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Comcast / no service, no internet!

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I have had Comcast cable and high speed Internet for a long time. I've never been completely happy with them, but since they are the only choice, I've tried to cope. This latest problem started in June 2006. Occasionally my Internet connection would go out and eventually come back on. There was no pattern as to when it went out, or for how long. When it would go out, the "On Demand" service for cable TV also went out. I think most intelligent people could assume the problem was either somewhere outside of my home, or at the point where the cable enters the house. Well a very nice technician came over, replaced all the connections on the inside, changed some of the cables, and checked the box outside. Since everything was working, we thought that would end the problem. Well a week later the problem was back. So I call Comcast and had to repeat the entire problem again to cust. serv. They sent out another tech. who proceeds to do the exact same thing the 1st tech did. I told him the other tech. already did that. Finally he agrees with me and orders a line tech to check the outside line.

A few days later I get an automated call saying the problem was fixed. It worked ok till about the week of Sept. 25 Had I known that Comcast treats there customers so poorly I would've kept a record of all our conversations. Since I didn't, some of the following dates, times, and conversations are approximate. Around the 25th of Sept. the Internet and cable started acting up again. It was doing the same thing as in June. I called and set up an appointment. A day before the tech was supposed to come out, I got a voicemail from Comcast stating they had fixed the problem. I didn't know this means they canceled the appointment. I called again and set up another appointment between 3 and 5pm. Comcast called me at 1:00pm and left a message saying the tech. was at my door and no one was answering. 1:00pm??? I never would've set up the appt. at 1:00 since I know there was no way I or anyone else could be there. I had set it up for the hours of 3-5. So, after another 20 minute phone call, I set up another appt. for Fri. Oct 6. This is when we had some bad storms and the cable lines were out for everyone. I got another automated call from Comcast stating that the problem was fixed, and if I was still having problems, call them. I called, and was told that I had to set up another appt. I asked to talk to a supervisor. Instead of a supervisor the cust. serv. rep came back and told me that she would personally credit my acct, and that since they were still showing an outage in my area, she could not set up an appt, but stated that she will call me later in the day. I explained to her that my problem occurred well before the storms knocked out everyone's service. This was supposed to be on Oct 5. I never heard back from her so I called Comcast that night for the 10th(?) time. Again another 20 minutes of waiting. Again I had to repeat the whole story, and the cust rep put me on hold while she tried to reschedule yet another appt. I got tired of waiting so I hung up. This morning, Oct 6, I once again called Comcast and I told the cust rep that I wanted to talk to a supervisor and that if he came back on line, I would cancel my acct. Well, he did let me talk to someone named John. I also learned they had scheduled another appt. with out asking me on Oct. 9th at 1:00pm. As I told them and stated here, there is no way I could be home at that time. Once again I had to explain the problems I was having. He didn't seem at all sorry for the hassles. He then said he would set up another appt. I TOLD HIM TO CANCEL ALL MY SERVICES. his REPLY, "OK, LET ME TRANSFER YOU" No effort at all to keep me as a customer. I hung up.

My home phone uses the Internet to make and receive calls. When the high speed Internet service goes out, so does my phone. This creates several problems. Most importantly, if there is any kind of emergency at my home I CANNOT CALL 911!!!! Also, when my phone is out, if my mom needs me for anything, she may not be able to get ahold of me. She is 74 years old, and in poor health. Yes I do have a cell phone, but it's not always close by. I need that home phone working.

On 10-11 I received a call from Marta Gardner, an executive with Comcast, regarding my BBB complaint. She was very nice and is trying to get this problem resolved. We set up an appt. for 10-12 after 2:45pm. Later on I got another automated call saying my appt. was scheduled on 10-13 between 10am and ? I called and left Gardner a message. This morning, 10-12 at 8:00am I got another automated call from Comcast stating "recently technicians found and corrected a problem in your area..." Well we all know what this means, yep, my appt. has been canceled and It'll bee another week or so, AGAIN!!!! It is now 9:30 and I have not heard from Ms. Gardner yet.

10/14. Talked to Marta yesterday. Supposedly someone was out and checked the lines outside. Everything was working fine till this morning when the same old problem started up again. Now it's Sat. night and it's getting worse. Now along with the Internet and "On Demand", every channel seems to break up, and the sound just makes a squealing noise. It comes and goes. I understand that sometimes these problems happen. What I am really upset is that it's been since Sept. 27th and nothing has changed. I think that Comcast owes me for all the BS they've put me through. I will get credit for all the time I've had this problem, but that doesn't compensate me for all the time I've wasted on the phone, not to mention all the minutes I've used up on my cell phone.

10/17. 2:30pm So far today I've lost the Internet connection 3 times that I know of. The cable TV signal is also being affected. I just left a message for Ron Ford, and another one for Marta Gardner. She has not responded to the 2 previous messages I left for her.Ford is the man that came out last Thurs. and supposedly tested the cable system outside. I thought that Comcast was going to take this seriously by having these 2 people get involved. The way it looks now, that was just a cover up. Nothing has changed since Sept. 28

In conclusion, here's the highlights. Comcast is giving me the run around. I've had to call them over 29 times, and have spent over 125 minutes on the phone, 81 of those minutes were charged to my monthly allowance on my cell. Every time I talked to Comcast I had to repeat everything. Then I would get A different solution.

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  • Va
      12th of Dec, 2006
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    Comcast has taken over existing Adelphia customers in our area. We just received a letter, on December 9 2006, informing us our existing services and pricing are going to be changed on January 1, 2007 and we must choose which package we want to change to by then.

    The problem is:

    1. There is no specific information on what the new packages will consist of for us to base decisions on.

    2. According to the Comcast support center and the Comcast website we are not Comcast customers and they do not have any information available for us.

    3. If we fail to choose from the grab bag of packages, since we can not find out what they consist of, Comcast will be charging us for each individual channel existing on our Aldelphia accounts.

    4. My Internet connection fee is scheduled to increase from $39.17 to $59.95 a month! What a jump for the same service!

    All I need is for them to provide me with a line card listing what each of the new packages are and what the Internet service options are. But, since we are not Comcast customers we can not get this information????

    So, how can they just make these changes without any consideration for their new, and "Have no choice in the matter" customers?????

    Thanks for dumping us Adelphia.

  • Ly
      27th of Sep, 2007
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    I had same bad experience with Comcast. Internet service isn't fast enough when everyone is on TV. Once the cable service went down, you lost not only TV, also internet and phone. Last year, we had no service for two three days. Another thing made me so frustrated was when I try to disconnect the services, the service representative asked me why I am leaving, and then after I told her my reason, she started telling me how bad the DirecTV and Verizon internet services are and non-stop for 2 minutes. I suggest Comcast should watch itself instead complains other company. I think few years ago, at least their customer service was fine.

  • De
      16th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Comcast! well at least you get service from them, I am 300Ft from the last connection and they want $6000.00 to install me a line. These companies are too bug, they need to be broken down into smaller companies to provide a better service to everyone. Bush/Republicans have to go and monopolization needs to end!

    See where monopolization get you! Bill Gates, Comcast, Verizon to name but a few, they all suck!

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