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Canadian Tireservice not performe as advertised

On 08 of August, 2017 I arranged to premium detailing package code no.: LH765N When I payed$199.99+TAX$26=$225.99, I was disappointed that they told me that all the mats are socking wet in my trunk of the car. I was told, that I have to dry mats and install them myself. I am living in condominium and I had to carry all the mats up and put them in my bathroom and wait two days to dry them out. After two days when I lifted from the bathtub there was 1.5lb dust and dirt under. I have to vacuum clean all the mats before I was able to install them back in the car. This is not enough, they busted spring away from seat on the driver side. I am only driver of this car. The seat was never moved. They estimated the damage that they cause: is reverse cable bracket broken (0.5hour), seat removal required to inspect further (2.0hours).
Six years ago I took the car to change the oil, they didn't install copper gasket on the cup. It cost me $60 dollars to clean the oil spill in the condominium's garage. When I went to complain they told me that something else was wrong. But surprise, surprise, before they touched my car there was no licking on my car for for years.
Please people if you care about your car, avoid using any service - doesn't matter how small - with this company.
As you see, you can clean your car yourself like I did and you can save aggravation and save $225.99.
Remember what Canadian Tire advertising is misleading.

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    • No
      NotAFan_CanadianTire Oct 21, 2013

      Defective Candian Tire Batteries and the srervice hoops that you have to jump through.

      I have a summer car. From May to October the battery is in the car and is used weekly. From November through April the car is in storage and the battery is inside the house on a Motomaster maintenance (trickle charger).

      Each Spring I re-install the battery and the cycle continues. This year the batttery failed to start the car. I then boosted the car and the battery was able to hold sufficient charge to re-start the car for the next 2 days. I then charged the Motomoaster battery on my full-size Motomaster charger. After 15 hours it registered as fully-charged. Replaced the battery in the car, it held the charge for 2 days.

      The battery is installed with a cut-out switch. Even with no load, the charge only held for 2 days.

      Trip #1. Battery was tested for 2 hours, no fault found. Battery died after 2 days - Warranty still had 1 month to go
      Trip #2. Battery was tested for 30 minutes, found to have low charge, advised to charge it before using - charged using full-size charger
      Trip #3. Battery was tested for 5 minutes, no charge, advised to charge it - used full-size charger
      Trip #4 Battery was charged for 15 hours, left on the workbench for 2 days - no charge - I was told there must be a ripple voltage problem with my alternator (at this point the battery wasn't installed in the car)
      Trip #5 Reported the 4 previous visits. Was told to use a full-size charger not a trickle charger. I told them I did, they suggested trying the trickle charger
      Trip #6 After using my Motomaster trickle charger, dead battery after 2 days
      Trip #7 I was told that my charger must be defective and that batteries are rarely the problem. I then asked the service guy (a guy who I had not dealt with) to explain whether it was my Motomaster battery that was defective, my Motomaster full-size charger that was defective, or my Motomaster trickle charger that was defective? He said based on my analysis it was likely the battery but that my warranty had expired. I said really? He exchanged the battery and it has performed properly for the last 3 months!!!

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    • As
      assasa Aug 12, 2011
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      My wife purchased a Solar Garden Light from the Canadian Tire store in Dryden, ON on February 24, 2017, with the intention to use it after spring arrived and the snow was gone. She removed it from the box and it would not take a charge. She tried new batteries, and it still would not work. We took it back to the store, with a copy of the credit card statement showing the purchase. The original receipt being thermal paper faded and could not be read. She wanted to trade it for one that worked. The “customer service associate” (a term that did not appropriately describe this person’s (Jocelyne) attitude) denied that she ever purchased the product at their store.

      Essentially called called her a liar. Needless to say, a vicious argument followed and the “on duty” manager’s (Gary) attitude was no better. We left without a product that worked or a refund. Our advice is to avoid the Canadian Tire Store in Dryden, Ontario. Not one single cent of our money will ever be spent at this store with such deplorable service and anti-social employees.

