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worst cruise ever

This was our second (and last) time on the Glory, the first time with two teenagers. The teen club manager...

never again

Passengers engaging in sexual behavior on the decks in front of young children. Only one pool for ALL those people? The beef could not be chewed! Never met the captain. And my brand new suitcase had wooden splinters in it! I'm wondering why I got a Carnival credit card to build points for another cruise when now I'm wondering if I'll ever go on another Carnival Cruise! Obviously, this was an extremely disappointing cruise. One elevator was broken on several occasions. I scheduled a massage & waited 28 minutes because the person before me was late. Nobody said a word to me. Instead I sat like a *** waiting. An unsatisfactory cruise all the way around!

  • Th
    theo Jan 25, 2009

    About passengers sexual behavior...this is not Carnival problem...They can not take any actions to stopped. Ship is not a kindergarden to crew had to say you are a bad boy/girl, you are not allow to do this...Passengers always making troubles to each other and then and the end blame crew. You could meet captain on the formal night...This is on each cruise. Every formal night which is on the shorter cruises only once you could see him but you simply missed it...Beef was not for cheewing...What a poor complain, did you try chicken or lamb? About suitcase...that is really shame for scratches...but only smart people if they know they have brand new and maybe expensive suitcase always wrap in the plastic sheet...Technical problems on the elevator can always happen but on the ship even on Holiday the smallest ship of this company they have 8 elevators how to get up and poor excuse. Only what is unexcused is your massage. Staff member suppose to tell you that you may have to wait for a simply reason that one lady before you came late little bit but this is about hospitality...

    Americans style is always complaining...Of course what more could one expect...

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  • Ex
    ex carnival employee Oct 25, 2009

    ok, i was working on CCL before, and it's true about people complaining for everything, like they expecting a royal tretman, come on...but there is a lot of truth in this lady complain, especially in last few years carnival became the worst and the cheapest cruise line in the world, that's why i left it, and like more european people like me!!! Most of the 'bosses' are indians or english people, and that is the biggest ### on me...all of those people are not educated, they are on positions only because they are slaves of company for many years, all they do is giving crew a hard time, and because of that guests are suffering!!! and the food is awfull, they import it from some asian pure countries, and indian cooks in kitchen are dirty and they prepare that food in ways that is even awfull to mention!!! my advice is that if you care about your health NEVER GO ON CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES!!!

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fraud and scam

On July 28, 2008: It's seems to be like a beautiful day. It's the first cruise that I've with...

wrongful accusation

I went on a Carnival Cruise on The Sensation and I meet a very nice gentlemen name Giovanni 2nd engineer. He...

[Resolved] awful service

I just got back from my 8th cruise with Carnival. This one was on the Carnival Valor out of Miami. I had some...

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complaint against carnival cruise lines

My family and I (wife and two children) took a 5 day cruise on the Carnival Inspiration going to Cozumel, Mexico and Grand Cayman Islands departing on March 29, 2008 and returning on April 3, 2008 from Tampa, Florida. I paid $3107.12 for two rooms for this voyage.

We left port in Tampa, Florida and on the following day were notified that we would only go to Cozumel, Mexico and not Grand Cayman Islands due to mechanical problems with the ship’s propulsion system. We received notification via letter and over the intercom.

The only compensation we received for these problems is $50 added to our sail and sign cards and a 25% discount on a future 3-5 day cruise departing prior to December 15, 2009 and they say this excludes holiday travel.

I believe that the problems experienced by Carnival is a reflection of the organization cutting corners to save money to included taking short cuts on maintenance. I also believe that we should not bear the burden of their bad decisions. If I hadn’t paid the complete cost of the voyage, we would not have been allowed to travel on Carnival. It was their expectation to receive full payment prior to travelling. It was my expectation to travel to Cozumel, Mexico and Grand Cayman Islands on a 5 day cruise. That is what we (the cruise line and I) agreed to, that was what I paid for, and that is what I expected. The only circumstance that should have interfered with this plan was weather problems.

However upon these change of events, Carnival Cruise Line management felt that the only compensation we deserved was $50 and the opportunity to spend another $500-$1000 on their ships (my family and I spend about $1000 on this cruise outside of paying for the trip itself) at a future date, and then they place restrictions on using this discount. I have no intentions of travelling on Carnival again so I guess we are screwed.

