Cell C - Control Chat 50 (0848240815) / upgrade on control chat 50 ([protected])

South Africa

In december 2009, I took my daughter to the cell c branch at the liberty mall in pietermaritzburg as her upgrade was due. When we enquired about it they advised us that the upgrade had already been done by a t. Mashifane on the 31/10/2009. When we asked how this is possible they said that cell c direct must have phoned our 13 year old daughter to ask her if she would like the upgrade done and if she had answered yes then they would have posted the actual phone to our physical address and that anyone can sign receipt thereof. Is it legal to get permission from a minor to upgrade her phone when it is not even in her name? We proceeded to ask for proof of this call to my daughter as all their calls are apparently recorded and for proof of the delivery of the phone and to see a signature of who signed for it. They lodged the query for us and asked us to come back on the 10th of january 2010 which we proceeded to do. Upon returning they told us that it still had not been resolved so they lodged another query and issued us with reference number 3970652 and proceeded to advise us that it would take a further 48 to 72 hours. As it still had not been resolved by the 26th of january 2010, I reqested them to relodge the query and they issued me with reference number [protected] and again instructed me to wait a further 48 to 72 hours. On the 29th of jauary I again weht in and as no response was still forth coming I asked them to call cell c direct while I waited. Carol naidoo took the call and proceeded to inform me that I would have to wait a further 48 hours. When I enquired what the delay was she informed me that she would have to track down the waybill for the proof of the delivery and the signature. When I asked her why this information had not been obtained when the original query was lodged in december 2009 she could only state that she had not dealt with the query previously so could not answer this. I think this is purely an avoidance tactic as they know that this is a case of fraud and this is why I cannot get a single honest answer from one person but am put through to a different person every time!!! This is the final straw and I am now demanding that as this upgrade was not signed for by myself, martin naude', this contract is nul and void and must be cancelled immediately.

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