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Citizens Bank Master Card. Brand new account. No feels, low interest, sounds good. Wrong! Never recieved a bill. They called me asking where payment was. I was shocked. Told them I never recieved a bill. They said ok, another one went out yesterday, no problem.

Two days later, got another phone call. told them still waitilng on the bill. They said if you don't get it in a few days, call this number 1-8... Waited all week for bill. Never came. Called the 800 number today. They said the bill only went out on Monday, so they weren't suprised that I didn't have it yet. I said The bill went out over a week ago! No no, bill went out Mon. They wanted me to give them my checking account routing number and my husband said Don't you dare! They now had a late charge fee of $39.00 AND, interest for late payment.

The supervisor told me that if I would take care of this on the phone, she could negotiate the $39.00 fee for late payment. Sounds phony to me!

Sent them a check for the full amount and told them to cancel the account. We ALWAYS get our mail.

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  • Pe
      Aug 25, 2010

    They ripped me off to

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  • Mb
      Jan 24, 2012

    I had a similar experience. Signed up for 12 month interest free card. transferred a balance. then no bill. when I realized a week after the first payment was due that I had not received bill I called the company. they said they mailed it. hmmm I get all my other bills how come not theirs. well now I know, .. because I was "delinquent" in my payment, the no interest deal went out the window. It's now my word against theirs regarding the mail. evil but brilliant on their part.

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  • Sa
      Dec 24, 2013

    Lst month(N0vember) my balance was41.48. I looked at my December's statement and there are 23 transaction on there, one for 19.99 aqnd the other for 12.00. So as I received a nasty letter from them saying that I was late in payment, thre would be a 39.00 late fee added to my account. I NEVER RECEIVED A BILL and I ALWAYS pay my bill online., and to top things off, my payment was 11.19 Then they told me that I owed them $2, 285.00. FOR WHAT??? I downloaded my account on line and there is NO SUCH TRANSACTIONS!!! SO, I will go ionto the branch on Thursday morning and ask them whre they came up with such a figure, get my real balance, and SHUT DOWN THE ACCOUNT, and I will also turn them in to the Better Business Bureau and have them investigated. I am very upset, and I am seriously thinking of turning them into the IRS, and have them investigated, because you are NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THESE THINGS TO THE CUSTOMERS. I learned my lesson the hard way, but I guarantee you one thing, they will remove the supposed charges for $2, 280. Thanks a lot citizens bank, I really need this kind of kiaus and stress in my life. RIGHT????????????

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