I looked on the Carnival website and noticed that they have a 4 day cruise to Cozumel, Mexico from Tampa, Florida. In my opinion, we took a 4 day cruise because we only went to one location during this trip. The organization should take the lost on the extra day for inconveniencing their customers. I looked at the cost of the exact same accommodations my family had on this cruise and found the cost to be $532.74 per person including tax and the fuel surcharge. The cost per person for our voyage was $776.78 including tax and fuel surcharge. This is a difference of $194.04 after subtracting the $50 credit to my sail and sign card. This difference multiplied by 4 (my family) is $776.16.

I have no intention of travelling on Carnival Cruise Line ever again and believe that they owe me $776.16 for the maintenance deficiencies and not fulfilling their commitment to my family.

  • Ja
    Jacqueline & Evelio May 23, 2008

    Dear Madam & or Sir:

    I responded to your survey and wanted to expand on my answers of not being totally happy with your cruise.

    My first incident occurred with my 12 year old daughter . I signed her up on your Carnival camp program for her age group. When I went to pick her up they had her and other children on a small stage practicing as far as I was concerned on how to say or create pick up lines.
    Your director in charge of their group I believe her name was Nellie she was from Croatia.
    She had my daughter and two more girls on one side of the stage and the same number of boys on the other stage.
    She asked contestant #1 ( to the boys) " If you wanted to meet contestant number one what would say?
    Contestant number one responded " That she is pretty and I like her dress"
    Carnival Counselor: " contestant #2 "What would you say to contestant #1?
    Boy #2 responds " That contestant number one is a liar and that I would not pay .25 cents to be with her."
    At that point everyone in the room starts laughing and the kids are cheering him on the counselor continues to contestant number three as if nothing offensive happened.
    I pull my daughter off stage and send her to her dad who was at the arcade and waited to see the outcome of this ridiculous display of 12 year olds trying to give each other pick up lines and insults with this idiot of a counselor not correcting the situation at all.
    The outcome Counselor named contestant number #2 boy as the winner for the best answer because of the applauding.
    This should have been a moment for her to correct this little jerk and explain to him that girls are not purchased and that derogatory comments should not be addressed to anyone.

    I waited for all the children to exit and spoke to the counselor and told her she allowed this boy to ridicule my daughter in front of everyone and that she was promoting pick up lines and solicitation among 12 year olds and that her behavior was apprehensible.

    At no point did she ask for an apology or ask to speak to my daughter to explain anything of course my daughter did not return . Every time she ran into one of the kids she would remember and would start crying again.
    So thank you for the well supervised camp carnival cruise. Let me not mention that also my 6 year old was allowed to call us 10-15 minutes after we would drop her off to come back and pick her up because she was so bored. This little girl is a straight A student goes to school full time she is in the 1st grade, participates in soccer and dance, and never calls us to pick her up.

    Your camp counselors should take lessons from your counselor from England that took care of my over active 10 year old . She was bright, energetic, fun, caring and very in tuned with the kids. He loved her.

    So here we were really relaxing on your cruise with a hurt 12 year old and a bored 6 year old thanks a lot!

    But let me not forget the garbage bar filled with bloody kotex in the open hall, and that I complained 3 x so some one would tell that passenger to stop discarding them in the hall & the "Real Gold Jewlwery For Sale" That when I asked your gift shop girl " Is this pure real gold?' I was told "yes it is" That was a bold face lie. I have the pictures to show of the real Gold deceptive sales writing & the Kotex!!!

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  • Do
    Donna Nov 14, 2008

    I was on the March 29 trip... You forgot to mention how it smelled of sewage for 2 days. It was the worst vacation of my life... I have 2 pages of horrible things and will not use the 25% off coupon because I would rather work than spend a vacation on this poor excuse of a business. I hope everyone stays way clear of Carnival. I'm going to tell EVERYONE to NEVER go on a carnival ship. I'm so mad at how they handled things (one thing was my husband was thrown off a horse during an excursion and it took the ship 24 hours to check on him!)... I'm not even going to spend my money on any of their other businesses. (holland america was going to be our next cruise... not now).

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  • Lo
    Looking Forward Sep 04, 2009

    Dear Madam & or Sir,

    This is an unusual complaint but none the less, we think you should know what is going on at the Grand Bahama Shipyard.

