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I have been a loyal Chase bank customer for many years. On June 8th, 2010 I went to the Sheepshead bay branch to deposit a check written to my name Joyce Liao. The teller, Maryana Grattan indicated that she felt that there was a problem with the check because I have a Chinese name. Instead of discussing the problem with me she refused to serve me and asked me to leave the bank or she would call security. I asked to talk to the manager and she said that she was the manager. I asked another employee, Demitry Komarovsy, for her name. He responded by grabbing a piece of paper that that I was holding in my hand. I later through the Branch Manager Jason Casal I found out that my account has been closed by the security department without my permission.

Many times in Chase Branches in Sheepshead Bay I have experienced rude service and have had people complain to me while I was shockingly mistreated by employees of your bank. I feel that I have been treated unjustly and insulted by Chase Bank employees Maryana Grattan and Demitry Komarovsy at the Sheepshead Bay Branch. A lady, Sophia Heisley - who was a customer and who witnessed how I was mistreated at the time - told me that she had just filed a complaint for the poor service she received from the Chase Bank a couple weeks ago and would be willing to be my witness, when I file my complaint. I would like to know what Chase Bank will do to improve the service at the Sheepshead branch.

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  • Pj
      Nov 23, 2010

    Judging by my experience and the other 1144 complaints against Chase(on this site alone) I whole heartedly believe this unfortunately.

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  • Ma
      Jan 28, 2011 helps you file a complaint against your bank, and use 'social pressures' to motivate resolution. Why complain when you can resolve?

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  • Tr
      Jul 06, 2011

    they are stealing more than $20 in fees from me per month.. I'm tired of it, I haven't had a debit card in over a year, and to make matters even better they want to charge me a mailing fee.. like REALLY? I will love to join your rebellion against Chase bank...hope i am not too late with this, imagine our tax money helped in bailing out these "thieves in blue" and yet they want to steal our money with a smile! [protected] count me in

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  • Gr
      Mar 11, 2014

    Im-from yonkers, ny I closed my account 1 week ago, because a employee made a race comment about me, I called H.R fill out a complaint but they don't care if any customer been discriminated..I hate this ###i?? Place... Now I have another bank people are very nice..

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  • Bi
      Aug 03, 2014

    I'm not a customer of Chase Bank but I regularly use their ATM machines. On August 1, 2014. I went to the Chase ATM at the 4420 Kingwood Dr. location. I withdrew $500 from the ATM. The machine (Chase ) took the money out of my account, but the machine never spit the money out. I went into the branch to get help from the manager, she told me it wasn't their problem because I was not a customer. My bank is TD Bank in NY. I told the branch manager I was not moving my car until she did something, either call the ATM company or make good. The branch manager then told the security guard to call the police and have me arrested for Trespassing. I was arrested and spent 24 hours in jail. When I arrived home the next day, I contacted my Bank and explained to them what happened. My bank was appalled. My bank immediately put a dispute on the $500 withdrawal, then instructed me to file a complaint against Chase. TD Bank was livid that one of their customers was treated so appalling. My bank's legal department assisted me in filling out the documentation I needed to file against Chase with the FDIC, Civil Court and directed me step by step.

    1. I'm african american and recently moved to Houston. The branch manager clearly discriminated against me. Had I been a white customer, I would have received immediate assistance. It was noted and mentioned by another customer that watched the entire situation unfold. Even the Chase customer asked why the branch manager would not assist me as other customers were waiting to use the ATM.

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  • Ge
      May 06, 2015

    Just looking for customer who are foreigners and Chase closed the account because of the foreign status. We think this is discrimination. Any one who has this kind of experience should contact us at [protected]

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  • Mi
      Feb 21, 2017

    Recently visited the Chase bank on 10319 North Freeway Houston Texas 77037 to cash a check. The worker Andrea stated that the check was fake and went to go get the alleged supervisor. The lady said she verified the check and a number was missing???? HOW WAS A number missing and the check was never detactched from the payment slip?? And when can you verify a check from a corporate company in less than 2 mins. Was asked for 2 forms of ID because the check sum amount. Then said it couldn't be cashed. Inconsist of why the check couldn't be cashed. Long story short my "appearance" was the reason as to why I didn't look like would be able to cash a check of that amount. Went to a Walmart cashed it without any problems. Went back to the Chase location and asked to get corporate and all the other information. Was handed a card with just the branch manager name on it. Was racial profiled. Off the color of my skin. It's 2017 and this is ridiculous.

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  • Li
      Aug 30, 2018

    I tried to wire money to my daughter with an obvious Native name. The bank didn't send twice. When she had a married name, it went through easily. Now my online account is closed. We are not white. I think this has to be discrimination but don't know what to do except leave bank. I am angry enough I would sue if I could.

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