always only received the best service from the staff at your store, Which is why I'm very upset at this recent lack of proper customer service .
Iv since emailed the Botswana manager on the who responded and said they would get back to me . It's now Friday 24th August and no form of communication has been made .

Mrs Reba Ramaretlwa
+267 [protected]

  • Ja
    Jayne minne Nov 01, 2018

    To whom it may comcern
    I'm reaching the end of my tither trying desperately to place an order, open account and start payment process. I've been juggling with this for 3 weeks now and I've had no luck. I have now dealt with three ladies from your Hillcrest branch as I am moving from Zambia to kloof on the 10th of December and would like to take the lovely then. I've been sent a quote changed my order and then nothing. I then resubmit my query my order and get a reply from another individual asking when I'm moving. I reply once again with my query my order and my request to open account and start paying and get nothing back. please all I want to do is place my order have it delivered on the 10th December and start paying. It is becoming increasingly difficult and frustrating at the same. Please could you reply to my email today and find the way forward in order for this to happen. Your urgent response will be greatly appreciated.

    Jayne Minne
    00260 974970454 Zambia

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product not received after payment

My name is Eulande. I bought a server at the cresta branch in Johannesburg on the 30 July 2018. upon purchasing the server Johanne told me that they only have in the warehouse in...

Coricraft Group — bought couches in 2015 and had them exchanged in 2016 due to peeling off and the exchanged couches are pilling of like crazy

617995 I had the leader couches which I had to exchange in 2016 piling off badly, we even bought the leader protect cream at CoriCraft in Highveld mall and still the couches pilled off...

Coricraft Group — warehouse | terrible customer service

My husband and I went to Coricraft in Eastgate Shopping Centre on 13 July to buy some couches and other furniture. We saw couches that we like, and confirmed with Gary Wilson that...

Coricraft Group — corner couch

I Bought a corner couch in 2016, was very excited and happy for the couch. The couch compliments the rest of my furniture nicely, however we have noticed now that the couch i...

Coricraft Group — tax invoice @08221 - complaint 83077

617995 Mala corner - Columbian spice One cushion on long piece sagged. See photo - left side cushion sagging on right side. When we sit on it, it sags to the middle between the two...

Coricraft Group — table base replacement worse than original

617995 Spent a fortune on a dining room suite, only to see the wood table base start developing mould. Requested replacement which arrived two months later only to find that the...

Coricraft Group — product

5 Weeks ago I ordered my Coricraft Lodge Lounge suite in color: Atholl-Cashmere from Coricraft in Eastgate as well as bedroom side tables and a plasma unit. The customer service...

Coricraft Group — pathetic customer service: items fully paid and still not delivered after 8 weeks. kramerville store cannot assist with information.

Hi I have ordered 6 items on 14 April 2018 which still has not been delivered as of 6th Jun 2018. I have called the store in Kramerville to enquire and they cannot assist me with...

Coricraft Group — damages, poor quality, unacceptable product quality no service, no response

Bought leather corner unit Oct 2017, first delivery damages, hardly any foam in cushions, stitching pulling apart, skew stitching, stretched out leather at stitching, folds at...

Coricraft Group — couch r35 000

Hi, I bought a couch in December already and they gave me the wrong colour and the couch is hard. I chose the couch and colour at the store. The couch is a light brown colour I...

Coricraft Group — elaine dining table 1.8m f-gw808/ customer bn11286/operator precnk

On 15/03/2018 I visited Coricraft store at Brooklyn where I bought Elaine Dining Table that was on special. At the Store they told me that the table is on desplay if I want it I...

Coricraft Group — 2seater titanic couch

Good morning A while ago we bought 2x 2seater titanic couches from your branch in klerksdorp. We lodge a complaint a couple of months back about the seating cushions going flat...

Coricraft Group — furniture repair

Hello, I started phoning Melody and Claudette in December 2017 about my recliner (that was previously fixed in 2016) that was at fault again. Since them I have phoned 7 times to...