    On the 21st of August, an incident took place where management terminated two of the unions Shopstuart's unjustifiably.
    As a result, the situation is now getting out of control. The Union was only asking for the two Shopstuart's to be reinstated but management, after knowing they were wrong and being told by members of the Government's Labour Board, has refused to reinstate them after being advised by the Labour Board to do so. The action now, by the union is to push forward on a Strike Vote set for the 17th of September, 2009. We are asking you to intervein and stop this matter from going any further. The only thing to stop it is the reinstatement of the two Shopstuasrt's.

    Yours sincerely,

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  • Su
    sue280 May 03, 2010

    Read your cruise contracts you sign and agree to, a cruiseline is not responsible for any mechanical failures, missed ports, etc. They do not have to compensate you at all although most cruiselines will give passengers something.

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  • Ma
    Martha L Leonard Jul 27, 2013

    Carnival Cruise lines are the worst. I spent 3000 dollars for a 7 day cruise alerted the ship that we were on our way, they left us and we were only 10 minutes late and they were still at the Port and refused to hold the ship. So me and my 4 little girls were stuck in Florida alone and no place to go. Carnival only offered us 450 dollars of the 3000 and never tried to reconcile. My children were devastated and on top of that, early that year I almost died from a Blood Clot in my lung and was unable to afford anything for kids because I spent the bulk of my money on this cruise. They never offered us a thing. Shame on you Carnival...
    Signed a devastated mom of 4

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My husband and I decided to take a cruise for our honeymoon. We were first time cruisers and relied on the vacation specialists at Carnival to help us get the best out of our experience. Carnival provided us with our very own vacation planning specialist. He was very pleasant and helpful and answered all of our questions and helped make the process easy.

My husband has ALS/Lou Gehrigs's Disease and is 99% wheelchair bound. In speaking with our vacation specialist I stressed the need for a wheelchair accessible room with handicap bathroom. He stated it was no problem. He actually told us that for a little more, he could upgrade us to a balcony suite. I asked him over and over again about the wheelchair accessibility and handicapped accessibility for this room, and he stated it would be the same, the room itself would just be bigger. We thought this sounded good and booked it. We were really excited about our trip.

We got the the ship, check in was a breeze. We got to our room and the wheelchair could not fit through the door. There were no rooms available. The ship was full. My husband is six feet tall 260 pounds. I am five foot three inches. To get him in the room, I had to help lift him out of the chair, help him balance and have him lean on my shoulders to walk him over to the bed to sit down. I then checked the bathroom. The was about a foot step up into the bathroom. This was going to be another problem. It was. For the next four days, It would take us a half an hour to just get my husband into the bathroom to take a shower. Then another 20 minutes to get him out. He needs assistance using the restroom and so every time he needed to go, we had to go back to our room. I had to lift him from his chair take him to the bed so he could use the urinal we brought so he wouldn't have to try to get up into the bathroom.

Overall we had a good time, we didn't let these things ruin our honeymoon, it just made it a little harder to enjoy. I now know a little more about cruising will never let this happen again.

humiliating treatment

My wife and I are booked on a cruise to Mexico which leaves on January 9th, 2008. About two weeks ago my...

lack of proper medical service!

Sailed on September 1st, 2007 for a 7 day cruise with my mother who is 68. One of the first things that happen before you disembark is a fire drill, which is totally understandable. Well, its hot in September and there were a lot of people engaging in this fire drill~to make a long story short, my mother fainted right outside Floor 5 by the casino. I immediately called over to the bartender in the casino area to have the paramedics (or nurse) on board for help. She was out cold. She could have had a stroke, heat stroke, or possibly died, and no one showed up to help! Again, frantic calls to the bartender, who probably didn't know any English just looks at me with the deer in the headlights look. Finally a man stopped and stayed with me and my mother until she regained conscientious. I practically had to BEG for a wheel chair to get my mom back into the room. So much was just wrong with this cruise and I will not get into detail, but please be forewarned, I would NEVER go on this cruise line again, and this was my second cruise with them. BUYER BEWARE!

  • Ba
    Barbara DeZan Sep 28, 2007

    I have cruised over 100 times and have about 58 on Carnival going back to 1977. My last 12 cruises have been on Carnival on various ships in the Carnival brand fleet.

