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Chase Bank Credit Card / late fee

1 Flint, MI, United States

I have recently closed my credit card due to the unsatisfactory service and a late fee accessed on my account which I believe should not have been charged.

I usually make all my payments early and more than the minimum payment amount required. My statement with due date 8-3-09 did not have any disclosure of a payment increase. The statement with due date of 9-3-09 only indicated:

Please note you have a new payment due date that has been
extended to give you more time to pay. The new payment due
date is reflected on this statement. If you prefer to select
a payment due date that better meets your needs,
please call Customer Service.

On 8-10-09 I made my usual budgeted amount of $100 to the account.

On 8-14-09 I sent an email via the secure mail asking why my payment had increased to $127.00 from $52.00 the past month. I was prompted to send this email as I had no notification of such a change to date.

On 9-3-09 I was assessed a late fee of $39.00 for being late, even though I had made the payment on 8-10-09, and no explanation as to why the mailed statement had an increase minimum payment increase.

On 9-5-09 I contacted the credit card 800 number only to received a very blunt explanation of “you were late and I cannot do anything about the late fee.” I found this individual rude and inflexible when trying to present my point. After being told I was “talking in circles” I asked to speak with a supervisor. I was transferred to Sherry J in Springfield, MO. While she was much more professional and I have no complaint other than she indicated that the only way she could refund the late fee was if it was a bank error.

So I closed my account and will continue to close my accounts with Chase at which time I am financially able.

I received no notice of the increased payment amount, if I had an additional $27.00 on 8-10-09 to avoid the $39.late fee charge on 9-3-09 wouldn’t be the issue. I had already made the payment the day after the statement was cut. It wasn’t a matter of money or intentional payment shortage I had already paid the monthly payment. The inability of the bank I have used for many years and have maintained my commitments in a favorable manner---cannot lend itself to refunding a $39.00 fee. If this is what Chase Bank has come to, I’ll find a local bank.

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