Chrysler and Doug Betts / bait & switch. failure to follow-up on comments after receiving customer satisfaction survey, Auburn Hills, MI, United States
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Bait & Switch tactics. Horrible customer service after purchasing an almost new car, i.e., Audi 2012 Pop 500 with less than 50 miles. On or about February 8, 2013, I received an e-mail from [protected] The body of the e-mail stated, "Congratulations and thank you for buying your 2012 Fiat 500 from FIAT Of Burlingame. Fiat and FIAT Of Burlingame appreciate your purchase. It is important that we provide you with the best possible ownership experience. To help us do so, we invite you to complete our brief survey regarding your recent purchase experience. Your feedback is a valuable tool to help improve the experiences of our customers as well as guide future product development efforts. Your participation in the survey process is completely voluntary. Please complete the survey at If you are prompted for a password, please enter the following: XXXXXX

Outside of purchasing a house, buying a car is one of the most expensive expenditures a person will make in his or her lifetime. While this is not true for everyone, I believe that to be the case for a majority of people. Put simply, I am over age 50 and this was the second new car I purchased in my lifetime. Having said that I firmly believe that the sale does not end once the customer pays and/or accepts the terms of the contract. Alternatively it does not end once the salesperson has his or her commission. In addition to entering into a six year contract with Audi/Chrysler, I also purchased their premium warranty coverage. In doing so my monthly payments increased nearly by nearly $100.

Prior to purchasing the car I visited the showroom five times. As I was firming up the terms and conditions to the purchase, I contacted my auto insurance company to drop coverage on my 2001 VW (liability only policy) to purchase full coverage on the Audi. Before doing so my adjuster asked for four photos of the car: front, back and right and left sides. My salesman said he would get the photos to my adjuster. It was not until I purchased the car and driven off the lot with it that my adjuster advised me she never received the photos. I was concerned that coverage on the car may not be in effect. The only reason I did not take the photos myself is because I do not have a camera. Besides the salesman told me he had taken the photos. Over the next four days I left repeated e-mail and voicemail messages, none of which was responded to.
Therefore, upon receipt of Mr. Betts' and Chrysler's customer satisfaction survey, I noted that I was displeased with the transaction and wanted to discuss the matter with someone ASAP. I can understand why my salesman never responded to my communications. Senior VP Doug Betts has refused to acknowledge my communications. Why bother sending a survey if you have no intention of acting upon it. Last, I provided Chrysler with the original e-mail from my adjuster in which she asked for the photos. I wanted them to know my comments are true.

Never again will I purchase from Chrysler and/or its affiliates.

Feb 17, 2013

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