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    • Al
      A.L. Jan 19, 2011

      You are an idiot. Learn the language.

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    • Lc
      lcjimmo Jan 12, 2011
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I ordered, and paid in full, for some parts for my son"s Baha 90 cc quad that we bought in Okotoks, Alberta. According to Baha, we needed to order the parts through the store we purchased it from. I dealt with assistant store manager, Kim and associate at parts, Jeff. I paid in full, for 2 gears and 2 gaskets, equally over $200.00. I then had to pay for courier of the parts from Ontario, for over $20. We received all the parts except the WD-90-511 which is a transitional gear. I contacted Canadian Tire, and they informed me to contact Power Source in Ontario, who distributes Baha parts from the US< and ask where the parts are. I spoke to Heather at Powersource, who informed me she has no control over when the parts get in, and Baha must be dealt with directly. Power Source is only a distribution centre. I phoned Baha in Arizona, and spoke to manager, Stephan. He informed me this part is on backorder, and would be in around April of 2017. This continued over the months and every time I was told they were coming in another month. The last call I made to Baha in Arizona told me that the parts were on the ship and would be in within 2 weeks- this was 3 months ago. We have since moved across Canada, and had to leave my young son"s quad with a friend- torn apart in his dad's garage, awaiting one part that I paid for one year ago! My son lost his quad, a friend and his father have had this quad torn apart in his garage for a year, trying to help my son and I out. Canadian Tire tells me it isn't their problem, yet they sell the product. We paid good money for this quad for our son, and paid for these parts up front- as they insisted! Baha has been totally unreal to deal with as they constantly lie about the part, and say that it's on a boat!!! It is one lowsy part, and the quad cannot be used!
      If Canadian Tire cannot back their products and satisfy their customers, they sound go out of business. They are nicknamed, " Crappy Tire, " for a reason!! I want more than my money back for everything- what do they plan on offering my son who was without his quad for a year?? Will they replace our old quad for their crappy service and customer satisfaction??
      I want something done now, because this is poor customer service at it"s worst!!!

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    • Ir
      irishunion Jan 03, 2011

      Store mislead by specifing a product that was on sale, when I went to purchase they told me that wasn'nt the product on sale. I stated to show me the product to which the assistant manager showed me a completley different product. When asked if she was the manager she stated yes. After approx 10 minutes of talking about the 7 tags that represented the product I originally had she stated she would contact the store manager. I stated you told me you were the store manager. This is another misrepresentation of Canadian tires part with assistant mangers that lie. She then contacted the little trogladite who was the store manager. When I brought up the issue of the product on sale in question being a reasonable customer who read the sale tag he stated that it was a misprint and it was not the actual product on sale. I laughed and stated he should take the 7 tags down and print them properly. Well he must have little man syndrome because he stated we will not! I stated you are then misrepresenting us as customers to a product that is not even on sale, furthermore I stated if I was to go and get any customer in the store they would also pick the item described in on the sale tag. The "manager Gord" stated that I was the 4th customer today to which I scarached my head and said well doesn't that show you. I asked him to let me purchase the item at cost of sale price to which he said I can't and won't while the "assistant female manager began to laugh. I am so dissapointed as a loyal canadian tire shopper that this will discourage me from shopping there in the future. Customer service from the manager and lying assitant manager has gone downhill and I can only imagine the poor staff and angst they must feel working for two idots like these! I would have been fine if they noted the misprint and took it down to fix but not being the first customer to notice this and the mangers having attiude?? Good luck to this stores future treating people like this when walmarts around the block!

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    • Ki
      kim 44 Oct 02, 2010

      I had the exact same experience as the person above at The Canadian Tire store at Bay and Dundas. I was treated very rudely as a customer. The quality of customer service at Canadian Tire has deteriated so badly that I will never shop there again.

      Canadian Tire has substandard service. No one is around to help, and when you do find someone, there's attitude. Also, the quality of people they hire as managers is so below standard it's appalling. And this is accepted! This type of service is accepted at Canadian Tire. How sad.

