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Comcast Cable / bad, bad customer service!

1 883 hwy 20Interlachen, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 386-684-4077

I called Comcast at around 9:30 am EST on 1-26-08, they had me do a bunch of things (of which I had already done), but did them again: reboot cable modem, reboot router, reboot server. So then they said I needed to hook up a computer directly to the cable modem, and then I should have internet access (they were saying I had an internal network problem) so I hook up the 1st laptop, no go, of course the tech says my laptop has a problem with its internal card, sooo, I hook up the 2 nd laptop, guess what , same problem, no internet, says low connectivity, so I continue and hook up the modem directly to a desk top, same , same, no internet. Of course by this time it is 1pm. So the tech says that I will have to pay for service if someone comes out and its not the modem, I said not a problem because I was told if I hooked up a computer directly to this modem I would have internet and I don't. They told me to call back in 30 minutes if a local service person has not called you. I wait an hour, no phone call, so I call them back. They will expedite the call to top priority, several hours go by, no call, and so I call them back. The person on the phone guaranties that someone named Tonya will call me back within the hour to let me know when someone will be out, its 5pm, and no it won't be today, but I will guarantee that someone will be out tomorrow. I never hear back from them that night. I begin calling again on 1-27-08, Dayton answers the phone (he's always very polite) no sure we have expedited the call, someone will call you back. I get a call at 2:30pm (not a local service person) out of state person. They didn't troubleshoot enough with you yesterday, he asked a few questions, I tell him what we did yesterday, and he says we should let a local repair person look at it, they will call you. No calls its 5 pm, so I call, well your call was expedited, but we haven't been able to get a hold of any local person for your area, so no one will be out today, they will come out tomorrow. I loose it, I don't yell, but tell him what I think of their customer service, that I don't like being pacified, that I want a solution. I called back to place a formal complaint, yeah, that really got me somewhere, couldn't get past the person who answers the phone. We pay for a business class internet service. We have 2 other hospitals that log into our server, which has been inaccessible for almost 48 hours. I'm not sure what they mean by expedite, but this is the poorest customer service I have experienced.

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