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Citizens Bank complaints 296

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - cheating

A $15 transaction was there after I closed my account and cancelled card I cut my card in pieces, they show that I purchased after they cancelled my card, not able to tell the source of transaction yet trying to extort my hard earned money .
Banks cheat you cannot do any thing, they cheat for their lords make them rich when loose money public money save them to let them cheat public for ever.When profit only for few, otherwise curse for all. CITIZENS BANK cheated me we need a credit score for banks so that they cannot blackmail customers

Several times in the last two months my account with citizens bank has been attacked and drained by this bank. It all started with a tax levy for 200. The story goes like this: my check goes in auto so thursday morn I check my account. Money's not right, so I call card serv to get info I'm told of levy by a live person. Then I ask for available balance and am told by a live person that I had 203 dollers in account. So under fear of further levy I take 200 out so I wont be broke. Two days later I get notice that account over drawn by 280. I call the bank and they say they dont always see everything. It doesn't stop there; they inform me of other charges coming in and that my over draft fees are still going to rise. This all after I checked my available balance. These charges were going to be larger than my weeks pay so I tried to stop auto deposit at work- they couldnt stop it, but could void it so it would bounce back. It went in and bounced back but my employer, being with citizens bank, was called by the bank demanding that money back or they would charge the account. I was called on the carpet and told the story and now have to pay back entire weeks pay. My next step was to fight with the bank. After much dialogue they refunded me 100. I then asked how I could prevent this. They said take the feature off the account that lets you over-draw. Did that. Next time, the same thing happens. Check available bal and use account accordingly. Now am told I'm overdrawn 130, I ask why and am told "Didn't anybody tell you that items put thru as credit don't show on available balance?" Like Mcdonalds, Dunkin Donuts etc.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - Customer Service-Overdraft Fees

I have also had problems with Citizens Bank. On October 2, 2009 I received my Social Security Direct Deposit. Also on that date there was a check from 7 months ago that was cashed by the bank. This check was to an old landlord that I used to have, and way back he told me that he never received this check, so I stopped payment on the check and got a bank check for the money and sent that on to him. Now after 7 months he managed to cash the check. The bank never called me to tell me that a “stale Check” was being cashed, and I didn’t know that “stop payments” were only good for 6 months, so the bank paid out this “old check”. Now because this happened and I didn’t know about it, it overdrew my account and I bounced a bunch of other checks. It was only after calling customer service that I found out that “stop payments” were only good for six months and that the bank shouldn’t have cashed this “stale check”, but I was told that it was up to the bans descretion.
Now the fees that came in due to this amounted to more than $900. I was frantic. I got hit with fees on top of fees. My wife’s direct deposit ended up going into our account before we could stop it, and it paid all of their fees off and left us very little money for food to feed our family of 5.
Also during this time I was running out of Insulin (I am a type 1 diabetic) and I also have Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Well I needed Insulin for my pump and the bank refused to free up any of the charges that they had on our account. I ended up have an MS flair twice and ended up in the ER. I also received 2 perscriptions that needed to be filled in order to get over this flair.
I called the bank and a very nice customer service representative named Madona helped me out and freed up $78. so that I could get the prescriptions filled, and then when I went to the bank I was told that I could not take the money out because citizens had put a hold on my account and the one person who could take the hold off was not in that day. I was then escourted out of the bank and was told that Corporate Security was going to be I would not get back any of the fees that I have paid if she had anything to do with it.
I then contacted customer service and lodged a complaint with them. Nest thing I know the claims department is sending me another affidavit in the mail, and this time they want me to try to locate my old landlord so that he can sign it saying that he did infact take money from our account. Can you believe that? I’m sure he’ll sign that? right?
I was told by Citizens Bank that I can not close my account at this point because it is now back to being negative again, and when I tried to open another account with a different bank I was notified that because of citizens bank I would have to wait for that account to be settled before I can open another account anywhere else. So now my wife is stopping her direct deposit and I have to call Social Security in order for them to stop their direct deposit.
I’m thinking about not having a bank account at all, I’m thinking about getting a safe, and then just getting money orders for all of my bills.

