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Date: may 28, 2018
To: carnival cruise tkt/res
Booking no. 1lbl37
Dear sir and madam,
My name is heidi nguyen. I am 69 years old and I would like to make an explanation regarding my ticket purchase with carnival cruise tkt/res, on feb 27, 2018, for $1, 107.05.
My friend, named hanh, told me that they were going to the bahamas for traveling and also to celebrate her birthday. When she asked if I want to go, I responded that I would like to go with them. Hanh gave me kimberly's office phone number and address so that I could ask kimberly if there are any available cabins for me. I called kimberly and she said that yes, there is something available at the same price that my friends paid. My friends stayed on deck 7. She gave me quotes over the phone and told me to bring my driver's license and passport to her office. I arrived at her office at 9:10 am, and she quoted me as a single senior and one-person cabin. My friends paid more except for two people. I paid less except for one person. She told me she wanted me to pay upfront the full cost and she said at the time, there was no room available on deck 7. She asked me if I want to move up one level, deck 6, and pay a little more by about $300. I told her that since I would only be paying for one person, that I don't want to pay any more.
I told her that I want to live on the same deck as my friends because I have trouble with hearing. I explained to her: I can only hear about 80% with my left ear, and my right ear is damaged and can no longer hear. If there's a lot of background noise, i'll have difficulty hearing, and so I need to stay near my friends. She agreed and said she will try to find one cabin for me near my friends.
She then presented all the papers and documents for me to sign. At the time, she pointed her finger to tell me where to sign, and I responded that I don't understand, and asked if she could explain. She said that after I sign, she will explain to me. At the time, I paid, and the cabin and dinner time was tbd, but I wanted to have the same dinner time as my friends. I wanted her to notify me of all of this information so that I would be up to date. I needed my requests to be fulfilled: same deck as my friends, same dinner time.
I knew none of the consequences, but after I signed, she gave me the invoice. A customer was waiting for her, so she rushed to take the next customer and put all the documents in the folder and told me that she will call me two weeks before the bahama trip. She said I must come to her office to pick up the ticket and information needed for the cruise. I wasn't informed about pay penalties or contracts.
I didn't hear any updates regarding the cabin location because, on paper, she said the cabin would be determined later; however, I was under the impression that I would be placed on deck 7 with my friends, as she stated.
The next time that she called me to her office for the ticket, she still didn't inform me of the cabin location. I asked, and she told me it was on deck two. She placed me 5 levels below my friends. I told her, as I told her before, that I can only go if I live in the same cabin as my friends. I need the help because I am old and don't hear well. I was under the impression that once she knew what cabins were available, she would notify me so that I can decide.
I know myself better than anyone. I am uncomfortable with leaving home unless I go with people I know well. Kimberly apologized and stated that she made the decision for me because she assumed that I would like to have the lowest fare. I told her that I did not want to stay that far from my friends, and if she couldn't find one close enough, then I would not go on the trip. I requested a refund.
She gave me her boss's phone number so that I can talk about the refund, and even he also stated that kimberly should not have made the decision for me and that it was something for me to decide on my own. He said that if I go, I must live on deck 2. If I cancel, I would lose 75% as a penalty. I told him that I didn't even agree to buy this trip yet. I was not informed that I wouldn't be refunded when I paid ahead of time. I thought the decision was still up in the air.
Here is what kimberly did:
1) she rushed to take care of her next customer and didn't take the time to explain to me why I was signing those documents. 2) she failed to explain why she wanted me to sign the paper and promised that she would explain. I admitted to her that it's difficult for me to hear and read, so she pointed where to sign. 3) she made the decision concerning my cabin location for me, without informing me about it. 4) she failed to notify me about which cabin she chose. Note: I told her that if something goes wrong, I have friends who I can get to help. Without them, who can I lean on for help?
It is unpleasant and I am disappointed because I can't take this trip for my friend's birthday celebration, and also, I haven't been spending time preparing for this trip. Kimberly didn't explain to me about the contract or the penalties. I didn't want to stay far from my friends, so I wasn't intending on finalizing the trip purchase yet. I didn't agree in the end because the cabin is 5 levels below my friends.
This is kimberly's, who works at aaa travel agency, fault. I put my trust in her as well as paid in advance like she asked; however, it is not my fault for cancellation. The 75% penalty shouldn't apply to me since the agent failed me. I won't cancel if she keeps her word that I can stay on deck 7, with my friends. If I must stay 5 decks below my friends, then I will not continue with this trip. I feel taken advantage of in this whole situation because of how misinformed I was.
I've included the doctor recommends letter regards my hearing problem, the result of my hearing test, invoice and attached 3 pages I was signing those documents for kimberly.
Thank you very much,
Heidi nguyen
19134 walbrook meadows ln
Cypress, tx 77433

May 29, 2018

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