    With Carnival carrying over 3.3 million passengers a year and with it being the most popular cruise line in the industry, they didn't get that way by ignoring fainting passengers.

    The poster was obviously panicked at the time her mother fainted. She DID get assistance from "a man" whom she did not identify. There are no medical people standing around in the public areas just waiting for something to happen. When a passenger is in medical distress, aid is offered immediately by whomever arrives first...meanwhile, a call goes to the physician quarters which is usually on a lower deck. It takes time for a medic to arrive.

    Her mother obviously recovered but poster thought she needed a wheelchair. Again, wheelchairs aren't placed in corners around the ship; it takes time to get one to where the passenger is located.

    It is not unusual for older people standing in the hot air to feel faint or to faint (I AM an older people, by the way - almost 70). There are other times when a passenger has been drinking him or herself senseless for a couple of hours before the drill and will drop like a rock once forced to stand upright for 20 minutes.

    She said her cruise was awful and offered "Buyer Beware" at the end of the tale. She didn't elaborate on the awfulness but most cruisers are aware that Carnival has a vacation guarantee. If you are unhappy with your cruise experience before the ship reaches it's first international port, you can report it, be assisted off the ship at the next port and receive a full refund. She could have fled the "awfulness" if she wanted to.

    To end, I feel that there should be a forum for people to spout off if they are unhappy with a service. However, I also think that one should look around, recheck the situation and calmly and objectively tell the story. I have NEVER had a bad or even slightly bad experience on Carnival - after 58 cruises. Have there been hairly situations? Sure. Ships personnel have always come through.

    No cruise line is going to totally ignore a passenger, out cold, on the floor. Sorry, I don't buy the story.

    Oh, and - by the way, ALL ships crew that works in passenger areas and comes in contact with them,are required to speak and understand English.

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aggressively friendly staff resulted in emotional infidelity

Our family cruised in 2001 and I recently discovered that my husband has been carrying on a 6 year internet relationship with a Carnival waitress who he met on the ship. I am disgusted by the intimate content of the messages which they exchanged. The waitress gave my husband her e-mail address before we left the ship. My husband is no saint to have responded. We are in couselling to try to save our marriage. Be assured that this was our first and LAST cruise!!

  • Ch
    Chumley Smithers Sep 19, 2007

    Your husband is to blame for his own behavior. Get a clue.

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  • Ec
    Ecco Dec 26, 2007

    Your husband is a ###, and you think a cruise ship company is to blame?

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  • An
    andrew Apr 17, 2008

    Any company has no power over their employees emotional activity. If your husband is not loyal to you, then leave him.

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  • Wk
    WKDST Jul 11, 2008


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  • Ja
    jahale May 02, 2009

    Yes, it is definately Carnival's fault your husband in unfaithful. Please.

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extremly poor service

My husband and I recently cruised on the Carnival Freedom, a brand new ship which departed from Rome, Italy. This was our dream vacation, a 12-day Mediterranean cruise visiting Italy, Croatia, Sicily, France and Spain. But our dream trip quickly became our worst nightmare. It all began when we missed a connection stateside due to weather delays. We were put on another flight and our bags were lost in transit. When we arrived in Rome, we immediately made a claim with our airline and we did the same thing on-board the Freedom. We were assured that our bags would likely catch up with us in the first or second port. They didn't. In fact, my husband didn't receive his luggage for 10 days!! I never received mine. Upon arrival at the Rome airport on our way home, I was finally able to locate my luggage which according to the airline sticker had been sitting at that airport for 11 days!!!

On the Carnival Freedom, we were repeatedly told by the pursers Carnival had agents in the airport checking for bags daily. If that was the case, why were they unable to find ours? Maybe because they weren't actually looking?? My bag had a carnival tag on it with the ships name and my name which was visible from the top of the bag. In addition, there was another tag with my name and address visible from the outside, and a copy of my passport was placed inside the bag. The bag was being held by the Spanish airline, Iberia, who we were originally scheduled to come to Rome on. However, when we missed our connection, we were put on Air France instead. We repeatedly asked Air France agents as well as the carnival pursers to tell their people in Rome to search with Iberia. Apparently, they didn't.