Thank you CITIZEN’S BANK for encourgaing me to not trust banks!

Sep 15, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - ripped off

My husband and I have several accts. with citizens bank as well as mortgage accts. We have been with them since they took over commenwealth bank. When we were with commonwealth they used to call sometimes to say heh we know your husband is traveling a lot out of the country you need to switch money into your acct. a check is going to post today. That was without a doubt unusual but that's the kind of service we received from commonwealth.

Then citizens took over. We stayed with them hoping to build the same kind of relationship. We realized there service cannot compare. Over the years we opened and closed many accts. with them and never really wanted overdraft, so yes we paid many overdraft fees which now are through the roof. Last year my husband opened a savings overdraft and sometimes puts money in that acct.

I recently learned that if you do not have enough to cover the full amount of your mistake of overdraft they do not take any money at all from that acct. and you get charged for everything even if you could of covered most of your mistakes. To me they are stealing our money because they will not use any overdraft that does not cover the full amount. That's bull crap! Why should I pay $234 in overdraft fees when I should only pay for what I could not cover.

My husband also transfered the same day $2800 dollars from our ING acct. which to me is cash, but they said no. Before when my husband fought with them over this the manager said why do you have your money in ING instead of here at citizens and was very rude to my husband because he told them he gets higher interest on his money in the bank and only transfer when he needs to. Please help us resolve or expose this bank I am sure other people are also getting ripped off.

Nov 11, 2010

My account had identity theft, which I notified to Citizens first charge, they reimbursed, another charge went through by the same company, then another! They did nothing to stop it after already knowing it was fraudulent, not even notify me. I found the error. They told me legally they had 10 business days to reimburse they took almost 90. Charging me fees the entire time this money wasn't in my account and are now saying they aren't responsible for the $1, 000's of dollars of fees that would have never happened if the money was in the account. That is not even humane, this ruins people's lives and credit scores. So they do not have to resolve the issue they will not let you speak to a manager, will "accidentally hang up" or leave you on hold for over 2 hours. Only one person that is miraculously never available can resolve this issue. I have 3 bank accounts and never as much as had an issue, Citizens is a nightmare and they are not a place by any means to trust with your money.

I messed up this week. I deposited a check on Saturday thinking it was going to clear on Monday but forgeting that Monday was a holiday and a non-banking day. Well, after paying eleven bills online I found myself with eleven overdraft charges on Wednesday. That's $429 that I gave to Citizens bank all because I forgot my check wouldn't clear until after the holiday. Had my check cleared I would have had more than enough to clear my bills but this did not matter to anyone I spoke with. It seems to me their should be a cap on how many overdraft charges a bank can give for this type of mistake. Eleven!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - unfair charges

After a long string of very frustrating experiences with Citizens Bank, I didn't think it could get any worse until they charged me a fee for a debit when I had the money in the bank. The sequence of events was:

-Two debit purchases on Friday (had plenty of money to cover these)
-Check I had written was cashed on Saturday (overwithdraft charge ensued; I didn't transfer money in time)
-Debit purchase on Sunday
-Deposit on Monday (labor day) to cover the check in case

Result: They processed my Friday debits the following Tuesday, even though I had the money in the account to cover them at the point of purchase. I recieved an overwithdraft on Tuesday, following the labor day weekend, for FOUR PURCHASES... when I had plenty of money to cover my 2 purchases on Friday. I used a DEBIT for my transactions, mind you, but they allowed each charge to go through anyway. Their explaination was that it was because it was after 3:00pm on Friday and it went in the system as next day business. I searched their policies online and it states:

"When you withdraw funds from an ATM or make a purchase with your debit card, the funds will immediately be removed from your available balance."

Not to mention, they processed my check first, the charges in decreasing order of amount, THEN my deposit.

I was charged $39 for every single one, at a total of $156.

