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Chase Amazon Visa Card / fees for & over the limit&

1 New York, NY, United States

The incident belowviolates one of the 400 credit card bill amendments passed earlier this year.

(H.R. 627:Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, Ammendment H.Amdt. 97 ).

Yesterday my credit card was refused at a store.
I called today to find out what the current statement balance was and was told it is over the limit, by $244.29 cents.
I asked (i) how my card had been allowed to accept charges over the credit limit and (ii) if I would be charged fees and interest for this over the limit balance

After disconnecting me twice, going through the ten questions each time, being transferred again and again, these are the replies the credit card manager gave:

* The card allowed charges over the limit to go through so as not to “embarrass”– to my reply that it was refused at a store yesterday, the answer was “we allow a certain amount”

When I said the idea of a credit card limit is so it does not go over the reply was “it was my responsibility to keep track of it”

(Iwas told I can call back once I paid the fee and request a “over the limit block on the card” so it does not happen again!
To my question as to why is there a credit card limit if I am required to put an “over the limit block on it was “I am Chase and this applies to all our cards, I will send you a copy of the written agreement” and that if I went online, I would see all this information on their website, it is there...

First it is wrong for the credit card company to automatically allow the credit card charges to go over the credit limit and second why do I have to go "online" and search through pages and pages for the hidden information on their wrong charges?


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