      I will shop at Lowes form now on. The service is fantastic, and professional. They are also nice and they care about their customers. Simple as that.

      The manager in the bath section at the Bay and Dundas store should be ashamed of himself. Canadian Tire- shame on you for your suboptimal employees, your obvious lack of good /efficient training, and your obvious disregard for your customers.

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    • Gg
      gggrrr123 Aug 12, 2010

      I will not buy Noma products any more. They used to be a good name, but now you can't even be sure they will work when you first take brand new items out of the package. This goes for Christmas Tree lights, Timers and even extension cords. If you look at the Noma products in most Canadian Tire stores, you will see a lot of previously opened items. People buy the new item, take them home, find they don't work and return them. Canadian Tire then tapes them up and puts them back on the shelf so another customer can experience the joy!

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    • Jo
      joan mclean Jul 19, 2010

      i feel canadian tire should not be advertising items in the flyer if they are not available at all locations. the flyer should specifed that the item is not available at the following stores listed. it is very frustating to find out for example canadian tire has this week advertised swing sets on sale. it took me the best part of an hour to find someone to help me only to find out that the item was not available in the stephenville, newfoundland store but if i wanted to drive an extra hour to corner brook they had nine of the swing sets. i asked if one could be sent out to me on one of the truck the answer was no because the trucks only goes in and does not bring anything back. this is not good customer service by know means. it time for canadian tire to clean up there act.

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    • An
      Annie Chan Jul 12, 2010

      NEVER shop at the Yonge and Steeles location, rudest people, worst is the owner and she hires equally awful employees.
      I called the store to ask about portable a/cs, they told me what they has and said that 4 were available, said I couldn't hold or pre-purchase, and they couldnt send to a store closer to me because they are individually owned franchises. I called again to make sure the product I needed was on the floor, person checked and I proceeded to store for purchase, arranging for childcare because of distance.
      An hour and a half in traffic later, the store said that they had no such product and that I should just buy the next availble model--almost twice the price quoted to me. When I complained about the mistake to the Duty Manager, the owner came by and said the same thing, 'that's all we have', take it or leave it type attitude. When I became irate about the grief they put me through, and not a single apology or even apologetic, she called me 'barbaric' for raising my voice and told me to 'get out' (I hadnt used a single foul word or said anything remotely barbaric), she called security who threatened that he would arrest me if I didnt leave.
      I asked for justice, an apology and a 20% discount for my troubles, and was accused of lying 'there was not mistake, you are accusing us', and threatened with physical force and an arrest. BUYERS BEWARE, they don't need to stand behind ANY corporate policies posted or otherwise (such as exchange/return policies and etc) because they are individually owned. And God forbid you should be upset by their incompetence and royal treatment.
      I was shopping with my mom at Canadian Tire stores since I was in diapers, shame on them for losing an entire ONCE-LOYAL family of shoppers with such abusive treatment--they ganged up on me like I was a crook, instead of a potential customer who just wanted to buy the air conditioner I was told twice they had!!

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    • Un
      Unknow123 Jul 07, 2010

      June 9 2017

      I purchase a 4 new tires for my car at Country hill NE ( Calgary AB), 2 weeks later I keep hearing noise when I breaking at front break. Until 2 weeks later I found out (July 9 2017), there is 2 screw nuts were gone.

      So I went back talk to them what happen, if the nuts didn’t tide a good job of course will fall out few weeks during the road, and I can’t believe they told me. “Chances someone try to steal your wheel at parking lot”, (Told by Sales person only)
      I tell him my car always park inside my garage, my work place
      Always have security monitor the parking lot. This can get me kill on the highway, also my car can be total lost)

      I spoke with Assistant Manager, all he can do just screw 2 nuts back on my wheel and telling me to leave, and walk away. WITHOUT INSPECTION MY FRONT BREAK ARE OK AND ALSO this will affect lots of thing inside my car.

