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the Carl's Jr located at 9805 Carroll Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA 92131 is by far the most UNPROFESSIONAL establishment. This issue happened 4/29 from 932pm-946pm I was in the drive through and was waiting I start work at 10pm this lady at the drive through made me late with her chatter to her friend. The car in front of me was obviously an employee because they lady complained to the girl in the black nissan sentra about not getting paid today and she was told she had to wait til Monday. Proceeded to talk about how it was B***S*** how people get special treatment and how she wasn't happy that she was lied to about payday, and she didn't have direct deposit. the woman in the car asked the lady a question and she responded doesn't matter they can wait i hate this job. By the time I got to the window my food was already bagged and sitting there she took my card handed me a drink my card and my food. No receipt and I drove off. My #1 was cold and the bread was hard and my chicken sandwich was a brick so overcooked. I will stick to the other Carl's Jr on Mira Mesa blvd.

Apr 30, 2017
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  •   Apr 30, 2017

    Then you should not have been waiting in a drive thru if you were on your way to work. Next time, leave earlier and go inside.

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