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Comcast Corporation / awful service

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A mentally ill man I care for recently ordered phone service from Comcast. He called the company to place his order for the phone service but I spoke with the customer service representative to confirm the details concerning his service. I always do that for the gentleman to make sure that the information he is provided is correct.

The phone service was scheduled for April 4th between 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM. The technician was late. He was excellent in his demeanor and I have no complaints about him or his service. The young man called Comcast to inform them that the technician was late. As a result of the fact that the technician was late he was entitled to a $20.00 discount off his bill. He was promised a $20.00 discount by the CSR from Comcast. I documented everything because I wanted to be prepared in case there was a problem.

The young man received his Comcast bill a few days ago and guess what...the $20.00 was not deducted from his bill. Today we called Comcast and after about a 20 minute wait on the phone he spoke with a CSR. The CSR he spoke with at Comcast was professional and courteous in his demeanor. He informed him that the request for the $20.00 deduction from his bill was never requested by the previous CSR we had spoken to. That made me feel quite frustrated because were it not for me checking his bill with him he might have never noticed that he did not get the deduction and a promise that was made to him by a CSR at Comcast might not have been kept. The gentleman we spoke with at Comcast today did put in a request for the deduction and the $20.00 will be taken off his bill. And you can be sure that I am going to check his bill to see that the $20.00 is taken off his bill. And it is not the matter that it is only $20.00 which is a small amount of is the principle...when people who work for a company promise their customers something they should deliver what they promise.

This is not the first such experience I have had with the Customer Service department at Comcast. I am very disappointed with how the Customer Service Reps at Comcast provide incorrect pricing information, billing information and make promises that are not kept. Or they make a promise and then the only way you can get the management to keep the promise is by calling the company back and requesting what it is that they promised the customer in the first place. This is not right.

I am going to follow up with the Customer Service Management at Comcast and inform them again of the problem they are having with their Customer Service Department so that hopefully they can educate their CSR's to provide accurate information to their customers as well as to do what they promise when they make commitments to the valued customers.

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  • Ro
      21st of Dec, 2011
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    Comcast Corporation - Comcast Customer Disservice
    Comcast Corporation
    United States

    If you ever had any chance of winning me back as a customer, yesterday pretty much killed it.

    There was a massive snowstorm here in late October that knocked down trees and ripped utility lines from poles and homes. I was already a former Comcast customer by then, but your cable was still attached to my house. A piece of it still is. When my power returned, I contacted Comcast via the Web requesting that you either remove or repair your line and included full contact data.

    The response? It should have been "we'll schedule a technician to come take care of it". Instead, I was told to either visit my local office or call the 800 number. The wire, or at least a piece of it, has now been coiled on the pole by my house for over a month.

    I visited the local office on a Wednesday afternoon only to find a horrendous wait time. I finally asked one of the overworked, and understaffed, customer service reps for the 800 number and burned some cell phone minutes. A technician is finally scheduled to come to my house. Had your service been on a par with the repair technician I spoke to yesterday I would still be a Comcast customer.

    What do I want you to do? For the sake of the customers you still have, get some useable customer service. Start taking repair/service requests via internet instead of just overworked stores or annoying 800 numbers. I am now paying more for a FIOS connection, which I can ill afford, but it's worth it to be rid of you. Second, remove the wire, as promised. A reply would be nice, but I'm not expecting much. Comcast doesn't deliver much.

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