In addition to the baggage trouble, Carnival refused to do anything to make our plight a little more bearable. Specifically, we asked if they would wash our clothes for us since we only had 2 changes of clean clothes, which got a little stinky after a few days. They refused. In addition, while in Venice, we were told our bags had been forwarded there, but the customs agents were refusing to release the bags to Carnival. So we asked if they would pay for a transfer for us to go and get our bags. They said no. We went with two other couples who were also missing luggage and we paid 70 Euros for this trip. We took taxi's. We didn't find our bags there, but the other couples did. Carnival refused to reimburse us.

Upon our return to the States, I wrote two letters, one to Air France and one to Carnival detailing the specifics of our trip and asking for compensation. From Carnival, we requested to be refunded for half of what we had paid for the trip. We just received a letter back stating that they are not responsible and cannot offer any compensation. Typical. Needless to say, we will NEVER cruise with Carnival again!! Not only that, we will make it our life's mission to make as many posts we can and tell as many people as we can how awful our experience was in hopes that they will never cruise Carnival either. We were grossly disappointed with everything about this cruise. Besides the baggage, everything was over-priced, the service was mediocre and the people were often rude. I hope that everyone considering a Carnival cruise will seriously consider going with a different cruise line. We went with Carnival because it was the cheapest. We now know why.

  • Do
    DOnna Jun 04, 2008

    SAIL & SIGN card and CASINO .. BIG RIP OFF...
    Stupid Me.. I used the sail and sign card to DEBIT a slot machine.. The money WAS NOT CREDITED TO THE MACHINE... However .. MY CARD was Charged.. This happened on the SAME MACHINE at LEAST 3 times @ $100 each.. CASINO management was NO help .. Carnival Paradise, sail date 5/19/08 - 4 day to Mexico .. I wasted HOURS of MY time explaining what happened.. They informed me they could not go back 24-48 hours to CHECK ...TOTAL BS!!!.. If there was an UNDERCHARGE.. they would have gone back to the minute I stepped foot on the ship...
    BIG BIG RIP OFF.. "Management" NO HELP what so ever!!!.. $300 STOLEN FROM ME at sea.. via Carnival Cruise Line -- Paradise.. yeah right...

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  • Li
    Lisa Sep 03, 2008

    Carnival Victory stinks. The photos they show are not that of the boat I was on. A five day cruise with a huge pool and spiral slide, huge dining room, many stores, and so much more turned out to be false. The check in time was horrible, the buffet stunk, the pool was over packed (2 small pools) the hot tub was stuffed, the spiral slide opened up a day before coming back home and this is when they had entertainment on the boat. Throughout the days on the boat there was nothing. They had a huge screen outside, which they would put concerts on the big screen at 7am, now who's going out there at this time. From 9am throughout the day before dinner there was nothing on the screen except for the same advertisement of the ship. The dinners stunk and there was no ice scultpure, the midnight open buffet was chicken fingers, french fries, salad, cakes and this is it. I know a buffet when I see one and this was on the Royal Caribbean Crusie which I will only take from now on. What a huge dissapointment this was. One small shop, one small jewerly shop and this was it. We felt trapped on the boat, nothing good to eat, nothing to do. I would rate it a zero and a zero for who stands behind this as well. Not well planned on entertainment, no help from crew, only some.

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  • Bi
    biggggtipper Sep 01, 2009

    Sounds like your beef should be with the airline, not carnival, the airline lost your luggage, and failed on their obligation to get it to you, carnival had nothing to do with how the airline performed in this situation, although anyone in their right mind knows that carnival is the McDonald's of the cruise line industry...

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horrible bingo story

To: Carnival Cruise Paradise,

We sailed on the 6-1-07 weekend, I played bingo in the Normendy room for the grand prize to be a cruise giveaway. I won on card number 91695. The numbers would be B 2,5 I 20,23 G 50, 57 O70,62 this makes the letter X. The last number called was B2. They said they could not give the cruise to , two people so what they did was the next ball out of the machine. It was to be who would get the highest number. Well the person on stage said since the other lady got to the stage first she could have the first ball out,which is totally unfair considering the fact she was on the first floor and I was not, not to mention I am handicap. The other unfair thing is you could plainly see te ball was an ) ball ... tell me who doesn't know that , that is a high number. Needless to say she won the free cruise with O67 and I was given G47 and a bottle of Champagne. How unfair is this? I was completely outraged. It put a damper on the rest of the cruise. I was reminded how unfair it was but people on the pool deck, for they recognized me, also at the dining room or dinner. Ladies from two other tables came over to say how unfair it all was. It's hard enough to win let alone win and then lose. I have such a bad taste in my mouth due to this I am not so sure I can get past this. Everytime Carnival Cruise comes up this horrible story does to. This does not make for good advertisement for your line. I would appreciate an explanation of this behavior. Cindy MacDonald... Cindy. [protected]

bad first cruise - no customer service!