      Never trust the car services in Canadian, I will spent more money my own dealer to let professional to fix from now on.
      Worst services never get

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    • Pa
      Pablo Apr 13, 2010
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      My Noma Backup Power System 1800, which I purchased June 28 2017, stopped functioning properly and when I initially called too see what service was available and asked what the warranty period and was was told they would need a receipt before they could tell me anything. I tracked the receipt down and called back only to be told that it was past warranty and that there was no non warranty service available. I found it to be ridiculous that they sell a $500 item under their store brand that they can not provide support for and made me track down a receipt before they could tell me the warranty period. The only solution they had was to buy a new one or call the manufacturer. Based on this experience, I would not buy another Canadian Tire / Noma product again.

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    • Ta
      Tarina7 Sep 30, 2009

      The same thing happened to us. We bought a truck that had just bee "serviced" by Canadian Tire to the tune of $1, 700.00 as well and the brakes were shot. They did shotty workmanship and when we went to have them fix the problem they instructed us that they would not be able to because we were not the original owner that had paid for the work. However, we had the receipt proving that they were just done and still under warranty. We contacted the manager at the Maple Ridge store and she refused to help us. We complained to the Better Business Bureau and they got involved. Canadian Tire sent us a letter telling us that they would honor the warranty and would look at changing their policy. Think about it if you buy something and give it to someone else and it is faulty or breaks and is still covered under the warranty it does not matter who originally paid for it as long as you have the receipt you go back and get it refunded or fixed depending. How is that any different for a car and such important work as brakes? Anyway, we were on holidays when finally Canadian Tire responded (only because the Better Business Bureau got involved). My husband called when we got home and was put off. Anyway, to make a long story shorter they put us off until we finally got it in and they told us they could no longer do the work as the warranty had expired. We were very frustrated and upset. The manager was VERY RUDE and yelled at us and even mimicked us. I am a professional as my job and could not believe the behavior exhibited. We told her we had kids and this was not safe. She said it was not her problem and she would give us an estimate to have the work done. I can't believe this!!! What happened to customer service?

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    • Cb
      C. Benson Sep 24, 2009

      We purchased a set of luggage in early September, 2017, which was advertised on the floor as being on sale.

      My husband paid by charge card at the time, and did not check the amount charged at that time.

      He didn't realize the FULL price had been charged until his charge card bill was received some time after the original purchase was made.

      This same article of luggage had been advertised as being on sale in all fliers sent out by Canadian Tire since the beginning of September, 2017.

      He went to Canadian Tire this AM, presented his bill of sale, as well as an accompanying flier. Canadian Tire refused to honour the SALE price which I find unacceptable!!

      This practice should be investigated, and customers reimbursed for overcharging of an item which is quoted as "BEING ON SALE" !!!

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    • Cu
      Customernotalwaysright Aug 03, 2009

      Seriously what is with you people! "They made me feel like a theif", THEY JUST MET YOU!!! How are they suppose to know what you are like?! and it is very suspicious when you try and return an item without a reciept, which is why that policy was created!

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    • JGraceyStinson Jun 08, 2009

      DO you have a copy of the warranty? And of the receipt?

      With Canadian Tire you have to read everything. A lot of warranties on repairs are not transferrable, and it says when the purchaser. The warranty may only be applicable to the person who purchased it, not to the next owner of the car.

      While I have no love for "Crappy Tire", it isn't their fault if the warranty wasn't transferrable. The person who sold you the car should have told you it wasn't.

      We never use them for car repairs.

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    • Lu
      lucas wong Jun 08, 2009

      I bought a truck off a guy that had 1700 dollars worth of brake work done three months ago. Now the back shoes are spliting theres air in the system and the brake fluid is black. When I went in to get the shoes replaced they told me that the waranty doesnt aply to me because I not on the receipt. This is the most outrageous thing Ive ever heard the waranty is good for 1 year or 20, 000 kms nethier of which have even come close too, now I have too replace shoes that are brand new out my own pocket canadian tire what a joke town dont ever go to them.