This is WRONG and UNFAIR. If you read their rules and regulations, each one is intentionally written to be ambiguous to work in their favor. Additionally, most people who overwithdraw can't afford the ridiculous fees that they are charged. Something needs to be done about this.

Just happened to us at Citizens bank near New Haven, Ct. Still trying to sort it out over a week now. The manager does not return our calls. $259.oo over draft fees. This is disgusting. We work so hard to have someone rob us like this.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - incredilbe overdraft fees

Over $400 and climbing for Overdraft/Insufficient Funds that they made happen- Incredibly on a mortgage payment that I ended up paying myself via Western Union. Tried to pay the awful fees and end the horrible stress but was told no- fees are still coming and account must be open to levy them. The "Juice" is climbing rapidly and I need more phone numbers- Already have the Citizens Bank one in Rhode Island and have already talked to State Banking Commission(not much help but to say this is all legal!)

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - identity theft

Someone stole my information and charged 2 cameras to my debit card. after numerous calls to citizens bank finally had to go to the main branch and file an affidavit for unauthorized card use. Their employee filled out the form and my wife signed it. After weeks of being bounced around they only credit my account for one camera (148.93). When contacted again and more trips to the bank they state that because the form was not filled in correctly they cannot re-open or refund the rest of the unauthorized use. They Filled out the paperwork! We are out 148.93 and there is nothing they can do about it. On top of that it caused my account to be overdrawn and they charged me another $150 in overdraft fees.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - citizens bank fees

Citizens bank is the worst when it comes to fees over draft 11cents and i get a charge of 109.11 for 10 days over, hope this bank goes under !

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - overdraft fees

I have had my Citizens account for over a decade. I have been unemployed for 6 months in this economy and barely getting by. It is a struggle. In the past week, due to my unemployment check getting...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - illegal account opening practices

I worked for Citizens in PA for almost 2 years. Fran, the Bucks County Regional Manager, pushes OD fees EXACTLY as described by many posts.

We were forced to open checking accounts that had excessive overdraft fees and monthly charges in order to ripoff the customers. Here's how:

We had to open accounts, lying to the customers that the account has "no fees" and put specifically designed waivers on the accounts so that the customer doesn't realize the scam (the maximum waiver you could use was for 1 year...)

Then, when the waiver expires months later, the customers have their guard down and they don't obsess with every line on their statements, they get hit by monthly fees that will overdraw the account (as most people keep in their checking account only enough money to cover their checks - that's why it's called a CHECKING account). The overdraft fees will overdraw the account again and again and so will the checks you write believing that your account is still good...

I routinely had customers with hundreds of dollars in fees by the time they received their statement - we were specifically instructed to hit high school kids, college students and senior citizens.

Another trick we had to use is open a "Gold" checking account to senior citizens who would come in and ask for a savings account by using a high interest rate as a carot and not disclosing the fees (using the waivers as noted above). Problem is, that "Gold" checking account had a high-balance requirement and the poor people would be hit by unneccesary monthly fees a few months later...

And to add inslult to injury we even had telemarketing days and evenings when we were forced to make telemarketing calls (disguised as "service calls" so that the bank circumvents the do-not-call registry laws). Not only these were clearly marketing calls (as suggested by the program feeding us the leads!) but also we had to open a number of checking accounts over the phone (the daily and weekly targets were set by Fran again, the Regional Manager).

If only homeland security new how many checking accounts Citizens Bank routinely opens over the phone without proper identification or signatures... all the auditors have to do is go to any Bucks County branch towards the end of the day and ask for the signature cards of the checking accounts opened the SAME day to uncover the illegal practice (this way there is no time to mail the signature card and obtain backdated signatures...)

Stay away from Citizens Bank in PA! I quit several years ago and I am still haunted about the things we had to do...

Aug 01, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - awful experience

Citizens Bank Master Card. Brand new account. No feels, low interest, sounds good. Wrong! Never recieved a bill. They called me asking where payment was. I was shocked. Told them I never recieved a bill. They said ok, another one went out yesterday, no problem.

