Canadian Tire / Yardworks Cordless Reel Lawnmowerbattery meltdown

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I purchased a 20in Yardworks battery lawnmower 2 years ago. It was great, loved it for my small yard, right up until the charger melted my battery. The smell was awful. I didn't know what it was at first. My husband searched downstairs because it was coming through the vents. Batteries aren't suppose to be soft. We called YardWorks. They said so magnanomously that they'd replace the charger but not the battery. It's past warranty, the fact that it's melted goo in my back yard is my problem. My husband told them that this is our first and only Yard Works purchase and that due to this situation we'll never purchase yard works again. They said "I'm sorry that we haven't lived up to to your standards but the battery is past warranty sir." So they've lost a repeat customer for a $200 lawnmower.


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      Jul 06, 2010

    Like most people here, I wish I did more research before buying one of these Yardworks battery powered lawnmowers. In theory, it should have been a perfect purchase. On impulse, I replaced a smokey old gas powered mower with model # 60-1752 from Canadian Tire. Thinking at the time this compact unit would be perfect for my small urban lot and far more environmentally friendly and quiet. On a side note, definitely helps to keep the blade sharp to maximize battery life. Anyway... for 2+ summers it has been a good experience and I have not had any of the issues listed here... until now.

    The charger seems to have died for no apparent reason. Power is going to the charger but not from the AC unit to the actual battery. While the light on the charger indicates power, the other light indicating charging does not come on (red or green). Of course after 'charging' overnight the battery was still dead.

    I called YardWorks [protected] - this is not an easy number to find!) and they transferred me to a company called Sunrise that handles service and support. I explained my issue but given my unit is likely out of warranty (can't remember when I bought it and don't have any documentation), my only option is to purchase a replacement charger. At $25 including shipping I was pleasantly surprised. According to the rep, they are also using a newer charger for this model now so hopefully this is an improvement. Overall they were quick and courteous with very short hold time.

    They say it will take business five days to arrive so I will update my comment with the results when/if I get the replacement.

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      Jun 19, 2011

    Canadian Tire is like the dollar store of lawn care and automotive services. Their store line products are often substandard in design and construction and I've learned from personal experience NEVER take your car to Canadian tire, something as simple as a short circuit from a wet bulb in a tail light went unnoticed 3 times, by 3 different teams of mechanics, who couldn't for their life, realize that replacing a battery and alternator 3 times WAS NOT THE SOLUTION! ###S... or was it bad training and an idiotic approach to servicing people's cars PROPERLY instead they kept on taking the easy way out by selling ### the customer DIDN'T need! I never shop Canadian Tire, they shame the name of the country!

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