Delay of departure-late ports, lack of customer service. We went on a Carnival Ecstasy cruise to celebrate a...

delay of departure-late ports, lack of service

We went on a New Years Carnival Ecstasy cruise to celebrate a wedding anniversary. The previous Ecstasy return voyage was several hours late to port according to officials on shore prior to departure. As a result, embarkation was a nightmare, with 2 hour waits to board. Because we were the last in priority of the three cruise ships to load potable water for the trip, the port water pressure was very low by our turn. Consequently, we left over 8 hours late. We missed our first port of call (Cozumel) by 10 hours, and had only 1 or 2 hours of real daylight there, depending on how long it took you to get off the boat, so we had most of the excursions cancelled or shortened, some on the mainland dock as we lined up to leave. Because of the high number of excursion cancellations ,we waited for over an hour to attempt to find an alternative. There were also water pressure problems on the boat during the cruise, resulting in either no water (all morning) to rusty water later. We had water pressure problems for one entire morning, and rusty water for several hours afterward. Because of the dire need to make up for time, the boat was pushed to its limits, causing pitching and rocking that made us sick the entire first day. We had very limited activities on board and no compensation for the missed excursions/late port of call. The second port was also abbreviated due to "unforeseen circumstances with the port authorities waiting to approve our docking" (why do we have to wait over an hour if they know we are arriving? Whats THAT all about?). The lunch buffet was unfit to eat, consisting of vegetables (of which we would not eat, not knowing the cleaning standards of the ourdoor buffet) and some breadsticks. When we returned to the ship, and complained to request our money back, the lines were always long at the Shore Excursion booth, with ONE person attending at excursion times, and during complaints. When you finally got to the head of the line, they either sent you back to the info booth to repeat the story again, and then you were told to return at a later time, wait your turn again that you had to come back when the purser was there and available to answer your questions. We were finally told we HAD we had to complain to Miami, that they were NOT authorized to reimburse any amounts to customers. Now we are being told by Miami that if we did not correct the problems and notify the purser to remedy them immediately, once we left the ship the complaints will not be resolved. There has to be some sort of guarantee of performance these cruise lines are required to provide. If not, someone SOMEWHERE should find a way to put them out of business until they deliver what they promise. I am certain we will never receive compensation, and the promise of 10% off our next cruise is a JOKE. Thanks alot, Carnival! You ruined our anniversary, and we can't replace a milestone such as this, but do you care??? No way! So just keep on booking people who are mistaken enough to think these are just one time occurrances. Also, customers are on to your ploy of having Carnival employees who respond to these complaints with rebuttals about their own "utopia experiences", hoping that people will discount the complaints. All they have to do is take a look at the wrongful death suits and the barrage of complaints about their customer service. In fact, I challenge them to find an ACTUAL CASE that was handled to the party (ies) complete satisfaction that can be verified by written/verbal confirmation. Let's see if they meet that challenge like they meet their complaints - empty handed!

  • Mi
    Mike W Feb 22, 2007

    First if you are going to complain, make sure you know what you are talking about. The ship does not take on potable water, it is generated on board. As far as getting into ports.. well that happens, you ask why they waited so long.. well dear, it is not as if the ship is some Hyundai that can be turned around at the drop of a dime. You seem to think there are not logistics involved with operating a cruise ship.. well there are..

    Maybe you should read your carriage contract, and understand what can happen on cruises before you plunk down $$$ on a anniversary that is so important to you. Hmmm, if It was important, maybe you would have done some research and realized what could happen, and been prepared!

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  • Wa
    Wayne Williamson Sep 18, 2008

    I agree one should read the contracts before money is deposited. Elderly people should buy cancellation insurance to protect themselves financially. All cruise ships sail in the same water, enter the same ports, and generally serve the same mediocre food. If all one is going on a cruise for is the food, then why go? You can buy the same cheap food at a cheap buffet and not have to pay for the cruise. Finally, cruise ship companies sell rooms to make money. When people don't show up or cancel, why should they lose money? When people choose to cruise they should plan carefully and be prepared not to blame some one else for all their misfortunate woes.

