Comcast Phone Serviceonce you get into it, you can never get out

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This is an addendum to my earlier complaint about Comcast phone service in Montgomery County, Maryland. Since I recorded that complaint, problems have worsened. Comcast has scheduled and failed to keep two appointments, trapping me at home for six hours, to no avail. I have, by this time, spoken with no fewer than 13 customer service or tech reps, a time-consuming business involving countless hours 'on hold.' I am sitting here now, waiting for yet another tech to show up and accomplish the task of exchanging the modem that services both my phone and my internet with one that services only the internet.

In case you missed my earlier complaint, I'm ditching Comcast phone service because it's unreliable: My voice disappears during phone conversations, and although I can hear the caller, the caller can't hear me; or the connection is cut off entirely. The latter happened again yesterday while I was on a conference call. These problems began on May 17. Two tech reps were unable to repair the problem. Today is June 28. Comcast phone service is like quicksand: Once you get into it, you can never get out!


  • Da
    Darell Nov 21, 2006

    Beware of purchasing Comcast phone service. It does not act like a normal phone service! For example, if you are talking to a person on a cell phone and the connection is lost, very quickly you will get a VERY LOUD BEEP BEEP BEEP sound in your ear! This phone off the hook sound lasts for one minute. You'll get this same wonderful sound recorded on your answering machine each and every time a person hears your not home and hangs up rather than leaving you a message. Be WARNED this is very annoying.

    Also be warned that Comcast Customer service is so bad that they shouldn't even have service in the name. Repeated calls with no call backs, promises that issues will be resolved in 24 hours and then you never hear from them again. I can't believe I ever switched from their old digital phone service to this new digital service. The old service worked because it used the old ma-bell equipment. Now it's all through the internet, so they make a small investment in phone equipment that doesn't work so good and use the internet for free and charge you $33 buck a month for a while and then jack it up to $39. Don't fall for it!

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  • Ma
    Maurice Marrache Jan 27, 2008

    I wish I had taken the time to read all the problems Comcast is experiencing, prior to my switching. Because the price of a bundle package seemed so great, I switched. The two line phone equiptment in my home has not worked since they installed their service. The lines are still crossed after two service calls. The second repaiman could not fix the damage caused by the first one. Because the switched lines are also effecting the home alarm system I have been advised to send a registered letter stating this, just in case. After frequent calls in I still have not received a callback for service.

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  • Nj
    njquintana Aug 04, 2009

    I am in middlesex county, New Jersey, I have the same problem!

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  • Ha
    hazzell Jan 27, 2011

    I am in Hamburg, Pa. Same problem, it's getting annoying. You would think someone could figure this out. I was compensated a few dollars on next bill, but this doesn't really help me if I need the pnone for emergency

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  • Bt
    btsamis Apr 25, 2011


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  • Tc
    TChase Aug 20, 2018

    I have an employee from the comcast company that's has threatened my life. Has made all threats while on companies time. He then assulted a relative with in rage due his level of alcohol consumption. He drinks all the time sometimes masking alcohol in water bottles of coffee mugs. His name is Elliott Ward.

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  • Si
    Sidney Amaral Aug 20, 2018

    They install my internet cable passing in the middle of the backyard doesn't matter I told them I will construct a pool . I talked with supervisor and she said they will fix but not for a month. I can see the cable since they did a poor job as the picture. Address is 2007 Legend Grove Ct, Houston, TX, 77062

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  • Ba
    BABYGIRL1968 Sep 10, 2018

    I cancled my card for auto payment and my card was used anyways. now they rerefusion to refund the money . then was charged a 200 hundred deposit when my deposit was only 50 . I have asked them to cancle the with draw from my account they say they cant do that, cause its against there policy to do that.

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  • Bb
    Bboy Mcby Oct 21, 2018

    So Comcast offers Acorn, watch first season of Jack Irish. Second Season only offered in HDD We don't have a Comcast HDD unit because it's too expensive - they blame it on Acorn. We would like to view the second season as in the first, in SD.

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  • Al
    Allinfornow Oct 22, 2018

    With Directv I got my choice of announcers on MLB Extra Innings. With Comcast I don't yet I pay the same. No one at Comcast can explain. Where's the extra money going???????

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  • Ka
    karla weber Oct 31, 2018

    My credit card company, capital one and myself have spent HOURS on the phone complaining about being charged three times in the month of march and again on may third. That is four billings in one month.
    I am 78 years old with high blood pressure and am frustrated beyond belief.
    My phone number is 215-773-8364
    Can you please help me?

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