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Lantana, FL, United States
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The Lantana, Florida branch on Lantana Rd. is the worst branch of ANY bank I have ever been in. Not only do they ignore customers waiting on line, with just ONE teller no matter how long the line is, but they make rules up as they go along, nothing in writing and all you can do is steam and curse them out...its been going on for 5 years and I have had it.

I am removing all of my money (well over 6 figures) and leaving a balance just for my own convenience. They can all go straight to hell...especially after it was MY tax money that bailed them out in 2007.

This incident occurred on 9/8/2016 but the history of the complaints is too long to note. I don't really care any longer as I have other options of which I have begun transferring money to.

The best they can do with this branch is close it.

Sep 9, 2016

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