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  • Ja
    Jamie G. Nov 19, 2008

    Let's be honest here. Most of the people go cruising onboard the ship hoping that everything they may need or imagine would be free during those 7 or 10 days. Inlcuding merchandise in the shops, photos in the gallery, massages, shore excursions, etc, etc... And it usually comes from the people who take the cheapest cruise possible with all discounts on Earth they could find.
    And then, upon realizing that, of course, thing won't go as they planned they start making up thousand and one complaint hoping they would get at least something without having to pay for it. Furthermore, some people take even 10 or more cruises with the same company and complain every single time until they get what they want. Well, if the service is so bad, why do you keep coming back???
    Not the mention always the same complaints that have no ground in reality or common sense:
    Complaining that they paid for the ocean view suite, and all they can see are buildings (although the ship hasn't left the port yet, not to mention reaching the ocean) and of course as a compensation for this "disgraceful fraud" they're asking for free upgrades...
    Or complaining they cannot sleep in their rooms caused by "the helicopters that pick up the crew members every night and take them home???!!!" ana again asking for free upgrades..

    Come on, be real!

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scam! no refund back!

We would like to file a complain about carnival cruise lines, and our travel agent bill browns plaza trave/capitol marketing [protected]) , our travel agent name is maggie haberstick, her number is [protected] and her email address is e-mail.

Our honeymoon trip, a cruise to alaska (Booking#5jx290) had to be canceled after problems at the us postal service and bureaucracy at the uscis (Former ins) prevented us from having our international travel documents in order in time for the sail date. Accordingly to carnival's policy, we will get 50% refund of our payment (50% of $2,500, about $1,250). We canceled our trip because of below reason.

One of us is at the final stages of the u. S. Green card process, and needs, like anyone else in that category, permission (~{!0~}travel document~{!1~}) from the uscis before traveling abroad. The normal processing time for travel document is 30 to 90 days.In order to be well in time, we sent out the paperwork on january 30 (Almost twice the maximum stated processing time before sailing!). However, due to unknown reasons at the us post service, it took until february 22 before it finally got delivered. When the 90 days since the initial filing passed, we started calling the uscis customer service hotline (Which is the only way we are allowed to inquiry for our case) , our inquiries were replied on june 7, at which time we were told that it may take up to an additional 60 days! Since then, we called uscis again on july 12, and this time we were told no following up inquires will be written by the customer services for any case within 6 months since the initial receipt date, for us, it is february 22, which means until august 22, any inquiry from us will not accepted by them. More than anything, this exemplifies the bureaucratic incompetence that we are up against.

We write a detailed letter to carnival to ask for a voucher towards future cruise, and hoping carnival will understand that the problems caused our cancellation are purely the fault of third parties which is totally out of our control, but all we get is a free upgrade subject to cabin availability within the same class accommodation. Compare to the 3 level free upgrade promotion program often offered by carnival. Clearly we didn't have anything back from them. Just like a lot of complains we saw online, it looks like carnival never put them into other peoples shoes.

Not only that, we canceled our trip around jun 10, up to now more than four months after our cancellation, 2 and half month after our cancellation, we still didn't have our refund back. We made many inquiries to maggie haberstick by phone and email, but never receive any reply from her.

We will really appreciate it if you could help us solve the problem or direct us to the right person who can assistant us further.

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    Mike W Feb 22, 2007

    Read the brochure. You are responsible for having the proper travel docs at time of boarding. It is not the responsibility for a company like Carnival to hold your hand and make you feel better when you did not do what you were supposed to do. However, it is nice to see that you can blame a third party. How about taking some responsibility. If you didn't have travel docs in hand, you should not have made the reservation. PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!

    Stop blaming companies & agencies for your lack of planning!

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    Cheryl Cohen Sep 07, 2007

    I have to disagree with this writer. I realize that every situation is different, but I have NEVER had a problem with any of the FOUR cruises I have been on with Carnival Cruise Lines on the Imagination, Fascination, and Legend ships. If the company was truly a ripoff, there would not be so many repeat guests like myself!

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