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    • Fa
      fasfsfsdf Jun 01, 2009

      Canadian tire is a complete joke. Honestly u couldn't pay me to have anything done to my car at canadian tire. Being a former employee, i had to deal with the service desks horrible organizational skills and work habbits. " hey lets sell the customer a set of tires we dont have and then make the pour mechanic/installer and the customer wait half an hour or more to get the dam tires. O and while we are at it lets give the installer ### and tell him he's not working fast enough when its actually our fault." Not only is canadian tire a horrible place to go for anything its also a horrible place to work. Their wages are a joke and dont expect any raises for a long time no matter how hard you work. Moral of my story stay as far away from that ### hole as u can.

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    • Ma
      mark Feb 12, 2009

      I am not impressed by the service from the new store guy TODD

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    • Ma
      mark Feb 12, 2009

      I called the Athabasca store and talked to TODD, I wonted rear-axle U-bolts but he told me i needed to tel him what size I needed, Are not the parts ordered by Part Number, I told him there for a 1998, gmc, jimmy, sls, 4x4, 4 door, yet he still needed to know what size, , , so i said it's a 7.625" or 7 5/8" ring gear rear-end, and still he couldn't help me.

      I asked for a 1 800 number...
      (not said aloud)( so i can talk to some-one who knows how to use the Canadian Tire Computer.

      I used to order lots of parts from Canadian Tire in Saskatchewan and now i moved out here, I'll shop at the Auto Parts Source. the prices are better.

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    • Jo
      John Downs Aug 01, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      Today is the 1st of Augaust.Had an appointment for 9 0' clock.Never got out of garage until 11:10. A 20 minute job turned into an hour and 45 minutes.I called the day previous to my appointment and made sure parts were there.They began taking my exhaust apart.A simple change muffler and tailpipe.I waited like 40 minutes to see a tailpipe come out of their stock room.It was 10:30 when I became very upset.They had to order a tailpipe from Car Quest.No one appologized for my inconvenience or took the time to explain to me what happened.Even the mechanics were not impressed.They spoke in French most of the time.I'm not bilinguaul so you can imagine how I felt.Service should have been better.
      31 Sugarloaf Street
      Apt. 6
      Campbellton, N.B

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    • Va
      Valerie Brick Jul 21, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      I bought a yardworks ride on lawn mower from canadian tire and have not been able to get parts for it since I bought it I bought s/n 1A251H10339 model # 12AU609H515 and tried to get parts for 6 years a waste of money as far as I can tell I need the part numbers for all belts I have measured belts and had companys get them for me and have tried to get them from your dealers that canadian tire sent me to with the serial and model number and still cannot get them from them I need the drive belt and all other belts for this machine please help I do not feel any company should sell machines that you cannot get parts for, I want to stay with this machine but if I cannot get parts I guess It is time to go else where, some where with service.

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    • Wo
      WoWPlayer Jun 07, 2008

      Well if you can read english then flip over your receipt and it says that you need it for any returns or warranties, this is the same anywhere. There not trying to make you feel like a thief idiot they have to follow policy and if they didnt everybody would be doing whatever they wanted.

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    • Sh
      sharon unruh Jun 05, 2008
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

      In april past I bought 2 windshield wipers and june 3rd one of them fell off as I was driving down the highway on Vancouver Island. I had to pull over in the rain and take it off and drive in the rain to Canadian Tire in Duncan. One of the managers of the automotive dept. inasmuch told me if I didn't have a receipt I was out of luck, she gave me an 800 number and they they had the same attitude.

      I then called North Vancouver where I bought them and again got blown off. It's raining today and I have dr's appointments and it's very difficult to drive even to go somewhere to buy a new one.

      I am 63 years old and am not trying to scam anyone, I just want what I paid for. Shame on Canadian Tire for making me feel like a thief, it definetely will change my mind about shopping there ever again.

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