Two days later, got another phone call. told them still waitilng on the bill. They said if you don't get it in a few days, call this number 1-8... Waited all week for bill. Never came. Called the 800 number today. They said the bill only went out on Monday, so they weren't suprised that I didn't have it yet. I said The bill went out over a week ago! No no, bill went out Mon. They wanted me to give them my checking account routing number and my husband said Don't you dare! They now had a late charge fee of $39.00 AND, interest for late payment.

The supervisor told me that if I would take care of this on the phone, she could negotiate the $39.00 fee for late payment. Sounds phony to me!

Sent them a check for the full amount and told them to cancel the account. We ALWAYS get our mail.

Lst month(N0vember) my balance was41.48. I looked at my December's statement and there are 23 transaction on there, one for 19.99 aqnd the other for 12.00. So as I received a nasty letter from them saying that I was late in payment, thre would be a 39.00 late fee added to my account. I NEVER RECEIVED A BILL and I ALWAYS pay my bill online., and to top things off, my payment was 11.19 Then they told me that I owed them $2, 285.00. FOR WHAT? I downloaded my account on line and there is NO SUCH TRANSACTIONS! SO, I will go ionto the branch on Thursday morning and ask them whre they came up with such a figure, get my real balance, and SHUT DOWN THE ACCOUNT, and I will also turn them in to the Better Business Bureau and have them investigated. I am very upset, and I am seriously thinking of turning them into the IRS, and have them investigated, because you are NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THESE THINGS TO THE CUSTOMERS. I learned my lesson the hard way, but I guarantee you one thing, they will remove the supposed charges for $2, 280. Thanks a lot citizens bank, I really need this kind of kiaus and stress in my life. RIGHT?

I had a similar experience. Signed up for 12 month interest free card. transferred a balance. then no bill. when I realized a week after the first payment was due that I had not received bill I called the company. they said they mailed it. hmmm I get all my other bills how come not theirs. well now I know, .. because I was "delinquent" in my payment, the no interest deal went out the window. It's now my word against theirs regarding the mail. evil but brilliant on their part.

Aug 25, 2010

They ripped me off to

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - they are doing fraudulent activities to rescue their bank

Probably you have asked the question “Why a financial institution which is supposed to be safe is doing fraudulent activities to surpass the economical reception?” Citizens Bank, one of the most...

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Mar 27, 2009
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - awful bank

Someone did thousands of dollars worth of fraudulent activity on my checking account over at least a nine month period and I the bank would only reimburse for 60 days of that fraudulent activity and I can't get anyone to help me get my money from the bank not even the fdic or the ms dept of banking and consumer finance. I'm talking over 10k. Can anyone tell me how I can get my money back. All of it.


Dec 17, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - overcharged

Last November Citizens Bank hit me with over 500$ in over draft fees on three purchases all equaling less than 10$. They took my direct deposit Social Security Disability Check and canceled out the fees, regardless of the fact that I did not want that. I nearly became homeless because of that.

I left the account to mold while I opened a checking account with a much better (and more popular) bank. Recently a charge of $3.99 was made via paypal for some arbitrary purpose to the Citizens account by mistake. I made a call to their customer service to ask that the fee be removed as a courtesy, which they agreed to. They then stated my account balance was 'fine' and 'in the clear'.

Well, I though they meant the account was POSITIVE in balance, so I did nothing.

I went in today to deposit 50$ to keep it from happening again, and my account was 100$ NEGATIVE.

They will not waive the fees, or even work with me on the fees. Instead until i make the account positive, I will incur another 39.00 charge every 7 days. No one told me this before. The seven day limit to deposit after the fee was refunded was YESTERDAY, and they will not make an exception!

I am on Social Security, I make 637.00$ a month! I cant afford to lose another 100$ of my income!

I called the bank where I opened the account (Willow Grove) since i live 150 miles away from it now, and the manager (Debbie) was EXTREMELY rude and treated me like I am an idiot who cant manage my money. She told me to practice my money management skills and then hung up.

I have NEVER had an account overdraw at ANY other bank. Citizens Bank should be ashamed of its self. Bad customer service and insane fees will make this bank one of the next to sink!

I feel very sorry for you. Citizens Bank is a TERRIBLE bank and they do NOT care about their customers. This is clearly a case of predaotry lending. The bank wants to make you think they did you a favor by allowing the charges to go through, while at the same time charging you outrageous fees for the "convenience" (their word, not mine).

Gone are the days when banks looked out for their customers. Banks like citizens are looking out for their bottom line. They are simply looking out for ways to increase their profits and revenues for their share holders. They also don' want the "average" customer. They want people with lots of money

I am a former of the bank and am all too familiar with their poor business practices. Sorry to hear about all your trouble. I left them and went to Bank of Ameirca. At least I was given the option of opting out of this practice. I hope Citizens bank goes belly up, and that their CEO, Larry Fish, knows what it's like to have someone abscond with his money - like what his bank has done to so many unfortunate people.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Citizens Bank - unfair practice

About a week ago I made a return to a P n C from a debt/credit card purchase the same day. I asked the individual if my account would go through right away. She said "most of the time it does". So I tried to make a purchase and it went through. Everything was fine until I went to the bank and asked how much money was in my account. That's when I felt my heart sank. The teller said it was in the negative, by a lot. I asked her to print up a copy of my account history. She said she could, but she ignored me as though she was deaf when I asked her if she was going to print up my history. Before they have always done this. I explained the situation and she promised that my account will be corrected as soon as the refund displayed into her computer. The next day I signed into the account on the internet to see if there were any corrections made by the bank. None were made, in fact the amount in the negative greatly increased. So I called the number on the back of my card and spoke to a lady from the bank and she said the account would be in positive and that the bank would have my money available as soon as the refund went through. The next I checked and it didn't go through and amount again increased. I was being charged for purchases made after the refund at the P n C. Since the money was never really deposited that moment back, and my account was being charged even without the money in my account, after being told chances were it would be. Anyways I called the number again on the back of my card. To make a long story short I went through about 14 different customer assistance employees, including supervisors all to find out that they would only to erase a portion of the money the internet was saying I owed back in. Not to mention I had to file a complain against one of the supervisors I spoke with. I told him what the lady said the previous date about 11 dollars being back into my account after the refund was shown to have gone through. (That was another thing that tried to upset me. The groceries were returned two days before the bank said it did according to their internet website.) Anyways the man I spoke to name was spoken harshly so I couldn't understand what he said. He sounded the way a shocked criminal sounds when an officer catches them in the act of committing something unlawful. I did speak with another supervisor who told me he could only return 117 into my account ( a different person than earlier) and he was an excellent listener and a pleasure to have a conversation with. I feel like a child would if he were given a lollipop at the bank and then on the way being told that would cost him/her more than they would pay for.

whenever you use your debit card the funds are held but not posted immediately. If you return a purchase the refund will not post immediately either. Usually it is at least 2-3 business days.

When you make subsequent purchases, the merchant will authorize the charge but it is not always the full amount. Many gas stations for instance will show up as a 1$ hold. It is your responsibility to balance your checkbook, not the banks. I suggest your read up on funds availabilty and electronic transaction processing and stick to paing by cash until you understand how to manage a bank account

Dec 04, 2008

Citizens Bank - auto loan payoff

On November 24, 2008 Cole Chevrolet in Bluefield WV mailed the payoff to our Nissan Exterra. It took 11 days for this check to post. In the mean time Citizens automated withdrew my November payment...

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Nov 13, 2008

Citizens Bank - refusal to close my bank accounts

Elders beware ... I am a 96 year old widow who has accounts with Citizens Bank, who is refusing to close my accounts. They accepted my notarized letter to change my address, but 3 months later when I...

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